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									  36        InformationToday
July/August 2010

                    Database Review

           Fun Databases:
           A Summer Sample
           by MICK O’LEARY       |

                 t’s been a hard year for the Database Review. We’ve tackled some of
                 the toughest assignments around: dissecting complex mysteries, such
                 as Wolfram Alpha and hakia, letting the air out of overinflated bub-
           bles, such as Bing and DeepDyve, and getting a grip on massive data col-
           lections with the score card database reviews.
              So now it’s time to give you—loyal, diligent readers—and myself a rest.
           Instead of slogging through some complex and boring analysis, we’ll dip
                                                                                             Thomson Launches Thomson IP Manager 3.1
           lightly and easily into a summer sampler of fun databases, a perfect relax-           Thomson IP Management Services, a part of Thomson Reuters, released Thom-
           ation for a lazy summer afternoon.                                                son IP Manager 3.1, an enterprise-scalable intellectual asset management tool. IP
                                                                                             Manager 3.1 features deep
                                                                                             integration to external docu-
           Oddee and Listverse                                                               ment management systems
              Everybody likes lists: the                                                     for improved collaboration,
           best, worst, ugliest, and so                                                      data sharing, and decision
           on. Oddee (                                                         making, and it enables the
           and Listverse (www.listverse                                                      electronic management of in-
           .com) have thousands of them                                                      ventions, patents, trademarks,
           covering every imaginable                                                         designs, licensing agreements,
           subject. But their lists are                                                      and more.
           not dull statistics, such as the                                                      Thomson IP Manager cre-
           top 10 aluminum-producing                                                         ates a centralized repository
           countries. Instead they con-                                                      solution by combining port-
           centrate on “the odd, strange                                                     folio data, workflow task man-
           and bizarre things of our                                                         agement, and LDAP (light-
           world,” in Oddee’s words. And they undoubtedly deliver on this mission.           weight directory access pro-
              Oddee describes itself as “a blog on the oddities of our world.” It features   tocol) synchronization. Version 3.1 also lets users pull information directly from
           hundreds of lists describing the most peculiar, odd, strange, or interesting      document management systems into a portfolio management program and share it
           things, such as “10 of the World’s Worst Jobs,” “10 Most Shocking Things          throughout the organization with minimal administration. It also offers full inte-
           Found in People’s Stomachs,” and “10 Funniest Typos Ever.” If you have a          gration with both Documentum and Interwoven, two document management systems
           highly refined sensibility, you may want to bypass Oddee, because it has          used by many Thomson IP Management Services clientele.
           many gross-out lists (“8 Most Bizarre Body Modifications,”) as well as mildly         Source: Thomson Reuters (
           lascivious compilations (“18 Wackiest Tramp Stamps” and “10 Most Bizarre
           Sex Toys”). However, there are lists that will appeal to anyone for their cre-
           ativity, such as the “10 Coolest Gas Stations.” For those looking to learn,       Adobe, WIRED Unveil Digital Magazine Viewer
           there are “7 Incredible Natural Phenomena You’ve Never Seen” and “12                 Adobe Systems, Inc. debuted a digital viewer that helps print publishers develop
                                                            Amazing Stories of Animals       digital versions of magazines. The publishing software was developed through col-
                                                            Saving Men.”                                                                              laboration with Condé Nast’s
                                                               The Oddee staff creates                                                                WIRED magazine, which re-
                                                            some of the lists, and read-                                                              cently used the technology to
                                                            ers submit others. But unlike                                                             release its own digital edition
                                                            most reader contributions on                                                              for the Apple iPad.
                                                            the web, these lists are gen-                                                                 The WIRED Reader fea-
                                                            erally good and on theme.                                                                 tures interactive features and
                                                            Photos accompany each list.                                                               a unique interface that gives
                                                            The list collection is search-                                                            readers access to video con-
                                                            able, classified by subjects,                                                             tent, slide shows, and 360-de-
                                                            and ranked by popularity.                                   
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