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Pick your

                                                                                                                 Photo Illustration by Jessica Marie Martin
         Young children will eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full,
         so parents shouldn’t get stressed when children don’t clean their plates.
                         C O V E R S T O RY       ■      S E E PA G E 3

                                   Outdoor                                                            Allergies may
                                   workouts                                                           come from indoors
                              The sculpted arms, tight abs and
                              toned legs that normally come from                               Allergens aren't just lurking in the yard —
                              the gym still are possible with                                  they hide inside your home causing symp-
                              strength-training workouts that can                               toms year-round. Dust mites, pet hair and
                              be done outdoors. And the exercises                                dander, and mold spores can be the cul-
                              add a change of pace to your                                        prit. However, you can take steps to con-
                              routine.                                                            trol these allergens in your home environ-
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                                                                                        SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
2                                                                                       The Quincy Herald-Whig                                            Health&Fitness

Home remedies                                                                                                    Survey:Americans worried
It’s not always necessary to head for the
drug store for the little things that ail you
       By IVAN PENN
        St. Petersburg Times
                                       eczema, as well as other
                                                                       of tomato on the burn.
                                                                          Curing nail fungus
                                                                                                                 about how to afford health care
                                                                                                                                 By LEE BOWMAN                   Research, the polling firm that did the
                                       causes.                         with bleach:                                              Scripps Howard News Service
                                                                                                                                                                 survey. “Most people, as they think
                                          Treatment: Add a half-          Nail fungus develops                                                                   through the options, are keeping an open
    For some common ail-                                                                                             Your money or your life.
                                       cup to one cup of bleach to     either when a person                                                                      mind. They see this as not a matter of
ments, such as dandruff                                                                                              It’s a no-brainer in a stickup situation.
                                       bath water.                     comes into contact with                                                                   black-and-white, but in shades of gray
and eczema, home reme-                                                                                           But when discussing health-care reform,
dies can be just what the                                              fungus during a manicure                                                                  that cut across party lines.”
                                                                                                                 the answers get a little trickier.                  President Obama has made it clear
doctor ordered.                                                        or a pedicure or when
                                                                                                                     Most people would say they want both        that holding down health-care costs is crit-
    Perhaps you suffer from                                            water gets under the nail
                                                                                                                 access to good medical care when they           ical both to reduce their drag on personal
recurring eczema. Or dan-                                              plate and the moisture
                                                                                                                 need it and for that care to be affordable.     and national finances and to make it pos-
druff flakes keep falling on                                           breeds fungus, destroying
                                                                                                                     When people are sick, they’re more like-    sible to expand and subsidize coverage for
your shoulders.                                                        beautiful, long nails, Fusco
                                                                       says.                                     ly to worry about getting care. But most        nearly 50 million Americans who don’t
    Or blood unceasingly                                                                                         Americans — including many uninsured
oozes from that annoying                                                  Treatment: Bleach                                                                      have health insurance.
                                                                       inhibits the growth of nail               — worry more about affordability than               Reform is hard because the $2.5 tril-
little paper cut.                                                                                                access or quality of care. That’s particular-
    Well, you don’t have to            Take the tea tab out of your    fungus. Use one part                                                                      lion-plus we’re spending on health care is
                                       cup and put it on a cut         bleach and nine parts                     ly true when the economy is in a down-          somebody’s livelihood as well as some-
pay a bundle to cure some              instead.                                                                  turn, with mounting evidence that people
of these common ailments.                                              water. Soak in the solution                                                               body’s burden. Making health care more
                                                                       for about five minutes,                   are postponing or skipping health care to       affordable means cutting back payments
    Dr. Francesca Fusco, a                                                                                       save money.
                                          A tea party for a cut:       then rinse.                                                                               to some providers, perhaps raising them
Manhattan dermatologist                                                                                              A survey released this spring by the
                                          Tea bags cause blood                                                                                                   for others, or limiting services to patients
and associate professor at                                                                                       Stanford Center on Longevity reflects
                                       vessels to constrict, which                                                                                               in some fashion. It means, sometimes, say-
Mount Sinai School of                                                                                            some typical attitudes about the health-
                                       will help stop the bleeding                                                                                               ing no.
Medicine in New York,                                                                                            care system and reform. While 62 percent
                                       of small cuts, Fusco says.                                                                                                    Most of the reform proposals for hold-
says a number of home                                                                                            of the more than 2,000 voters surveyed
                                          Treatment: Steep a tea                                                                                                 ing down costs involve putting more
remedies can work effec-                                                                                         nationwide said the health-care system
                                       bag in a cup for a couple of                                                                                              responsibility for managing costs and
tively in treating little                                                                                        works well for them, 68 percent said it
                                       minutes. Make sure it’s                                                                                                   delivering quality on doctors and hospitals
troubles that ail you.                                                                                           does not work well for most Americans.
                                       not hot, and then apply it                                                                                                — and on patients.
    With the economy still                                                                                           Only 16 percent said they were “very”
                                       directly to the wound.                                                                                                        For instance, Medicare has already laid
trying to find its footing,
                                           Tomato for burns:                                                     or “fairly” satisfied with the cost and         out a list of common preventable hospital
Fusco has been touting
                                           Fusco says the lycopene        Apple cider vinegar                    affordability of health care, but only 20       mistakes — so-called “should never hap-
treatment alternatives to
                                       in a tomato helps decrease      for dandruff:                             percent said they were “not at all” or “not     pen” events — and declared that it won’t
the news media. She
                                       inflammation. In Israel,           Dandruff is caused by                  very” satisfied with the quality.               pay hospitals for any additional care that’s
recently shared several
                                       people are actually grow-       an overgrowth of yeast on                     Yet when the survey got into specific       required to correct or follow up one of
home-remedy consumer
                                       ing tomatoes with high          the scalp, Fusco says.                    ideas about how to hold down costs or           those mistakes.
                                       lycopene content, she says.     Among the health benefits                 expand coverage, none attracted over-               At the same time, health-insurance
   Eczema treatment:                       “Tomato on a burn           of apple cider vinegar: It                whelming support — nor were they reject-        plans and employers are pressing patients
   Bleach has been found               works for burns that are        inhibits the growth of the                ed overwhelmingly, either.                      to be more cost-conscious through higher
to help rid the body of                first-degree or less. So if     yeast.                                        “We were a little disappointed that         co-pays and deductibles, restrictions on
eczema, a dry and recur-               the skin is red or irritated,      Treatment: Shampoo                     there was not something that everybody          drugs and emergency-room visits.
ring skin rash, Fusco says.            it might help.” Once it         hair, use conditioner and                 loves, but it shows people are paying               Yet one of the hardest things in health
In addition, search for the            blisters, you’ll need antibi-   then rinse the scalp with                 attention and have legitimate concerns          care — for either doctor or patient —
sources of the problem.                otic ointment.                  apple cider vinegar, fol-                 about what the changes might mean for           remains being able to find out up front
Look at which foods cause                  Treatment: Place a slice    lowed by a cold rinse.                    costs and access,” said Dr. Laura               what a particular test or procedure is like-
                                                                                                                 Carstensen, director of the center.             ly to cost. It’s not clear if any of the
                                                                                                                     “People realize that there is no magic      changes being proposed in the reform

     Lose your
                                                                                                                 wand to reduce health-care costs,” said         debates would be able to make expenses
                                                                                                                 Geoff Garin, president of Peter Hart            fully transparent.

      embarrassing body hair...                                                                                   Research: Mom’s stress during pregnancy affects baby’s IQ
                                                                                                                                 By ZOSIA BIELSKI                    Cortisol is naturally elevated during
                                                                                                                                   Toronto Globe and Mail
                                                                                                                                                                 pregnancy, and rises again before a moth-
                                                                                                                     Severe stress during pregnancy can          er gives birth. Normally, the placenta pro-
                                                                                                                 damage a baby’s brain and put the child at      tects the unborn baby from cortisol by pro-
                                                                                                                 greater risk of anxiety, depression and         ducing an enzyme that breaks it down but
                                                                                                                 attention deficit hyperactivitydisorder         the enzyme works less efficiently when the
               • Bikini Line                                                                                     later on in adolescence, according to           mother is stressed out.
                                                                                                                 British research.                                   The more anxious a mother was, the
               • Armpits                                                                                             The higher the levels of cortisol — a       more cortisol appeared in her amniotic
                                                                                                                 stress hormone — in the womb, the lower         fluid, the researchers found.
               • Facial Hair                                                                                     the toddler’s “baby IQ” at 18 months, the           Next, they will examine the children’s
                                                                                                                 researchers found.                              brains using MRI scans; the oldest child is
                                                                                                                     “We found that if the mother was more       now 6 years old.
                                                                                                                 stressed while she was pregnant the baby            Canadian research is corroborating the
                                                                                                                 scored significantly lower on the mental        British findings.
   Private Office • Personal Service                                                                                                                                 “If there’s anything that we all agree
                                                                                                                 developmental index,” said Vivette Glover,
        • 17 Years Experience                                                                                    lead researcher and professor of prenatal       on, it’s that the fetus is incredibly vulnera-
   • Now offering hair restoration                                                                               psychobiology at Imperial College London.       ble and fragile, and that even subtle per-
                                                                                                                     The study involved 250 women at 17          turbations in the mother’s mood or her
                                                                                                                 weeks gestation. They filled out question-      objective circumstances can have measur-
                                                                                                                 naires about their anxiety levels and the       able effects on the fetus that last for
                                                                                                                 researchers monitored their cortisol levels     years,” said Suzanne King, an associate
     3701 Eastlake Centre Drive, Quincy                                217-224-3875                              and the amount seeping into their amniot-       professor of psychiatry at McGill Universi-
             In The Shaw Clinic                                                 ic fluid.                                       ty.

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                                                                                          SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
Health&Fitness                                                                            The Quincy Herald-Whig                                                                             3
      Children have a
   ‘sense of how many
    calories’ they need
Pediatrician says to                  between parent and child.
                                          “In a meal situation,
keep trying different                 children will always win,”
                                      she said. “The more par-
 vegetables on kids                   ents try to take control,
                                      the more combative it will
     By KELLY WILSON                  become.”
       Herald-Whig Staff Writer           Podmolik, herself the
                                      mother of five, says most
    Kara Wingerter says               young children are pretty
she and her husband, Jim,             good at regulating their
aren’t picky eaters — and             food intake.
she thinks that helps her                 “Until the age of 3, chil-
two young daughters be                dren have a perfect sense
more open to trying                   of how many calories they
healthy foods.                        need,” she said. “If a child
    But when they say they            eats 100 calories in a
don’t like something, she             snack before a meal, he’ll
doesn’t force the issue.              eat 100 calories less at the
    “Jara was pretty easy                                               Kara Wingerter and her husband, Jim, try to involve their children, Jena, 14 months, and Jara, 3, in the preparation of dinner, say-
                                      next meal.”                       ing that helps the children want to eat what they helped prepare. (H-W Photo/Michael Kipley)
when she was on baby                      Sarah Rommesmo, a
food. She would eat any-              registered dietitian at          or vegetable on their own.             that children’s eating         helps.
thing. But now that she’s             Blessing Hospital in Quin-       Let them help you prepare              habits are different from         “They do watch what          IDEAS FOR PARENTS
on table food she doesn’t             cy, said that young chil-        it and have it for a snack.”           those of adults.               we eat. Neither my hus-         Sarah Rommesmo, registered
like vegetables as much,”             dren in particular will eat          Rommesmo said that it                 Wingerter said her          band nor I are picky
Wingerter said.                                                                                                                                                              dietitian at Blessing Hospital,
                                      when they’re hungry and          often takes multiple expo-             youngest daughter, Jena,       eaters. That shows them         says that in addition to providing
    Jara, who’s almost 3,             stop when they’re full, so       sures to a new food before             14 months, had an issue        that, hey, this is good,”
sticks to corn on the cob             parents shouldn’t stress         a child will even try it.              with textures when she         Wingerter said. “Jara is
                                                                                                                                                                             children with healthy meals, par-
and green beans for her               when their children don’t            “Don’t give up on it,”             was transitioning from         really good about trying        ents also need to have healthy
vegetable intake, but eats            clean their plates.              she said. “The more                    baby food to table food.       something instead of just       snacks on hand. Here are a few
plenty of fruits, different               “It’s not something peo-     exposed they are to it, the               “For a long time she        saying no. We encourage         ideas:
meats and all kinds of                ple need to be tense or          more likely they are to try            would only want baby           them to try it once. If they
whole grains.                         uptight about all the            it down the road.”                     food,” she said. “Finally in   don’t like it, they don’t       • Fruits and vegetables cut up in
    “I don’t worry too much           time,” she said.                     Podmolik said that as              the last three to four         have to try it again that       Baggies and stored in the refrig-
about it,” Wingerter said.                If a child is a picky        children grow, parents                 months she’s gotten a lot      time. Then we’ll try again      erator for easy accessibility.
“I’ve asked the pediatri-             eater, Rommesmo suggests         need to establish more                 better. We just kept trying.   with them.”                     • A healthy granola bar (be sure
cian. They say to just keep           getting the child involved       structure around food. Ide-            It helped for her to watch        Jara likes helping in        it doesn’t have a lot of sugar).
trying.”                              in meal preparation.             ally, that will help children          big sister eat them.           the kitchen, which leads to
    Experts say it’s best for                                                                                                                                                • Cheese and crackers.
                                          “If they’re involved with    develop healthy habits                    “If mommy’s eating it       more of a willingness to        • Graham crackers and peanut
parents to pick their food            it, they’re going to be          that will last a lifetime.             and daddy’s eating it and      try different foods.
battles.                              proud of their accomplish-           Key strategies include             big sister’s eating it, it        “It helps her take own-
    Amy Podmolik, a regis-            ment,” she said. “If you         having regular family                  must not be that bad. She      ership of the food,”            • Applesauce.
tered dietitian with Ameri-           want them to get more            meals, eliminating free-               does a good job of eating      Wingerter said. “She’s          • Rice cakes.
can Family Children’s                 fruits and vegetables in,        range grazing in favor of              fruits and vegetables now.”    more interested in eating       • String cheese.
Hospital, says forcing a              take them with you gro-          sit-down snacks, giving                   Wingerter said sitting      it when she’s actually          • Yogurt.
child to eat is a great               cery shopping and let            kids time to appreciate                down at the dinner table       made it.”                       • Low-fat pudding.
recipe for a power struggle           them pick out a new fruit        new foods and respecting               and eating as a family                                         • Hard-boiled eggs.

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                                                                               SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
4                                                                              The Quincy Herald-Whig                                                Health&Fitness

                                              A micrsopic look at the common dust mite,
                                              which can cause allergies to flare up.

 Incubator for
 Hot, humid days of summer create perfect environment                                                   Sneezing is just one of the many symptoms caused by allergens in the home, including dust mites,
  in home for dust mites, dander, mold, other allergens                                                 pet dander and hair, and mold spores. Hot, humid weather associated with increased levels of
                                                                                                        pollen outdoors can also contribute to an increase in indoor allergens.
            By KELLY WILSON                   can take some steps to try to reduce expo-                of time, such as the bedroom. He also urges
               Herald-Whig Staff Writer
                                              sure.                                                     hand washing after touching pets.                   WHAT IS AN ALLERGY?
                                                 Because beds are the most common                           Mold spores also can be a source of
    Red, itchy eyes. Congestion. Runny                                                                                                                          Allergy is caused by an oversensitive
                                              place in the home for dust mites, “I recom-               allergy symptoms, although Flanagan
nose. Sneezing.                                                                                                                                              immune system that leads to a misdirected
                                              mend special allergy covers for mattresses                says mold “isn’t as big of a problem as
    Those allergy symptoms are all too                                                                                                                       immune response. The immune system nor-
                                              and pillows and washing bed linens at                     people suspect.”
familiar this time of year as pollens from                                                                  Indoor mold can be a problem for some-
                                                                                                                                                             mally protects the body against harmful
                                              least once a week in very hot water,”
trees, grasses and low-growing weeds irri-                                                              one allergic to mold if the home has flood-          substances, such as bacteria and viruses. It
                                              Flanagan said.
tate millions of Americans each spring,          “The second place in the home you find                 ing or leaking pipes. Mold also can be a             reacts to substances (allergens) that are
summer and fall.                              them is in the carpeting. There could be                  problem in homes with large fish tanks               generally harmless and in most people do
    But allergens also can be lurking         advantages to bare floors rather than car-                and large tropical plants, he said.                  not cause a problem.
inside your home — dust mites, pet hair       peted floors.”                                                Again, dehumidifiers and air condition-             But in a person with allergies, the
and dander, and mold spores — causing            He does not recommend air filters to                   ing can help limit humidity inside the               immune response is oversensitive. When it
symptoms year-round.                          help control dust mites but says running a                home.                                                recognizes an allergen, it releases chemi-
    “One of the most common indoor aller-     dehumidifier or air conditioner in warm,                      If avoiding indoor allergens and con-            cals, such as histamines. This causes itch-
gens is dust mites,” said Dr. Joseph Flana-   humid months can help.                                    trolling the environment doesn’t eliminate           ing, swelling, mucus production, muscle
gan, who specializes in asthma, allergy and      The hair and dander from pets, in par-                 the allergy symptoms, various medica-                spasms, hives, rashes, and other symptoms
immunology at Quincy Medical Group.           ticular cats and dogs, also can bring out                 tions are available to treat allergies.              that vary from person to person.
    “They’re very small. You can’t see        the sneezes and itchy eyes in some people.                    Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, are                What part of the body comes in contact
them. And they’re harmless — unless              “It is plausible that an air filter could              an option for those whose symptoms are               with the allergen plays a role in the symp-
you’re allergic to them,” Flanagan said.      help. I tend to recommend avoiding the                    hard to control.                                     toms you develop. Allergens that are
    The existence of dust mites in the home   ionic ones because that creates more                          Before taking any course of action,              breathed in often cause a stuffy nose, itchy
is “no reflection of your housecleaning,”     ozone, which can cause more airway                        Flanagan says, it’s a good idea to see an            nose and throat, mucus production, cough
Flanagan emphasizes. “It’s a matter of        inflammation,” Flanagan said.                             allergist to confirm the problem is aller-           or wheezing.
geography. This part of the country is very      If people who are allergic to dogs or cats             gies and to get tested to see what specific              Source: ADAM Navigator, Health Illustrated Encyclo-
favorable for dust mites, and the more        do not want to get rid of their pets, Flana-              allergens are causing the problem.                     pedia, on Quincy Medical Group’s Web site, www.quin-
warm and humid, the more there are.”          gan recommends keeping the animals out                                                                                                     
    People who are allergic to dust mites     of parts of the home where they spend a lot                                  —

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                                                                                       SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
Health&Fitness                                                                         The Quincy Herald-Whig                                                                                                  5
                                                                                                                           Though advocacy group claims millions are

          Sacramento Bee
                                   patients because they have
                                   exhausted their where-
                                   withal to cope.”
                                                                                                                          plagued by pain of fibromyalgia, disease still
                                                                                                                           has hard time being universally recognized

    Asked to describe the             Dr. David Ferrera, med-
seemingly indescribable, to        ical director of the Sacra-
make real the manifesta-           mento Research Medical
tions of a medical condi-          Group in Sacramento,
tion that some still doubt         Calif., has spent three
even exists, fibromyalgia          years conducting clinical
patients often rely on simi-       trials on a new treatment
les of the most wince-             drug, Savella, that received
inducing sort.                     FDA approval in January.
    “I felt like acid was             Ferrara acknowledges
going through my veins.”           that “it is a complex disor-
    “It was like a steam-          der and there’s still a lot to
roller ran over me.”               learn,” but he says
    “Fatigue like someone’s        fibromyalgia patients are
pulled out your battery            underserved by many doc-
pack.”                             tors.
    “It feels like death, only        “I’ve had women in
worse.”                            tears in my office because
    Can there be any doubt         they say, ‘You’re the first
that these people truly are        doctor who’s believed me.’
suffering from diffuse,            These people often take
widespread chronic pain            three or four years to get
with multiple tender spots;        diagnosed. They are told:
enervating fatigue; and a          ‘Your lab tests are normal,      Bound to a wheelchair by pain, Wendy Alger, who suffers from fibromyalgia, embraces Cynthia Vargas at the end of a rally in Sacra-
host of symptoms that                                               mento, Calif., to raise awareness of the debilitating condition. Fibromyalgia is defined as a general body soreness that has no
                                   there’s nothing wrong with       known cause. Vargas’ 13-year-old daughter, Taylor, also has been diagnosed with the illness. Pushing Alger’s wheelchair is boyfriend
include restless legs,             you. You’re just depressed.      Jack Vanryswyck. (SHNS Photo)
impaired memory and                Go get a life.’ They feel like
depression?                        second-class citizens and
    Well, yes.                     begin to feel it’s imaginary.
                                                                     ABOUT FIBROMYALGIA
    Despite being recog-              “The problem is, meas-              Rather than a clearly defined disease,                 • Tenderness in specific spots.               • Affects about 3.7 million people in the
nized as a diagnosable dis-        uring differences in fibro         fibromyalgia is a pattern of symptoms                      • Others: Irritable bowel syndrome,           United States.
ease by the American Col-          people isn’t easily done in        that’s difficult both to diagnose and treat.               headache, swollen feeling.                    • Recommended medication: No specifi-
lege of Rheumatology, the          a doctor’s office. So they         The current knowledge:                                     • 75 percent of patients are women rang-      cally effective drug exists, but several anti-
Food and Drug Adminis-             are dismissed.”                    • Cause of illness and source of pain are                  ing in age from mid-30s to late 50s.          depressants and pain-relieving drugs help.
tration and most insurers,            Another reason                  not known.                                                 • 91 percent of patients in one study said    • Other therapies: Aerobic exercise, bio-
fibromyalgia has not com-          fibromyalgia patients often        • Chronic, widespread pain in muscles,                     they used alternative therapies, especially   feedback training, hypnotherapy, acupunc-
pletely shed the stigma of         aren’t taken seriously, par-       joints.                                                    diet modification, chiropractic and mas-      ture, relaxation training and counseling
being dismissed as “psy-           ticularly by primary care                                                                                                                                   Source: Annals of Internal Medicine
chosomatic” by some in the
                                                                      • Fatigue and poor sleep.                                  sage.
                                   physicians, is that seven of
medical establishment.             10 sufferers are women,
    Controversy swirls even        said Lynne Matallana,            though, is lack of accept-                  ta do, and another neuro-               dening. When she was                 thing. I mean, I’ll get mus-
as new FDA-approved                president of the National        ance even by some in her                    transmitter, norepineph-                taken off the drug, symp-            cle soreness like any nor-
medications have shown             Fibromyalgia Association.        family. Her first husband,                  rine, which the others do               toms resumed with a                  mal person if I overdo it.
promise and recent brain-             Matallana need look no        she says, “sort of believed                 not. She says she felt relief           vengeance.                           But I don’t wake up think-
imaging research has               further than her own story       me but wasn’t supportive.”                  within a month and is                      “I don’t get the fatigue,”        ing a steamroller has run
shown central nervous              for an example. A former         Other family members                        back playing golf and gar-              Davis says. “That’s the big          over me.”
system changes in those            advertising executive,           told her to toughen up.
afflicted. The National            Matallana started feeling            “I basically don’t talk
Fibromyalgia Association,          full-body pain, fatigue,         too much to my friends
a patient advocacy group,          dizziness and anxiety            and family about it,” Mit-
estimates that 10 million          shortly after an unrelated       tel says. “Frankly, they are
Americans suffer from one          surgery in 1993.                 sick to death of it. I don’t
or more of the multifarious           Doctors were as skepti-       care if people believe me
manifestations of the con-         cal as they were baffled,        or not.”
dition.                            she says.                            Mittel and Filbeck said
    It is this array of symp-         “I knew I wasn’t crazy,”      they have tried the antide-
toms not linked to specific        she says. “But you start to      pressant medications Lyri-
cause and effect that              think, maybe I am imagin-        ca and Cymbalta without
keeps skeptics in main-            ing this. ... When I finally     success. Filbeck said the
stream medicine from vali-         found a doctor who used          drugs put her in what she
dating fibromyalgia as a           the word ‘fibromyalgia’          calls “the Fibro Fog,” in
                                                                                                                  Breast Augmentation                                                   Liposuction
legitimate disease.                                                                                                                                                                     Facelift
    “They make you think
                                   and said, ‘We’re going to
                                   find things that will help
                                                                    which she is inattentive                      Breast Lift
                                                                    and forgetful.
you’re a hypochondriac or          you get better,’ that’s when         Roseville, Calif.,                        Tummy Tuck                                                            Eyelid
something,” says Jennifer          I started getting better.”       fibromyalgia patient Ann
Filbeck, 36, a former                 That diagnosis came           Davis, 62, has had trouble
restaurant manager from
Fairfield, Calif., who’s
                                   three years and 37 doctors
                                   after she first felt pain. An
                                                                    concentrating in her job as                                                                                         Botox
                                                                    a graphic designer.
been unable to work since          easing of her symptoms               “You get to where you                                                                                           Restylane
2006. “Doctors treat you           didn’t come until seven          know it’s not going to kill
like you’re crazy.”                years later, after experi-       you,” Davis says. “It’s just                                                                                        Lipodissolve
    Dr. Frederick Wolfe,           menting with acupuncture,        an inconvenient thing
who wrote the landmark             yoga and antidepressants.        you’ve got to live with. The
1990 paper that first creat-          Matallana says that           pain, I could live with. It
ed diagnostic guidelines for       even today, “fibromyalgia        was the fatigue that got
fibromyalgia, recently told        carries a psychosomatic          me. You can’t function.”
the New York Times that            stigma.”                             Davis was so desperate
he now considers it merely            Cynthia Mittel, a 53-         in 2007 that she signed up
a byproduct of depression,         year-old Vacaville, Calif.,      to participate in a clinical
stress and social anxiety.         woman who said she used          trial for Savella, which dif-
Wolfe, head of the National        to have a high pain              fers from the other
Databank of Rheumatic              threshold, now sometimes         fibromyalgia drugs in that
Diseases, said: “Some of us        has trouble walking. What        it blocks both serotonin,
in those days thought that         really troubles her,             which Lyrica and Cymbal-
we had actually identified
a disease, which clearly
this is not. To make people
ill, to give them an illness,                                                                                             Plus many
was the wrong thing.”
    That view is supported                                                                                              more cosmetic
by Dr. Nortin Hadler, a
rheumatologist and profes-                                                                                               procedures.
sor at the University of
North Carolina. Writing in
the Journal of Rheumatol-
ogy, Hadler states bluntly
that fibromyalgia is all in

                                                                                                                     Dr. Richard Shatz
the mind.
    “I am suggesting that
chronic persistent pain is
an ideation, a somatiza-
tion if you will, that some
are inclined toward as a                                                                                            Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
response to living life
under a pall, and not vice                                                                                                            1135 Broadway - Quincy, IL
versa,” he writes. “I am
further suggesting that
these people choose to be
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                           Y   K                                                                                                                                                                 Y    K
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                                                                                               SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009
6                                                                                          The Quincy Herald-Whig                                           Health&Fitness

Take your
outdoors                                                                 Julie Koeher performs shoulder presses with tubing while sitting at a picnic table in Reservoir Park recently. Behind Koeher, Sue
                                                                         Koren is doing leg lunges, and while Jane Riley uses a picnic table to do triceps dips and fitness trainer Dawn Fleer uses the table’s
                                                                         bench to perform a set of decline push-ups. (H-W Photo/Philip Carlson)

Moving out of the gym not only helps the psyche,it also shocks muscles used to the same routine
     By KELLY WILSON                                                                                                body. It’s more fun; you          “If you’re at a plateau, a   wearing cotton because it
       Herald-Whig Staff Writer
                                                                                                                    don’t feel so stressed out.    great way to create muscle      sticks to the body.
                                                                                                                    And you don’t need a gym       confusion is by being out-         She encourages people
   Tired of being stuck                                                                                             or equipment, just a picnic    doors,” she said.               to replenish lost elec-
inside the gym when the                                                                                             table and some monkey             But people who take          trolytes with an electrolyte
sun is shining outdoors?                                                                                            bars.”                         their workouts outdoors         drink.
   Nikki Hoyt, wellness                                                                                                 Koehrer, who has been      need to be cautious in the
director and head trainer                                                                                                                                                             “Listen to your body,”
                                                                                                                    working out at Advance         heat. Hoyt says having          Hoyt adds. “If you are pro-
at Advance Fitness, says                                                                                            Fitness for a little more      water available is critical,
people can ditch the gym                                                                                                                                                           fusely sweating or if you
                                                                                                                    than a year, says she’s        and it’s also good to have a    get dizzy, take it easy.”
to enjoy the warm weather                                                                                           noticed great results with     towel handy to wipe away
and sunshine this summer                                                                                            the outdoor regimen.           sweat. She says to avoid          —
without sacrificing a firm                                                                                              “In the first three
body.                                                                                                               weeks I lost two pounds
   “When you’re indoors                                                                                             and got definition in my
all the time, it’s just nice                                                                                        arms, legs and shoulders,”
to change that up,” Hoyt                                                                                            she said.
said.                                                                                                                   An added benefit of
   The sculpted arms,                                                                                               being outdoors, she said, is
tight abs and toned legs                                                                                            “it makes you feel like a
that normally come from                                                                                             kid again.”
gym workouts still are                                                                                                  Hoyt said the environ-
possible with strength-                                                                                             ment itself gives people a
training workouts that can                                                                                          boost.
be done outdoors.                        Trainer Dawn Fleer holds the legs of Kim Boudreau as the two                   “Just being in nature
   Hoyt said Quincy’s                    perform the “wheelbarrow” during an outdoor workout at Reser-              helps a lot of people feel
parks are a great setting                voir Park in Quincy. (H-W Photo/Phillip Carlson)
                                                                                                                    calmer,” she said. “Also, in
for outdoor workouts                                                                                                a gym you have stale air.
                                         an Ultimate Fit Camp ses-       der presses off trees, and
because people can use                                                                                              Being outside and getting
                                         sion offered by Advance         other resistance training.
picnic tables, park bench-                                                                                          fresh air is a benefit.”
                                         Fitness on a recent sum-           They paired up for part-
es, playground equipment                 mer morning at Reservoir        ner work, doing things like                    Hoyt said the exercises
and even trees for                       Park.                           a wheelbarrow walk, and                    done outdoors are more
strength-training moves.                    Led by trainer Anne          they also incorporated                     likely than weight
   “It’s a change of pace,”              Rupert, Koehrer and the         stretching, kickboxing and                 machines in a gym to
she said. “When you’re                   others worked up a sweat        yoga into the outdoor ses-                 mimic activities of daily
bored, change it up. Get                 doing tricep dips, step-ups     sion.                                      living. Plus, changing up
outside. There’s so much                 and split lunges on a park         “It’s nice to be outside,”              the workout routine
stuff you can do outside.”               bench, chin-ups on play-        Koehrer said. “It’s a totally              shocks the muscles and
   Julie Koehrer was part                ground equipment, shoul-        different workout for your                 leads to changes in the
of a group participating in                                                                                         body.

Regular exercise can help many health problems
            By IRENE MAHER                         sity of South Florida, says physical           doesn’t have to take place in a gym to
                  St. Petersburg Times
                                                   activity is one of the most powerful           count. “And it doesn’t have to mean
                                                   tools we have to prevent, improve or           you’re training for a triathlon. It
   For some, exercise is the longest
                                                   treat at least 47 health problems              should be something you enjoy,” says
four-letter word.
                                                   ranging from cancer to menstrual               Coris.
   The mere mention of it conjures
                                                   cramps. Exercise works by improving                That means walking, dancing,
visions of endless climbs up Stair-                blood flow, reducing inflammation              skating, cycling and paddling a canoe
Master machines, screaming music                   and promoting weight loss. Just                all count. So do the more mundane
in crowded aerobics classes filled                 reducing body fat hinders the produc-          activities of daily living like vacuum-
with skinny people and wet floors in               tion of hormones like estrogen that            ing, washing and waxing the car, and
strangely smelly locker rooms.                     feed certain cancerous tumors.                 raking leaves. It’s even better if you
   But being physically active doesn’t                The American College of Sports              make it a family affair and jump rope
have to be unpleasant. And the                     Medicine takes the exercise-wellness           or play tag with the kids, throw a
potential benefits may be enough to                connection so literally that it recently       Frisbee for the dog or plan an active
propel you off the couch and out the               launched an initiative called “Exer-           vacation. “Whatever it takes that
door.                                              cise is Medicine.” Its goal is to get all      makes exercise less objectionable,”
   Everyone knows exercise is good                 physicians to prescribe exercise for           Coris says.
for your heart, your bones and your                their patients.                                    To reap the benefits, you should do
joints. But did you know it can lessen                “Without a doubt, exercise really           at least 30 minutes of moderate-
dementia associated with Alzheimer’s               is medicine and, in fact, it can be            intensity activity most days of the
and Parkinson’s disease? It can pre-               seen as the much-needed vaccine to             week.
vent diabetes and its common compli-               prevent chronic disease and prema-                 Translation: At least four days a
cations like kidney and eye damage.                ture death,” the program’s creator,            week, spend at least 30 minutes
And it may reduce your risk for some               Dr. Robert Sallis, wrote in the British        doing something that leaves you feel-
cancers, including those of the breast,            Journal of Sports Medicine.                    ing a little winded. Ideally, you
colon, prostate and pancreas.                         But Coris points out, “That doesn’t         should keep moving for an hour, but
   Dr. Eric Coris, director of Primary             mean you have to don spandex and               some activity is always better than
Care Sports Medicine at the Univer-                join a spin class.” Physical activity          none.

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