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Dregs from the Keg


									                                                                                Strand Brewers’ Club
                                                                                March 2007

                          Dregs from the Keg
            St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 17 t h !
Foam at the Top                                        concentration limits of about 1.5 mg/litre. Small
James Amezcua, SBC President                           amounts of fluorides may be added to water for
                                                       domestic use to reduce the incidence of dental
Well Strand Brewers’ were into March so we’ll be       cavities. Even at substantially higher levels (10 mg
heading headlong right into St. Patrick’s Day. And     F/litre) the ions are without perceptible effects on
it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a good        brewing." Google had 350,000 hits for "beer
parade now would it? Ok then, let’s head down to       fluoride". I looked at a few sites and gather that
Hermosa Beach on March 17th and do our best            about 1 ppm is the concentration used to prevent
impression of a parade float. Since our Activities     tooth decay.
Director is out of town on business (yeah sure!!!)     Fix, Lewis, De Clerck, Palmer, Noonan, Nachel and
we’ll need a volunteer to coordinate the               Janson don't mention fluoride. Miller paraphrases
acquisition of a trailer for the booth. I know this    Briggs. Mosher says up to 1.5ppm doesn't effect
is late in the game but we need someone to step up     yeast growth.
to organize. Speaking of the booth, remember we        Based on the above, I'm not concerned about
need club members that morning to set-up and           fluoride.
decorate the trailer for the day in some finer green
tones.                                                 Brian, if you don't know it already, you're on a
                                                       slippery slope when you ask about fluoridating tap
Our NEXT MEETING is March 14th, see you all at         water. Here are three somewhat relevant thoughts
Naja’s Place.                                          about brewing with fluoride in the water.

Recently there was a email discourse regarding         From
water fluoridation in LA and it’s effect on  
brewing. I thought I’d bring it up since it made for   oride/fluoridetoo-09.html : The fermentation step
some interesting reading. I re-printed it here in      in beer manufacture is inhibited by fluoride levels
order(so you don’t have to read from the bottom        over 10 mg/L (Brody, 1970). Malt yeast
up):                                                   fermentation is stimulated by 1.0 mg/L fluoride and
                                                       inhibited by 25 mg/L (Weir, 1953). Fluoride up to
Brian: Hey, how does this affect us brewers?           10 mg/L in dough water has no effect on
Anyone know? I imagine it's about the same as          breadmaking and may or may not affect malt yeast
chlorination (since they're in the same period), but   fermentation (Weir, 1953).
would be interested to hear from any of you with
other thoughts:                                                                (Continued page 4)
html                                                    In This Issue
                                                        Foam at the Top............................................1
Jim: Briggs said this: "Fluoride ions (Fÿ, at. wt.
                                                        What’s on Tap...............................................2
19.00) occur in some ground waters. They rarely
                                                        San Diego and Beer Knowledge..................3
reach toxic levels. Potable waters have upper
                                                        Silly Putty......................................................4
                                                        The Back Page..............................................6
What’s on Tap                                                 SBC 2007 Event Calendar
Andrew Jang, SBC Activities Director
                                                   March 17 – St. Patrick Day Parade, Hermosa
Happy March, Strand Brewers. I hope everyone
is enjoying the beautiful South Bay weather.       April 21 – Stuffed Sandwich Trip
I’ve been stuck in Mukilteo, Washington, where
we’ve had 5-inch snowstorms, rain, drizzle, fog,   May 5 – SoCal Homebrew Festival, Temecula
and gloom. At least there’s plenty of local brew   June 23 – TAPS Fish House & Brewery Trip
to sample.
                                                   July 14 – Summer Party
This year’s club brews have gotten off to a
pretty strong start. The club now has 15 gallons   August 4 – BBBBBBBBB
of something IPA-ish, 10 gallons of Imperial
Pilsner, 10 gallons of Pete’s Brown Ale, 10        September – Pacific Brewers Cup
gallons of Irish Red Ale, 10 gallons of Classic    October, November – TBD
American Pilsner, 10 gallons of Continental
Lager, and 10 gallons of Porter. That’s 75         December 8 – Holiday Party
gallons total, whew!
Here’s this month’s reminder of upcoming
                                                   Beer Warning Labels
                                                   Due to increasing products liability litigation,
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day parade in Hermosa      American beer Brewers have accepted the FDA's
Beach                                              suggestion that the following warning labelsbe
April 14: Club trip to the Stuffed Sandwich        placed immediately on all beer containers:
May 4 & 5: California Homebrewers
Association Festival in Temecula                   WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave
(Consider volunteering this year:                  you wondering what the hell happened to your bra.                    (Apparently this has happened to several people?!)

Club Brew Update:                                  WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make
After last weekend's activities, the club has      you think you are whispering when you are not.
approximately 75 gallons
of club brew! We have a double IPA-type ale, a     WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is a major
brown ale, an Irish                                factor in dancing like a tard.
red ale, an imperial pilsner, a classic American
pilsner, a                                         WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
continental pilsner, and a porter.                 cause you to tell your friends over and over again
                                                   that you love them.
Many thanks to Steve Fafard and his family for
hosting the last club                              WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
brew. Steve has one of the cleanest garages I've   cause you to think you can sing.
seen and his wife
makes a mean black bean and olive (?) hummus.      WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead
                                                   you to believe that ex-lovers are really dying for
Our president probably deserves a Purple Heart     you to telephone them at four in the morning.
for his participation despite a series of
unfortunate events. Cheers, James.                 WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make
                                                   you think you can logically converse with other
                                                   members of the opposite sex without
San Diego and the Beer Exam
Jim Wilson                                            8. Beer foam tastes more bitter than the beer from
                                                      which it is formed
Ethie and I did a road trip to San Diego in mid-Feb   True            False
2006. She wanted to shop for a quilt project she’s
working on and visit a puppy she’d sold to a family   9. Beer foam tastes more estery than the beer from
in San Marcos. My goal was simpler: judge good        which it is formed
beer at Quaff’s America's Finest City Homebrew        True            False
Competition. The AFC is about the size of the PBC
when we sponsor. There were 311 entries this year     10. Which of the following promotes foam cling
with judging split into Fri evening and Sat morning   Glucose
sessions. Before Sat got serious, AFC Director        Tetra-hydro-iso-alpha-acid
Chad Stevens gave us a calibration exam to warm       Carbon dioxide
up our brains. So, for fun, here is that exam         Water
followed by the answers. WARNING, a high score
will confirm your serious beer geek status. Out of    11. Poor hop utilization is generally associated with
about 50 exam takers, our best scores were -4         poor beer foam quality
followed by -7. Good Luck!                            True          False

1. Another name for lacing is                         12. Proteases released from sub-standard brewing
Clang         Cling                                   yeast are good for beer foam quality
Bitterness    Foam                                    True           False
2. How many iso-alpha-acids are usually found in
                                                      13. The collapse of small beer bubbles into larger
beer foam?
                                                      bubble structures is called
One          Fifteen
                                                      Rupture                        Disproportionation
Six          Two
                                                      The Hughes effect      Perfactionation
3. Ethanol destabilizes beer foam                                       (Continued Page 5)
True           False

4. The major component in beer foam by weight is
Carbon dioxide              Protein
                                                        Naja’s Place
Hop bitter acids            Metal ions                        154 International Boardwalk
                                                                   Redondo Beach, CA
5. The proteins and polypeptides that make up beer
foam are
Hydrophilic Amphipathic
Enzymes        Antibodies
                                                              Stein Fillers
6. Which of the following can be used to measure                   4160 Norse Way
foam quality?
Ross and Clark method        Taguchi method
                                                                 Long Beach, CA 90808
Simpson Atkinson method

7. Which of the following is the recommended
method of analysis of the Institute of Brewing for          Culver City
foam analysis?
NIBEM method                   Rudin method               Homebrew Supply
Lacing method                  Sigma method             4358 ½ Sepulveda, Culver City, CA
None of these
Foam at the Top                                           equipment to put secret mind control chemicals in
(Continued from Page 1)                                   our water!

From BrewingTechniques'Troubleshooter column              Brian: Sounds good. I won't worry about it then.
May/June 1996 by Dave Miller:                             Although I was kind of hoping for a long nutty
Fluoridation of the Brew Water Supply                     back-and-forth throughout the club about how our new
                                                          beers would turn our teeth into homing devices for the
Q: California is intending to start fluoridation of our   Venusian Orbital Mind-Control Lasers ... that would've been
water supply. What effect will this have on my            fun. :)
brewing? Will any commercial filters remove the
                                                           Silly Putty in my beer:
A: I am surprised that California is just now, in          Who woulda thunk it?
1996, getting around to fluoridating (or more              Jim Wilson
correctly, mandating that local water companies
                                                           Six or seven years ago, I helped Anthony Gregg
fluoridate) the state's drinking water supplies.
                                                           brew 14 barrels of Pale Ale on his 7 barrel system at
Fluoridation is a well-tested technique that has been      Hermosa's brew Works. Does anyone remember
proved to greatly reduce the incidence of tooth            Brew Works? We brewed back to back batches to
decay in children. The standard dosage is one part         get 14 barrels into the fermenter and I remember that
per million. At this level, fluoride is tasteless and      Anthony filled the kettles within 1" of the top before
harmless to yeast. There is no reason to remove it         boiling. At first, I thought this was a recipe for
from brewing water. If you do wish to remove it,           disaster until he produced a bottle of creamy liquid
however, you will need to use either a reverse-            and squirted 2 big eyedroppers in the wort. When
osmosis filter, a resin ion-exchange filter, or            the steam jacket produced a rolling boil, I was very
distillation. All these are drastic techniques and         impressed that there was zero foam and no boil over
expensive to implement. All will remove not only           disaster.
                                                           I forgot about this episode until wort dripping from
fluoride but essentially all ions from the water. If
                                                           the ceiling caused Ethie to banish my brewing to the
you use one of them, you will need to reintroduce          garage. No sense of humor. At that time, I couldn't
calcium and perhaps other ions into your mash              find a supplier for small quantities of anti-foam so
water. In my judgment, if fluoride is your worst           the best I could do was to ask Bob Tower, who was
water problem, you are a very lucky brewer.                working at Steinfillers at the time, to keep his eyes
                                                           open for me. About two years ago, he called and
                                                           said that Fermcap S, a silicone based anti-foam, was
And finally, from Jeff Renner                              available to home brewers for $6/ounce. Sign me up
in HBD #2454, 2 Jul 1997 : I'm certainly not an            I said.
expert, but I can confidently say that the 1-2 ppm F       Fermcap S is a food grade dilution of PDMS
typically added made no difference in my beer              (polydimethylsiloxane also known as
when I lived in the city, and the benefits were great.     dimethylpolysiloxane). It prevents foam formation
                                                           by reducing surface tension and is effective in the
My children are now grown and have never had a
                                                           kettle, fermenter or kraeusen tank. A dosage of only
single tooth cavity or filling! When we moved to           1-2 drops per gallon is required. I've used it for
the country with a well, they were old enough that         about 15 brews and have suffered no boil overs
the dentist felt that fluoride toothpaste would be         while paying minimum attention to the kettle fire. I
sufficient, so he didn't need to apply fluoride            can't tell any change in beer flavor or head retention
treatment to their teeth. That is far more expensive       either. The manufacturer reports that less than 5 ppb
and less effective than fluoridated water. Here in the     remain in beer after packaging as Fermcap is
States back in the Fifties, fluoride opponents argued      absorbed onto vessel walls, trub and yeast.
that fluoridization was a communist plot (like             Fermcap's application information and MSDS are
everything else) and that it would have horrible           available here. A more general article about PDMS
effects. Even if it didn't, the communists just            is here in Wikipedia.
                                                           The connection to Silly Putty? Highly concentrated
wanted the fluoridating equipment in place in every
                                                           PDMS acts like really bouncy rubber and is better
water treatment plant in the country so that when          known as Silly Putty.
they were ready to take over, they could co-opt the
Beer Exam                                              More Beer Labels
(Continued from page 3)

14. Which of the following are not attributes of       WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make
foam                                                   you think you have
Foam volume            Foam density                    mystical Kung Fu powers, resulting in you getting
Foam stability         Foam cling                      your butt kicked.
Bubble size distribution     Foam color
Atmospheric pressure                                   WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
                                                       cause you to roll over in the
15. Foam quality is a subjective parameter             morning and see something really scary (whose
True False                                             species and or name you
                                                       can't remember).
16. Which of the following factors are unfavorable
for foam formation in beer                             WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is the
Turbulence during pouring                              leading cause of
Presence of gas release nuclei in the beer             inexplicable rug burns on the forehead.
Presence of foam-positive substances
Low beer temperature                                   WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
                                                       create the illusion that you
17. Which of the following are unfavorable to beer     are tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than
foam stability?                                        most people.
High wort and beer viscosity
Post-fermentation hopping                              WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead
Low beer pH value                                      you to believe you are
High concentrations of hop bitter acids in beer        invisible.
Use of tall narrow glasses
Use of isinglass finings                               WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead
Excessive use of chillproofing enzymes                 you to think people are
                                                       laughing WITH you.
18. Which of the following should not be used to
enhance beer foam quality                              WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may
Wheat flour                                            cause a disturbance in the time-space continuum,
Propylene glycol alginate                              whereby small (and sometimes large) gaps of time
Tetra-hydro-iso-alpha-acids                            may seem to literally disappear.
Cobalt salts

19. Nitrogen gas can be used to enhance beer foam
True False

20. “Widgets” enhance the quality of small pack
beer foam because they release ultrasonic standing
waves into the beer when the bottle or can is opened
True False

                   (Answers of page 7)
Upcoming Homebrew Competitions
Rob Proffitt, SBC Vice President

Club-Only Competitons
Scottish Ales
Hosted by Phil Clarke of the New York City Homebrewers Guild
Covers BJCP 2004 Category 9A,B,C
Entries are due by 3/24
SBC nominee will be selected at the March meeting

Extract Beers
Hosted by John Martin and the Homebrewers of Peoria (HOPs) of Peoria, IL
Covers all BJCP 2004 categories; extract must make up more than 50% of the fermentables
Entries are due by 5/4 and judging will be held on 5/11
SBC nominee will be selected at the April meeting

Strong Ales
Hosted by Mike Heniff and the Foam Rangers of Houston, TX
Covers BJCP category 19 beer styles

Hosted by Larry Kemp and the Cap 'n' Hare Homebrew Club of Ft. Worth, TX
Covers BJCP category 5 beer styles

Hosted by Todd Crockett and the Gold Country Brewers Association of Orangevale, CA
Covers BJCP Category 2 beer styles

For more information on these club-only competitions, go to

Other Competitions
(in order of entry deadline)

2007 World Cup of Beer
Hosted by Bay Area Mashers of Berkeley, CA
Covers BJCP 2004 categories 1-19 and 22
Entries due by 3/10, and judging will be on 3/24 and 3/31
Go to for more info.

Hosted by the Maltose Falcons of Woodland Hills, CA
Entries due by 4/5, and judging will be on 4/14
Go to for more info.
AHA National Homebrew Competition 1st Rd Southwest Region
Hosted by QUAFF of San Diego, CA
Entries due by 4/13, and judging will be on 4/28
Go to for more info.

2007 Sam Adams Longshot Competition
Hosted by Samuel Adams Brewing
Entries due by 5/1, judging will be on 6/2.
Go to for more info.

Southern California Homebrew Championship
Hosted by the Inland Empire Brewers
Entries due on 6/16, judging will be on 6/24.
Go to for more info.

California State Fair Homebrew Competition
Entries due by 10/6, judging will be on 11/10

Beer Exam Answers:
Ross and Clark method
None of these
Atmospheric Pressure
Low beer temperature
Excessive use of chillproofing enzymes
Cobalt salts
 Strand Brewer’s Club
 154 International Boardwalk
 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

 Brewing the best damn beer!

              SBC April Meeting
           Wednesday, April 11, 2007
            7:00pm at Naja’s Place

  Don’t Forget:
    • Homebrew
    • Ideas and Questions
    • Bring a Friend!

The objectives of the Strand Brewers' Club are to Brew Beer; to disseminate among the members information pertaining
to the brewing, consuming, presentation, judging and history of beer; to promote and and encourage homebrewing
competition; and to foster general goodwill throughout this great nation of ours through the making and consuming of
this noble and most excellent beverage.

It is the policy of the Strand Brewers' Club (SBC) to brew and consume beer strictly for fun. Under no circumstances
does the SBC support or condone in any manner the sale or barter of homebrewed beer, the operation of a motor vehicle
under the influence of alcohol by a member or participant in any club event, or the provision of alcohol to minors.

                                     Strand Brewers’ Mentor Pool
In time of need...who ya gonna call? These Brew Buddies have volunteered to answer any brewing questions
you might have, and to be available to teach beginning homebrewers our hombrew craft.
Name                  Phone                        Email                              Location
Dave Peterson         (310) 530-3168               diablo390 (at)             Torrance
Dan Hakes             (323) 730-1003               danhakes (at)              Downtown Los Angeles
Bill Krouss           (310) 831-6352               bkrouss (at)               Rancho Palos Verdes
Jim Hilbing           (310) 798-0911               james (at)             Redondo Beach
Jim Wilson            (310) 316-2374               jim7258 (at)             Redondo Beach
Steve Fafard          (310) 373-1724               sfafard (at)               Rolling Hills Estates
...and your 2007 Club Officers:

                                   2007 C lub Of f ic e rs
 President:               James Amezcua             (310) 792-8075             amez71 (at)
 Vice-President:          Rob Proffitt              (310) 787-9511             rproff (at)
 Secretary:               Donna Boyce               (310) 515-6683             dboyce (at)
 Treasurer:               Glenn Deckman             (310) 379-0688             gldmcd (at)
 Activities Director:     Andrew Jang                                          iajang (at)
 Webmaster:               John Meisell                                         jmeisell (at)

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