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September 2009 - Welcome to The Diocese of Southwark


									THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHWARK - PRAYER CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2009                                                   1
The Deanery covers a large area of urban, suburban and both large and small villages. Development is
continuing to bring about much demographic change. The main centres of population - Reigate/Redhill
and Merstham/Horley.

1.        Pray for the Reigate Deanery: Garth Barber (A D); Libby Green (LC)
          The Rt Revd Robert Paterson Bishop of Sodor & Man (York, England)          Priests & people

2.        Betchworth & Buckland (United Benefice)
          Carol Coslett (R)
          St Michael, Betchworth
          Peter Slot (Reader) (PTO)
          St Mary the Virgin, Buckland:
          The Rt Revd Augustine Omole Bishop of Sokoto (Province of Kaduna,Nigeria)Priests & people

3         Pray for the Diocesan Board of Education, for Barbara Lane the Director & General
          Secretary to the Board and all the who work at the Union Street Office
          The Rt Revd Charles Bernard Obaikol-Ebitu Bishop of Soroti (Uganda)         Priests & people

4         Christ Church, Brockham Green:
          Jonathan Willans (PiC); Frank Lehaney (HonC); David Cowan (Reader); Jacqueline Dean
           (Reader); Christine Shearing (Reader); Robert Slater (Reader) (PTO);
          Catherine Woodcock (Reader); Joy Huxley (SPA)
          The Rt Rev Mark Lawrence Bishop of South Carolina (Province lV,USA) Priests & people

5.        St Nicholas, Charlwood:
          William Campen (R); Carol Watson (Reader)
          The Rt Revd Creighton L Robertson Bishop of South Dakota (Province Vl,USA) Priests & people

6.        13th Sunday after Trinity
          St Margaret of Antioch, Chipstead:
          Patrick Bateman (PiC), John Wates (HonC); Campbell Snow (PTO); Andrew Britton (Lay
          Canon) (Reader); Madeleine MacCallum (Reader); Sally Foxen (SPA)
          The Most Rev John Wilson Gladstone Moderator Church of South India and Bishop of South
          Kerala                                                      Bishops, Priests & people

7.        Horley Team Ministry:
          Steve Davie (TR); Simon Holloway (TV); Claire Parker (Youth Worker)
          St Bartholomew, Horley
          St Francis, Horley
          James Latter (Reader); Penny Lochead (Reader)
          St Wilfrid, Horley
          The Rt Revd Jackson Nzerebende Tembo Bishop of South Rwenzori (Uganda) Priests & people

8.        St Andrew, Kingswood & Wisdom of God, Lower Kingswood;
          Garth Barber (PiC) (AD); Arthur Bowyer (HonC) (PTO); Stella Huber (Reader) (PTO); Barbara
          Smith (Reader) (PTO); Roy Willcox (Reader) (PTO)
          Pray for the residential Bishop Staff Meeting at Wychcroft from now until 10th September
          The Vacant See Of South West Tanganyika (Tanzania)                         Priests & people

PRAY FOR our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe:Bishop Peter in Manicaland, Bishop Cleophas in Matabeleland,Bishop
Ishmael in Central Zimbabwe, their clergy and people.
THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHWARK - PRAYER CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2009                                                      2
9.         St Bartholomew, Leigh
           Jonathan Willans (PiC); Frank Lehaney (HonC)
           The Rt Revd Jubal Pereira Neves Bishop of South Western Brazil (Brazil) Priests & people

10.        Merstham & Gatton United Benefice:
           John Smith (PiC); Valerie Williams (HonC); Susan Weakley (HonC)
           St Katharine and the Epiphany, Merstham
           St Andrew, Gatton
           The Rt Revd Leopold Frade Bishop of Southeast Florida (Province lV,USA)
                                                                                 Priests & people

11.        Pray for retired clergy and give thanks for their years of faithful service and for the
           Diocesan clergy retirement officer Nicky Tredennick and the area retirement officers
           Pam Stevenson (Kingston) Peter Macan (Croydon) Ray Turpin (Woolwich)
           The Rt Revd Benito Juarez-Martinez Bishop of Southeastern Mexico (Mexico) Priests & people

12.        Holy Trinity, Redhill:
           Gary Jenkins (V); Caroline Glass (AsstC); Graham Hayles (PTO); David King (AssocM);
           Jane Cowan (HonC); Adrian Collier (Reader); Derek Culley (Reader PTO); Peter Dunt
           (Reader PTO); Christopher Love (Reader); Raymond Nash (Reader) (PTO); David Storer
           (Reader PTO); Trevor Watts (Reader)
           St Bede’s Secondary School (Joint CofE/RC) Chris Curtis (Head)
           The Rt Revd Orlando Santos de Oliveira Bishop of Southern Brazil (Brazil)
                                                                                    Priests & people

13.        14th Sunday after Trinity
           St John the Evangelist, Redhill:
           Nicholas Calver (V); Philip Bradshaw (HonC): David Williams (HonC); Christopher Webb
           The Rt Rev John Mewl Bishop of Southern Highlands (Tanzania)             Priests & people

14.        HOLY CROSS DAY
           Almighty God, who in the passion of your blessed Son made an instrument of painful death to
           be to us a means of life and peace: grant us so to glory in the cross of Christ that we may
           gladly suffer for his sake who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One
           God now and for ever. Amen (Common Worship)
           St Matthew, Redhill:
           Andrew Cunnington (V); Rosemary Webb (HonC), Martha Mutikani (SPA); Scilla Wallis (SPA);
           St Matthew’s CofE Junior Mixed Infant & Nursery School
           The Rt Revd James Tengatenga Bishop of Southern Malawi (Central Africa)        Priests & people

15.        St Luke Reigate with Doversgreen, St Peter,
           Vacant (PiC)
           St Luke, Reigate:
           Angela Prentice (SPA)
           Doversgreen: St Peter - Conventional District
           Pray for the Archbishop Elect of Central Africa & Bishop- elect of Upper Shire
                                                                                Bishop, Priests & people

Prayer for the people of Zimbabwe: God bless Zimbabwe, protect her children, transform her leaders, heal her
communities, and grant her peace, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen
THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHWARK - PRAYER CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2009                                                   3
16.       St Mark, Reigate:
          Martin Wright (V); Susan Smith (HonC); Sarah Cousins (Reader); Ian Archer (Reader PTO);
          Sandra Preston (SPA)
          Reigate Parish CofE Infants’ School
          The Rt Revd James Ochiel Bishop of Southern Nyanza (Kenya)             Priests & people

17.       St Mary Magdalene, Reigate:
          Phil Andrew (V); Philip Jackson (AssocV); David Bull (AsstC); David Haggan (HonC) (PTO);
          Danielle Robinson (HonC);
          Heath Church, Reigate
          Mill Church, Reigate
          St Mary’s First School : Liz Wombwell (Head)
          The Rt Revd Thomas E Breidenthal Bishop and The Rt Revd Kenneth Lester Price
          Suffragan Bishop of Southern Virginia (Province lll, USA)                Priests & people

18.       St Philip, Reigate:
          John Scott (PiC); Eileen Stanghan (HonC); Keith Bryant (Reader);
          The Rt Revd Danilo Bustamante Bishop of Southern Philippines (Philippines) Priests & people

19.       Christ the King, Salfords:
          Paul Keown (V); Frances Plummer (HonC) (PTO); Christine Elsey (Reader);
          Susan Munnery (SPA)
          The Rt Revd Herman Hollerith Bishop of South Virginia (Province Vlll,UDSA)    Priests & people

20.       15th Sunday after Trinity
          Emmanuel, Sidlow Bridge:
          William Campen (R); Mary Gooding (Reader)
          The Rt Revd Thomas Butler, Bishop of Southwark, The Rt Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop
          of Croydon, The Rt Revd Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston and The Rt Revd
          Christopher Chessun, Bishop of Woolwich (Southwark Canterbury England)
                                                                              Priests & people

21.       Matthew Apostle and Evangelist:
          All Saints, South Merstham:
          James Ashton (TV); Tim Whittle (Reader); Susan Clarke (SPA)
          The Rt Revd George Henry Cassidy Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham and The Rt Revd
          Anthony Porter Bishop of Sherwood (Southwell, York England)        Priests & people

22.       The Good Shepherd, Tadworth:
          Mick Elfred (PiC); Sharon Blain (HonC); John Allinson (Reader); Peter Joyce (Reader); Michael
          Shaw (Reader) (PTO); Jennie Shaw (SPA);
          The Children’s Trust, Tadworth
          The Rt Revd Dabney T Smith Bishop of Southwest Florida (Province lV, USA) Priests & people

23.       St Peter, Woodmansterne:
          Mick Hough (PiC); Art Barron (HonC)
          The Rt Revd Frank Neff Powell Bishop of Southwestern Virginia (Province lll,USA)
                                                                                 Priests & people

PRAY FOR our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe:Bishop Peter in Manicaland, Bishop Cleophas in Matabeleland,Bishop
Ishmael in Central Zimbabwe, their clergy and people.
THE DIOCESE OF SOUTHWARK - PRAYER CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 2009                                                       4
24.        Pray for Simon Parton (Lay Canon) the Diocesan Secretary and all who work for the
           Diocese at Trinity House
           The Rt Revd James Edward Waggoner Bishop of Spokane (Province Vlll, USA)
                                                                              Priests & people

25.        Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust (East Surrey Hospital, Dorking and Caterham Dene):
           Chaplaincy team including John Glasspool (CofE); Danielle Robinson; Terry Martin, Tony
           Collins (RC); John Joseph (Free Church); Frank Lehaney (Asst Chaplain); 10 lay chaplains
           The Rt Rev Peter Hess Beckwith Bishop of Springfield (Province V, USA)
                                                                                   Priests & people

26.        Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Trust (Dept. of Pastoral and Spiritual Care)
           Nigel Copsey (Team Leader);
           The Rt Revd Christopher Herbert Bishop of St Albans, The Rt Revd Richard Inward
           Bishop of Bedford and The Rt Revd Christopher Foster Bishop of Hertford (St Albans,
           Canterbury England)                                                      Priests & people

27.        16th Sunday after Trinity
           Pray for all today who are to be Ordained Priests and Deacons and for the parishes in
           which they will serve
           The Rt Revd David Robert Chillingworth Bishop of St Andrew's Dunkeld &
           Dunblaine (Scotland)                                                 Priests & people

28.        Pray for +Nick: The Ven Anthony Davies (AD Croydon) The Ven Daniel Kajumba (AD
           Reigate) The Croydon Area Mission Team and all who work at St Matthew's House
           The Rt Revd John Stewart Davies Bishop of St Asaph (Wales)         Priests & people

           Pray for those training for authorised ministries on Diocesan Courses - SPAs, Readers
           as the new year commences. Pray also for those responsible for their training :
           Nigel Godfrey, Chris Chapman, Anne Stevens, Judith Roberts and the many course
           tutors and facilitators
           The Rt Revd John Wyn Evans Bishop of St Davids (Wales)                      Priests & people

30.        Pray for the Diocesan Directors of Ordinands, Robert Titley and Geoff Mason, and the
           Area Assistant DDOs
           Pray for the work of the General Synod’s Advisory Board of Ministry and particularly for
           Selection Secretaries
           The Rt Revd Nigel Stock Bishop of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich and The Rt Revd Clive
           Young Bishop of Dunwich (St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Canterbury England)
                                                                                        Priests & people

Queries about distribution of the Prayer Calendar should be addressed to: Communications & Resources, Trinity
House, 4 Chapel Court, Borough High Street, London SE1 1HW (tel: 020 7939 9400 fax: 020 7939 9468).
General comments and enquiries about entries should be addressed to John Barrow, 93 Westway, Raynes Park,
London SW20 9LT.Tel: 020 8540 1733

Prayer for the people of Zimbabwe: God bless Zimbabwe, protect her children, transform her leaders, heal her
communities, and grant her peace, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen

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