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					                         Santa Letters
                       Cover Page - 2008
Instruction: Please complete the following information and securely place
this cover page on top of each bundle of letters or art work sent to Santa.
Complete a cover page for each session. Send letters attention to Tommy
Bearden on the van, hand delivered to Region 14, through the mail, or fax
(325) 675-8659. Our mailing address is:
       Region 14 ESC
       Attn: Tommy Bearden
       1850 Hwy 351
       Abilene, Texas 79601

The van is the most economical way to send the letters to Region 14. Please
be sure to check the van delivery schedule to make sure your letters arrive at
Region 14 at least one day prior to your scheduled session.

If letters are sent, Santa will read selected letters and show some of the art
work but will let the students know all their letters were received. Note:
Santa will not be able to return the letters or art work to the schools.

cover page to each bundle of letters or art work.

Campus Name:

Teacher Name(s)

Date of Session:

Session Number:


Number of Students:

Please attach a list of student names and their respective teacher.