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					                                                                       Agenda Item 3 (vi)


                                Governance Report

                                Friday, 3 March 2006

1.    Purpose of the Report

1.1   To inform the Executive Committee of the membership of the support structures of
      the WBSP, which have been developed in consultation with the Pillar Executive
      Groups Chairs.

2.    Recommendations

2.1   The Executive Committee is requested to endorse the membership of the WBSP
      support structures as set out in Appendix 1.

3.    Background

3.1   At the January 2006 meeting, the Executive Committee received a Governance
      Report, which set out the Terms of Reference for the various groups within the
      WBSP structure. It was agreed that membership of the groups would be made
      available for the next meeting.

Contact Officer:   Clive Wright, Director
                    (01922) 654709
                                                                                Appendix 1

                            Safer and Stronger Communities

Pillar Executive                Chief Supt Bruce Gilbert (Chair)
                                Chief Supt Pete Munro
                                Julie Ball (Local Neighbourhood Partnerships)
                                Ross Bell (Community and Voluntary Sector)
                                Karen Adderley (Equalities Partnership)
                                Inspector Gwyn Bevan (Safer Walsall)
                                Jo Lowndes (WBSP)

Safer Walsall Borough           Dave Martin (Chair)
Partnership                     Chief Supt Bruce Gilbert
                                Chief Supt Pete Munro
                                Nozmul Hussain (SWBP)
                                Adrian Roche (GOWM)
                                Rosie Higgins (GOWM)
                                Clive Wright (WBSP)
                                Jamie Morris (Walsall Council)
                                David Brown (Walsall Council)
                                Cllr Melvin Pitt
                                John Brown (West Midlands Fire Service)
                                Andy Grosvenor (West Midlands Fire Service)
                                Helen Denton (Education Walsall)
                                Peter Brown (Walsall Housing Group
                                Dr Sam Ramaiah (Walsall tPCT)
                                Cllr Alan Paul
                                Pat Brown-Richards (West Midlands Probation)
                                Ian Willetts (Community Empowerment Network)
                                Pat Jennings (Youth Offending Service)

Walsall Environment Forum       Richard Bubb (Chair)
                                Steve Lewis (Walsall Council)
                                Keith Stone (Walsall Council)
                                Marie Newtown (Walsall Council)
                                Kauser Agha (Walsall Council)
                                Ewan Calcott (Forestry Commission)
                                Paul DiMambro (Accord Housing Group)
                                Mark Dixon (National Urban Forestry Unit)
                                Steve Docherty (Health & Social Care, WBSP)
                                Edmund Duckhouse (Resident of Walsall)
                                Bill Ellens (Walsall FoE)
                                Eamonn Flood (CEN)
                                Will Groves (Environment Agency)
                                Gerald Kells (CPRE/ Walsall FoE)
                                Diya Lees (CEN)
                                Jon Lord (Walsall Council)
                                Cllr Marco Longhi (Cabinet Member for Environment,
                              Transportation & Planning, Walsall Council)
                              Jo Lowndes (WBSP)
                              Julia Morris (Walsall Council)
                              Martin Normanton (Walsall FoE)
                              Chris Parry (Wildlife Trust/Black Country Consortium),
                              Wendy Powell (Accord Housing Group)
                              Simon Railton (British Waterways)
                              Mike Smith (Walsall Council),
                              Keith Stone (Walsall Council)
                              Mark Vickerstaff (Encams)
                              Stephanie Wickison (Forest of Mercia)

Safer and Stronger            Andrew Moult (Chair) (Walsall Disability Forum)
Communities – Neighbourhood   George Rowley (Chair) (Palfrey/Pleck Community Forum)
Element                       Julie Ball
                              Ross Bell (WBSP)
                              Frank Foster (Older Person’s Forum)
                              Sandhya Budhi (Walsall Women’s Forum)
                              Maureen Lewis (Walsall Women’s Forum)
                              Caroline Crolley (Walsall Women’s Forum)
                              Ken Whittingham (Walsall Disability Forum)
                              Nasar iqbal (Younger Person’s Forum)
                              Juned Ahmed (Younger Person’s Forum)
                              Noorjahan Begum (Younger Person’s Forum)
                              Manu Vyas (BME Forum)
                              Bambul Miah (BME Forum)
                              Jeet Sohal (BME Forum)
                              Rev Andy Smith (Walsall Multi Faith Forum)
                              Aftab Nawas (Walsall Multi Faith Forum)
                              Madeleine Holland (Walsall Multi Faith Forum)
                              Ricky Riggon / Gregory Aphiri (Voluntary Services)
                              Colin Sanders (Voluntary Services)
                              Sandra Borland (Voluntary Services)
                              Barry Dutton (Voluntary Services)
                              Debbie Niemann (Older Person’s Forum)
                              Tracey Pedley (Older Person’s Forum)
                              Angie Bradley-Davies (Walsall Voluntary Action)

                    Healthier Communities and Older People

Pillar Executive              Dave Martin (Chair)
                              Cllr Alan Paul
                              Cllr Eddie Hughes
                              Cllr Tim Oliver
                              Darrell Harman (Walsall Council)
                              Sarah Smith
                              Steve Docherty
                              Terry Mingay (Walsall tPCT)
Partnership Board     Steve Docherty (Chair)
                      Darrell Harman (Walsall Council)
                      Dave Martin (Walsall Council)
                      Councillor Tim Oliver
                      Tim Ferguson (WBSP)
                      Cllr Alan Paul
                      Kathy McAteer (Walsall Council)
                      Paul Jennings / Terry Mingay (Walsall tPCT)
                      Stella Forsdike (Walsall tPCT)
                      Dr Sam Ramaiah (Walsall tPCT)
                      Sue James / Sarah Smith (Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust)
                      Maureen Woodcock (Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust)
                      Steven Beardsmore (Learning Disabilities)
                      Malcolm Barton (Physical & Sensory Impairment)
                      Margaret Wilcox (Mental Health)
                      Fred Bell (Older People)
                      Mary Thorley (Older People)
                      Barbara Bird (Older People)
                      Caroline Crolley (Community Empowerment Network)
                      Frank Foster (Community Empowerment Network)
                      Bob Williams (HAZ Steering Group)
                      Kirpal Kaliroy (HAZ Steering Group)
                      Flo Smith (HAZ Steering Group)
                      Alison Davies (Walsall Empowerment)

                    Children and Young People

Pillar Executive      David Brown (Chair)
                      Pauline Pilkington (Walsall Council)
                      Helen Denton (Education Walsall)
                      Tony Stainer (Education Walsall)
                      Jane Evans (Walsall tPCT)
                      Darrell Harman (Walsall Council)
                      Tim German (Education Walsall)
                      Andy Driver (Walsall Council)

Partnership Board     David Brown (Chair)
                      Jane Evans (Walsall tPCT)
                      Pauline Pilkington (Walsall Council)
                      Helen Denton (Education Walsall)
                      Michael Hiscox (Education Walsall)
                      Derek Powis (Connexions)
                      Laura Wells (Walsall Council)
                      Di Brady (NCH)
                      Mary Thorley (Walsall Carers)
                      Andy Driver (Walsall Council)
                      Helen Hipkiss (Walsall Hospitals)
                               Simon Langford (Walsall Health Trust)
                               Tim German (Education Walsall)
                               Vince Williams (Youth Opinions Unite)
                               Pat Jennings (Walsall Council)
                               Nozmul Hussain (Safer Walsall Partnership)
                               Diane McNulty (Safer Walsall Partnership)

                        Economic Development and Enterprise

Pillar Executive               Tim Johnson (Chair)
                               Andrew Rumble (WBSP)
                               Peter Cromar (WRC)
                               Bill Fryer (Future Foundations)

Partnership – Walsall          Peter Cromar (Chair)
Economic Regeneration          Tim Johnson (Walsall Council)
                               Clive Wright (WBSP)
                               Chris Butler (Private Business)
                               Keith Anderson (Private Business)
                               Chris Andrews (Fujitsu)
                               Keith Stanley (Chamber of Commerce)
                               Cllr Adrian Andrew
                               Bill Fryer (Future Foundations)
                               Jenny Brett (Learning and Skills Council)
                               Mike Bushell (Black Country Business Link)
                               Charles Roach (Black Country Investment)
                               Gary Egginton (Jobcentre Plus)
                               Chris Ball (WALCAT)
                               Prof Craig Mahoney 9Wolverhampton University)
                               Carole Wildman (Walsall Housing Group)
                               Ian Willetts (Community Empowerment Network)
                               Richard Bubb (Groundwork)
                               Mark Depew (Future Foundations)
                               Ranjit Sohal (Black Country Asian Business Association)
                               Tony Kemshall (Walsall Civic Society)
                               John Brewer (Steps to Work)
                               Bob Crundwell (New Deal for Communities)
                               Sue Hatton (GOWM)
                               Nic Cole (GOWM)
                               Stella Forsdike (Walsall tPCT)
                               Terry Mingay (Walsall tPCT)
                               David Trethewey (Walsall Council)
                               John Price (Education Business Partnership)
                               Ricky Riggan (ACSERG)
                               Chris Handy (Accord Housing)

Cross Pillar Group             Dick Hackett (New Deal for Communities) (Chair)
Inspector Gwyn Bevan (Safer Walsall Borough P’ship)
Karen Adderley (Equalities Partnership)
Jo Lowndes (WBSP)
Clive Wright (WBSP)
Julie Ball (Local Neighbourhood Partnerships)
Richard Bubb (Walsall Environment Forum)
Steve Lewis (Walsall Environment Forum)
Mark Chaplin (Walsall Housing Partnership)
Darrell Harman (Health and Social Care Partnership)
Tim German (Children and Young People Partnership)
Ian Willetts (Community Empowerment Network)
Andrew Rumble (PoWER)
Karen Adderley (Walsall Council)
Tim Challans (Walsall Council)
Colin Robinson (Lifelong Learning Alliance)