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Shy Ocean
Anatomy of a Shark
 Sharks belong to a family called
  Chondrichthyes. The members all have
  rather than
Cartilage not Bones
Cartilage is lighter than bones and helps
 the shark to float.
Sharks Comes in all Sizes
                  Whale Shark
Dwarf Dog Shark

     6.5 in
                     to 59 ft.
Mermaid Purses?
 Shark egg sacs
Lemon Shark
Lemon Shark
         Or FACT?
Great Whites
 Ocean Acrobats
Tiger Sharks
Garbage Cans of the Ocean
They eat anything they can and help keep
the ocean clean
The Real Jaws
 Meet the bull shark
Bull Sharks in Fresh Water?
 Bull sharks can live
in both the sea and
fresh water. They have
been found in the
Amazon, Ganges,
Mississippi and
Australian rivers.
Goblin Sharks
Found only in deep waters, are extremely
rare, live on
fish and
grow to
apprx. 10 ft.
Human Influence
Each year over 30 to 100 million shark
 are killed by nets, for food or for sport.
Shark Delicacy’s
Researchers combine shark cartilage and
cow collagen to make sheet to place over
a burn victim’s skin. The patient’s cells
invade, absorb
and replace the
sheet with new
human skin.
Great whites are now protected along the
coast of California, Australia, South Africa
and the Maldives. Wildlife Conservation
Society has begun
a tagging program.