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									                       CHRIST THE KING CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                                          Christ the King Catholic School Mission Statement
            The mission of Christ the King Catholic School is to provide each student with a high-quality education in the
            arts and sciences and with formation in Christian values that will lend dignity and direction to his or her life.
We pride ourselves on preparing students not just for high school, but for life—a life which is centered on Jesus Christ and
grounded in His Gospel.

Volume III, Issue 23                                                                          Wednesday, January 28, 2009

             Christ is the
            reason for this
                                    PINE WOOD                                     ARCHDIOCESAN ART SHOW-
                                     DERBY                                        CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK
          school. He is the
           unseen but ever     It happens Jan. 31st!                           Selections have been chosen at CKS for
          present teacher in   It all begins at 9 AM in                         the Archdiocesan Art Show to be dis-
           our classrooms.
                               the School Cafeteria!                          played in the food court, lower level, St.
          He is the model of                                                     Louis Galleria, Sunday, January 25
           our faculty and     Families without
                               Scouts are welcome too!                         through Saturday, January 31. Please
          the inspiration of
             our students.     Please enter the Cafeteria from the               make time to view the work of: 8th
                               west entrance door.                             Graders ~ Elissa A., Erin T., Heidi G.;
   Happy Birthday!                                                            7th Grader ~ Veronica K.; 6th Graders ~
                                                                                 Eric and Elena B.; & 5th Graders ~
      January 29                             You’ll want to be a                        Sam R. & Patrick S..
                                             part of CHRIST THE
      Anthony D.
                                             KING NIGHT AT SLU’S
      January 31                             BILLIKEN MEN’S BAS-                 CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK
                               KETBALL, SATURDAY,                                     continues . . .
      Maria V. &               FEBRUARY 21, 7 PM!
      Caroline S.              $28 tickets for JUST $9! Plan on it! We
                                                                             •    Wednesday, January 28, St.
                               hope to have a HUGE CTK crowd!                     Louis Post-Dispatch Spelling
             February 4                                                           Bee, 12:45 PM, MRC. Finalists
                               WEAR PURPLE AND GOLD!
             Mrs. Duncan       GATHER YOUR PARENTS, YOUR                          from grades 4-8.
                               SIBLINGS, YOUR NEIGHBORS AND
             Happy Half-                                                     •    Thursday, January 29, Parent
                               FRIENDS! LET’S HAVE A CTK
              Birthday!                                                           Appreciation Day. Upper Grade
                               PARTY WITH BILLIKEN MEN’S BAS-
                               KETBALL! Need another order form?                  Mass at 8 AM, followed by con-
             January 28                                                           tinental breakfast (please
            (July 28)          Call CKS: 314.725.5855. ORDERS
                                                                                  RSVP if attending), and stu-
                               ARE MAILED DIRECTLY TO
      William M.                                                                  dent recital at 9:30 AM, MRC.
                               THE BILLIKENS!
January 30 (July 30)           Please keep in prayer children of             •    Friday, January 30, Mission
                               our second grade class who received the            Carnival, 9-11 AM, followed by
     Maura M. &                sacrament of First Reconciliation this             pizza and soda lunch, followed
      Sorrell L.                                    past Thursday eve-            by Bingo! This is Student Ap-
                                                    ning. William B.,             preciation Day! Students may
January 31 (July 31)
                                                    Teagan C., Natalie            “dress-out” of uniform. (See
         Tya S.                                     C., Andrew C.,                guidelines in policy handbook.)
                                                    Anya D., Joseph F.,
February 1 (August 1)                               Ava F., Aiden G.,
 Jordyn H.& Katie K.                                Peter K., Katherine      THANK YOU!!! Your taking the time to
                               K., Michael N., Jacob P., Caitlin R.,         clip and turn in Campbell Labels and Box
February 2 (August 2)          Eliot S., Frank T., Reilly T., Jane V. and    Tops for Education has earned CKS
                               Lucia W.                                      $836.11! In addition, CKS earned $64.72
       Mrs. Dee                                                              with our cartridge program most recently.
                               Special thanks to the third grade par-
February 4 (August 4)          ents who hosted a wonderful reception         NOTE: Effective Nov. 1, 2008, our car-
     Dorian H. &               that followed.                                tridge program provider will no longer pick
      Lucy W.                                                                up copier toner or waste bottles. The pro-
                                                                             gram will continue to accept laser car-
                                                                             tridges, ink jets and cell phones.
PAGE 2                                           C H R IST T HE K ING C AT H O LIC S C H O O L NE WS                  V O L U ME I I I , IS S U E 2 2

    PLEASE READ LAST WEEK’S ATTACHMENT                                        The following students will be
     FROM WEST COUNTY PSYCHOLOGICAL                                           participating at St. Louis
    CONCERNING PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY                                         University High School’s
             AND CELLS PHONES                                                 annual Math Contest on
                                                                              February 14th: 7th Graders,
                    Christ the King Policy                                    Seng Uk P. & Josie Z. and
The possession and use of cell phones and other electronic                    8th Graders, Alexis C. & Erin S.. These students are
devices by Christ the King students on Christ the King                        being coached by CKS parishioner, Mrs. Ann Zink, CKS
School and Parish premises during school hours is prohib-                     volunteer teacher of accelerated students in High School
ited.                                                                         Algebra I. Good luck, students! Thank you for your
                                                                              support, Mrs. Zink!
If a student must carry a cell phone or other elec-
tronic device for use outside of school time, the par-
                                                                                        SEE TODAY’S PARENTING NEWS
ent is to provide a note to the school’s principal re-
questing permission. The device must be turned
into the school office upon arriving at school with                           “DISCIPLINE: BALANCING RULES & RELA-
the parental request, and will be kept in the school                          TIONSHIP” from Catholic Family Services AND
office until the student leaves school for the day.
                                                                              “HOW DAMAGING IS FAILURE TO A CHILD’S
If a cell phone or other electronic device is found in the                    SELF-ESTEEM” from the Gifted Resource Council.
student’s possession during the school day, or if the stu-
dent is found using the cell phone or other electronic de-
vice, the phone/device will be taken away from the stu-                       Dear CKS Parents,
dent and will be kept in the school office until the parent
                                                                              A message from our Superintendent, Mr. George
comes to get it.
                                                                              Henry . . .
Students may not use any electronic device / toy unrelated
                                                                              As you are aware, our economy has taken a down-
to instruction unless authorized by school personnel. This
                                                                              ward spiral since the middle of 2008, and with this,
applies to all school environments including field trips.
                                                                              come a significant effect on our endowments. Pres-
PLEASE DISCUSS THIS POLICY WITH YOUR STU-                                     ently, both the Catholic Families Tuition Assistance
DENT IF THEY OWN A CELL PHONE, I-POD, ETC.,                                   and the Parish Employee Endowment Funds are
AND DECIDE IF IT IS NECESSARY TO COME TO                                      without any earning to be distributed. Understand-
SCHOOL. IF SO, PLEASE UPHOLD OUR POLICY.                                      ing that we have awarded $500,000 in scholarships
                                                                              for the past several years, I realize that if we did not
Dear Parents of Christ the King Students,                                     award any scholarship assistance to our Catholic
                                                                              families, this would place an even greater burden on
Grades Kindergarten – Grade 7,
                                                                              our parish budgets. I approached the Annual Catho-
                                                                              lic Appeal (ACA) Council for assistance. Through the
During the month of January, Religion teachers begin the Archdioce-
                                                                              leadership of Mr. Frank Cognata, the ACA Council
san mandated Family Life Program in Grades Kindergarten through               has graciously committed $495,000, allowing the
Grade 7. Parents with students in Grades K-7 were sent a booklet              awarding of scholarships for the 2009-2010
                                                                              school year to continue.
entitled, “The Parent Connection” last week Wednesday to guide
you in supporting your child’s learning about family life. In addition,        . . . It is imperative that we continue to support
                                                                              the Annual Catholic Appeal as we witness the
parents of 5th and 6th Graders received copies of “Human Repro-               many ways it touches our lives and those of our
duction” last week Wednesday. Grade 5 parent curriculum covers                parish families.
The Reproductive Systems, God’s Plan of Married Love and Procrea-
                                                                              GRADE TWO PARENTS,
tion, and Christian Sexuality. The Grade 6 parent book includes, New
                                                                              A reminder that this year’s class of
Life in the Womb, The Miracle of Birth, Common Questions Young                First Communicants will be making
People Ask, and Christian Sexuality. Please make the time to use              banners. A REMINDER ~The banner is
                                                                              to be white felt, 12 inches wide and 18
these tools to guide you in teaching your sons and daughters in
                                                                              inches in length once suspended from a dowel rod
support of the school taught curriculum. The curriculum in these              that is to be 16 inches in length and 1/2 inch thick,
booklets is to be taught by the parents. These books are yours to             approximately. The banner is to hang from any style
                                                                              cord, fastened to both ends of the dowel, to hang 12
                                                                              inches from top of rope to center of dowel. The
                                                                              banner is to include the child’s last name and your
                                                                              child is encouraged to decorate with appropriate
                                                                              symbols for First Communion.

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