Producing Discipline Letters with StudentPLUS by lauraarden


									                  Producing Discipline Letters with StudentPLUS

Important: To achieve the best possible results, all discipline incidents should be put into the system the
day the referral is made and the student discipline letters should be run, and printed every day. Only one
person in each building should process the letters. (Meaning whoever starts the process should finish the
process, do not have one person calculate letters and another person print the hard copies).

    1.   From the menu select Applications, Discipline, Letters

    2.   The Discipline Letters window will open, click on Calculate


3.   If you have all of the discipline incidents in the system and you are calculating every day the
     default dates will be correct. If you have entered incidents from prior days, or you are unable to
     calculate one day, you will need to change the prompts:

             Reset Period Start Date should always be the start of school
             Calculate From is the first date that the program will search for discipline incidents. This
              prompt will look at the incident date, not the day you entered the incident.
             Calculate To should be today’s date.

4.   Click OK.

5.   A processing window will open, when the process is completed, a message box will appear. Click

6.   If you want to view the students who were processed, click on List. Note: This step is purely
     optional and is not required to complete the letter process. You can elect to skip to step 11

7.   When the Generated Letters listing window opens, click OK.

8.   The print dialogue window will open. Select Screen for the destination and then click OK.

9.   You will receive a message indicating the process is completed. Click Continue.

10. When you have finished reviewing the list, click Back.

11. Click on the Print button.

12. Change the Word Processor to MS-Word, then click OK.

13. The print dialogue box will open, change the destination to File then click OK.

14. A window should appear indicating the process is complete. Click on Continue.

15. You now have a file called “discletprt.rpt” in your directory that you can transfer, and merge with
    Microsoft Word to create your letters. Open the Sungard Letters folder on your desktop.

16. There should be an icon for the UNIX FTP that looks like the one shown here:

17. Double-click on the FTP icon to open the file transfer. You should see a window similar to the one
    shown below.

18. Enter your standard username and password. Then click Open.

19. Double-click on the rpt folder

20. Scroll down in the top right-hand window until you see discletprt.rpt. Click on that file, and hold
    down the mouse button. Drag the file to the top left-hand window and then let go of the button.

21. The file should copy to the Sungard Letters folder and you should see it on the screen.

22. Close the FTP client. In the Sungard Letters folder, double click the Suspensions Letter.

23. You should receive a prompt regarding the import of information for the mail-merge. Click Yes.

24. Once the document is opened in MS-Word, select Tool -> Letters and Mailings -> Mail Merge
    from the menu.

25. The mail merge wizard should now be open on the right side of your screen. Click Next until you
    reach step 6 (the last step in the wizard)

26. Click Print to send your letter to the printer.

27. When prompted to merge records, click OK

28. Change the printer if necessary, then click OK to print the letters.

29. When you close the original letter, you will be prompted to save the changes. DO NOT save
    changes to the letter.


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