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 Website and Community

          Tony Morelli

• is The Octopus News Magazine Online – a
  community and content-rich Website devoted exclusively
  to matters pertaining to cephalopods – octopus, squid,
  cuttlefish, nautilus.

• Founded in May 2000

• Features include:
  13 Forums                     Image Gallery with nearly 400 images
  RSS News Feeds                Cephalopod Web Link Directory
  Over 60 Exclusive Articles    Community Calendar

Main content categories:

Ceph Care: articles on care, equipment, basics

Science & Biology: papers, facts, studies, species

Fossils: articles on cephalopod history, species, fossil-hunting excursions

Culture & Entertainment: book and movie reviews, poems, interviews, art

Lesser-known content offerings:

    – Tons of tattoo images, cephalopod art, videos, Deep Fried, Live! Flash-
      Animated Cooking Show, Screensaver

• 16-member volunteer staff

• 13 forums with 3,100 Registered Members

• 51,000 posts in 4,500 threads

• Private Messaging, Member Directory
                                                Stats & Facts is hosted on a shared server located in New Jersey

  2 Gigabytes of data stored on

 Over 20 Gigabytes of data transferred to/from each

  Within past week, has risen in Alexa site rankings to top
100,000 sites on the Internet

  Averages per month: ~30,000 unique visitors / ~50,000 visits /
~600,000 pages served / over 2.2 million hits

  According to Google: 677 links to from other sites / ranks 8th for searches on “octopus” / 5th for “cuttlefish” / 3rd
for “colossal squid”

  In July, Forums averaged 46 new posts per day
                                    Product Roadmap
End of Year ’05 through ’06:
• Devoted Cephalopod Art content category

• Monthly Podcast: interviews with ceph owners, marine
  biologists, artists, etc.

• Forum Upgrade / Integrated Chat

• Expanded Video Gallery

• Integrated comments with news feeds

• Outbound RSS feeds

• Online ceph-related Games

• Offline Publication?
                                    Shameless Plugs…

• Supporter! -- $20 per year gets you
  access to the exclusive Supporter’s Forum.

• – Live marine feeder shrimp shipped direct
  to your home or business – via FedEx overnight.

• – Today, cephalopod-related products from
  online entities such as and eBay. Tomorrow,
  exclusive ceph-related products for sale.
Staff Greetings
                                            Thank you!
“ makes the world a better place for cephalopods.”
                               -- Nancy King, Ceph Care Moderator

The value of comes from the
community. Thank you for visiting my Website,
thank you for your invaluable content contributions,
and thank you for your interest in cephalopods.

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