VASER Lipo Unites with Tissu Trans Abdomen reshaping by benbenzhou


VASER Lipo Unites with Tissu Trans Abdomen reshaping

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									VASER Lipo Unites with Tissu-Trans
Products for an Improved Fat Transfer Technique
                                                             By Bob Kronemyer, Associate Editor

                                                                Performing fat transfer procedures with         The VASER Lipo/Tissu-Trans combination
                               Robert Schwartz, M.D.         the VASER Lipo System from Sound                procedure is particularly helpful in achiev-
                               Plastic Surgeon               Surgical Technologies LLC (Louisville, Colo.)   ing a meaningful buttock augmentation in
                               Dallas, TX
                                                             and Tissu-Trans products from Shippert          leaner patients who might otherwise be a
                                                             Medical Technologies Corporation (Cen-          candidate for an implant. “Typically on a
                                                             tennial, Colo.) has been given a boost with     fat transfer buttock augmentation you may
                                                             the recent Fat Graft Task Force Report from     be able to shave one to two hours off a six
                                                             the American Society of Plastic Surgeons        hour surgery,” Dr. Schwartz noted.
                               Constantino Mendieta, M.D.    (ASPS). This report established that there
                               Plastic Surgeon
                                                             is “no compelling evidence that would              Fat is normally removed from the
                               Miami, FL
                                                             warrant a strong recommendation against         abdomen, hips, flanks, back and thighs,
                                                             autologous fat grafting. Fat grafting can be    whereas the two most common areas to
                                                             considered a safe method of augmenta-           inject fat are the buttocks and nasolabial
                                                             tion and correction of defects associated       folds. “We have two aesthetic goals: to
                                                             with various medical conditions.”               effectively remove fat in the harvested
                                                                                                             areas and precisely inject that fat in other
                                                                This is good news for practitioners,         areas to create a pleasing augmentation,”
                                                             “although I’m surprised that it has taken       Dr. Schwartz explained.
                                                             the ASPS so long to recognize this proce-
                                                             dure,” said Robert Schwartz, M.D., a plas-         A gluteal reshaping study that appeared
                                                             tic surgeon in private practice in Dallas,      in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in late
                                                             Texas. “That said, I think it’s a great step    2007 reported that using emulsified
                                                             forward for fat transfer. Overall, I think      VASER Lipo fat for fat grafting resulted in
                                                             fat grafting is a terrific technique that       more precise augmentation, quicker recov-
                                                             helps a lot of people. This announce-           ery and “tremendous” patient satisfaction
                                                             ment is a major move towards legitimiz-         compared to implants. “The VASER System
                                                             ing the procedure and showing that it is        helps create an even extraction of the fat
                                                             a mainstream technique, rather than             and there are less cannula track marks
                                                             some sort of fringe science. In essence,        on the skin,” said author Constantino
                                                             it is a green light.”                           Mendieta, M.D., a plastic surgeon in pri-
                                                                                                             vate practice in Miami, Fla. “A common
Before Tx                                                       Compared to other body contouring            misconception of the VASER System is that
                                                             devices on the market, the VASER System         it destroys all the fat cells with the ultrason-
                                                             “allows you to remove significantly more        ic energy. What I found, though, is that it
                                                             fat, even when performing regular lipo-         allows for a more even extraction process
                                                             suction,” Dr. Schwartz said. “The fat is        and only about 10% to 15% of the emul-
                                                             also removed more evenly in an emulsi-          sified fat cells are destroyed. The rest of the
                                                             fied or liquefied state. One of the chief       fat remains viable.”
                                                             concerns when performing liposuction
                                                             and fat transfer with conventional equip-          Dr. Mendieta also believes that about
                                                             ment is that the fat removed may be             75% to 80% of injected fat is viable.
                                                             extremely irregular leading to unpre-           “Even if fat is lost, there remains a lifelong
                                                             dictable final results.”                        change in gluteal shape,” he advised. “I
                                                                                                             think nearly everyone accepts that fat
                                                                Dr. Schwartz uses the VASER System in        grafting can be used effectively to
                                                             combination with Tissu-Trans instrumenta-       enhance muscle groups such as the glu-
                                                             tion to simplify the collection of fat and      teus, calf and male pectoral muscles. Fat
                                                             shorten the procedure time. “The surgery is     transfer has a number of applications and
After VASER Tx                                               more efficient, which ultimately saves the      will continue to increase in popularity.”
Photos courtesy of Constantino Mendieta, M.D.                physician and patient money,” he said.

18       THE Aesthetic Guide May/June 2009

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