2006 - 2007
Staffing and Organisation

In the Autumn Term Miss H. Williams commenced her duties as a replacement for the
retired Mrs. M. Towner and she has settled very well into her new position. Apart from
this the class organization remained constant except that Mr. P. Jones returned to teach
Year 6 and Mrs. P. Powell to the Year 5 / 6 class.

The end of the Christmas term saw Mr. Jeff Walters retire after over 22 years service.
Mr. Stephen Howells was appointed as Mr. Walter’s replacement and he has proven
himself to be an excellent appointment.

The beginning of the Spring term saw the appointment of Mrs. N. Parker as 1-1 support
for a pupil in Year 2 and Miss S. Burley as LSA support for the Year 3/4 and Year 4
classes. Mrs. P. Rees also increased her hours to full time in order to support the Year 5
class which moved to the hall due to the new build.

As a result of a very large Easter intake of pupils i.e. 18 new children, Miss AM. Roberts
(class teacher) and Mrs. A. Davies (L.S.A.) were employed on a terms’ contract in order
to cater for this increase in numbers. Consequently, the school had 11 classes instead of
10. We were very grateful to Mrs. N. Williams and the committee of the After School
Club for allowing us to use its’ mobile as a classroom for the Summer term. Mrs.E.
Davies was also employed as a lunch time supervisor in order to cater for the increase in
pupil numbers.

Miss S. Cruickshank (LSA) took maternity leave and her duties were taken over by Miss
L. Evans. Mrs. S. Owen also went on maternity leave at the end of the Summer term.
Thanks and good luck went to Mrs. J. Smith, (LSA) who retired and emigrated to New
Zealand at the end of term after an involvement of 9 years with the school. Thanks also to
Mrs. D. Davies who resigned from her position as LSA following a period of ill health.

Numbers on roll:           284

Reception 1(Easter)     18 – Miss AM.Roberts/Mrs.A.Davies (L.S.A.)
Reception 1 (Autumn/Spring)21 – Mrs.A. Oakley/Mrs.J.Smith/Mrs.S.Owen(L.S.A.)
Years Rec. /1           30 - Miss.H.Williams/Miss L. Evans (L.S.A.)
Years 1 / 2             30 - Miss L.Morgan/Miss H.Jones/Mrs.S.Strasdin(L.S.A.)
Year 2                   29 - Mrs. J. Anthony/Mrs. N.Parker(L.S.A.)
Year 3                   26 - Mrs. S. Gravelle/Mrs.A.Majer (L.S.A.)
Year 3/4                 22 – Mrs. S. Williams / Miss S.Burley
Years 4                 28 - Mr. N. Lane/Miss S. Burley (L.S.A.)
Year 5                   29 - Mrs. J. Spencer/Mrs. P. Rees (L.S.A.)
Year 5/6                 28 - Mrs. P.Powell/ Mrs. J. Greening (L.S.A.)
Year 6                  29 - Mr. P. Jones (DeputyHeadteacher)/Mrs.J. Greening
Special Needs Arrangements.

Mrs. E. Thomas has continued to teach pupils in need of additional support in line with
the Special Needs Code of Practice guidelines. All pupils within the school have been
assessed using a series of Standardised tests, and those identified as needing extra support
have been taught by Mrs. Thomas either within the classroom or they have been
withdrawn within small groups in order that they can concentrate on key skills.
Timetables are reviewed regularly in order to ensure that every pupil has access to the
full breadth of the curriculum. Mrs. Thomas works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and

Peripatetic Staffing

Mrs N Griffiths (Athrawes Bro-Cymraeg)
Mrs J Smith (Violin)
Mr.G.Kirby (Brass)
Mrs.J. Rowberry ( Clarinet/Flute )
Ms. K. Andreou (Cello)

During the year 48 pupils have benefited from the free music peripatetic lessons and
several children took part in the Llanelli Schools Prom during the Summer Term.
One outstanding performance worth celebrating was that of Epsie Thompson who won
both the local and county competitions before narrowly missing out in the National Finals
in Carmarthen. A number of pupils also enjoyed the experience of playing in a concert as
part of an orchestra as the finale to the Bryngwyn “Music Fun day” held at the beginning
of the year.

Student Training

During the course of the year the School has helped to train four teaching students as part
of the school’s ongoing partnership with Trinity College Carmarthen.
Several other students have also been trained as N.N.E.B’s and Care Assistants. Indeed,
the school is regularly used as an establishment for work experience for pupils in the

local Comprehensive Schools and close links have again been forged with pupils from
Gorseinon College, Coleg Sir Gar (Llanelli) and it’s sister college in Ammanford.

A very big thank you to all teaching staff that regularly provide this essential service.

Staff Training

This year there were seven in-service training days compared to six last year. This Welsh
Assembly initiative meant that there were now days set aside for “Transition”. These
days were shared with our family of schools. Our family is comprised of the likes of
Bryngwyn, Old Road, Penygaer, Dafen, Bryn, Llangennech and Brynteg schools.
The first of these days saw Mike Ross leading the training on “Assessment for Learning”.
The second day resulted in staff feeding back to colleagues on the Assessment portfolios
in Mathematics and Literacy which had resulted in a great deal of collaborative work
taking place during the Autumn Term. Mr. P. Jones and Mrs. J. Spencer represented
Swiss Valley School during this worthwhile exercise.
Other training initiatives have included two days whole school preparation for the new
Foundation Phase (to be introduced in September 2008) and whole school First Aid
training with St. John’s Ambulance.
A comprehensive training list is kept by the school’s Inset Leader Mr. P. Jones.

Education / Business Partnership

All teachers have again had the opportunity to attend a wide range of courses run by the
Education Business partnership. These courses aim to make teachers more aware of the
practices of business and allow teachers to bring examples of good practice back to the
school. Courses have included visits to Penclacwydd and the National Botanical Gardens.


All new pupils admitted to the school were again assessed (Baseline Assessment), each
term, discreetly by Mrs. Oakley in accordance with LEA recommendations. Feedback
was then given to new parents during individual parental meetings. Suggestions were also
made on how to support pupils at home.

Pupils in classes Year 1 - 6 have been tested internally in Mathematics and Reading
skills. This year these tests have been sent away for marking and the results collated and
the data crunched. This data enables teachers to help measure pupil progress and also
help identify areas and individual children in need of attention.

Pupils in Years 2 and 6 have also been assessed internally in English, Mathematics and
Science. This year Family of Schools portfolios of evidence in both Literacy and
Numeracy have helped ensure greater consistency in marking amongst schools.
Results of these assessments have again been of a very high standard with pupils
comfortably exceeding the challenging targets set for them.

Key Stage 2 SATs 2007
Level 5 – 17/36 = 47%
Level 4 – 19/36 = 53%
Level 3 – 0/36 = 0%
Level 4+ 36/36 = 100%

Level 5 – 11/36 = 31%
Level 4 – 25/36 = 69%
Level 3 – 0/36 = 0%
Level 4+ 36/36 =100%

Level 5 – 15/36 = 42%
Level 4 – 20/36 = 55%
Level 3 – 01/36 = 3%
Level 4+ 35/36 = 97%

Core Indicator i.e. Level 4+ in all 3 Core Subjects
35/36 = 97% Straight Level 5 – 11/36 = 31%

Key Stage 1

Level 3 - 13/32 = 41%
Level 2 - 18/32 = 56%
Level 1 - 01/32 = 03%
Level 2+ - 31/32 = 97%

Level 3 - 12/32 = 37.5%
Level 2 - 20/32 = 62.5%
Level 1 - 00/32 = 0%
Level 2+- 32/32 = 100%

Level 3 - 9/32 = 28%
Level 2 - 22/32 = 69%
Level 1 - 01/32 = 03%
Level 2+ - 31/32 = 97%

Core Indicator i.e. Level 2 in each of the Core Subjects
31/32 = 97% Straight Level 3 9/32 = 28%

These results were well above both County and National levels and we can be proud
of the efforts of all pupils who sat these assessments.

Performance Management
Since the last report Mrs. J.Anthony has joined the Performance Management team and
all teachers have had lessons observed, been given written feedback on their performance
and have agreed new targets for this academic year.
An external adviser ( Mr. McCarthy Head teacher of a Primary school in Neath/Port
Talbot) visited the school as part of the Headteacher Performance Management process.
After discussion with members of the Performance Management sub-committee and the
Mr. Morris, and having examined the school’s documentation, Head teacher targets for
last year were agreed to have been successfully met and new targets were agreed for the
forth coming academic year.
A Performance Management system has also been set up for non-teaching staff based on
the same principles of that for teachers.

Basic Skills Quality Mark

During the Summer Term the school was successfully reassessed (3rd time), for the Basic
Skills Quality Mark. Assessors (Mr. R. Pearce and Mrs. C. Ashcroft), conducted
interviews with Mr. Morris (Head teacher), Mr. P Jones ( Inset and Numeracy Co-
ordinator ) and Mrs. J. Spencer (Literacy Co-ordinator). Documentation, including a
detailed self-evaluation questionnaire, the School’s Basic Skills Policy and the School
Development Plan, were examined and Numeracy and Literacy lessons observed.
Standards at both Key Stages were scrutinised i.e. Teacher Assessments and Standardised
test scores.

In the end assessors were very pleased with what they saw and complimented the
staff and pupils on the excellent standards of achievement attained over the last
three years.

Attendance for 2006/7

Present                        94.52%
Authorised Absences             5.23%
Unauthorised Absences           0.25 %

There has been 1 temporary exclusion and 0 fixed period exclusions.
As you can see from these figures attendance continues to be good despite the trend for
an increasing number of parents to take pupils on holidays during term time.

Building Matters

This has been a very busy year for building developments at the school.
 Work on Phase1 of the new build, i.e. the three new classrooms, resource room and
   new entrance and dropping off area, is now well on the way and will hopefully be
   completed by the end of the Autumn term 2007.
 The plans for phase 2 have now also been agreed and consequently this work will
   start immediately after Phase 1 has been completed. This will provide the school with
   a new entrance to the school, disabled toilets, SEN meeting and therapy rooms, staff
   room administration and head teacher offices.

   The Early Years all weather play surface and covered play area have now been
    installed and both have been successful ventures in that the children in Mrs. Oakley’s
    and Miss Williams’ classes can now play safely outside even when the weather is
   New lighting has been installed near the new path leading into the school, thus
    making it safer for children and visitors to walk along.
   A new platform, fire escapes and ramps have been erected outside Mr. Lane and Mrs.
    Anthony’s classes and these now fully comply with Health and Safety standards.
   Two multi-ball play areas were also installed onto the Junior yard during the Autumn
    term 2006.
   New fascia boards, guttering and down pipes throughout the school have also
    improved the school’s appearance.
   A new Fire Alarm system linking all areas of the school has also been installed.

Fire Drills

There have been several fire drills this year and the fastest time to evacuate the building
took under two minutes.

Disabled Access Group Survey

Following a meeting at the Disabled Access group headquarters, it was agreed that
members of the group should go out to schools and report back on ways in which the
access to schools could be improved. Two members of the group Mike Thomas and
Frank Allen, carried out the survey and a report will be sent to the school early in the new
academic year.

Christmas Concert

This year’s Christmas Concert saw the children from the Infant Department perform a
modern nativity “Completing the Crib”. Due to the demand for tickets there had to be
three performances all of which were of a very high standard. Thanks must go to all the
children for performing so well and also to all their teachers who worked collectively in
preparing them so expertly and by ensuring that every child enjoyed the experience of
performing in front of an audience although they were only aged 3 to 7 years old.
 A special mention must go to Miss H. Williams on her debut, for co-ordinating the music
and also to Mrs. E. Thomas for co-ordinating the beautiful costumes.

Welsh Ethos

Dydd Gwyl Dewi

The school celebrated St. David’s Day by holding two concerts, one for the Infants in the
morning and another for the Juniors in the afternoon. Each class performed at least one
item, whether it be singing, dancing, reciting or performing a play. The standard of these
items was very high with the Welsh pronunciation being of the highest standard. Prizes
were also given to the winners and runners up of the following competitions: - “Best
Handwriting,” “Best Colouring (Infants),” “Best Recipe (Juniors),” “Best Post Card

Design (Juniors)” and “Best Dressed Leek.” The children clearly enjoyed taking part in
these concerts and competitions and the judging was particularly difficult because of the
quality of the entries.

49 pupils from Years 5 and 6 spent a week at the Urdd Residential Camp at Llangrannog
(2nd -6th July). Mr. N. Lane, Mrs. S. Williams, Mr. A. Christopher and Miss S. Burley
accompanied the children. During the week pupils had the opportunity to ride horses, ride
quad bikes, ski, swim, roller blade and toboggan.
Several pupils entered competitions as part of this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod. Zoe Bonnell
(Year 4) won the Llanelli Stage of the Learner’s recitation competition and then came 2nd
in the County Stage whilst Epsie Thompson (Year 6) won both the Llanelli and
Carmarthenshire Stages before narrowly missing out in the National flute/clarinet
competition. Several pupils also entered the Art and craft competitions but unfortunately
none won through to the County Stages. Thanks to Mrs. S. Williams and Miss L. Morgan
for their support and guidance in these competitions this year.
 Pupils in Year 6 were assessed in Welsh by Peripatetic teacher Mrs. N. Griffiths. Results
were of a high standard.

Residential Outdoor Pursuits Visit to Long Barn

During the week before the Autumn half-term holiday, Mr. N. Lane accompanied 28
Year 5 and 6 pupils on a three day residential visit to Long Barn near Llandysul.
Qualified instructors from the CCTA – Graig Campus were also in attendance and pupils
had the opportunity to experience archery, team building activities, rock climbing,
abseiling and canoeing.

Roots and Wings – global citizenship

During the Autumn term Swiss Valley co-hosted, (with Ysgol Dewi Sant), our friends
from Europe with 13 representatives from Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Denmark
spending 5 days in our company.
During this time the children in both our Infant and Junior Departments put on special
assemblies celebrating the importance of being Welsh through dance, drama, poetry,
recitals and song. The delegates also visited classes and spoke to the children about what
it is like to live in their countries.
During the course of their stay our visitors also spent time in Ysgol Dewi Sant,
Bryngwyn and Ysgol Y Strade and were entertained in the Mayor’s Parlour.They were
taken to St. David’s, St. Fagan’s and Cardiff Bay as well as watching a match at Stradey
Park. All in all they really enjoyed their Welsh experience and all expressed a desire to
return to Wales with their families.
During the Spring term, Mr. A. Christopher, Miss H. Williams, Miss L. Morgan and Mr.
Morris visited Dublin in the Republic of Ireland as part of the “Roots and Wings” project.
During the visit staff were given the opportunity to observe the Irish Educational system
at first hand and were able to further develop relationships with our partners from
Norway, Portugal, Denmark and Ysgol Dewi Sant.
During the year pupils have worked together to produce a joint calendar for 2007 and an
European Tourist Guide.
It is hoped that the school will attain International School status during the next academic

Llanelli/ Mynydd Mawr Railway Project

Swiss Valley School has been asked to work alongside Felinfoel and Five Roads Primary
Schools in carrying out research into the above named railway. This is the oldest public
railway in Europe and it is hoped that with our support Lottery funding will enable a
stretch of the railway to be reopened to the public. It is also hoped that an Industrial
museum be opened to remember our areas Industrial Heritage. The school’s involvement
will see pupils designing information boards and activity packs for visitors to the area.

Healthy Schools Project

Work has continued in trying to develop health conscious children throughout the school.
Indeed, this work was recognized by inspectors who have awarded the school with Stage
2 and 3 of the Healthy School’s Award. Well done to everyone who has been involved
and a very special thank-you to Miss Morgan for co-ordinating the project.

Eco-Schools Project

Having already achieved Bronze and Silver Eco-Schools status we will now bid for
Green Flag status in the Autumn term 2007. The school’s Eco-Council have already been
instrumental in sponsoring a child in Africa and have also raised money to improve the
school grounds. It is now hoped that they will work closely with the School Council in
order to make the school more environmentally friendly. E.g. by keeping a compost bin,
by developing an environmental garden and by exploring alternative ways of producing
heating and light.
Next year pupils will also be communicating and sharing environmental ideas with our
European partner schools.

Welsh Heritage Award

During the Summer term the School’s Historical Society was presented with a Welsh
Heritage Prize in recognition of the excellent work it carried out to find out about what
life was like during the 2nd World War. Interviews with relatives who had experienced
the war first hand were professionally recorded onto a DVD and pupils also carried out a
great deal of research into the period.
As a reward for all their hard work, Mrs. Gravelle and Mrs. Anthony accompanied two
members of the Society, Lucy Havard and James Jones, to the award ceremony held at
the National Museum of Wales where they were presented with the Techniquest
sponsored prize for £200.

“Snap Happy” – Exhibition

Pupils from Year 6 have worked very hard to produce work for a photographic
exhibition. Photographs taken by the children were exhibited at a presentation made to
both parents and staff at Bryngwyn Comprehensive. The children produced this work as
part of a “Snap Happy” course during which the children were taught how best to take
photographs and how they could add music to them. The photographs were later put onto
DVD and the pupils chose suitable music to express their own photographs. Thanks to

Mrs. D. Evans and Mr.A. Harries for all their hard work in preparing the exhibition and
teaching the children.

Welsh Books Council Competition

Pupils from Year 5 won the County stage of this prestigious Literary competition before
performing admirably at the National competition held at the National Library for Wales
in Aberystwyth. Unfortunately, they did not win the competition but they gained valuable
experience and all will be eligible to compete in next years’ competition. Thanks to Mrs.
Spencer for preparing the children so well.

Bobby Busters

The Bobby Busters team comprising of Oliver Jacob (Capt), Hannah Davies, Ailia
Haider, Daniel Cudd and Shaun Evans (Reserve) defeated Dewi Sant, Penygaer,
Felinfoel, St. Mary’s, Bigyn, Halfway and Dafen Schools on the way to this years’ final.
In the final they then went on to emulate last year’s success by defeating Llangennech,
Gwenllian and Lakefield Schools. Well done to the team!

Sporting Achievements

Pupils have again been given a range of different Physical Education opportunities this
year. After school clubs have included netball, girl’s football, boy’s football, rugby, yoga,
hockey, fishing and chess. Meanwhile external providers have given support in the
teaching of orienteering, gymnastics, dance, football, hockey, rugby and girl’s football.
This year has also seen the start of a “Top Start” Physical Education After School Club
for Years 1 & 2.This has been very well attended and aims to develop healthy attitudes
towards physical exercise from a very early age.
The Fly Fishing Club has proven itself to be very successful with three of the boys Lewis
Rumble, Wyn Jones and James Jones being selected to attend Welsh trials.
Well done to the girl’s football team who were semi-finalists at both the Urdd and
Llanelli school’s competitions. Well done also to the cricket team who were semi-
finalists at the Llanelli School’s Kwik cricket Tournament.
The Year 3 and 4 tag rugby team developed well during the season and won all their
games at the festivals in which they participated. Mean while the Year 5 and 6 team also
performed well in the games in which they played but were greatly hampered by the
atrocious weather this year.
Pride of place must go to the Boys’ football team who won both the Llanelli and
Carmarthenshire stages of the Urdd 7-a-side competitions before losing narrowly at the
National competition in Aberystwyth. Thanks to Mr. Lane and Mr. Christopher for all
their hard work in preparing the team.
On an individual note, congratulations to both Jack Walters and Shaun Evans who have
this season, continued to play for Swansea City School of Excellence. Congratulations
also to Liam Davey who played for the Llanelli Under 11 rugby team.
A big thank-you to all teachers and external coaches who have given up their time to
voluntarily run all the school’s after school clubs.

Leaver’s Assembly

This years’ Leaver’s Assembly was again well attended by parents and relatives. All
pupils were praised for their exceptional Teacher Assessment results and contributions
towards the life of Swiss Valley School. This year all pupils were presented with special
commemorative mugs and this years’ awards were presented by Mr. Jeff Derrick as
Chairman of Governors.

This year’s prize winners as follows:-
Sporting Award Boys – Jack Walters
Sporting Award Girls – Leah Wilson- Randall
Effort and Endeavour – Epsie Thompson and Alex Cruickshank
Head teacher’s Award For Academic Achievement – Ailia Haider and Hannah Davies

Fund Raising: P.T.A.

At this year’s Annual General Meeting a completely new committee was appointed.
Many thanks to the out going committee for their hard work! i.e.:- Mr. S. Fry (Chairman),
Ms. S. Goss (Vice Chair), Mrs. M. Tsang (Secretary) and Mrs. A. Phillips (Treasurer).
The new committee is: - Mrs. J. Peters (Chairperson), Mrs. S. Elvy (Treasurer), and Miss
S. Lewis (Secretary).
Hopefully this new committee will have the support of the rest of the school community
so that they can raise essential funding for important school projects. The focus of next
year’s fund raising will be the creation of a new purpose built library in one of the old
demountable classrooms. The cost of which (including new books, shelving, storage etc.)
could cost as much as £7,000.

If anyone is able to help fund this project, or any other for that matter, via
sponsorship please contact the Head teacher or any of the School Governors.

Charity Work

Several charity fund raising events have been organised during the year.
 Over £400 was collected during the Readathon (Sponsored Read) in aid of Cancer
   Research and the Roald Dahl Appeal
 Over 100 boxes of toys were collected for Operation Christmas Child’s shoe box
 Over £120 was raised for the Poppy appeal on Remembrance Sunday
 £241 was raised for Children in Need
 £157 was collected – Go Red For Wales
 £220 was raised for the Blue Peter Appeal
 £150 was raised for the NF Foundation Appeal
 Over £300 was raised for school equipment via a sponsored walk.

Thanks to everyone who supported these worth while causes.

      Teaching Staff 2006/7

Headteacher: Mr J C Morris B.A.(Hons)P.G.C.E.
Deputy Head: Mr P Jones B.Ed (Hons) DipEd. Y6

Mrs P Powell           Y5/6
Mrs J Spencer          Y5
Mr N Lane              Y4
Mrs S Williams         Y3/4
Mrs S. Gravelle        Y3
Mrs J Anthony          Y2
Miss L Morgan          Y1/2
Miss H Williams        Reception 2
Mrs A Oakley           Reception 1
Mrs E Thomas           Special Needs
Mr A Christopher       Teacher P.P.A. Time

Mrs S Beynon           Senior Admin Officer
Mrs P Rees             Admin Officer

Miss H Jones           Learning   Support   Assistant
Miss S Cruickshank     Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs P Rees             Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs J Smith            Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs S Strasdin         Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs A Majer            Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs J Greening         Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs S Owen             Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs N Parker           Learning   Support   Assistant
Mrs A. Davies          Learning   Support   Assistant

Mr S Howells           Caretaker/Cleaner
Mrs J Vale             Cleaner
Mrs A Thomas           Crossing Patrol/Dinner Money Admin

Mrs A Thomas           Lunchtime   Supervisor
Mrs S Jones            Lunchtime   Supervisor
Ms L Morgan            Lunchtime   Supervisor
Mrs H Hayes            Lunchtime   Supervisor
Mrs H Davies           Lunchtime   Supervisor
Mrs H E Davies         Lunchtime   Supervisor

Mrs   F   Polson       Cook
Mrs   D   Harries      Assistant Cook
Mrs   J   Edmundson    Catering Assistant
Mrs   A   Thomas       Catering Assistant
Mrs   K   Walters      Catering Assistant

                              GOVERNING BODY No.105

                                School: Swiss Valley C.P.

L.E.A. Representatives (3)
1. Cllr G Morgan, 61 Oaklands Swiss Valley
2. Vacancy
3. Mr J Derrick 49 Heol Nant, Swiss Valley

Minor Authority Representative (1)
   1. Cllr A Peters 54 Pennant Road Swiss Valley

Headteacher Governor
Mr J C Morris Llys Awel, Bryndu Llannon

Teacher Representative (1)
Mrs E. Thomas, 33 Heol Nant, Swiss Valley
Parental Representative (4)
    1. Mr I Davies 62 Pennant Road Swiss Valley 753938
    2. Mr S Fry 10 Heaseland Place Killay Swansea 01792 552784
    3. Mr A Newcombe 39 Llethri Road Swiss Valley 780022
    4. Mrs A. Bird, 6 Clos Cribyn, Swiss Valley       785151
Community Governors (3)
1. Mr M Walters 57 Hilltop Swiss Valley     (Vice Chairman)
2. Mr P Harries 35 Hilltop Swiss Valley
3. Mr. D. Kirk, 13 Heol Nant, Swiss Valley

Staff Representative (1)
   1. Mrs S Strasdin 27 Heol Beili Glas, Swiss Valley

Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs S Beynon 171 Pentre Nicklaus Village Machynys Llanelli

               Swiss Valley Community School
Comparative Information About National Curriculum Assessment 2007
Summary of the National Curriculum Assessment of pupils in the school (2007) and
nationally (2006) at the end of Key stage 1 as a percentage of those eligible for

 English                           N      D     W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
                                                        1       2       3      4+
 Teacher Assessment: School        0      0     0      3       56      41      0      100
 Teacher Assessment: National     0.1    0.4    3.4   13.1    62.7    20.4     0      100
                                   N      D     W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
 Mathematics                                            1       2       3      4+

 Teacher Assessment: School        0      0     0      0       63      37      0      100
                                  0.1    0.3    2     10.4    63.9    23.2     0      100
 Teacher Assessment:
                                   N      D     W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
 Science                                                1       2       3      4+

 Teacher Assessment: School        0      0     0      3       56      41      0      100
                                  0.1    0.3    1.6   8.6     65.5    23.9     0      100
 Teacher Assessment:

D   pupils who have been disapplied under Sections 365 - 367 of the 1996 Education

W    pupils who are working towards level 1

N    pupils who have not been awarded a level for reasons other than

                     Swiss Valley Community School
 Comparative Information About National Curriculum Assessment 2007
 Summary of the National Curriculum Assessment of pupils in the school (2007) and
 nationally (2006) at the end of Key stage 2 as a percentage of those eligible for

English                                  N      D         A    W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
                                                                       1       2       3       4       5       6
Teacher Assessment: School               0      0         0    0       0      0       0      52.8    47.2     0       100
Oracy                                    0      0         0    0       0      0       0      63.9    36.1     0       100
Reading                                  0      0         0    0       0      0       0      52.8    47.2     0       100

Writing                                  0      0         0    0       0      0       0      58.3    41.7     0       100
Teacher Assessment: National            0.1    0.3        0   0.5     0.6    3.9     15.9    48.2    30.4     0       100
Mathematics                              N      D         A    W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
                                                                       1       2       3       4       5       6
Teacher Assessment: School               0      0         0    0       0      0       0      69.4    30.6     0       100
Using and Applying Mathematics           0      0         0    0       0      0       0      88.9    11.1     0       100
Number and Algebra                       0      0         0    0       0      0       0      69.4    30.6     0       100
Shape, Space and Measures                0      0         0    0       0      0       0      69.4    30.6     0       100
Handling Data                            0      0         0    0       0      0       0      61.1    38.9     0       100
Teacher Assessment: National            0.1    0.3        0   0.5     0.5    3.2     14.4    47.5    33.4     0       100
Science                                  N      D         A    W     Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Level   Total
                                                                       1       2       3       4       5       6
Teacher Assessment: School               0      0         0    0       0      0      2.8     52.8    44.4     0       100
                                         0      0         0    0       0      0       0      88.9    11.1     0       100
Scientific Enquiry
                                         0      0         0    0       0      0      2.8     52.8    44.4     0       100
Life Processes and Living Things
                                         0      0         0    0       0      0      2.8     52.8    44.4     0       100
Materials and Their
                                         0      0         0    0       0      0      2.8     52.8    44.4     0       100
Physical Processes
                                        0.1    0.3        0   0.5     0.3    1.8     11.5    51.8    33.8     0       100
Teacher Assessment:

 D      pupils who have been disapplied under Sections 364/365 of the 1996 Education Act
 A      pupils not attaining a level due to absence
 W      pupils who are working towards level 1
 N      pupils who have not been awarded a level for reasons other than disapplication.

                       CYNGOR SIR CAERFYRDDIN


                                            Gwyliau Hanner Tymor
    Tymor        Dechrau’r Tymor          Dechrau           Diwedd        Diwedd Tymor      Dyddiau

Hydref          Dydd Mawrth            Dydd Llun        Dydd Gwener      Dydd Gwener          74
2007            4ydd Medi              29ain Hydref     2ail Tachwedd    21ain Rhagfyr

Gwanwyn         Dydd Mawrth            Dydd Llun        Dydd Gwener      Dydd Iau             48
2008            8fed Ionawr            11fed Chwefror   15fed Chwefror   20fed Mawrth

Haf             Dydd Llun              Dydd Llun        Dydd Gwener      Dydd Mawrth          71
2008            7fed Ebrill            26ain Mai        30ain Mai        22ain Gorffennaf

Dyddiau HMS Penodol - Dydd Llun, 3ydd Medi 2007                                                2
                    - Dydd Llun, 7fed Ionawr 2008

Cyfanswm                                                                                      195

O.N.      Gwener y Groglith        -       21ain Mawrth 2008
          Gwyl Fai                 -       5ed Mai, 2008

                                              Half Term Holiday
       Term        Term Begins             Begins            Ends           Term Ends        Days

Autumn          Tuesday                Monday           Friday           Friday               74
2007            4th September          29th October     2nd November     21st December

Spring          Tuesday                Monday           Friday           Thursday             48
2008            8th January            11th February    15th February    20th March

Summer          Monday                 Monday           Friday           Tuesday              71
2008            7th April              26th May         30th May         22nd July

Designated INSET Days - Monday, 3rd September 2007                                             2
                     - Monday, 7th January 2008

Total                                                                                         195

N.B.      Good Friday              -       21st March 2008
          May Day                  -       5th May, 2008

                              CYNGOR SIR CAERFYRDDIN
                                  CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY


                                            Gwyliau Hanner Tymor
    Tymor        Dechrau’r Tymor          Dechrau            Diwedd      Diwedd Tymor      Dyddiau

Hydref          Dydd Mercher           Dydd Llun       Dydd Gwener      Dydd Gwener          73
2008            3ydd Medi              27ain Hydref    31ain Hydref     19eg Rhagfyr

Gwanwyn         Dydd Mawrth            Dydd Llun       Dydd Gwener      Dydd Gwener          59
2009            6ed Ionawr             16eg Chwefror   20fed Chwefror   3ydd Ebrill

Haf             Dydd Llun              Dydd Llun       Dydd Gwener      Dydd Mawrth          61
2009            20fed Ebrill           25ain Mai       29ain Mai        21ain Gorffennaf

Dyddiau HMS Penodol - Dydd Mawrth, 2ail Medi 2008                                             2
                   - Dydd Llun, 5ed Ionawr 2009

Cyfanswm                                                                                     195

O.N.      Gwener y Groglith        -       10fed Ebrill 2009
          Gwyl Fai                 -       4ydd Mai 2009

                                              Half Term Holiday
       Term        Term Begins             Begins             Ends         Term Ends        Days

Autumn          Wednesday              Monday          Friday           Friday               73
2008            3rd September          27th October    31st October     19th December

Spring          Tuesday                Monday          Friday           Friday               59
2009            6th January            16th February   20th February    3rd April

Summer          Monday                 Monday          Friday           Tuesday              61
2009            20th April             25th May        29th May         21st July

Designated INSET Days - Tuesday, 2nd September 2008                                           2
                     - Monday, 5th January 2009

Total                                                                                        195

N.B.      Good Friday              -       10th April 2009
          May Day                  -       4th May, 2009


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