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									How to select                                                           a New                                                             Kodaslide                                                Projector!
                 For        brilliant                performance
                               i I--.,                 roomor                            hail

                                                     se the Kodaslide
                                                                         Signet               500
                                                              Projector.                     500-
                                                                         watt           lamp,
                                                               superb              optical

                                                     Fm withf/3.5                                     or
                                                     L8 lens.    Smooth,

                                                     Fl slide-changing
                                                     1cc,  from     $72.50.                                                                                                                                             -‘.


                                                                With              automatic
                                                                slide             changer
                                                               Slides             are        fed            into                 the           projector
                                                               from   a 36-slide  mag.izmnc,
                                                              and   can be repe.stcd     or
                                                              skipped    at will. Price,                                                                             --

                                                               from          $82.50.

                                                              list.     tzcIiide         FeIral                7:                ,/,,,

                                    , ““,..         ,,,,,J     are      suhjtt          to ch.inge                  u   it//it                 nti      ,.

                                              _T:                top           qualit.                                                                                               ---

                                                         wer               price                  .

                                                                         Choose  thc
                                                                          Ko aslm:
                                                                          Signet                  3(
                                                     I                Projector.
                                                       O-watt                lamp                 an
                                                         IC optics                 make
                                                         al for            use          nn        tFi:

                                                             en ciassroom                              (fc


                                                                              -           -.---

                                                                         With             automatic                                        slide               ci
                                                                         Same            slide-feeding                                         mecL
                                                                         movement                            of changer    har
                                                                         advances                          magazine     to nex
                                                         )r      further                information                                       see your
                                                         aphic             dealer                 or         write                       for         literam

                                                                          AAN                 KODAK                                 CO?..
                                                    Medical                        Division,                                     RochestE

Serving   medicaiprogress             through                 Photography                          and              Radiography

              I n aniswe’rirsg          to Ivert       isemsiensts,                 l)le’Ls(’                misenstion                        ‘JI)(      .Journal        of Io1,(         (IF1(1 .Jo, at SeI1(/e11/.
                              The Elgin      Exercise          Appliance           Co. has specifically                  designed           and
                              developed,         in a scientific         manner,          a complete              line of progressive
                              resistance       exercise          equipment           to meet              the     many        and     varied
                              problems         of remedial             exercise       therapy.             This equipment                 gives
                              the   doctor      and      technician          the     proper            clinical      tools     with       which
                              to administer           a great          variety       of        remedial           exercises         for    both
                              the   surgical       and     non-surgical             patient.           It also      provides          a wide
                              exercise       range,       from         simple       functional            exercises           to the       most
                              highly     definitive       focal        exercises.

                     :        WRITE        TODAY         for     available          information             that      will    give        you     a
                              better     introduction           to this equipment                and      what      it can do for you.

                 ,                             EXERCISE                             APPLIANCE                                         CO.
                         p.    0.      BOX       132,          DEPT.         A        #{149}      ELGIN,             ILLINOIS
                                                                                    IParrot. I

                                                                              Guide      Pife
                                                                                BH#{216}EB              F             BOV                     JD               QIIL

.,,vIsion of lotornalional      Shoe Company,    St. Louis    3. Mo. Makers of PoliParrot        and Scamperoo      Shoes     for children;         Rand and Randcraf) Shoes for men
and boys; trim      Tred     and Helter  Skelter    Shoes    for women,    Star Brand   and       Hy-Test Work     Shoes;     and Official          Boy Scout  and Girl Scout   Shoes.


                   Irs :tnsssering        advert    isensse’rsts,   pleas(’   msse’nt ions i’he       .Jol,rn(1I     of     !I’Ofl(’   (1,1(1      Joint   “iir,ei’.
                                                        Mr. Louis C. Wild.  Pp.11-
                                                        d.nt  of G. W.      0,..-
                                                        brough Co.. showing     Rh.
                                                        “SW          Cosyfoot               .tirgkal
                                                        sho.          wIth     a               D.nls
                                                        Brown.         splint.

                                                                                                                                              for                    rigid
                                                                                                                                          dorsolum                                       bar
“It’s      usually    a problem                         and      a hardship                    for
parents       to meet   the expense                          of corrective               shoes.
     “This      was brought     home                          to me very                clearly                                                    In later          stages         of treatment
when          one of my daughter’s                            children            needed                 a                                         or in mild cases.                Camp        Dorso-
surgical     shoe.     I was                amazed             at     the       high            price                                              lumbar         Supports           are     used       in
she had       to pay     . .            .   and decided                     to do some-                                                            place      of heavy           casts     or ortho-
thing    about     it.                                                                                                                             pedic      braces.         Light      in weight
   “We          put     all      57     years           of     our          shoe-making                                                            and      more       comfortable             for the
experience            into designing                 a brand-new                       surgical                                                    patient.        these        supports          have
shoe       without            sacrificing          quality.             Your            patient                                                    strong.       pliable         steel      stays       in
can afford to buy it and                          it is available                      to       them                                               sturdy        fabric         to immobilize.
at a low price. We can                                  offer        parents                 a real                                                brace         and        rest       the       entire
help-and              make        those       parents               your        friends                for                                         back.        You        assure         your        pa
years         to come.                                                                                                                             tient     immediate               professional
       “Let     me      tell      you       about             the     new         Cosy            foot                                             fitting.     economy             and       comfort
surgical.   It’s designed   for use with or without                                                                                                by sending            him or her to any
Denis     Browne      or night splints.  It’s a pre-                                                                                               Authorized            Camp         Dealer.
walker  on a straight                        last. The open toe allows
for normal  growth.                         You can see toes are con-
rectly aligned. You can make sure the heel is
set full$’ down in the shoe.
    “Notice    the toe area is as wide as the ball
measurement.       This allows    the foot to grow
straight,   without pressure   from inner or outer
edge. This shoe is made   to hold its shape.
   Write for a desk sample of these moderately
priced         surgicals.      Examine them                          at our expense.
Send us your                name and address                         and I will send
you a sample                   by return           mail.”
  MAIL          COUPON                now       for free              desk         sample


                 In    anssi’erinsg          :s(lv(rt         is(nsiensts,         l)l(’;Ls(             nienitions   7’!ue .Jotii’,uil    !)rfe    (1,1(1 .Joiytl     Slir(,erij.
          OFFICE...                                                                         OR...i

                                             for minor               wounds,            burns                                V                  -     .                                      &-

                                                                                                           Note   easy and painless     removal      OfTELFA      dress-
                                         “4,”                          ““t’t              hurt             ing on 6th day after       excision      of neck     tumor.
                                                                                                           The healing   tissue   and stitches     are undisturbed,
                                                                        t   any    wound,                  no sign of irritation.    Wound      is dry and healing
                                                                                                           is well      advanced.

            WHATEVER                                                                       THE    WOUND,
                   DRESS                                                                    IT WITH      TELFA
                       Wounds                heal faster with a TELFA dressing. Doesn’t stick                                                                                   ...

                                                and doesn’t  hurt when you take it off
Now          you can    dresa      any     wound     with      TELFA-wounds
that        youhave      heretofore         dressed    with     gauze,    or with
sponges     and pads.
    TELFA     is now        available        in two     forms:      TELFA    Non-
Adherent        Strips,    for simple,         minor   wounds       and the new
cal wounds
          Non-Adherent              Sponge-Pads
                    and even for drainage
                                                       for all routine
     This          means          that    you           can       now          employ             the        advanced
save   up to 41 % on dressings
to the wound,
to the

              of its perforated




                                                       is simple,
                                                  or stitches.


                                                                                                      goes next
                                                                                                  and does       not

                                                                                                                                         TELFA            N ON -AD H ERE NT
disturb            healing         tissue                                                                                                           STRIPS       OR
less patient
                        you     get fast,
                                                       primary               healing         .    . .   as     well         as            spo           N GE-PADS
     Nature               heals    when
                                      besthealing tissue   is not dis-
rupted.             Use        routinely.
                              TELFA                                                                                                        DIVISION        OF   TSR   KENDALL         CO.,        CHICAGO

    TELFA       Strips,    in 2” x 3” and 3” x 4 sterile     envelopes;
bulk      cases      in 23/a” x 4’, 3” x 8” and       8” x 10”. TELFA
Sponge-Pads,            in 4” x 5” and 5” x 9 pads.


                      Ins amsswening            advertisements,                Please      memition           ‘I’lte Journal        of   Bone       (111(1 .Joinl        Slurq(’r!/.
THORNTON                                                            PLATES                                                                 FLANGED                                                NAILS
      Treatment                                     of            Fractures                        of         the                Femur                     and             Trochanter



                                                                                                                                                                  508         Rorer         Avenue,                 S. W.
Price                  Filler                       Machine                                & Mfg.                                Co.                              ROANOKE.                            VIRGINIA

      Effective                                                          3POINT                                                    Hyperextension
                                                                                                                                   Flexion     Braces                                                   and
                                                                                           HYPEREXTENSION                                 BRACE-Efficient,     comfortable      hyper.
                                                                                           extension is provided                           in cases of traumatic      or pathological
                                                                                           compression               fractures          of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine.

                                                                                           Luxuriously              padded            with super-soft                     vinyl sponge.
                                                                                                                                                                    #{189}”                              Non-toxic,
                                                                                           washable.               Note          cut-outs        at   sternal        notch       and        groin      for  added
                                                                                  *        patient comfort. Lateral                            pressures           on torso and                iliac crests are
                                                                                           completely  eliminated                             by novel             shaping  and                  reinforcing  of
                                                                                           side bars.
 Simple           strap-hook            adjustment.           Easy        on,
 easy      off.     Ptastic      tube      covering         sides       adds
                                                                                           FLEXION      BRACI-3      point   pressure   assures   flexion in lumbar
 to     patient        comfort,          prevents          irritation        in
 breast-axitia          and groin areas.
                                                                                  *        spine. The most effective     unit available    against disk syndromes
                                                                                           and spondylolisthesis.  Firm abdominal       pad for positive counter-
                                                                                           pressure in abdominal   area. Cool elastic front. Same soft padding
                                                                                           as above.
                                                                                                                                       N#{149}wrici               $40.00
                                                                                                            Available              in fully      leather        lined      model       at    $47.50

                                                                                                   ,164zt                            Oe4oedc                                           Se4
                                                                                           4281            Cr.nshaw                  Boulevard                      #{149} Los        Angeles                8,   CalIf.

 Note       lacing        adjustment           at        sides.      Elastic                      Prices    fob.      Los Angetes.             Also   available         at better      dealers.        All orders
 tongue      under       laces     adds      to patient           comfort.                        shipped        within     24    hours.      Additional     photos        and     information         available.


           Its ansveriIsg                   ;ulVertiSeITsentS,                    PlCt5e          mention                 ‘I’he Journal               of Boite          and        Joint       S’urgery.
Denis Browne                                                 Splint
Part       No.              140
Standard               type             Denis      Browne            Splint.         New       style          nut
will not tear                     bed sheets.               Easily        adjustable              locking
positions,     which cannot     be stripped.  Degrees      on
foot     plate   enable   doctor   to check progress       of
patient.     Manufactured    from 24 st. aluminum     alloy.

Denis                       Browne                           Splint
PartNo.                     141

Swivel type Denis Browne Splint. Easily adjustable
to any angle    or degree    and can be locked     se-
curely  in position.   Manufactured   from   24     st.
aluminum              alloy.

Spring                           Toe Lift Brace
Part       No.              149

Spring Toe lift head on lower side connected      with
stirrup  allows    bending  of brace    more close to
the ankle.    Lower section forged   steel, upper sec-
tion YB” x /8” steel.

Spring                            Toe Lift Brace
PartNo.                     150

Spring   Toe Lift Brace to be used in combination
with long leg braces. Plain or plated finish. Manu-
factured   from forged  steel.

Free Ankle                                       Joint
PartNo.                     151

Free       Ankle               Joint        with       90     degree               stop,      designed
for use with long                            leg braces. Plain or plated                                      fin-
ish. Manufactured                             from forged  steel.

The United                State.            Manufacturing                 Company             is a manu-
facturer     and supplier                   of prefabricated           steel and aluminum                     ball
bearing       braces                  and   sundry     items.       The        use of      prefabricated
braces     saves fitter’s time and costs less.

             For further                     information              wire or write:

                          United                       States                       Manufacturing                                            Company
3453              Glendale                     Boulevard,                      Dept.        BJ                                       Los     Angeles             39,      CalIfornia


           I ii    :tll&r\V(’I’iIIg          :LdveIt    iSCI(’Ist         5,    l)l(sS(’    isseistion           J’h(’   JoluI!la!     of   1)OIl(’   (1)1(1 .JOiflt   ‘slIrqerq.
                                                                           The Jewett                                                                                 Brace                                          ...

                                                                                                     for HYPEREXTENSION                                                                  OF THE SPINE

                                                                           COMPRESSION                                                     FRACTURES                                        and           other             cases
                                                                           requiring                         positive      hyperextension                                                   such      as              Osteo-
                                                                           porosis                      with     Kyphosis,        Adolescent                                                Epiphysitis                   and
                                                                           Marie                        Struempell’s          Spondylitis.
    Reprint,          literature,       Measuring

                     Charts and Instructions                               Rigidly                         performs                      function                 of body                    hyperextension
                                      Upon   Request                       cast;    locked                                 on       patient               when                    adjusted                  to proper
                                                                           hyperextension;                                            not              removed                        for               bathing       or
                                                                            sleeping;                            adjustable                           to       physical                      changes,                       light,
                                                                            clean,                       sanitary,        durable,                                    conducive                            to       physio-
                                                                            therapy                        and     return     to light                                 duties.

                                                                           FLORIDA                                                 BRACE                             CORPORATION
*                                                                           Box           1 366,                1 1 51             Harmon              Avenue                          Winter             Park,            Florida

                                                                te         new               DIREKT-FORM
                                                                ness    of medium          0-F  mesh,    with
                                                                      ofburlap.      2 coats    dipped    0-F

                                                                , led     finishing
                                                                                 and protected
                                                                                               brushed     on.
                                                                                                   by elastic
                                                                                                  and sealed

                                                                mum-alloy    wire     and    woven
                                                                 patented   material.     The mesh
                                                                vctly to the body      of the pa-
                                                                orm is then dipped          into the
                                                                o, the DIREKT.FORM           method                                           These         are      important             DIREKT-FORM                     features:
                                                                itage over plaster.       A special                                               ,     .

                                                                    which  permits   reshaping      or                                                Eliminates plaster                  casts
                                                                ,ifinished   or finished     DIREKT-                                                  Can be handled                     at room          temperature
                                                                                                                                                      Simple      technique
                                                                                                                                              ,       Light-weight               and      durable
                                                                I Write         today     for       Bulletin    of     Technique                      Readily     reshaped
                                                                                                                                                      Allergy-proof,       easily                   sterilized
                                                                                                                                                      Cosmetically               more      appealing              to patient

                                                                  2 VIctor               Street,               Saddle           Brook,      N. J.
                                                                 EXCLUSIVE                 NATIONAL                   FRANCHISES           AVAILABLE-for                 many          countries.         Write     for     proposal.


               itt     :tlutvtIiItg      :LtIV(ItiiteIlWIltS,        l)l(’tS’           I(lltiOI5                    ihe     Jo,ir,iai        of Bone                and         Joint       Surgery.
SMo Stainless Steel Drop Forged

                                                                    739     Jackson          Avenue           Memp

WRIGHT MANUFACTURING                                                                                                                          CO.
  I is   :I   !5rtV(IiIlg   :I(   1v’Itis’Iuelst   ,   )l(:tS(’   IIUIlt   101)   i/H   .Jour,uil     o/   J?ou   utiti   ,Joi,,/   “tI/(/(’t!/.
                                                                                                                     ACTIVE  HAND    and
                                                                                                                      FINGER  SPLINTS
                                                                                                                            Instruments                                        for Hand
                                                                                                                           Surgery     and                                    Treatment
                                                                                                                                                        AS      DESIGNED               BY
                                                                                                                              Dr.           STERLING                             BUNNELL
                                                                                                                           Carried               in stock            for   immediate               delivery

                                                                                                                                   e    Knuckle                bender            splint
                                                                                                                                   e    Radial               palsy splint
                                                                                                                                   e    Finger              extension             splint,           etc.
                                                                                                                                   .    Hand  Drill w/Jacobs                                    chuck
                                                                                                                                   e    Tendon stripper set
                                                                                                                                   e    Gig pull-out                       suture        and

                                                                                                                          other    special                                 instruments                     for
                                                                                                                              bone    and                                 joint surgery
                                                                                                                                        Write     for    catal,gue          -postage           pr.poid

    _                 ---    .----   --‘    _.______n        in over          countries     in the
                                                                                                                                   H.              WENIGER
world   wear   Clarks.                                                                                                                                       Established      I 907

                                                                                                                                  143     Valenci3              Street,        San      Francisco             3
MADE      BY   C.      & J. CLARK          LIMITED
                      (WHOLESALE             ONLY),                 STREET,      SOMERSET

                                                                                                             Now moist heat can be applied                      conveniently,
                                                                                                             effectively         and with    a minimum          investment         in
                                                                                                             equipment.           No dripping,        no wringing,         no re-
                                                                                                             peated        applications.        Each     application          gives
                                                                                                                . .      .  ,‘ ,     .   -     ,,    - .         .  . .    it    The


               I it    tlss\eiittg         t(IV(’It     iS(flItlt       I,    l)1(lts(    i’sst’tit   iOIs    i/ic   JOtltIi(II            ()j    I)’Ofl(       (1 iii!    .11)7)1 1   s’3t4   F(J(’17/.
HUMPTY                  DUMPTY                    SAT            ON            A WALL
HUMPTY                  DUMPTY             HAD                   A GREAT                          FALL,
ALL   THE               KING’S           HORSES                           AND               ALL            THE        KING’S                    MEN
COULDN’T                  PUT           HUMPTY                        DUMPTY                           TOGETHER                         AGAIN.
                                                  Because             .    .     .   In      That           Day       They             Did          Not   Have

                                                                                                       .                                t..,t
                                                                                                            MERDIAN   MSSISSIPPI                r


    lii   :Lns\veling     1(IV(’It iS(’fll(’Ilt    S, 1)1(’ite    nent         ion   7/ic    Jouriwl        of Bone    and     Joint     So r(Jery.
                                                                                                      To serve              your       complete                 needs       in

                                                                                                              ORTHOPEDIC,                      PROSTHETIC

                                                                                                              and        SURGICAL               APPLIANCES

                                           house                                 of             IIIDWELL                                                      Inc.
                                           535   N. 27th                   Street                                          Branch:    1134                 Regent         St.
                                           Milwaukee                  8.     Win.                                                Madison,                   Wisconsin

                                             WILLIAMS                                 LUMBO-SACRAL                                                           BRACE
                                             Orders          filled         at     the   request              of   members           of      the        profession         only

                                             Measurements:        1 . Chest (about    4” below    nipple     line);   2. Waist   (at                                       navel
                                             line); 3. Pelvic (/2      distance between   greater     frochanter       and crest of                                       ilium);
                                             4. Seventh    cervical    spinous process to sacrococcygeal          junction.

                                                                       ALL            ORTHOPAEDIC                            APPLIANCES
                                                                                         MILLER                BRACE                CO.

                                                                                    For prompt service use          ourP. 0.        Box 7902

                                             Custom       Built: Braces-Surgical           Supports-Splints-Arch                                    Supports-Folding
                                             Wheel       Chairs-Aluminum         Adjustable      Crutches-Airfoam                                  Head   Halter     Sets-
                                             Airfoam       Rib Binders-Canes,         Etc.


I is   :tIts’Iiisg   :ulvt’itisenn’iits,               j)ltase        I(’IstiOII         i/it    .Jo,tr,uil         (f    Ii’OPl(   (1,5(1    .Joiiil      “1t4I!jEI!/.
                                               with BOWEN Instruments

                                                                                                                                                 Smillis                    Curtilug.                            Sets
                                                                                                                                                 Designed with handles                     that do not obscure
                                                         Men isectome                                                                            field of vision.
                                                                                                                                                 on tbal
                                                                                                                                                              table.    Beaked
                                                                                                                                                 peripheral     attachments                  of the medial           me-
                                                   Used       through       any    arthrotomy                                                    niscus. Also divides         the             central     attachment
                                                   exposure       and on either semilunar                                                        of th. posterior     horn of               the lateral      n,.niscus.
                                                   cartilage,      it guarantees          the in-                                                Second     beaked      knife               used for the some
                                                                                                                                                 purpose.         also to divide             the central attach.
                                                   tegrity     of all sfructures     within   the                                                ment of          the posterior            horn of the medial
                                                   joint and        permits      complete     re-                                                meniscus.         Oslsel mobilizes           middle     third of the
       99                                          moval of either meniscus.                                                                     meniscus.                                                                                  No.            108

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Curved        Shank)
                   Designed               like a large intra-uterine                                  curette,  it
                   presents             a smooth rounded     guard                                 on the outer                                        ILLUSTRATIONS                 SHOW              POSITIONS               OF          KNIVES            IN    USE

                   surface        the ring, the inner margin
                                      of                            of which
                   is a keen knife edge        permitting    cuffing in any
                   direction.  Its use will shorten     by about one-third
                   the present     operating    time.

                   Standard                    Length:                 8/2”               C            No.           128
                                                                                                                                                                                           it                    No.126
                                                                                                                                                                                       ‘t/                   (Straight          Shank)

Smillie                               Knee                            Joint                        Retractor                                                 Set             (StalnIou                       Steel)
The      angles        of      the          blades            and      the     modified                handles               of       these          refractors           have      been             altered       to give                     a
better      grip       and         keep         the          fingers         away         from         the         incision.            They         are     exceptionally                 well       designed                for        the
removal          of       menisci           and        for      use in practically                          all     knee          joint       operations.              The       set of         four         comprises               one
hook       and     three         with         blade           lengths         from        1 Y2 inches                to 3 inches.

FEATURES:                   “Sure           grip       handles               for       perfect          confrol.”                 e     “Hardened                  and
tempered              to      rigid          specifications.”                      e    “Useful              refractors                 for       many            other
surgical         procedures.”

                      No.           145         Knee                JoInt   letractor                         Set-$30.O0
                                                                      (Four Pieces)

                                              Priced          Individually               at $8.00                 each                                                             145-I             545-2              sn-n                        is-i
                                                                                                                                                                                  tH.&)              155.1              (2t                        it-)

                                                                       BOWEN      Liquid
                                                                For          the     dispensing          of                             alcohol               and
                                                                other           cleansing       liquids.
                                                                                                   Potent         Applied         For

. Quick Acting #{149}                Will
                                  #{149} Not                                                                                Tip                         ONLY
  Easily Operated
                      with one haid
#{149} Us., Just Press on Metal Plate I
                                                                                                                                                 $                                                           -     ;-                      -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         p.         0.             lOX       5818
 BOWEN                                                         &                   COMPANY,                                                                                 INC.                                 BITHISDA,IYND


                   I ts     :tIlS\V(Iitlg                :s    Ivit       it(115(lst          s,      1)1(tt(               151(1st       U)lI        ilte    .Jour,uz/           of       I1tOIi(       uiul     Jolts!                 Sniciy.
                                               BOSTON                                                                          CERVICAL
                                       ARTIFICIAL                                                                           TRACTION    UNIT
                                                                                                                                             (Complete                     as Illustrated)
                                 LIMB                    CO., Inc.                                                         No.         121A,         adult
                                 69    Canal           St,,            Mass.                                                  $17.00
                                                Tel.    La 3-6548
                                                                                                                          No.          121B, youth

                                CERTIFIED                    PROSTHETISTS                                                  No.         121C,         child
                                               supplying       your
                                       complete            prosthetic                                                                        .
                                                        needs                                                   4.;,.j     consists          ol 1/it’
                                                                                                                                I l-Iea(l         l-Ialt’r
 ARMS:          From          SHOULDER                  DISARTICULA-
                                                                                                                           1 \\tight              (‘arrir
       TION     (with         B. A. L Co.’s method                                  of
       abduction)             to TRANSMETACARPAL
                                                                                                                         5 Tvo-ll),             \\eights                                                                  -ii
                                                                                                                   10-foot              Traction         (‘ord
                                                                                                                                                                                  Above will fif any door.
       AMPUTATION.                                                                                                  I I)oor             Traction          1 flit                  Podded to prevent   marring.

     LEGS:      SUCTION               SOCKET                  and               other                                                      RAJOWALT                                            CO.
       types    of        PERMANENT                  LIMBS                  made
                                                                                                                                           ATWOOD,                             INDIANA
       of Willow,         Plastic and            Aluminum.
                                                                                                                          Manufacturers                            of Fracture                   Equipment
              OLDEST    AND                     LARGEST                                                                   SOLD             ONLY        THROUGH                   SURGICAL                   DEALERS
     LIMB    MFG.    CO. in                    NEW    ENGLAND                                                                                Catalog              Sent       Upon      Request

                                                                                                                                                      for        the       delivery            of   moist          heat     at
                                                                                                                the        exact           prescribed                  temperature.

                                                                                                                         COMFORT                        e SAFETY                      e DURABILITY

                                                                                                           A physiologically                                      sound     and safe method
                                                                                                           for the treatment                                     of sprains,     fractures,     and
                                                                                                           other  industrial                                   and    orthopedic        problems.
                                                                                                                                      Used          consistently                  since             1 937
                                                                                                                            For       Illustrated            information          write,        wire        or    call:

                                                                                                                                                 RI ES                 ce,1#{216}oyat;,s
                                                                                                                                3508        FIFTH              AVE.,         PITTSBURGH,                         PA.

             I u :ussssiisg       :ttlvt’i’t     iS(fl1(it     ts,      il:ts           Ifl(Ist   1015   7/u’            Jot,     t’,ui/    of Io,ie               u uI      Jolt1 I       ‘   it r(/ery.
                                                                                           South             Honore         Street
                                                                                 Chicago              12,     Illinois

            MOTORIZED                                    INTERMITTENT                                      TRACTION

                             for usewhere        is
                                         traction indicated
         Now, carefully     graduated,                            smooth traction             can            be administered
         precisely . .   automatically                             .  intermittently              .    .     and with     maxi-
         mum comfort    to the patient.

        Forces up to fifty                       pounds          may   be safely           applied              to the        cervical

        “Traction is indicated   in most cases. Motorized                                             intermittent     traction,
        which can be given in the office or the physical                                              therapy      department,
                                                                                                                                                          erG.    u.     S. PATENTS
        gives the best results. “1                                                                                                                                     # 1533124   -   253310

the                  ORIGINAL                                                and                           ONLY                              tractolator
                                         Simplicity              of    its design            insures                     dependable                performance
  I   Jackson,      Ruth     The    Cervical      Syndrome,                                                                              .

 Clinical        Orthopaedics      No. 5, 138-148,      1955.                              one              year         unconditional                     guarantee


                    In     :Liiswering         advertisements,          Please     mention                 The Journal         qf Bone        and Joint          t’Stlr(Jery.
IITiTITi11I                                             4im                                              FOR PHYSICAL    MEDICINE
UWI!JII’                                                                                              AND   REHABILITATION                                                                                              I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I
I          ALL TYPES          OF THERAPEUTIC                  EXERCISE              EQUIP-                                                  We supply     all equipisient                         forsetting    up      I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I
I          MENT    : Bicycles,     Shoulder           Wheels.       Quadriceps          Boots,                                              a complete        Rehabilitation                           Program,         I
I          hand   Rehabilitation           Devices,      Bunnell       Splints,     Kanavel                                                 and will gladly    assist     you                 in its planning.          I
I          Table,  Walking       Parallel       Bars,   Staircases,         Posture        Mir-                                                                                                                         I
I          rors, Gym      Mats.     Guthrie-Smith           Suspension          Apparatus.                                                  Write       for     your         free  copy             of    our   new
                                                                                                                                            illustrated                    Equipment                       Manual
I          Cervical          Traction          Sets,        Tractolator,                     %‘IsirIpools,                  Par-            #1056                                                                       I
I          affin    Baths,         Ilydrocollator
           E & J
           Self-Help Wheelchairs Lifters,
           Walkers,    Patient
                        Devices.                              -    1.  _   _   _    .

                                                  For Treatment                         of      SPASTIC                     CASES           e     CEREBRAL                       PALSY             e     STROKE
                                                                                                POLIO               e   HAND                INJURIES

                                                  General                      Electric                Company’s

                                                  Silicone                                          BOUNCING                                                                         PUTTY
                                                  DOES NOT                         HARDEN             . . .    LASTS               INDEFINITELY               . .   .   CAN          BE AUTOCLAVED

                                                           As a “TRIAL                              ORDER”              -      Send          $2.00            for          One            $2.85           Jar

           S. R. GITTENS,                               Sole Distributor                                          e                 1 620        Callowhill                    Street,      Phila.        30,   Pa.

    TO             ORDER                    ‘te/I4                                      ABDUCTION                                       PILLOW                            SPLINTS

                                            For         Congenital                                  Dislocation                           of the               Hip               in the                 Newborn
                                                                                             and         in Early                        Postnatal                             Life.

    3      SIZES:                                                                                                             With       One        Halter              $ 7.75                POSTPAID
           Small-6”             pillow       splint      (up to 3 months)                                                     With       Two       Halters              $12.50            J
           Medium-9”                  pillow      splint          (3 to 6 months)
           Large-        12”       pillow      splint       (over          6 months)                       MINNESOTA                                   ORTHOPEDIC                                        SERVICES
                             COLORS:              Pink or White                                               963            Carl      Street                                              St. Paul          8, Minn.


                       Iii     :tntvritsg          :tcivertisenents,                     l)l(tS(i      metition              The     .Jou-rna/      of Bone             uiul      Joint     Surqerq.
          THE                                               PAT
                                                                     NO. 2         702   t43

O                                                     4 SIZES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       TUBE        (LENGTH          CONSTANT)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TUBE          A     PLATE

 The     nail  k ‘.() 0 tl’.)rLiCt(d            lIar 05(1        (he (1I,I)C Icngih       iccds      (N      I aried  as
 adjus)ahiIit%       o)       (ic    s.ii( a/apis          he applunce           101 11SF Ill alttsssi      all fractures         a)sati                    ALL       MATERIAL            IN    THE
  lIe J())Xr Old )                 he femur.          This     fcaturr      reduces     he 1.111 tI1cI        t(1% .  I (IC      iflUsUa(                   NAILIS            S.M.O.      STAIN-                                            PLATE            (FORGED)                    -
 S 1(11 :‘l    ira)   ldpI.llhlllR              )ffcrs     addi isis    il 6)5                                                                              LESS       STEEL                                                           (LENGTH               VAREARLE)                   ____________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (3.     4.       5 5. 6)             _________________________
                                            TUE     4A!L      AND      THE         DRIVER       ARE   CANNULATED


                            DRIVER         WITH      REMOVABLE               SLEEVE            (FURNISHED              AS   AN     ASSEMBLY)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           THE          JOURNALOF                   BONE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            AND         JOINT            SURGERY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           )7-.s;             0)55-1(193,             I()5

                                                                                                                    MANUFACTURED                               BY
                                                                       KEN                                STANDARD                                                                    CORP.
                                                                                                                  EVANSVILLE.                        INDIANA

                                                           YOU                                  CAN                                    PRESCRIBE

                                                                         WITH                                        CONFIDENCE
.        FoRMENL                                                              -.

By working             closely       with     the    medical        profession      for                                                          for the wearer.        For example,       linings      and                                                       stay     covers
over        60 years,        Freeman          has     developed         a complete                                                               are cushioned         for comfort.       All side-laced                                                             back     sup-
line of surgical            supports.        From       this line you can Se-                                                                    ports   have     Freeman’s     exclusive        self-smootlsi                                                          sig, ison-
lect     and     prescribe        with      complete         confidence        in the                                                            wrinkle     fly.
suitability          of each        garment         for its purpose,           in the                                                                   Mail           COUOfl                  for       details        of     Freeman                       quality                         fea-
quality        of its construction              and    in the confort           it will
                                                                                                                                                 ture          and             free       pocket-size                  reference               catalog.
give       the   wearer.
                                                                                                                                                 -      -         -       -       -       -          -    -        -    -      -        -           -            -        -          -         -
    Freeman          corset-type          back      supports         are made           in
                                                                                                                                                        FREEMAN                         MANUFACTURING                                        COMPANY
models       which       provide         supportive          and     conservative
                                                                                                                                                        DEPT. 707,                     STURGIS,   MICHIGAN
measures          in any required            degree       to almost         complete
                                                                                                                                                 Please               send            details            on   new       Freeman                  features                        and           in
immobilization.              The great        advantage           of this type          of
                is that
                or lying.
fine construction,
                            it can be worn comfortably
                                In addition
                                                     to correct
                                                                       while sitting,

                                                                                                                                                                   free         reference                catalog.

improvements,              to increase         comfort        and     convenience
                                                                                                                                                 City                                  -- _-                                                 State.._________


                            In       :tnswering                   advertisenent.s,                           j)lease             ncntion             The           Joornal                of Bone             (u)d     Joint          Sur#{231}jerj.
                                                                            List                  of Advertisers                                                                           -

                                                                                                    July  1956

                                                                      Abbott          Orthopedic                  Supply                 Co                                                                40
                                                                      Aireloom   Bedding                         Conlpany
                                                                      C. H. Alden Shoe                           Cosispany                                                                                 26
                                                                      .Astra       Pharmaceutical                           Products,                  Inc                                         33,     34
                                                                      Asstenal          Laboratories,                        Inc                                                                           27
                                                                      Ayerst         Laboratories                                                                                                          14

                                                                      Batser    & Black.           Div.  of The                               Ken(lall               Co                            1 1 , 39
                                                                      The    Berivon         Corilpany                                                                                                   45
                                                                      Boston      Artificial        Limb   Co.,                           Inc                                                            48
                                                                      Bowen           & Company,                       Inc                                                                               47

                                                                      S. H. Camp           and       Company                                                                                               38
                                                                      Chattanooga             Pharinacal        Company.                                        Inc                                        44
                                                                      (;.     W. Chesbrougii,            Inc                                                                                               38
                                                                      (ilbert      Hyde Chick             Company                                                                                          53
                                                                      C.. & J. (lark           Liriiited                                                                                                   44
                                                                      (‘odosan            & Shurtleff,                  Inc                                                                                24

                                                                      Dav)d         & (;eck,              Inc.     .   a unit            of     A1))erican                 (yana1))i(1
                                                                          Company                                                                                                                               5
                                                                      DePsy       Manufacturing                               C’o         Inc                                                              32
                                                                      Dirket-Form           Corporation                                                                                                    42

                                                                      Eastisian        Kodak      Cotispany                                                                                                35
                                                                      j.   Edwards        Shoe     Company                                                                                                 25
                                                                      Elgin     Exercise       ApJ)liance                           Co                                                                     36

                                                                      Fillauer          Surgical        Supplies,                    Inc                                                                   53
                                                                      Florida          Brace      Corporation                                                                                              42
                                                                      Freeman             Manufacturing                          Company                                                                   51

                                                                      S. R. (httens                                                                                                                        50

                                                                      The      Ifa(k       Shoe     Cotilpany                                                                                              48
                                                                      hanger          Prostheses                                                                                                             4
                                                                      Haissted          Manofacturing                           Company                                                                      8
                                                                      IIerbst        Shoe       Manufacturing                         Cozsiany                                                              18
                                                                      House         of Bidwell,          Inc                                                                                               46
p’   A rigid mattress and boxspring corn-                             Johnson             & Johnson                                                                                                16.     17
     bination requiring no interposed boards.
                                                                      Ken        Standard              Corp                                                                                                51
                                                                      Kleistone               Rubber             Company,                      Inc                                                         20
     Hand-stitched            sidewalls so firm it per-
                                                                      McNeil         Laboratories.                       Inc                                                                       28,     29
     mits patients           to get in and out of bed                 761. J.      Markell       Shoe                  Company,                      Inc                                                   46
     easily.                                                          Miller         Brace        Co                                                                                                       46
                                                                      Minnesota                Orthopedic                    Services                                                                      50
                                                                      V. Mueller               & Co                                                                                                        49
     Resilient   surface   provided by curled
                                                                      Orthopedic                Equipment                Company                                                                           19
     hair    will not tend to stop circulation
                                                                      Orthopedic                Frame             Company                                                                                  22
     or cause undue pressure on nerve                                 Pfizer        Laboratories,                      Div.      ,   (has.                 Pfizer         & Co.      ,    Inc.             23
     points.                                                          j. A.        Preston        Corp                                                                                                     50
                                                                      Price        l”iller      Maclime                 & Mfg.                 Co                                                          40
‘    Guaranteed for 15 years.                                         Rajowalt              Co                                                                                                             48
                                                                      Richards              Manufacturing                           Company                                                        30,     31

F    Created by King Karpen, originator of                            The
                                                                               Ries         Corporation
                                                                                            Johmnson              &         Rand,               Division                  of   Interna-

     the world-famous HoIandaire mattress                                 tional          Shoe      Co                                                                                                     37

        long the first choice of fine hotels.                         I. Sabel,        Inc                                                                                                                 io
                                                                      Schering         Corporation                                                                                                           9
          CONTACT             YOUR NEAREST                            Chas.         A. Schmidt                 Surg.           Inst.    Co                                                                 12
        AIRELOOM             DEALER OR WRITE:                         Sharp         & Doisuie,               Inc.       ,   Div.     of Merck                        & Co.       , Inc.        .           54
                                                                      Smith         & Nephew,                  Inc                                                                                         13

                                                                      Tile     Tower     Cozilpany                                                                                                         15
                                                                      Tractolator         Colllpany                                                                                                        49
                                                                      Truforlu       Anatomical                         Supports                                                                           21

                                                                      The        United          LiIllb          and         Brace             Co.       ,   Inc                                           50
                                                                      United          States           Manufacturing                            Colslpany                                                  41

                                                                      11. Weninger                                                                                                                         44
                                                                      \‘(right   Manufacturing                                Company                                                                      43

                                                                      Louis         Yellin,        Inc                                                                                                     46

                                                                      Zinlnler            Manufacturing                        Co                                                                        6, 7


        In       answering     advertisements,   please   mention    The       Joornal                 of Bone                and             Joint                 Surqery.
NEW &eet
                          DETACHABLE                        -

        Orthopedic               surgeons                 are       even           mc

        the        new,     improved                  Fillauer
        splint        affords               decided                     advanc
        treating            club           feet,           positional
        tibial       torsions,         flat           feet,         congenii
        locations,          and       any          other           deformit
        actively          corrected            by incessant
        kicking.           Use        of       the              Fillauer
        Splint        minimizes               the         necessity
        of       manipulations,                plaster,                 ten-
        otomies           and      anesthetics.

WRITE        FOR     DESCRIPTIVE            FOLDER

jp           eeeciei
             ESTABLISHED           1 91 4
                                                                                             Box      1678,


                                                                                                                       of Ortho,.dc

                                                                                                                                                                                INC.                                        4...


                                                                               ,                   g5UR67C4L                           TABLE
                                                                                                                                      The       D V Orthopedic                              and          Surgical                Table
                                                                                                                                      offers           the           very                best           in      hip          nailing

                                                                                                                                      techniques.                   The           illusfration                  here             shows

                                                                                                                                      the      ideal           setup.                The        small         X-Ray                Tube

                                                                                                                                      is fastened                    to        the       table           with         a     specici

                                                                                                                                      holder           for         the         Lateral           and         the          portable

                                                                                                                                      unit         remains                in      fixed           position                 for       the

                                                                                                                                      A.P.      view.

                                                                                                                                             The      Lateral               Cassette               Holder                 is swung
                                                                                                                                       into        position               for        the        Lateral            film-and
                                                                                                                                      out     of     the       way              when        not         in use.

                                                                                                                                             Write           for     a comFiete                    catalog                 showing

                                                                                                                                      ths      and         many            other           techniques.

                                                                                                                                                GILBERT                              HYDE                    CHICK
                                                                                                                                                               Main             Office      S Factory
                                                                                                                                       821-75th                Avenue,                 Oakland               21,       California

                    II) :u)stvcIing                UIVPItiSPfl)el(tS,                   l)1(itS1     n1dntion       i’h.e Journal     of Bone              (lF)(l         Joint            ‘1rqer//.
                 Rydro                              (HYDROCORTISONE
                                                                                    C ortoirie#{174}
                                                                                   TERTIARY.BUTYIACETATE,               MERCK)
                                                                                                                                                     -T. B . A.
       produces                                          superior                                     results                    -     greater

                                    symptom                                      atic relief                                     and     longer-lasting
                 remissions-.-in                                                             both                   rheumatoid
                                                         arthritis                                and                   osteoarthritis.

SUPPLIED          :    SALINE     SUSPENSION         HYDRDCORTONE.T.B.A.-25                 MG/CC.,    VIALS   OF   5   CC.

References        1. Hollonder,       J. 1., Ann.    New      York Acod.      Sc. 61:511,   May   27. 1955.
                                                                                                                                                 Philadelphia      1, Pa.
2. tlollander,        J. 1.. e( a!. J.A.M.A         158476.     June   11, 1955.
                                                                                                                                          DIVISION    OF   MERCK   &   Co.   , INc.
                                                                                        ADDRESSES                          01?       CONTRIBUTORS

                                                                                                                     JULY              1956

    LAUREN                 V. Acicziut&,                          M.D.,          Barnee             Hospital,             600 South              Kingshighway,                       St. Louis         10, Missouri
    AIIEXANDIR                 P. Anwi,                           M.D., 1180 Beacon                              Street,          Brookline           46, Maachusetts
    C. A. L. BASSETF,     M.D., 789 Pelhamdale       Avenue,       Peiham,   New York
    B. BJEENER,     M.D.,  Hand Service,  Sahigren’s     Hospital,       GOteborg, Sweden
    Mit.         H.    BJERNER,                      Goteborg,
                                                   Sahigren’s      Sweden     Hospital,
    Louis             W. Bnicx,                      Street,
                                                   M.D.,       El Paso,
                                                                   520    TexasMontana
    BRUCE    M. CAMERON,   M.D.,    5220     Travis,     Houston,    Texas
    J. ROBERT CLOSE, M.D., 2929 Summit Street, Oakland 9, California
    JAMES   B. CUNNINGHAM,    M.D.,      Barnes      Hospital,    600 South     Kingshighway,                                                                                        St.    Louis       10,     Missouri
    DAVID             C.        DATSUN,              M.D.,             Mayo            Clinic,        Rochester,                 Minnesota
    PAUL              S. DEnu.I,                     M.D.,             Department                     of      Orthopaedics,                   University             of Virginia               Hospital,            Charlottesville,
    FLORENCE                     Dout.x,                  R.N.,          M.A.,           New         York         Orthopaedic                  Hospital,           622       West          168th       Street,          New York           32,
                N. Y.
    JOHN          E.       EMMETT,                 M.D., 822 Fairway      Drive,   El Paso, Texas
    Ets               BRASILIENSE                 Fusco,     M.D.,   Hospital    das Clinicas  da Faculdade                                                                de Medicine                 de SAo Paulo,            Avenida
                Ademar                 de Barros,     SAo Paulo,     Brazil
    W.      E.        GALLIE,              M.D.,           Medical               Arts         Building,            St.      George        Street           at    Bloor,        Toronto             5, Ontario,             Canada
    ANTONIO                 R.        .GlNoiuo,  M.D., 1106                               Main         Street,        Peekekill,  New    York
I   R. L Htiuus,                        M.B., F.R.C.S.(C),                              609       Medical          Arts Building,    St. George                             Street         at Bloor,          Toronto        5, Ontario,
    CHARLES                 H.         HERNDON,                   M.D.,          2065         Adelbert            Road, Cleveland                      6, Ohio
    J. F.        HEisxlcx,                  Pn.D.,           Mayo              Clinic,         Rochester,            Minnesota
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    JOSEPH             M.  M.D.,     Mayo Clinic, Rochester,
                                  JANES,                         Minnesota
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    LEONARD                 F.         PELTIER,             M.D.,             University              Hospitals,                 Minneapolis               14,     Minnesota
    IGNAcI0                V.         PONSETI,            M.D.,           Children’s              Iowa City, Iowa
    Mn.         GEORGE                  B. RoBINsoN,                      Box 101, Vallejo,  California
    P.     N.     SAWYER,                   M.D,           3400          Spruce Street, Philade1pha     4, Pennsylvania
    EDWIN             R.        SCHOIPSTAEDT,                          M.D.,           Franklin             Hospital,             San Francisco                  14, California
    JOSEPH             M.         STRONG,               M.D.,           409      East         Avenue,            Elyria,           Ohio
    J. G. TRUMP,                       PH.D.,        High          Voltage              Research              Laboratory,             Massachusetts                      Institute          of Technology,                 Cambridge,
    T.     C.     TURNER,                   M.D.,          514-D           East          Woodrow               Wilson             Avenue, Jackson,    Mississippi
    MR.          KENNETH                       WRIGHT,                 High         Voltage                Research               Laboratory,   Massachusetts                                  Institute           of Technology,
                Cambridge,                     Massachusetts
    H.     HERMAN                     YOUNG,             M.D.,            Mayo           Clinic,           Rochester,              Minnesota

    RUMFORD            PRES$
     CONCORD.              N.    H.

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