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                                                                                                                                                                                                    My hope is that Wii games will provide an entertaining diversion

                                                                                                                                                                                                    during rehabilitation sessions. This will make it a little easier for

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ii-hab fo
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                                                                                                                                                                                                    Veterans to complete their therapy while at the same time improving
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                                                                                                                                                                                                    their lives. After all, this is what the Sons of AMVETS do!
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                                                                                                        therapy tool for wounded service members.

   Wiihabilitation for Ohio Veterans                                                                    Playing the game makes the often painful and
                                                                                                        boring therapy session fun, Roberts says.
                                                                                                        The alternative is squeezing a ball of putty.
The Nintendo Wii (pronounced “we”) game is         the 19 to 25 age range — a group that’s “very        “I wasn’t expecting much out of it,” said
fast becoming a tool used in rehabilitation in     into” playing video games, said Lt. Col.             Roberts after using the game. “You know, it’s
many medical centers and hospitals across          Stephanie Daugherty, Walter Reed’s Chief of          a video game. How much could it really do?
the country.                                       Occupational Therapy.                                But you don’t notice it while you’re doing it
                                                   “They think it’s for entertainment, but we know      because your mind’s on the game. But then
Victims of stroke, spinal cord injuries and
                                                   it’s for therapy,” she said.                         when you’re done? I was sore.”
others have been benefiting from the Wii
Sports games to help them recover and regain                                                            Military occupational therapists came up with
                                                   It is useful in occupational therapy, which helps
balance, coordination, strength and motion.                                                             the idea of using the video game before the
                                                   patients relearn daily living skills including       system debuted on store shelves last year.
"The Wii gets them moving. It's also great for     brushing teeth, combing hair and fastening           Unlike other home video game systems, Wii
motivating sensory stimulation. And best of all,   clothes, Daugherty said.                             (pronounced “we”) uses motion-sensing
they really enjoy it," Donna Holtzinger said,                                                           controllers.
activity director for the McLean County Nursing    Source:The Associated Press
Home.                                                                                                   Therapists see the game benefiting patients
                                                                                                        with nearly any kind of injury, including
Nintendo Co. does not market Wii’s potential       Doctor’s Orders—Play video games                     patients with traumatic brain injuries. The
use in physical therapy, but company               Army Spc. Shawn Roberts must play video              department plans to analyze the results of
representative Anka Dolecki said, “We are          games.                                               using the game and would like to purchase its
happy to see that people are finding added                                                              own game console, if possible.
                                                   It’s doctor’s orders.
benefit in rehabilitation.”
                                                                                                        Source: Stars and Stripes
                                                   Every week he goes to Landstuhl Regional
The Hines Veterans Affairs Hospital west           Medical Center (Germany) and plays games on
of Chicago recently bought a Wii system
for its spinal cord injury unit.
                                                   the Nintendo Wii to help him recover from
                                                   injuries sustained in a vehicle accident in Kuwait     Commander Project Goals:
Pfc. Matthew Turpen, 22, paralyzed from            last April.
the chest down in a car accident last year                                                              I would like to place three Wii consoles and
while stationed in Germany, plays Wii golf         The Army hospital is experimenting using the         controllers at each of the Ohio Veterans
and bowling from his wheelchair at Hines.          popular video game console as a physical             Homes and VA Facilities within Ohio. Each
Turpen says the games help beat the                                                                     unit cost $450 including extra controller,
monotony of rehab and seem to be doing                                                                  games, and extended service agreement.
his body good, too.                                                                                     Once this goal is reached, the remaining
                                                                                                        funds raised through this project will be
“A lot of guys don’t have full finger                                                                   donated to the Fisher House to assist in the
function so it definitely helps being able to                                                           rehabilitation and support of our injured troops
work on using your fingers more and                                                                     and their families returning home.
figuring out different ways to use your
hands and arms”, Turpen said.                                                                           Thank you
                                                                                                        David T. Strittmather
At Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the                                                                 Commander
therapy is well-suited to patients injured                Using the Wii game as physical therapy        Sons of AMVETS
during combat in Iraq, who tend to be in                                                                Department of Ohio

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