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Annularly Symmetrical Multiple Fire Weapon - Patent 4617750


Prior art remote controlled, video monitored weapon systems have generally involved a combination of a whole television camera and a convertional weapon. Such combinations are inherently so bulky and space consuming, both in the axial andvertical depth directions that they have not been usable for anti-hijacking purposes in commercial airplanes. There is simply not enough space available in the ceiling area of the conventional airplane to accommodate such TV camera/weapon combinationtherein. It was inconceivable that such a bulky combination could be adapted to linear travel, pan and tilt movements so as to cover the entire passenger compartment area of an aircraft, or that it could be obscured from view of the passengers behind aone-way vision screen. Similarly, the amount of space occupied by such prior art television camera and conventional weapon combinations generally precluded the adaptation thereof for protective systems to be used in banks, prisons, stores, officebuildings, or the like.All prior art remote control, video monitored weapon systems of which the applicants aware could be seen by a potential hijacker or criminal or the like, and hence could be defended against by retaliatory action, or could be avoided, so as tominimize the effectiveness thereof. A further problem in connection with these prior art weapon system utilizing a TV camera and conventional type weapon, relates generally to the optics thereof. Such prior art systems embodied vertically or laterallyspaced optical and weapon axes, thereby having a parallar inaccuracy inherent in the aiming thereof. This becomes a critical problem in a remote controlled weapon system for aircraft protection, because of the necessity for pinpoint accuracy to avoiddamaging critical aircraft parts, and to be assured of a completely incapacitating offensive action against a hijacker or the like without danger to other occupants. This parallax problem becomes more acute as the weapon is moved closer to

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