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Looking to the future...
Bradford Trident’s eighth year delivering New Deal for Communities

                                       A NNU A L   R E POR T   2 0 07 -2 0 0 8
               Looking to the future...                                                    Park Lane

                                      We’re in it for                                                                West Bowling

                                      the long run...                                  Marshfields                                  Aerial view of
                                                                                                                                    the Bradford
                                                                                                                                    Trident area.

                                      Welcome to Bradford Trident's
                                      eighth annual report.
Chair of our Board of Directors
                                      As New Deal for Communities funding comes
Cllr Ian Greenwood says:
                                      to an end this report celebrates the             The aim of Bradford Trident
‘Eight years ago we were awarded
 £50 million New Deal for
                                      achievements of Bradford Trident and looks       is to bring the West
 Communities funding for the          to the future role it will play in our           Bowling, Park Lane and
 Trident area. Our Delivery Plan      community.
 said what we would do and how                                                         Marshfields areas up to
 we would do it. When I look back     The original Delivery Plan 2000 - 2010 has
 now it is immensely gratifying       formed the basis for our work over the last      the district average in
 to see that almost all our targets                                                    the programme areas of
 have been met or surpassed.
                                      eight years and huge strides have been made
 Over those eight years there have    in all our theme areas. Educational standards    education, community
 been exciting and inspiring, as      have soared, crime is down, many homes
 well as daunting and challenging,    have been improved, public parks and spaces
                                                                                       safety, housing, health
 moments. The hard work,
 commitment and dedication of
                                      are cleaner and well equipped, community         and employment.
 my fellow board members, the         facilities have been built and improved,
 staff and all our partner            residents report being happier and healthier
 organisations, as well as
 countless residents, has resulted
                                      and many businesses are booming. By using
 in massive positive changes.         the Neighbourhood Management approach            Bradford Trident is a regional partner of:
 The key to our success has been      we are continuing to work closely with local
 empowering communities to            people to maintain and further the gains
 have a real and meaningful say
 in what happens in their
                                      that have been achieved.
                                                                                       Bradford Trident is a member of:
 neighbourhoods. Our Board has        Looking to the future careful use of our
 elected Community Directors and
 in addition we have a wide range
                                      assets will mean we will be able to deliver
 of community forums where            ongoing improvements to the quality of life
 people can actively engage in        for our communities for many years to come.
 the creation and delivery of         It is time now to start developing a             Photos in this report by kind permission of
 projects and services.                                                                Tim Smith, Steve Tanner, Harry Archer and
 Bradford Trident is no flash in
                                      Neighbourhood Plan for 2010 - 2020. This         Andrew Rainbow. Post-it and stamp statistics
                                      report is the start of that process so that      taken from Ipsos MORI Survey 2006.
 the pan - we’re in it for the long
 run. As the local community          the proposed Neighbourhood Parish Council
 anchor organisation Bradford         can be well informed of resident’s priorities.       Bradford Trident is based at:
 Trident will continue to work
 with partners to maintain the        Read on for a review of all our work                 Park Lane Centre
 gains made. We will use our          and an outline of future plans. Further              Park Lane, Bradford, BD5 0LN
 resources to attract further
 investment, public and private,      details are available on request or from             Tel: 01274 431441
 to ensure that all our      You can also              Fax: 01274 742134
 communities have the best            keep an eye on our progress by reading BD5 
 possible opportunities in life.                                                 
 I hope you enjoy reading about
                                      magazine or looking at
 our work so far and about our        A large print version of this report is
 plans for the future.’
                                      available on request.

                                                          PAGE 2
                                                          Looking to the future...
                                                                                  For further information please
              Neighbourhood Management                                            contact Mark Fielding on 432590

Current Neighbourhood                           Neighbourhood Management is
Management projects:
                                                becoming the cornerstone of Bradford
Neighbourhood Wardens,
Neighbourhood Officer,                          Trident’s work as the NDC programme
Neighbourhood Worker,                           moves towards completion and we
BD5 magazine,,
Neighbourhood Action Groups,                    begin a new chapter in the,
NRF Safer Cleaner Greener,
                                                development of our organisation.
Women's Forum, Youth Forum,
A8 Forum, Faith Forum,
Summer Celebration.

                       ‘Thanks to the
                        Wardens and the
                        Green Team the
                        area is a lot
                        cleaner than it
                        used to be.’
Local resident and Mayfield Centre
Worker Mohammed Siddique.

    Already our Neighbourhood Management Team is               massive impact has been made on
                                                                                                               ONLY 12%
    strengthening the structures that will allow for the       fly-tipping and graffiti, anti-social           OF PEOPLE
    continued involvement of residents in the delivery and     behaviour and dog fouling. The                             E
                                                                                                               B E L IE VM ,
    ongoing improvement of services to the area. This          wardens also make home visits to                         S
                                                                                                               VA N D A LI
    involvement may be by election to the Board of             reassure victims of crime and are a             GRAFFITI AND
    Directors or it may be through engagement in               source of advice and support for                DAMAGE ARE
    Neighbourhood Action Planning groups or through            residents, helping people to access              A SERIOUS
    participation in one of our themed forums.                 services and facilities.                         PROBLEM IN
                                                                                                                 THE AREA
    This process also involves agencies in direct participation. Using some of the resources generated COMPARED TO
    They take an active role on our board, in our                by income from our assets we will         24% IN 2002
    Neighbourhood Action Groups and in our forums.               continue this work which in turn will
    Through this approach stronger relationships and             help bring additional resources into the area and
    partnerships are built between residents and agencies continue to improve the quality of life for residents
    which results in improved service delivery, higher levels and give value for money to service providers.
    of resident satisfaction and greater value for money.
    The success of our Neighbourhood Wardens reflects          Director Cllr Sher Khan says, ‘Our wide ranging
    this approach. Our four-strong team regularly liaise       programmes are crucial to community cohesion
    with schools, environmental services and neighbourhood
                                                               in the area.’
    groups. They have worked hard on a daily basis to
    develop relationships that have helped address a wide
    variety of issues relating to community safety and the                        Pictures: clockwise from top left; Neighbourhood
    physical environment. Since the inception of the project                      Wardens, Green Team and the Park Lane Centre.

                                                                                    PAGE 3
                                                                                    Neighbourhood Management

                                                                                             s, better
New Deal for                                                          ‘New  school building
Communities projects                                                   equ ipment and fan
completed in the
                                                                       results. T here is no compa
                                                                                            sed to be
                                                                            h how schools u
                                                    Local resident
Education theme                                     Salma Mir.

since 2000:                                                             wit
                                                                        round here.’
School Community
Primary School
Learning Mentors
Excellence Challenge
Primary Project
Excellence Challenge
Business Links
TILE Project
Homework Clubs                                   Then...
                                                 Before New Deal for Communities only 24% of pupils were passing
Summer School                                    5 or more GCSE’s with grades between A* and C. Pupils didn’t expect
Higher Education                                 much and few went on to university or college. There was little parental
                                                 involvement and few opportunities existed for parents to learn at
                                                 school as well. Networks between schools and local organisations were
ICT Centres                                      under-developed and buildings needed repair. Levels of educational
                                                 achievement were very poor at the start of the programme but have
IT Support.                                      now outstripped national and local improvement.

                                          Over 200
Pictures: left; children putting a time      residents
                                          benefited f
capsule under the School Community                                   Community Director Sarah Hinton says, ‘We are
Room Extension at bankfoot Primary
                                            the Studen
School, middle; pupils from St.                                      very proud of our huge achievements in
Stephen’s C of E Primary School,                                     education. More and more of our children are
                                           Bursary Sch
right; the ICT Suite in use at Newby
Primary School.                                                      getting a head start in life.’
                                                                         For further information please
                                                                         contact Chas Stansfield on 437714

A good education opens the door to opportunity.
Bradford Trident has worked hard with schools and
partners to help improve standards. Results in the area
now regularly surpass the district average whereas in the
past we often lagged behind.

Now...                                                 The future...                            KEY S
Thanks to successful partnerships and the hard work
of all involved the percentage of children passing 5
                                                       Bradford Trident is delivering the
                                                       Extended Schools Programme for
                                                                                               100% MOR 4
or more GCSE’s grades A*-C has more than doubled       schools and children’s centres in
                                                                                                     E E
                                                                                               5+ A* NTS WITH
                                                                                                    -C GC
and is now above the district average. In addition     the area until at least 2009. The         SINC      S
                                                                                                      E 200 E'S
to the upgrading of buildings and equipment from       project organises courses for                       1
core education funding, Trident has added to           adults and a range of out of school
provision with a range of activities and facilities.   activities, including sports and arts, for
Each of our eight primary schools has been provided    schoolchildren during holidays. In addition it provides
with a community room extension that can be used       additional curriculum sports activity. We will also be
to work with the wider community in educational        continuing to support inter-school initiatives
courses and social events. Learning Mentors now        including the very successful Headteacher’s Network
help pupils to higher levels of achievement, pupils    and also be supporting Homework Clubs and the Aim
regularly go on residential trips and parents are      Higher Primary Support Project.
encouraged to actively support their children’s
learning. Homework Clubs, Student Bursaries and
the development of inter-school networks further
support the positive change that has been made.

                                                                           PAGES 4 - 5
               Economic Improvement

                                                                       ident has alwa
New Deal for
                                                                   ‘Tr                     of
                                                                           a great friend
Communities projects
completed in the                                                    been
Economic Improvement                         Local businessman
                                             and resident
                                             Amjad Ali.
                                                                    bu  sinesses in the
theme since 2000:

New Deal for Business 1 & 2,
Chamber Fees, Business Forum,
Development Loan Fund,
New Enterprise Fund, Jobs @,
Community Enterprise
Development, Business Facelifts,
Trident e-business, At Work,
Wage Subsidy 1 & 2,
Douglas Mills Feasibility,
Impact Trainee Support,
Youthbuild Trust, Work Skills,
ILM Development, Touch IT,                 Then...
Green Team ILM, I.A.G. Project,
                                           In December 1999 there was 12.5% unemployment in the area. In
Sports Action Zone,                        2002 only 30% of people were in paid work. The average household
Job Start Bursaries,                       income in 2000 was £265. All these lagged well behind the district
Opportunity Centre,                        average indicating deep and systemic poverty. Benefit dependency
Youth Build 1, 2 & 3,                      was also high and that was coupled with a low economic activity rate
IT Skills for Employment,                  of 42%. This was compounded by little targeted effort being made
Training and Skills Study,                 to address the problems.
Training Awards 1 & 2,
Urban Regeneration Team,
Adult Construction Skills,
Accent FAB Training,
Sports Employment.
                                     101 busi                     Business Director Vipin Joshi says, ‘We can’t
                                       start nes  s              tackle deprivation without improving household
                                    since J  ups                 incomes. The best way to do that is to support
                                           anuary                skills development, entrepreneurs and business.
Pictures: left to right; At Work,
New Enterprise, Youthbuild Trust,      2000                      This in turn will provide a skilled workforce
At Work, and The Grid.                                           earning money in local jobs.’
                                                                       For further information please
                                                                       contact Zubare Khan on 437651

Helping people into employment and supporting the
development of local businesses have been emphasised
in our work to improve the economic viability of the area.
Training and the attraction and retention of employees
have been at the centre of our initiatives.

Now...                                                 The future...
As with national experience getting people into work   Through the Opportunities Centre on Manchester
has been the most challenging part of our programme.   Road and our work with The Grid, which supports
Even so considerable progress has been made.           new business development through the LEGI
Unemployment is down to 8.5% and the number of         programme, we will continue to support residents
people in paid work has risen to 41%. The average      and businesses. We will also maintain our popular
household income is up 132% to £350 per week.          Business Forum which keeps local businesses in
All these close the gap on district averages.          touch with each other and with developing
Initiatives such as Job Start Bursaries and the Wage   opportunities, and seek partnerships with relevant
Subsidy Project helped both residents and employers    public and private sector agencies to attract
with the difficult first few months of starting or     investment to the area.
creating new jobs. The Training Awards project gave                                          I   PATION
                                                                                      PARTIC            G
grants of up to £1,000 helping residents take up                                               NIN
                                                                                       IN TRAI
                                                                                        UP BY
training opportunities. Businesses benefited through
the Enterprise Loan Fund. Trident E-business helped

to increase the number of businesses trading
electronically. Intermediate labour market projects,
like the Green Team, also helped local people back                                                 2002
into employment and benefited the Trident area by
providing a rapid response cleansing service.
YouthBuild provides training and employment
opportunities within the construction industry.

                                                                          PAGES 6 - 7
                                                                          Economic Improvement
                Crime Reduction

New Deal for
                                                                         ‘Havin  g more police on
                                                                               rol has given peo
Communities projects
completed in the                                                          pat
                                                                             onfidence in t
                                                       Local resident
Crime Reduction                                        Nageena Khan.
theme since 2000:

Secure by Design 1 & 2,
Business Target Hardening,
Community Police Team,
Community Watch 1, 2, 3 & 4,
Crimestoppers 1 & 2,
Vehicle Crime Prevention,
Burglar Alarms,
Alleygating, CCTV,
Improved Street Lighting,
Arrest Referral 1, 2 & 3,
Drug Interactors,
Personal Safety 1 & 2,
                                                      Crim                     Then...
Home-School Mediation 1, 2 & 3,                            es
                                                        1,00 per
                                                                                 High rates of burglary, car crime, and anti-
Youth Inclusion 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5,                                                  social behaviour all contributed to a high
Domestic Violence 1, 2 & 3,
                                                      dow 0                     level of fear of crime. Added to this was
Intensive Supervision and                                 n by                 the lack of uniformed presence in the area
Surveillance 1, 2, & 3,
Prince’s Trust Volunteer
                                                      42%                     and the absence of a co-ordinated multi-
                                                                             agency approach.

                                                                        ‘We need to remain vigilant to       CRIME
                                                                         ensure we don’t go back to the      CUT BY
                                                                         bad old days of high crime and HALF SI
Pictures: left; members of the Trident Police Team,
middle; Inspector Zahid Khan, right; Safety First
Mini Bus.
                                                                         the fear that breeds,’ says
                                                                         Community Director Akhtar Khan.        2001
                                                                         For further information please
                                                                         contact Umar Hayat on 434904

In 2000 Trident was one of the high crime areas in the
district with annual crime rates of 105 per 1,000 population.
Using a variety of innovative approaches and by pioneering
the concept of Neighbourhood Policing crime has
plummeted in the area and is now at or below the district
average of 60 per 1,000.

Now...                                                   The future...
Bradford Trident committed £1.5 million to the           Neighbourhood Policing remains at the core of crime
provision of four Community Police Officers to work      prevention in the Bradford Trident area. We are
exclusively in the area. This had an effect on crime     continuing and developing our Anti-crime Partnership
figures straight away. These officers are now            and will be working closely with residents to keep
supplemented by PCSO's. Hundreds of homes have           the improvements made in the last few years. We
had security improved through the Secure by Design       will maintain our direct links with senior police
project, CCTV cameras have been installed and projects   officers through our board, working groups and
like the Trident Intensive Supervision Surveillance      forums.
Programme have tackled problems caused by
persistent young offenders. Now these measures are
in place more emphasis is being put on engaging
communities to help police with information
gathering in order to make even greater inroads into
crime. Community Watch and Crimestoppers, for
example, are active partnerships with local people,
                                                                                              IMPROV N D
local business and the police. Now 30% more people                                                   OW
                                                                                              W I N DS TO
feel safer on the streets at night compared to 2002.
Only 4% of the population feel burnt out cars are                                             LOCK
a problem compared to 20% in 2002.                                                               00
                                                                                               10M E S
                                                                            PAGES 8 - 9
                                                                            Crime Reduction
                Health and Environment

New Deal for
Communities projects                                                              ‘The  whole area looks
completed in the                                                                   so  much better
                                                                                      han it did.’
                                                       Local resident Ivy Pell.
Health and Environment
theme since 2000:                                                                   t
Environment: Parkside Park,
Environmental Awareness,
Major Routes and Traffic
Improvement, Masterplanning,
Architectural Lighting 1 & 2,
Living Street Phases 1 & 2,
Environmental Improvement Early
Wins, Open Space Development,
Radwell Drive Play Area,
Ashton House Play Area,
Springmill Street Play Area,
Springmill Street Civic Area,
Trinity Road Football,
Chichester House Play Area,
West Bowling Open Spaces,

Woodroyd Garden,
Burnett Street Civic Area,                           Almost all public spaces were derelict and badly                  OPLE
Oaks Fold Improvement.                               maintained. Playgrounds were dilapidated. Key         OF PELITTER
                                                                                                            T H I N K ERIOUS
                                                     routes through the area were visually unattractive     IS A S
Health: Shree Prajapati,
                                                     and major routes were affected by speeding traffic               BLEM
                                                                                                             P R OARED TO
Healthy Living, Sports for Life,                                                                             COMP 2002
                                                     and lack of pedestrian facility. Rates of all major
                                                     health indicators were bad. Coupled with this people’s 40%
Nutrition Project, Health Trainers,
Dance for Health 1, 2 & 3, Minibus,
                                                     self esteem and their perception of their own health
Childcare Development, Aromatherapy,
                                                     being good were both low.
Mayfield Childcare, Health Planning,
Children’s Development Worker,
Dental Health Project,
                                                     Now on eople
Home Safety Project,
Speech & Language Therapy,
Older People Support,
                                                    25% of- below
                                                    smoke istrict
Occupational Therapy,
                                                                                     Community Director and Vice Chair
                                                     the d of 28%
Bradford Day Shelter Social Care,
Community Health Improvement 1 & 2,                                                   Zamurrad Khan says, ‘Keeping our
Health and Social Care Co-ordinator.                 average                           neighbourhoods clean and tidy is an
Pictures: left to right; Oral Health Project,                                          important contribution to the quality
Traffic calming, public art on the Living Street,
Woodroyd Centre.                                                                       of life of our residents.’
                                                                          For further information please
                                                                          contact Judith Atkinson on 434680

Being able to enjoy well maintained open spaces and
having newly equipped play areas makes our
neighbourhoods better places to live in. Linked to this
our programme of targeted health initiatives, aimed at
reducing chronic diseases and increasing exercise, have
improved the quality of life for residents.

Work on the Living Street to the west of Manchester      Health matters have been addressed with a wide
Road has transformed pedestrian and cycling routes       variety of initiatives. The Healthy Living Team has
through the area. It runs from Neal Street to St         worked to involve residents in activities like swimming
Stephen's Road. The soon to be constructed Manchester    classes and walking for health. It also improved access
Road bridge will connect the two halves of the route.    to services that many people were unaware of. Other
The bridge is supported by the Big Lottery through       key health projects include the Community Health
Sustrans and will link it to a District-wide network     Initiatives Fund, the Family Support Project, the
stretching to the Kirklees Greenway. New playgrounds     Dental Health Project and the Home Safety Project.
and multi-use games areas can be seen at a number        Now 44% of people consider their health to be good
of venues including Springmill Street and Ashton         compared to 39% in 2002. and 66% of people report
House. Improvements to public spaces, like those at      being happy all or most of the time.
Star Street and Clipstone Street, have made the area
look smarter as have new parks - particularly Parkside   The future...
Park and Springmill Street. Hundreds of new lighting
columns add security and safety and these have been      The new Health Inequalities Project will ensure better
enhanced by the Architectural Lighting Project which     access to health services. We will also be working to
highlights buildings of interest located at important    create more opportunities for people to engage in
                                                         physical exercise and to improve diet. At the same
gateways or routes within the New Deal area. To help
                                                         time we will make sure parks and open spaces are
maintain these gains the Green Team works to keep        properly maintained. The new Trident Park on Park
the area tidy.                                           Lane will open and we will seek more funds to make
                                                         the area look better still.

                                                                             PAGES 10 - 11
                                                                             Health and Environment
                Housing and Development

                                                                                           g on
New Deal for                                                              ‘T he new housin the
Communities projects
                                                                          Park Lane mak look
completed in the
                                                                           neighbourhood ds more
                                                                           better and a e area.’
                                                      Local resident
Housing & Development                                 Satnam Singh.

                                                                           variety to th
theme since 2000:

Facelift Pilot,
Facelift 1, 2 ,3, 4 & 5,
Obsolete Flats Demolition 1, 2 & 3,
Bridging the Gap 1 & 2,
Private Housing Condition Survey,
Univeral Matched Incentive Pilot,
Universal Matched Incentive,
Healthier Hearts Plus,
Environmental Enforcement,
Manchester Road Windows,
BD5 @ Home,
Private Sector Housing Loans Pilot,                                        Then...
Private Sector Housing Loans,
                                                                    Social housing was run down and poorly

                                                        6 ES
Private Sector Housing Market                                        maintained whilst at the same time private
Research 1 & 2,                                                      housing stock was in decline with house prices
Development Partner Selection,                                        well below the district average. Many were
Park Lane Preparation Phase,
                                                        H  PROVE
                                                                D BY in a poor state of repair. There was no
West Bowling Urban Village.                               FACELI T strategic plan for the area which
                                                          PROJEC compoundedby residents. being
                                                                                     other problems

                                                                       Community Director Greg Lucas says, ‘All in all
Pictures: first three left to right; Demolition and                    it means a better quality of life for residents in
new build at Park Lane, far right; A completed
Facelift terrace.                                                      both private and public housing.’
                                                                            For further information please
                                                                            contact Wayne Noteman on 432562

Improving and adding to the existing housing stock has
been at the centre of the Bradford Trident housing strategy.
Working with partners in the public and private sectors
unfit flats have been demolished, new homes built and
existing houses and flats improved and upgraded.

                                                                                              erty p
                                                                                          Prop      %
                                                                                             p 1820
Hundreds of privately owned houses have already            Poor standards of
benefited from the Facelift Plus, Warm, Dry & Safe
and Home Improve schemes with many more set to
                                                           management and property
                                                           repair in the privately rented
                                                                                            u ce 200
                                                                                              sin          trict
follow. Bulldozers have seen the back of old flats
preparing the way for redevelopment. Development
                                                           sector was addressed by the
                                                           Private Sector Housing
                                                                                                     st dis 3%
                                                                                               again of 9
partners Haslam Homes are building more new                Enforcement Team which               averag
homes for sale or rent on the Hutson Street site.          worked proactively with
Linked to this Bradford Community Housing Trust            landlords to drive up standards.
has invested £27m upgrading the tower blocks in
the Park Lane area. @ Home in BD5, the one stop
                                                           The future...
housing shop, offered a wide range of help and
advice in addition to undertaking liaison work with        Using our earned income we will continue to improve
residents whose property was being improved. The           homes through the Facelift Plus project. We will also
Homeloans Scheme helps residents fund their                be working with partners to further the development
Matched Incentive and Facelift contributions. The          of sites such as Reyner House and Dunoon House. We
Housing for Healthier Hearts and Occupational              will also continue to work with all our social housing
Therapy schemes improved conditions for those              partners to ensure standards are maintained and
living with chronic illness and disability by installing   that opportunities for further improvement are
appropriate facilities and helping residents claim         secured.
grants for items such as insulation and ventilation.

                                                                               PAGE 12 - 13
                                                                               Housing and Development
                Youth and Community Involvement

New Deal for                                                                 ‘There are so manyities
Communities projects                                                         places for com here were
completed in the                                                              to use than te good
                                                                              – and they a
                                                        Local resident
Youth and Community                                     Balaal Hussain.

Involvement theme                                                             quality too.’
since 2000:

Youth Forum,
Youth Support Fund,
Bradford Festival, Sport for Life,
Saturday Film Club, Project 5,
Trident Arts Project,
Bradford South Carnival,
Space Stage and Seating,
Reading the City, Trident Fund,
Trident Football, Key Fund,
Urban Regeneration Team, Youth
Incentives Scheme, Asylum
Seekers/Refugees Project,                            Then...
Racial Disadvantage Research,                                                                              Youth ent
                                                     Back in 2000 there was a desperate lack
Faith Communities Pilot Project,                     of provision for young people and a very           Unemp
Community Initiatives Fund,                          poor infrastructure of community facilities.
The Community Facilities Fund                        In addition there was also a lack of effort
                                                                                                                      di r c
                                                     to empower people. There were few structures
                                                                                                             b o w h
benefited 16 local community
                                                     in place to enable residents, and especially        -         e of 1
buildings and paid for the                           young people, to be involved in decision making.
building of the Mayfield,
Woodroyd and Park Lane Centres.

                                               YO U T H
                                                     U EN
                                                  E M NI Y
                                                    R ON                  Community Director Jamshed Khan says, ‘Our
Pictures: left; Trident Arts Project, middle    H A RDMWINNER
                                                  A S
three; Mayfield Centre before, during and
                                                AW                        programme has not just been about buildings
after, far right; Summer celebration.                                     it has been about empowering people too.’
                                                                             For further information please
                                                                             contact Umar Hayat on 434904

Community organisations have been supported in both
the development of buildings and in their capacity to be
more effective in what they do. In particular Bradford
Trident has been keen to work with young people through
youth empowerment programmes such as the award
winning Youth Forum Development Team.

Hundreds of applications for funding were made             and the Action for Youth project which offered
through the Community Initiatives Fund. Phase 2            accredited training opportunities for young people.
of the Trident Fund allocated £12,000 each to 16           Neighbourhood centres are an important part of this
organisations and the Community Facilities Fund            theme. We have opened the Mayfield Centre,
has helped community groups keep their buildings           Woodroyd Centre and Park Lane Centre. We have
in good condition and bring them up to modern              invested in many other centres - Chichester House,
safety and accessibility standards. Sport and the arts     the Italian Centre and the West End Centre at St
are also contained within this area with support           Oswald's Church to name just a few.
being given to Bradford Trident Football, the Sports
for Life Project and extensive support for arts activity
through links with Bradford Festival, local artists and
                                                           The future...
the ever popular Summer Celebration. There's               Our commitment to working with young people will
extensive support for youth development too. The           be supported through the continuation of youth
Youth Forum offers young people the opportunity            empowerment projects and at the same time we will
to directly engage in the decision making processes        be supporting centres as part of our overall
of Trident. In addition through the Youth Support          Neighbourhood Management programme. Small
Fund up to £1,000 can be granted to youth based            grants for activities will still be available and we will
activities in the area. Other projects included the        work in partnership with others to attract new
Youth Incentives Scheme which encouraged                   funding and projects to the area.
community work and promoted community cohesion

                                                                                PAGES 14 - 15
                                                                                Youth and Community Involvement
           The future of Bradford Trident

We will continue to
communicate to residents
                                         Bradford Trident will continue it’s work
through the BD5 magazine,                beyond 2010 and the end of NDC
events, our web sites and word
of mouth networks. It is through
                                         funding. In future years we will use
this work that Bradford Trident          our assets and further fundraising to
maintains an inclusive voice for
all. It ensures transparent,
                                         deliver more improvements in the area.
accountable and legitimate
processes are undertaken with
funding arrangements and that         The organisation
the community is best able to
                                      Bradford Trident is a company limited by guarantee and a registered
negotiate service level               charity. This will not change. What will change is the way people are
agreements with organisations         selected to serve on the board. At present there are plans to create a
like Bradford Council. We will        Neighbourhood Parish Council for the area. When this happens then
also make sure our work fits with     elected Neighbourhood Parish Councillors will be co-opted to the
the neighbourhood renewal             board as Community Directors. As part of its long term strategy
strategies of the local council       Bradford Trident has invested in property and this is managed by its
and central government.               trading arm Bradford Trident Trading. The profits generated are gifted
                                      to Bradford Trident and will be used for community benefit.
As described earlier in this report
we will continue to deliver
projects like Facelift Plus,
                                      Maintaining the gains
Extended Schools, Health              Bradford Trident is determined to maintain the gains that have been
Inequalities, LEGI and Youth          made in the area. As well as using its own resources to keep buildings
Inclusion projects for the            like the Woodroyd Centre in good condition. It will also do it by
                                      ensuring it is up to date with council and government policies so that
continued improvement of all
                                      it can best take advantage of new funding that comes along. Through
theme areas. Our work helping         Bradford Trident Trading it will sell its services to others and use the
to develop the area is also not       surplus to promote new projects in the area. It will work in partnership
complete. New developments            with outside agencies to make sure our communities get the best and
along Manchester Road will            that where possible initiatives we take become 'mainstreamed' so that
include a new retail building         they become a lasting part of services and facilities in the area.
adjacent to Pakington Street and
a new project at Dunoon House.        Neighbourhood Management
There will also be extensive
redevelopment of the Reyner           Good and effective Neighbourhood Management is a key part of our
                                      work. Our staff team, which includes the Neighbourhood Wardens, will
House site at the bottom of Park
                                      maintain the involvement of residents and organisations through
Road. Any profits from these          Forums and Neighbourhood Action Groups in the on-going improvement
developments are used to              of the area.
continue the regeneration of
the area.

                                               PAGES 16
                                               Looking to the future...
It’s time to start putting together a Neighbourhood Plan for                                                                        BRADFORD TRIDENT
                                                                                                                                    INVESTING IN OUR COMMUNITY

2010-2020. Please fill in this questionnaire to help Bradford
Trident find out what is important to you! Pop it in the post -
it’s Freepost - no stamp is needed!

SECTION A                                                                       Crime Reduction
Please circle the number that matches how you feel about the following          Seeing uniformed services on the streets.        1        2     3     4     5
statements. 1 = strongly agree, 2 = agree, 3 = neither agree or disagree,       Offenders should be helped to change their ways. 1        2     3     4     5
4 = disagree, 5 = strongly disagree                                             Not enough is being done to catch criminals.     1        2     3     4     5
                                                                                Youth and Community Involvement
Education                                                                       Community Centres should be self financing.         1     2     3     4     5
A good education is important for all children.     1    2     3     4      5   Providing activities for young people is important. 1     2     3     4     5
Courses for adults should be available in the area. 1    2     3     4      5   Forums and Action Groups are important              1     2     3     4     5
                                                                                ways for resident’s views to be heard.
Economic Improvement
                                                                                Health and Environment
People need help to improve their skills.          1     2     3     4      5
Business should get support.                       1     2     3     4      5   Fly-tipping and litter is a problem around here.    1     2     3     4     5
People must do some training if they are           1     2     3     4      5   People need to know more about health issues.       1     2     3     4     5
getting benefits.                                                               There should be more pedestrian and cycle routes.   1     2     3     4     5
                                                                                There should be more recycling.                     1     2     3     4     5
Housing and Development
Bradford Trident should continue to assist         1     2     3     4      5
owner occupiers to improve their properties.
More should be done to make sure                   1     2     3     4      5
rented accommodation is of good standard.
Choose the three things that would most improve your quality of life.
Please number them 1-3 with 1 being most important.
   Lower crime                  Better educational opportunities                  Better healthcare
   More police                  Less litter                                       More parks and open space
   Better public transport      More shops                                        More community events
   Better job opportunities     Improved housing
Other, please state:
How do you find out what is happening in your neighbourhood? Please tick all that apply.
   T&A                     BD5 Magazine              Regional Television
   Place of worship        Talking to friends and neighbours                                                  FREEPOST RRXR-XXZY-XAAZ
   Neighbourhood Forums and Action Groups
                                                                                                              Bradford Trident
Other, please state:
                                                                                                              Park Lane Neighbourhood Centre
SECTION C Please let us know something about you.                                                             Park Lane
Your age?                       0-18     19-25       26-35         36-50       51-65      66+                 Bradford
Your gender?                    Man      Woman                                                                BD5 0LN
Would you describe yourself as:          White       Pakistani     Indian      African    African Caribbean
                                         Slovakian   Slovenian     Czech       Polish
Other European, please state:
Other, please state:
I live in:                      Marshfield               West Bowling                     Park Lane
                                Little Horton            Parkside
Yes! I would like to be kept up to date with Trident activities. You can contact me.
Section C is optional and won’t be used by anyone but Bradford Trident.
                                                                                                                    BRADFORD TRIDENT
                                                                                                                    INVESTING IN OUR COMMUNITY
         Our Board and Advisors

Many thanks to the directors and advisors who served
on the Bradford Trident Board during 2007-2008.
Community Directors are elected by residents whilst the
others are appointed by the agencies shown.

Community Directors:                                                     Government Office Advisors:
West Bowling: Greg Lucas, Jahnzaib Sarwar (Vice Chair until Nov ‘07),    Helen Gibson - Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
Zamurrad Khan (Vice Chair from Nov ‘07), Sarah Hinton, Zahira Hussian.   Paul Lattimer - Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
Park Lane: Munawar Khan, Nawaz Khan, Akhtar Khan, Jamshed Khan.          Bradford Council Advisor:
Marshfields: Jaroslav Gorol, Khalid Mahmood, Isa Khan                    Dave Moss - Head of Service, Programmes Management
Council Directors:                                                       Janet Hulse - Objective 2, Programme Manager
Councillor Ian Greenwood (Chair), Councillor Sher Khan,                  Bradford Trident Trading:
Councillor Mohammed Jamil                                                Bradford Trident Trading Ltd was formed on 6 January 2005 and is a
Faith Directors:                                                         wholly owned subsidiary of Bradford Trident which is a charity.
Sister Julie McGing - Christian Faiths,                                  The trading company was formed to allow Trident to transact commercial
Mohammed Khan - Muslim Association                                       activities which a charity could not undertake. Examples are the
Voluntary Sector Director:                                               development of the former Reyner House site and the site at Park Lane.
Ali Jan Haider - Attock Community Association                            The independent directors of Bradford Trident Trading are:
Business Directors                                                       David Wilkinson - Interim Chair, Nick Chamberlain, Ian Hayfield,
Vipin Joshi – Sector Foods, Omar Khan – OK’s Restaurant,                 Ray Tate and Jennifer Rowe. Those nominated by Bradford Trident are
Nick Baggio – Ivy Guest House                                            Vipin Joshi -Vice Chair, Cllr Ian Greenwood, Jamshed Khan, Zamurrad
RSL Director:                                                            Khan, Ali Jan Haider and Jahnzaib Sarwar.
Will Jennings - Accent Group, Health Authority Director,
Health Director:
Anita Simms - Bradford City Primary Care Trust
Police Director:
Sarah Brown - West Yorkshire Police
Learning and Skills Council Director:
Paul Johnson                                                             Pictures: left; Springmill Street Park before and after, right; Former Deputy
                                                                         Prime Minister John Prescott MP talking with local young people on a
Advisors: David Wilkinson - Special Advisor                              visit to the area.

                                                                                                      PAGES 19
                                                                                                      Our Board and Advisors
                                                Facts and figures

                                         Here are some of the                                                                                                                 Trident’s activities have improved the area

                                                                                                                                                      % saying a great deal/fair amount
                                         improvements that have                                                                                                                           80

                                         happened since 2000.                                                                                                                             60

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               YES, agree
                                         Our main aim has been to ‘close the gap’, the                                                                                                    10
                                         statistical gaps between the Trident area and                                                                                                     0
                                         the rest of the district and to make the area                                                                                                         2002     2004        2006
                                                                                                                                                                                                  MORI Survey years
                                         a better place in which to live.
                                         Education                                                                                             Health
                                         Pupils passing 5 or more GCSE’s with grades A*-C:                                                     Percentage of people smoking:
                                         2001 – 24.1%                                                                                          2007 - Trident; 25% District; 28%
                                         2007 – 54%                                                                                            Crime
                                         Economic Improvement                                                                                  Crimes per 1000 population per annum:
                                         Percentage of unemployment:                                                                           2000 - Trident; 105 District; 61
                                         2000 - Trident; 13% District; 5%                                                                      2007 - Trident; 61 District; 64
                                         2007 - Trident; 6% District; 2.5%                                                                     Residents Perceptions
                                         Housing and Development                                                                               The seven tables on this page show the
                                         Residential Property Price Index:                                                                     progress made in the Bradford Trident area.
                                         2000 - Trident; 100 District; 100
                                         2007 - Trident; 282 District; 193

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Is there a lot of tension between different
                                                                      NDC Aggregate

                                                                                                                                                                                                NDC Aggregate

Fear of crime - safety walking alone after dark                                              Can influence decisions that affect your area                                                                          ethnic groups/religions in this area?”
                                    60                                                                                       30                                                                                                                  60

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NO, disagree
% feeling a bit/very unsafe

                                    50                                                                                       25                                                                                                                  50
                                                                                         % saying YES

                                    40                                                                                       20                                                                                                                  40

                                    30                                                                                       15                                                                                                                  30
                                                                      Bradford Trident

                                                                                                                                                                                                Bradford Trident

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            YES, agree
                                    20                                                                                       10                                                                                                                  20

                                    10                                                                                        5                                                                                                                  10

                                     0                                                                                        0                                                                                                                   0
                                          2002     2004        2006                                                               2002     2004        2006                                                                                            2002     2004        2006
                                             MORI Survey years                                                                       MORI Survey years                                                                                                    MORI Survey years
                                                                      NDC Aggregate

                                                                                                                                                                                                NDC Aggregate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NDC Aggregate
                                                                                         % believe it is a serious problem

                                             Litter and rubbish                                                                    Vandalism and graffiti                                                                                        Quality/lack of parks and open spaces
% believe it is a serious problem

                                    40                                                                                       35                                                                                                                  30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Serious problem in the area

                                    35                                                                                       30                                                                                                                  25
                                    20                                                                                                                                                                                                           15
                                                                      Bradford Trident

                                                                                                                                                                                                Bradford Trident

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Bradford Trident

                                                                                                                              5                                                                                                                   5
                                     0                                                                                        0                                                                                                                   0
                                          2002     2004        2006                                                               2002     2004        2006                                                                                            2002     2004        2006
                                             MORI Survey years                                                                       MORI Survey years                                                                                                    MORI Survey years
         Spending the money

This is how Bradford Trident spent its funding during
2007-2008, what it plans to spend 2008-2009 and what
will have been spent in total in each theme area by the
end of the NDC programme.
                                                                                               ACTUAL SPEND 2007 - 2008
SPEND 2007 - 2008                                              £
1 Jobs and Business                                     415,300                           7) Management
                                                                                                                         1) Jobs and Business
                                                                                          and Administration
2 Crime and Community Safety                            213,400
                                                                                                         7               1                   2) Crime and
3 Housing and Development                               772,600                                                                              Community Safety
                                                                                6) Programme                                         2
4 Health and Environment                                298,600                 Wide         6
5 Youth, Education and Community                      1,150,000
6 Programme Wide                                        297,000                                                                          3     3) Housing and
7 Management and Administration                         529,100
Total spend                                           3,676,000                5) Youth, Education
                                                                               and Community                                     4) Health and Environment

                                                                                                PLANNED SPEND 2008 - 2009
PLANNED SPEND 2008 - 2009                                      £
                                                                                    7) Management            1) Jobs and
1 Jobs and Business                                      65,100                                                          2) Crime and
                                                                                    and Administration       Business
                                                                                                                         Community Safety
2 Crime and Community Safety                             29,200                                                      1 2
                                                                                                         7                                   3) Housing and
3 Housing and Development                                56,600                   6) Programme                                   3           Development
                                                                                  Wide         6
4 Health and Environment                                103,100                                                                      4          4) Health and
5 Youth, Education and Community                        771,200
6 Programme Wide                                         54,100
7 Management and Administration                         159,700

Total spend                                           1,239,000                5) Youth, Education               5
                                                                               and Community

                                                                                               PROJECTED SPEND 2000 - 2010
TOTAL SPEND 2000 - 2010                                        £
1 Jobs and Business                                   6,531,600                       7) Management
                                                                                                                         1) Jobs and Business
                                                                                      and Administration
2 Crime and Community Safety                          4,140,300
                                                                                                             7           1                   2) Crime and
3 Housing and Development                            11,924,600                                                                              Community Safety
                                                                                6) Programme     6
4 Health and Environment                              4,799,900                 Wide                                                 2
5 Youth, Education and Community                    16,040,800
6 Programme Wide                                      5,032,600                                                                                3) Housing and
                                                                                                                                         3     Development
7 Management and Administration                       5,116,200

Total spend                                         53,586,000                 5) Youth, Education                   4
                                                                               and Community
                                                                                                                             4) Health and Environment

The budgets have been approved by the Bradford Trident Board of       The company became VAT registered on 1 January 2001 - Registered
Directors and a management accounting system is in place to           Number 865 4414 11. Bradford Trident Limited became a registered
ensure effective monitoring of projects and full accountability for   charity on 11 January 2005 - Number 1107561.
public funding.                                                       For more details on the financing of Bradford Trident’s work through
Our company limited by guarantee– Bradford Trident Limited –          New Deal for Communities, contact Company Secretary David Mosley
Registered Number 4084653 was incorporated on 5 October 2000.         on 437439.

                                                                                                PAGES 20 - 21
                                                                                                Facts and figures & Spending the money
               Looking to the future...

Pictures: left; xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx,
middle; xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx, right; xxxx
xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx.
       2 0 07-2 0 0 8

This report outlines the work of Bradford Trident, your local regeneration partnership. Please ring 01274 431441 for a detailed interpretation.

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