; What is Liposuction or Vaser lipo or liposelection or Smartlipo in
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What is Liposuction or Vaser lipo or liposelection or Smartlipo in


What is Liposuction or Vaser lipo or liposelection or Smartlipo in

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									           What is Liposuction or Vaser lipo or
         liposelection or Smartlipo in Singapore
       It is really confusing with so many surgical procedures like smart lipo, vaser lipo, vaser liposelection,
       liposuction So what does each do and how much does it cost to do that in Singapore.

Who needs these procedures? Do you need them?

First, Surgical procedures like this is NOT alternatively to weight loss. Surgical procedures
help to localise the area you like to reduce but it will result in overall weight loss.

If overall weight is your problem, you should adopt a overall weight management procedures
rather than go thru surgical methods.

I have seen patient who went thru such procedures and as a result looks "unproportional".
Her tummy is slim but her arm, thigh and other area still looks big.

What are the side effect?

1) Side effect varies, Scars, bruises, and swelling may be apparent following surgery. Post-
liposuction swelling and lumpiness may not disappear completely until several months have

2) Discomfort is also a key complaint, reason being you need to wear the compression
garment the longest time to help in your recovery.

3) Scars. There will be "mild scar" on your body after this surgical procedures.

Depending on the area where these surgical procedures are performed. For example, if you
are doing your tummy, it will have it be one scar below the navel and two scars below your
bikini line. If you are doing on your arm, you will have it on your elbow and below your armpit.

The name game, Liposuction, Liposelection, Liposculpture, smartlipo?

Liposuction generally means removal of fat using a suction system. It is a generic term. With
the advance in technology today, there are many "method" to achieve liposuction like
liposelection, smartlipo and other traditional methods. I will not go into detail of the traditional
methods. Following are more common methods of liposuction today.

* Liposelection is the term used by Sound Surgical, the company that makes the Vaser.
Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. In this method,
Ultrasound is used to emulsify the fat prior to aspirating it. In layman term, it means
soundwaves are used to break up fat before removal of it. Liposelection is normally used for

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larger area like the tummy, arm, thigh etc.

* Liposculpture which is also Liposelection. It is the technique of performing more superficial
liposuction to better define muscles under the skin. This method is performed to get your six-
pack or more refined muscle. Liposelection is just a marketing term for a more refined

* Smartlipo - Unlike Liposelection, Smartlipo used LASER to breakdown the fats. Smartlipo
is normally used for smaller area like the chin. Smartlipo has shorter recovery time
compared to Liposelection.

Ultrasound is usually utilized for removal of larger areas while Smartlipo is typically utilized
for smaller areas. Thus, I would not say that one of these technologies is "better" than the
other as they are both used for body sculpting and each has advantages and disadvantages.

"POPULAR" clinics for Liposuction

Take note, I use the term "POPULAR" to describe these clinics. Whether they are effective
or not I do not wish to comment. Prices offer by these clinics are also "value for money".

* Aramis-B
* TLC Clinic
* Neuglow
* Leslie Kuek

Price / Cost of Liposuction in Singapore

With references to the above clinics, the prices varies. Estimated for an area is between
SGD3-5K. This is considered relatively "cheap" compared to the more popular plastic
surgeon out there.

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