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									                    OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                   CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL

Dear Parents,
            Thank you for your interest in our school. I hope that
our new Parents’ Handbook gives you a clear idea of the ethos,
education and facilities, which we offer at Our Lady of
Compassion. If, after reading through the information, you have
any comments to make I would be happy to receive them.

The education of your child is extremely important; it requires
commitment from both school and the home, working in
partnership to secure the best for your child. As staff and
governors we pride ourselves on the quality of relationships
between staff, and with pupils and parents.

If you were unable to attend the Open Day in the autumn and
would like to tour the school, or discuss any aspect of our
educational opportunities in more detail, please telephone the
school office to arrange an appointment.

Yours faithfully

C. P. C. Bentley
Head Teacher
                  OUR LADY OF COMPASSION

 The school has a strong catholic ethos.

 The general standard of children‟s behaviour and response in R.E. lessons is very

 The school is well regarded in the community.

 The moral and social development of children in the school is very good.

                                Most recent Diocesan R. E. Inspection – June 2002.

 The school provides a caring environment where pupils develop social confidence.

 Relationships amongst pupils and between staff and pupils are very good.

   The school works well with its parents in a close relationship of mutual respect.

 Provision for pupils‟ spiritual, moral, social development is very good.

 There is a good learning atmosphere.

 The school supports pupils with special educational needs effectively.

 Very good provision is made for extra-curricular activities.

 Pupils show courtesy, politeness and concern for others and a ready welcome for

 The school has very good links with the local church and clergy.

 Pupils trust the staff. The school family is bound together in a Christian ethos, which
  permeates all aspects of school life.

 The Head Teacher and staff have a very thorough knowledge of the pupils and
  exercise a very good pastoral role.

                                        Most recent Ofsted report – April 2002.

             - PROSPECTUS

Mission Statements                          Page 1
School Aims                                 Page 2
General Information                         Page 3
Details of Governing Body and Staff         Pages 4-6
The Curriculum                              Pages 7-9
Special Educational Needs                   Page 10
Pastoral Care & Discipline                  Page 11
Parents Association                         Page 12
School Regulations Statement                Page 13
Travel & Parking                            Page 14-15
Additional Information                      Page 16

 Admission Arrangements                     Appendix I
 Uniform List                               Appendix II
 School Calendar 2007/08                    Appendix III
 Key Stage 1 & 2 SATS Results               Appendix IV
 Before After School Provision              Appendix V
 Medicines Policy                           Appendix VI
 Home School Agreement                      Appendix VII
- Including Equal Opportunities Statement
 School Regulations                         Appendix VIII
 Data Protection Act                        Appendix IX

                       CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL

                            MISSION STATEMENTS


    Our Lady of Compassion School aims to serve the needs of the children of
    the Friary Parish, Olton, and neighbouring parishes in accordance with the
    Church‟s conviction that there is nothing of greater importance than the
    Christian vision of life, death, and the coming of God’s Kingdom.

    We will do this by promoting the spiritual, intellectual, creative and social
    development of the children within a caring community.


    At Our Lady of Compassion we try to:

    work hard

    help and respect others

    live peacefully

    and play happily together

    in the ways that Jesus taught us.

                         OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                     CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL


Our school provides a solid grounding in the Catholic faith for our
children and develops their love of God, our creator.

Our school values the achievement, and promotes the dignity and
worth, of each individual.

The School in the Community
Our school succeeds by working in partnership with the home and

Our school is of service to the local, wider and world community.

Our school is distinguished by the quality of care extended to all of its

The Curriculum
Our school curriculum will prepare children for the opportunities,
responsibilities and challenges of their secondary education and adult

We teach, and link, the knowledge, skills and understanding of
Religious Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Information
Technology and all of the Foundation subjects, within the context of
the school’s Catholic ethos.

We provide a rich variety of experiences and activities that provide the
spiritual, mental, physical, creative and emotional stimuli for the
children to fully develop as rounded individuals.

                  OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                    CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL


Our Lady of Compassion School is a Voluntary-Aided Infant and Junior School founded
by the Archdiocese of Birmingham to serve the needs of the Catholic Community living
in Olton, Solihull and the Acocks Green area of Birmingham.

Situated on the site of the former Olton Court Convent School, Our Lady of Compassion
School came into existence under the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull in September

The school currently has approximately 329 children on its‟ register (March 2007)
including 30 in the nursery class.

The schools‟ last Ofsted Report of April 2002 states:
“Pupils display a very high level of enthusiasm and pride in their school and enjoy their
lessons… The very good relationships at all levels are a fundamental strength of the
school…Pupils are constantly supported and in turn promote the caring culture and ethos
of the school”.

The school has a close spiritual and working relationship with the Parish, strengthened by
joint events like Christmas and Summer Fairs, as well as religious services that involve
the children in music and drama.

We are most fortunate to have the wise counsel and constant support of Fr. Ted Simpson
our parish priest, who regularly comes in to say mass, and is a longstanding member of
the governing body. We are also very lucky to have as our school chaplain, Fr. Austin
Hughes, who visits regularly to support assemblies, services and sacramental preparation.

Our close neighbour is the Servite Convent. Because the school was previously used as a
Secondary School, the distinctive character of the building adds to the unique quality of
the school, which is that of a caring, friendly and Christian community committed to
fostering and celebrating the spiritual, social and academic development and achievement
of our children.

The school has a „30‟ place Nursery, which operates a morning session. The Nursery has
its‟ own prospectus and criteria for admissions as set by Solihull Education Department
Criteria, a copy of which is available from the school office.
                            OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                           CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL

    The school is governed by a board of twelve governors:

   Seven Foundation Governors appointed by the Archdiocese.
   One Governor appointment by the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull.
   One elected Teacher Governor.
   One elected Parent Governor.
   One Staff Governor.
   The Head Teacher (Staff Governor)

    Foundation Governors
    Mr Peter Farrell              - Chair of Governors
    Father E W Simpson S.C.J.     - Vice Chair
    Mrs Annette Albutt            - Sites & Buildings Committee Chair
    Dr Steve McCabe               - Management Committee Chair
    Mrs Carol Foster
    Mrs Deidre Smith
    Mr Frank Mason

    Head Teacher and Staff Governor
    Mr Chris Bentley

    Parent Governor
    Mr G Alexander – Elected September 2003 – Curriculum Committee Chair

    L.E.A. Governor
    Mr M Fenn     - Appointed September 2003

    Teacher Governor
    Miss G Lawrence – Re- elected September 2006

    Non-Teaching Staff Governor
    Mrs L Hughes – Appointed June 2005.

    Clerk to the Governors
    Mr J Bullock

    The Governors are currently constituted into three main committees:
    Management and Finance, Curriculum, and Sites and Buildings
    which meet regularly in advance of the Full Board meetings.
    Other committees and working parties meet as the need arises

    The Full Board of Governors meets each term.
                           OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                          CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL

Director of Education: c/o Metropolitan Borough of Solihull
P.O. Box No 20, Council House, Solihull, West Midlands B91 3QU
Tel: 0121 704 6000.

Head Teacher
Mr C P C Bentley B. Ed.                                  D.M.S. Child Protection
                                                         Professional Development Co-ordinator
                                                         Educational Visits Coordinator
Teaching Staff (at 1-1-2007)
Mr D Naughton                                     -     Deputy Head Teacher
                                                        Literacy KS2 Coordinator
                                                        Assessment / Pupil Tracking Coordinator
                                                        Gifted & Talented (Very Able) Coordinator

Mrs N Wintermantle, B.A. Hons Q.T.S.              -      Numeracy Coordinator
                                                         Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
                                                         Girls‟ Welfare

Miss G Lawrence, B.Ed. Hons                       -      Foundation and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
                                                         Literacy Coordinator - Foundation & KS1

Mrs J Gibson, B.Ed.                               -      Art Coordinator
                                                         Music Coordinator
                                                         Modern Foreign Language Coordinator

Mrs A Vella M.A.                                  -      Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo.)

Mrs L Watts Cert. Ed.                             -      Nursery Teacher
                                                         History Coordinator - Foundation & KS1

Miss D Whitehead B.Sc. Q.T.S.                 -          Science Coordinator
                                                         P.S.H.E. Coordinator / School Council.

Mrs A. Deakin M.A. Q.T.S.                     -           ICT Coordinator

Mrs C Flynn L.L.B. Hons. Q.T.S.              -           History Coordinator KS2

Mr. R Dempsey B.A. Hons. Q.T.S.               -          Design & Technology Coordinator

Mrs L Hodgson B.A. Hons. Q.T.S.               -          Religious Education Coordinator

Miss L Cassidy B. Ed.                        -           P.E. Coordinator

Miss A McCauslin B. Ed                    -              Geography Coordinator (Temporary)

Mrs L Rowe B. Ed. Hons                    -              Class Teacher (Temporary)

Mrs P Redfern, B.Ed. Hons.               -            (Maternity)
Mrs H Kendrew, B.Ed. Hons                -            (Maternity)
                      OUR LADY OF COMPASSION
                     CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL

Teaching and Learning Support Staff
Mrs M Moutran                     Mrs L Hughes
Mrs D Tennant                     Mrs K Moir-Andrews
Mrs A Jones                       Mrs A Villers
Mrs A Carberry                    Mrs D Smith

Mrs W Fitchett                     Mrs K Freeman
Mrs J Fitzpatrick                  Mrs D Donnelly
Mrs H Nimmo

Office Staff
School Secretary - Mrs J Duffy
Bursar - Mrs R Foster
Admin Assistant - Mrs L Kirkland

Mrs L Kirkland

School Chaplains
Rev Fr. E.W. Simpson, SCJ
Rev. Fr. F. A. Hughes, SCJ

Site Officer
Mr Tom Wood

Lunch-time Supervisors
Mrs J Taylor      Mrs J Kearney
Mrs B Hardwick    Mrs C Greenan
Mrs R Sherman      Mrs S O‟Gorman
Mrs F Reed

Kitchen Staff
Mrs C Hutchin
Mrs R Riach

Education Welfare Officer
Mrs Jan Russell

School Nurse
Mrs Linda Heath

School Doctor
Dr. Kapadia

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