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					                                        GAMES TESTER APPLICATION FORM

  Thank you for your interest in the position of Games Tester at SEGA Europe Limited. Our Quality Assurance team is
  located at the First Floor Offices, Canberra House, 266-270 Gunnersbury Avenue, Chiswick, London W4 5QB.

  This year we will recruit a number of additional Games Testers on zero hours contracts. A zero hours contract means
  that employee’s work on an ‘as and when required’ basis giving both SEGA and the employee a degree of flexibility.
  For example SEGA may be able to offer an employee 4 continuous weeks of work allowing the employee to work a
  maximum of 35 hours per week and after may only be able to offer 2 further weeks of work based on 20 hours per
  week each. The employee, unless they have committed otherwise, is under no obligation to work the full amount of
  hours on offer rather they indicate in advance what they’re able to commit to.

  Our rates of pay begin at £6.50 per hour for employees who do not have previous games testing experience, rising to
  a possible £6.75 per hour based on performance. Previous experience is preferred.

  In order to be considered for a position, you are required to complete all the information requested in this application
  form, and submit this together with a copy of your CV to gamestesters@sega.co.uk. Only applications with both an
  application form and CV will be considered.

  Once we have received your application form the selection process will be as follows:

      1. Screening of completed application forms and CV’s

      2. Candidates who are invited to attend an assessment centre can expect to meet 2 – 3 people from the SEGA
         team who will conduct the assessment. Questions designed to assess organisation and team fit will be
         asked. You will also be expected to do a practical exercise that will involve bug testing a game and
         communicating the bugs found both verbally and in written format Applicants will also be required to sit a
         written test which covers language ability, writing, mathematics, logic and general games industry knowledge.
         If the set score for candidates is not met during this test then applicants may not be asked to continue the
         recruitment day.

  Due to the volume of applications that we receive, it may not always be possible to respond to every application. I
  hope that you understand the constraints around this process.

  Best of luck, and don’t forget to submit your CV together with this application form.

  Kind regards,

  Julian Davidson
  Recruitment Manager
  SEGA Europe Limited

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  First Name:                                                               Last Name:
  Telephone Number:                                                         Mobile Number:
  Address:                                                                  When would you be available to start work with
                                                                            SEGA Europe?

  Are you currently in employment? If so, then what is                      What is your current or last salary or hourly rate and
  your reason for leaving?                                                  what are your salary expectations?

  How did you hear of these vacancies at SEGA Europe?
  Please indicate if this was via our website, through friends, or from a SEGA employee. If it was a SEGA employee, please indicate their name and
  department as they may be eligible for an employee referral bonus.

  Do you have any prior games testing experience?
  If yes, please indicate company, titles worked on, hardware worked on, and what your role involved.

  What skills do you think that SEGA consider being important when recruiting games testers?

  What consoles do you or have you owned in the past? What consoles have you played on?

  Have you played any games online? If so, which ones?

  If you have any other comments you feel are beneficial to your application please enter them here:

                                     Thank you for taking the time to complete this application form.

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