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					                                    MILFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                              APRIL 19, 2007
                                     7:00 P.M. – REGULAR MEETING
                                 MILFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION OFFICE
                                         777 GARFIELD AVENUE
                                          MILFORD, OHIO 45150

      Regular Board meetings can be viewed on City of Milford cable – Channel 15 Mondays at 4:00 PM – Wednesdays at 10:00 PM
                       Regular Board meetings can be viewed on Union Township cable – Channel 8 or Channel 15
                                   Wednesdays at 4:00 PM, Fridays at 7:00 PM – Saturdays at 7:00 AM
                     Regular Board meetings can be viewed on the Miami Township cable – Channel 8 or Channel 15
                    Sun. 3 PM, Mon. 1 PM, Tues. 8:30 AM, Wed. 2 PM, Thurs. 5 PM, Fri. 2:30 PM, Sat. 10:30 AM

                                                MISSION STATEMENT

 The Mission of the Milford Exempted Village School District and the school community is to provide each of our
 students the highest quality education within an enriching and safe environment inspiring them to be life long learners
 and contributing members of society.


    We will make all decisions in the student’s best interest.
    We will treat each person with dignity and respect and insure a safe environment to each individual.
    We will practice individual and organizational responsibility and accountability.
    We will operate in an environment of open communication.
    We will not compromise high expectations.

        A.  Pledge of Allegiance
        B.  Call to order and roll call
        C.  Approval of agenda
        D.  Approval of Minutes – March 15, 2007 and March 22, 2007
        E.  Special Presentation: Deb Glynn – Jr. High Traveling Summit Team won the Grand
                       prize of Outstanding County Award
            Special Presentation: John Gray
        F. Hearing of Visitors: Brenda Ely – Neighborhood Schools
                       Susan Kupka – Community Survey Results
                       Andrea Brady – Administrative Expenditures
        G. Reading of Communications & Committee Reports

        Consent Agenda (information items are not subject to Board approval)

I.      Treasurer’s Section – Randy Seymour
        A. Approval of Financial Reports – for the month ended 3/30/2007
           (1) Account Balances by Object and Function
           (2) Revenue and Expenditures (FNDREVEX)
           (3) Appropriation History (APPHIS)
           (4) Financial Summary Report (FINSUM)
           (5) Investment Report – report of interim funds invested in secured instruments e.g.
                certificate of deposit; repurchase agreements, treasury bills

II.   Superintendent’s Section
      A.    Business Manager’s Report – John Borchers
      (1)   Approval of classified employee recommendations subject to assignment by the
            Business Manager for the 2006-07 school year:
            (a) Tina Lucas, Food Service Worker I, Madeira Middle School, effective 3/16/07
            @ $11.68 per hour
      (2)   Approval of Substitutes:
            (a)    Custodian: Jerry Apgar
            (b)    Food Service Worker: Sherry Clark, Jodi Niehaus, Diana Mustain
            (c)    Secretary: Diana Mustain, Gina Kiser
      (3)   Acceptance of resignations/retirements:
            (a)    Valerie Benninger, High School, Guidance Secretary, retirement effective
      (4)   Approval of the following recommendations to award the bid for roofing:
            (a)    Milford High School Gymnasium Roof and Pool Roof in the amount of
                   $190,000.00 to R.E. Forshee Co., Inc.
            (b)    Milford Junior High School Band/Music Room Roof in the amount of
                   $125,437.00 to The Imbus Roofing Co., Inc.
            (c)    Boyd E. Smith Elementary School Classroom Wing, Office, Gymnasium and
                   Kitchen Roof in the amount of $348,096.00 to Hinson Roofing & Sheet
                   Metal, Inc.
      (5)   Approval of the following Change Order:
            (a)    Midwest Voice and Data Communications, Inc., Technology package,
                   Change Order #3, Deduct ($3,126.91), (as presented)
      (6)   Approval to write specifications and advertise for bids for asphalt paving for the
            following locations:
            (a)    Central Office (South)
            (b)    Boyd E. Smith Elementary
            (c)    Bus Compound
            (d)    Miami Pre-School/Extended Day.
      (7)   Approval to Renewal Lease for the maintenance building (as presented)

       B.    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources’ Report – Jim Quatman
      (1)    Acceptance of Certificated retirements/resignations:
             (a)    H. Richard DeWitt, Social Studies Teacher, effective 8/15/07
             (b)    Dan Eckert, MJHS, Social Studies Teacher, effective 6/30/07
             (c)    Joann Evans, MJHS, Social Studies Teacher, effective 6/30/07
             (d)    Carol Heckaman, Gifted Education, effective 6/30/07
             (e)    Anna Kelley, Mulberry, Gr. 3 Teacher, effective 8/15/07
             (f)    Leslie Mueller, MHS, Spanish Teacher, effective 6/30/07
             (g)    June Ott, MHS, English Teacher, effective 6/30/07
             (h)    Ashley Scribner, Pattison, Art Teacher, effective 8/22/07
             (i)    Erik Vanags, MJHS, Social Studies Teacher, effective 8/19/07
      (2)    Acceptance of Non-renewals/Terminations:
              (a)   Stephanie Allen
              (b) Mark Ambrose
              (c)   Kenneth Andre
              (d) Douglas Ashworth
              (e)   Devin Ayers
              (f)   Sarah Baker
              (g) Mike Barbieri
              (h) Rich Bell
(i)     Sue Benskin
(j)     Julia Best
(k)     Donna Bibisi
(l)     Jesse Bihary
(m)     Joseph Bower
(n)     Jan Bryant
(o)     Ruth Bowling
(p)     Maria Boylan
(q)     Michelle Brandon
(r)     Miranda Branham
(s)     Charles Buhler
(t)     Carol Bullock
(u)     Lisa Burson
(v)     Debbie Burtoft
(w)     Heather Butler
(x)     Michael Calland
(y)     Tim Carpenter
(z)     Mary Cervantes
(aa)    Chris Chaney
(bb)    Paulette Clemmer
(cc)    Valerie Coleman
(dd)    Jason Conley
(ee)    Diane Curfiss
(ff)    Midge Denker
(gg)    Mary D’Errico
(hh)    Marvin Dickman
(ii)    Jennifer Drydyk
(jj)    Jo Ellen
(kk)    Keith Engel
(ll)    Tammi Eveslage
(mm)    Kelli Eschbach
(nn)    Dawn Eisenhower
(oo)    Carol Fischback
(pp)    Erica Fisher
(qq)    Patricia Foote
(rr)    Michael Fortin
(ss)    Stacy Glasgow
(tt)    Sarah Hadley
(uu)    Cheryl Hallquist
(vv)    Ann Harrington
(ww)    Jean Helbach
(xx)    Donald Heller
(yy)    Jeff Hoffman
(zz)    Brenda Huffines
(aaa)   Galen Hurt
(bbb)   Larry Huxell
(ccc)   Scott Johnstone
(ddd)   Stewart Katz
(eee)   Jerome Kombrinck
(fff)   Frank Lambros
(ggg)   Larry Lantman
(hhh)       Cynthia Lawrence
(iii)      Beverly Lawry
(jjj)      Kara Leonard
(kkk)      Angela Maccani
(lll)      Terri Magliano
(mmm)      Kelly Main
(nnn)      Bonnie McAleenan
(ooo)      Michael McClain
(ppp)      Virginia McCallum
(qqq)      Julie McCann
(rrr)      Sherry McClendon
(sss)      Deborah McKee
(ttt)      Sandra McKenzie
(uuu)      Lavette McMasters
(vvv)      Brian McMonigle
(www)      Vanessa Mears
(xxx)      Marjolaine Meeker
(yyy)      James Miller
(zzz)      Pam Miller
(aaaa)     Robert Morand
(bbbb)     Charles Mullinex
(cccc)     Chris Murphy
(dddd)     Terrence Murphy
(eeee)     Linda Murray
(ffff)     Travis Murray
(gggg)     John Norton
(hhhh)     Diann Novakoski
(iiii)     Raegina Nowak
(jjjj)     Carol Olson
(kkkk)     Nancye O’Neal
(llll)     Sandra Parfitt
(mmmm)     Kathy Patterson
(nnnn)     Doug Pelzel
(oooo)     Valerie Perez
(pppp)     Jamie Phillips
(qqqq)     Mark Potratz
(rrrr)     Elizabeth Price
(ssss)     Sandy Railing
(tttt)     Julia Reed
(uuuu)     Frank Ritzmann
(vvvv)     John Robinson
(wwww)     Paula Ruh
(xxxx)     Aubrey Rupe
(yyyy)     Amy Rupp
(zzzz)     Sherry Rutter
(aaaaa)    Vic Sabino
(bbbbb)    Patricia Sabo
(ccccc)    Ana Savitz
(ddddd)    Erin Schooley
(eeeee)    JoAnn Sedgwick
(fffff)    Phil Sheldon
(ggggg)    Kim Shifflett
 (hhhhh)   Molly Shaluga
       (iiiii)  Margaret Simon
       (jjjjj)  Brian Smith
       (kkkkk) Edward Smith
       (lllll)  Jari Smith
       (mmmmm) Mary Smith
       (nnnnn) Melanie Snell
       (ooooo) Sherie Snyder
       (ppppp) Kathleen Solt
       (qqqqq) Karen Splain
       (rrrrr) Linda Stadler
       (sssss) Melissa Sturgill
       (ttttt)  Connie Taylor-Bair
       (uuuuu) Michael Thalner
       (vvvvv) Kim Thompson
       (wwwww) Jamie Titcomb
       (xxxxx) Vicki Todd
       (yyyyy) Liz Underwood
       (zzzzz) Dan Vance
       (aaaaaa) Melissa Van Dulman
       (bbbbbb) Cindy VanSyoc
       (cccccc) Ed Trujillo
       (dddddd) Charlene Vonderschmidt
       (eeeeee) Key Voshell
       (ffffff) Phyllis Warfield
       (gggggg) Adele Wehrum
       (hhhhhh) Eric Widmeyer
       (iiiiii) Pat Whitaker
       (jjjjjj) Angela Williams
       (kkkkkk) Pam Williams
       (llllll) Howard Wunker
       (mmmmmm) Philip Wunker
        (nnnnnn) Toniann Szymanski
(3)   Acceptance of Classified retirements/resignations:
      (a) Margaret Habermehl, MJHS, Health Aide, effective July 15, 2007
      (b) Christine Ohmer, Pattison Elementary, Teacher’s Aide, effective June 30, 2007
(4)   Approval of contract recommendations of certificated personnel for the 2007-08
      school year:
      (a) Continuing Contract Recommendations for the 2007-08 school year
          1.     Tracy Baker
          2.     April Balser
          3.     Kathy Baugh
          4.     Kristy Blankenship
          5.     Pam Blosser
          6.     Jennifer Bross
          7.     Jennifer Bruce
          8.     Emily Conger
          9.     Jessica Cooper
          10. Julie Darland
          11. Heather Dingus
          12. Lori Dorn
          13. Claire Elson
          14. Shane Ferguson
    15. Melissa Gooch
    16. Debra Hall
    17. Dawn Harvey
    18. Lisa Holt-Taylor
    19. Heidi Huffer
    20. Judith Hykle
    21. Adam Brian Langdon
    22. Beth Laswell
    23. Vicki Lotz
    24. Erin Marcum
    25. Jane Mathys
    26. Kimberly McLaughlin
    27. Lynn Miller
    28. Laura Monahan
    29. Bridget Moore
    30. Melody Moorehead
    31. Scott Mueller
    32. Peter Parnin
    33. Samantha Pittenger
    34. Craig Rieck
    35. Donna Roberts
    36. Roberta Ruddock
    37. Katherine Rude
    38. Holly Ruff
    39. Debbie Russo
    40. Kevin Schulte
    41. Kathleen Seitz
    42. Heather Sparks
    43. Candice Spinelli
    44. Leigh Ann Virzi
    45. Steven Vonderhaar
    46. Christina Westerkamp
    47. Matthew Wiesenhahn
    48. Julia Williamson
    49. Amy Wolfe
(b) Two Year Contract Recommendations for the 2007-08 school year
    1.   Rindalee Akinbobola
    2.   Stephanie Alexander
    3.   Meghan Andrews
    4.   Cynthia Bachman
    5.   Kevin Ball
    6.   Elizabeth Bollmer
    7.   Tori Bothe
    8.   Kari Brandenburg
    9.   Brian Brown
    10. Angela Caldwell
    11. Tracy Carpenter
    12. Gloria Causey
    13. Kathleen Clark
    14. Michelle Claus
    15. Deborah Conners
    16. James Craven
     17. Julia Dunigan
     18. James DuPriest
     19. Mark Edwards
     20. Terry Flood
     21. Kelly Foster
     22. Deborah Hendrixson
     23. Amy Hepburn
     24. Kathryn Hill
     25. Stephanie Hoel-Pangallo
     26. Shannon Huff
     27. C. Jason Jacobs
     28. Stephanie Jones
     29. Nicole Knepfle
     30. Eleanor Kraft
     31. Eric Kroell
     32. Kristin Kurtz
     33. Christine Leonard
     34. Sarah Mahne
     35. Elizabeth McHale
     36. Nicole Meiners
     37. Eva Meyer
     38. Diana Miller
     39. Melinda Monterosso
     40. Brian Paul
     41. Julie Reitenbach
     42. Joanne Roberts
     43. Kristen Roessler
     44. Alice Roth
     45. Mary Jill Sager
     46. Blaire Schlosser
     47. Christine Schoen
     48. Paul Schrameck
     49. Katie Smith
     50. Craig Spite
     51. Douglas Stadler
     52. Kelley Sullivan
     53. Kelli Tacosik
     54. Deborah Talbert
     55. Christina Taylor
     56. Jodi Towner
     57. Brian Underwood
     58. Jill VanHimbergen
     59. Grace Wenstrup
     60. Julie Westermann
     61. Katie Yux
(c) One Year Contract Recommendations for the 2007-08 school year
     1.    Sarah Baker
     2.    Sharon Bohlen
     3.    Christa Borchers
     4.    Carrie Burger
     5.    Brianne Clink
     6.    Angel Croston
            7.     Brian Croston
            8.     Julie Davalla
            9.     Kala Davis
            10. Christine Engel
            11. Patrick Fagan
            12. Christy Foster
            13. John Hill
            14. Stefanie Hinners
            15. Stephanie Jacobs
            16. Shelley Johnston
            17. Tammie Johnston
            18. Lindy King
            19. Amy Larkin
            20. Anna Lorenz
            21. Shellie Lipka
            22. Charles Long
            23. Alison Mendralski
            24. Melissa Myers
            25. Krista Nunez
            26. Garry Parks
            27. Eric Reichert
            28. Andrew Sevachko
            29. Jim Siciliano
            30. Mary Beth Silvers
            31. Alicia Tetrault
            32. Damon Tucker
            33. Melissa Vaughn
            34. Geoff Wahl
            35. Doug Walters
            36. Jeremy Ward
            37. Melissa Winterod
(5)   Acceptance of Supplemental Resignations:
      (a)   Eric Vanags, Chess Advisor effective immediately
      (b) Eric Vanags, Boys Asst. Soccer Coach, effective immediately
(6)   Approval of Athletic Supplemental Contract Employment Recommendations for the
      2006-07 school year: (replacements)
      (a)   Site Supervisor on as needed basis: Tom Kilgore
      (b) Brianne Clink, JH Assistant Girls’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 0, $1,960
      (c)   Shane Elkin, JH Assistant Boys’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 4, $2,613
      (d) Rebecca Hupp, JH Assistant Girls’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 5, $2,777
      (e)   Lindy King, HS Assistant Boys’ Tennis Coach, Level 5, Exp. 3, $2,450
      (f)   Matt Jorden, HS Assistant Boys’ Track Coach, Level 7, Exp. 6, $4,900
      (g) Amy Larkin, HS Assistant Girls’ Track Coach, Level 7, Exp. 0, $3,267
      (h) Bill Marran, HS Assistant Boys’ Track Coach, Level 7, Exp. 42, $5,880
      (i)   Nicole Meiners, JH Assistant Girls’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 3, $2,450
      (j)   Valerie Perez, HS Assistant Boys’ Volleyball Coach, Level 6, Exp. 5, $3,430
      (k) Frank Ritzmann, JH Assistant Boys’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 5, $2,777
      (l)   Jim Siciliano, HS Assistant Boys’ Volleyball Coach, Level 6, Exp. 3, $3,104
      (m) Jason Vinson, JH Assistant Boys’ Track Coach, Level 5, Exp. 1, $2,123
      (n) Tracey Wharff, HS Assistant Softball Coach, Level 7, Exp. 13, $5,227
      (o) Earl Willson, HS Assistant Girls’ Track Coach, Level 7, Exp. 11, $5,227

(7)   Acceptance of Supplemental Non-renewals: These recommendations
      reflect the annual non-renewal for persons coaching/supervising or sponsoring activities
      who are not teachers and reflects the practice of the district and Ohio Revised Code.
      (a)        Mike Ambrose, Wrestling Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
      (b)        Phil Babinec, Wrestling Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
      (c)        Martha Bachmann, Home Instruction Tutor
      (d)        Kelly Bagnoli, HS Volleyball Asst. Coach – Girls
      (e)        Angela Bates, Site Supervisor
      (f)        Linda Bell, Site Supervisor
      (g)        Ed Beverly, Site Supervisor
      (h)        Donna Bibisi, Home Instruction Tutor
      (i)        Erin Bollmer, Soccer Asst. Girls Coach (VAR/RES)
      (j)        Damian Bose, Site Supervisor
      (k)        Damian Bose, Soccer Asst Girls Coach
      (l)        Karen Brady, Site Supervisor
      (m)        Haley Breeden, Cheerleading 7th grade (Summer/Fall)
      (n)        Haley Breeden, Cheerleading 7th grade (Winter/Spring)
      (o)        Kate Brown, Jr. High Swimming Asst Coach
      (p)        Kelli Brown, Cheerleading 8th grade (Winter/Spring)
      (q)        Megan Brown, Jr. High Swimming Asst Coach
      (r)        Carol Bullock, Home Instruction Tutor
      (s)        Melissa Byrd, Cheerleading 8th grade (Winter/Spring)
      (t)        Melissa Byrd, Cheerleading 8th grade (Summer/Fall)
      (u)        Jim Campbell, Boys Basketball Asst. Coach
      (v)        Gary Chambers, Site Supervisor
      (w)        Gary Chambers, Soccer Asst. Coach (JV) – Boys (50%)
      (x)        Chris Combs, Soccer Asst. Coach (Var/Res) – Boys
      (y)        Chris Combs, Site Supervisor
      (z)        James Costello, Site Supervisor
      (aa)       Corey Dauw, High School Swimming Asst Coach
      (bb)       Kristine Kierkers, Title I Tutoring
      (cc)       Lesley DuBois, Home Instruction Tutor
      (dd)       Bryan Edwards, Football Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
      (ee)       Kathy Edwards, Site Supervisor
      (ff)       Chris Elliott, Baseball Asst. Coach
      (gg)       Jan Glancy, Site Supervisor
      (hh)       Liz Grader, Home Instruction Tutor
      (ii)       Nick Grieco, Title I Tutor
      (jj)       Mike Hadley, Junior High Wrestling Coach (50%)
      (kk)       Nancy Haines, Tennis Girls Asst. Coach
      (ll)       Nancy Haines, Site Supervisor
      (mm)       Allison Hantak, Title I Tutor
      (nn)       Stephanie Heller, Site Supervisor
      (oo)       Kim Henderson, High School Volleyball Asst. Coach - Girls
      (pp)       Karie Hester, Site Supervisor
      (qq)       Angela Hope, Summer Band Guard/Summer Band
      (rr)       Megan Iles, Guard Advisor – Summer Band HS
      (ss)       Ed Jackson, Football Asst. (Var/Res)
      (tt)       Nathan Jennings, Summer Band Guard/Summer Guard
      (uu)       Jeffrey Jones, Home Instruction Tutor
(vv)      Matthew Jorden, Site Supervisor
(ww)      Matthew Jorden, Track & Field Asst. Coach, High School - Boys
(xx)      Matthew Jorden, Cross Country Head Coach - Girls
(yy)      Doug Kassen, Golf Head Coach – Boys
(zz)      Doug Kassen, Site Supervisor
(aaa)     Connie Klein, Site Supervisor
(bbb)     Wesley Lowe, Wrestling Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
(ccc)     Geoff Lucas, Junior High Wrestling Coach (50%)
(ddd)     Shari Lynch, Vocal Music Coordinator (1/3)
(eee)     Kelly Main, Football Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
(fff)     William Marran, Track & Field Asst. Coach, High School - Boys
(ggg)     William Marran, Junior High Football Coach
(hhh)     William Marran, Junior High Basketball Coach – Girls
(iii)     Leslie Martin, Pinette Advisor
(jjj)     Ellen Masters, Home Instruction Tutor
(kkk)     Chris McDonough, Site Supervisor
(lll)     Steve Morris, Junior High Basketball Coach – Girls
(mmm)     Diann Novakoski, Home Instruction Tutor
(nnn)     Joann O’Bernier, Home Instruction Tutor
(ooo)     Vickie Parker, Site Supervisor
(ppp)     Valerie Perez, Site Supervisor
(qqq)     Valerie Perez, High School Volleyball Asst. Coach – Girls
(rrr)     Valerie Perez, Dramatics Asst.
(sss)     Valerie Perez, Volleyball Coach – Boys
(ttt)     Arta Peschke, Cheerleading – Reserve (Winter/Spring)
(uuu)     Arta Peschke, Cheerleading – Reserve (Summer/Fall)
(vvv)     Karen Poux, Title I Tutor
(www)     Mike Rapp, Softball Varsity Asst. Coach – Girls
 (xxx)    Mary Jane Richardson, Site Supervisor
 (yyy)    Frank Ritzmann, Junior High Track & Field Coach – Boys
 (zzz)    Frank Ritzmann, Site Supervisor
(aaaa)    Frank Ritzmann, Bowling Head Coach
 (bbbb)   Steve Rogers, Tennis Asst. Coach – Girls
(cccc)    Cheryl Rutter, Technical Director
 (dddd)   Cheryl Rutter, Dramatics Coordinator
 (eeee)   Angela Schnelle, Home Instruction Tutor
(ffff)    Rich Schuckman, Football Asst. Coach (Var/Res)
(gggg)    Phil Sheldon, Golf Asst. Coach – Boys
 (hhhh)   Margie Simon, Home Instruction Tutor
(iiii)    Martin Skidmore, Site Supervisor
 (jjjj)   Kathleen Solt, Home Instruction Tutor
(kkkk)    Paul Splitt, Water Polo Asst. Coach (50%)
(llll)    Andrew Steinbrecher, Drill Team Advisor (Flag/Rifle)(Winter)
(mmmm)    Andrew Steinbrecher, Guard Advisor Summer Band HS
(nnnn)    Andrew Steinbrecher, Guard Advisor (Fall)
(oooo)    Linda Taylor, Cheerleading Head Coach (Summer/Fall)
 (pppp)   Linda Taylor, Site Supervisor
 (qqqq)   Linda Taylor, Cheerleading Head Coach (Winter/Spring)
 (rrrr)   Mike Thalner, Weight Room Coordinator (50%)
(ssss)    Vicki Todd, Home Instruction Tutor
(tttt)    Liz Underwood, Home Instruction Tutor
(uuuu)    Cindy VanSyoc, Wednesday/Friday School Monitor
          (vvvv) Jason Vinson, Junior High Track & Field Coach
          (wwww) Jason Vinson, Site Supervisor
          (xxxx) Key Voshell, Cross Country Asst. Boys Coach
          (yyyy) Key Voshell, Parking Lot Supervisor
          (zzzz)    Mary Jo Voto, Title I Tutor
          (aaaaa) Geoff Wahl, Site Supervisor
          (bbbbb) Alan Walsh, Junior High Football Coach
           (ccccc) Tracey Wharff, Softball Asst. Coach – Girls
          (ddddd) Patty Wolf, Site Supervisor
     (8) Approval of Home Instruction Tutors for 2006-07 school year on an as needed basis
          @ $17.50/hr.:
          (a)    Andrea Krawsczyn
          (b) Jamie Phillips
     (9) Approval of Certified Summer School Staff:
          (a)    Megan McCabe – Milford Summer Camp Teacher/Leader
          (b) Andy Serger, MHS Summer School Principal
     (10) Approval of Substitutes:
          (a)    Teacher Aide: Gina Kiser
     (11) FMLA (Family Medical Leave of Absence)
          (a)    Amy Hepburn, Teacher, Meadowview 1/22/07 – 4/13/07
          (b) Heidi Huffer, Teacher, Seipelt, 3/19/07 – 6/8/07
     (12) FCLA (Family Care Leave of Absence)
          (a)    Amy Hepburn, Teacher, Meadowview 4/16/07-4/27/07

     Information Item:

           (a)   PreK Summer Intervention will be provided for identified preschool students
                 who are not quite ready to move on to kindergarten and need additional
                 assistance with letters, numbers, etc. Six teachers will be hired. This cost will be
                 covered by the International Paper Grant. Five instructional aides will be hired.
                 This cost will be covered by the C & I Budget. Title I grant money will be used
                 for supplies.

C.   Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction – Dr. Kathy Frye
     (1) Approval of Out of State Trip – Milford DECA students to DECA Career
          Development Conference in Orlando, Florida, April 26 – May 2, 2007.
          No cost to the Milford School District.
     (2) Approval of the following consultant: Susan Vilardo, for providing elementary
          student and parent sessions on the topic of Human Growth and Development during
          April and May 2007, $700.00 total.

           Information Items:
           (a)     First Reading of the Preschool Social Studies Course of Study
           (b)     Ohio Achievement Tests – Grades 3-8, April 30 – May 11, 2007
           (c)     Kindergarten Registration Begins April 20, 2007

D.   Superintendent’s Report – John Frye
     (1)    Approval of senior students to attend Milford School tuition free for the 2006-2007
            school year
            (a)    Rebecca Buckingham
            (b)    Cassaundra Turner

                  (2)        Approval of agreement with the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Clermont
                             County, Ohio, provides special education services and special education related
                             services for handicapped students and students with special needs.
                  (3)        Approval to modify school calendar 2007-08 (6th early release day)
                  (4)        Second reading of the following handbooks for the 2007-08 school year
                              (a)    Employee Handbook
                             (b)     Extended Day Handbook
                  (5)        First reading of the following handbooks for 2007-08 school year
                             (a)     Preschool Handbook

                             Information Items:
                             (a)    Business Advisory Committee

III.     Board of Education

         A. Other action to be considered by Board of Education
         B. Public participation
         C. Next Regular Board of Education Meeting, May 17, 2007 at 7:00 P.M., Milford Board of
            Education Office, 777 Garfield Avenue, Milford, Ohio 45150

IV.      Adjournment.

                                                   Public Involvement at Board Meetings

In order to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective and efficient fashion, a maximum of thirty minutes of public
participation will be permitted at the beginning of each meeting. Continued public participation will be scheduled after the business portion
of the meeting as needed. In order to anticipate the time needed to manage an effective meeting, those persons who desire to address the
Board prior to the business meeting are asked to contact Mr. John S. Frye, Superintendent, at 831-1314.

Individuals will be permitted 3 minutes to present to the Board of Education. Complaints against a school employee are not permitted in
public session until the defined lines of communication have been met. Up to ten people will be permitted to address the Board of
Education before the business meeting. Additional persons requesting to address the Board will be scheduled after the business meeting.
Each person addressing the Board will give his/her name and address. The public participation may be extended by a vote of the majority
of the Board.