2009-2010 LovePit Minutes - Michigan District Circle K International by gabyion


									LovePit Meeting
January 30, 2010
Central Michigan University, Lake Huron Room, Mount Pleasant, MI

                     Meeting Chair: Becky Garbutt, District Governor

 1.      Meeting called to order at 10:11 A.M. by Becky Garbutt.
 2.      Roll Call: Stefanie Hosford (10:12 A.M.)
             i. District Governor Becky Garbutt
            ii. District Secretary/Treasurer Stefanie Hosford
           iii. District Editor Courtney Meyer
           iv.  Adrian College Representative Anthony Spangler
            v.  Albion College Representative Jonathan Rennhack
           vi.  Central Michigan University Representative Dawners Siemiet
          vii.  Eastern Michigan University Representative Rachel Webster
                Grand Valley State University Representative Holly Yee
         viii. Lawrence Technological University Representative Krysta Foster
           ix. Michigan State University Representative Karen Helfrick
            x. Northwood University Representative Laura Wierenga
           xi. Oakland University Representative Amber Updyke
          xii. University of Michigan Representative Charlie Goelz late
         xiii. Wayne State University Representative Danica Aquino
         xiv. District Convention Chair Ashley Malmsten
          xv. Onto International Convention Chair Kristina Croes
         xvi. Information Technology Chair Shaun Pezeshki
        xvii. Kiwanis Family Relations Chair Natalie Kittikul
       xviii. Membership Development and Education Chair Alyssa Meyer
         xix. Service Events Chair Andrew Smith
          xx. Regional Advisor Kiwanis Chair Dave Foster
         xxi. District Administrator Liz Luttrell-Wilson
      b. Absent:
         i.     Ferris State University Representative Julia Przbyla
        ii.     Great Lakes Christian University Representative
       iii.     Hillsdale College Representative Thomas Currey
      iv.       Assistant District Administrator Tifanie Dallen
     c. Guests
        i.      Davenport Representative CJ Davis
       ii.      Key Club Governor Lily Schmidt
      iii.      Subregional Representative Tim Pritchett
      iv.       Adam Matcki
3.      Approve Agenda (10:17 A.M.)
            i.  Courtney entertains a motion to add bylaw amendment considerations to the
                        a.     Second: Karen
                        b.     Motion passes unanimously
           ii. Becky entertains a motion to approve LovePit agenda
                        a.     So moved: Dawn
                        b.     Seconded: Courtney
                        c.     Motion passes at 10:18 A.M.
4.      Approve Minutes from Snowpia (12/5/09) (10:18)
                        a.Charlie entertains a motion to approve the Snowpia meeting minutes.
                        b. Seconded: Dawn
                        c. Motion passes at 10:20 A.M.
5.      Kiwanis Remarks (10:20 A.M.)
            i.  Baker college had 16 people show up at their first meeting that were interested;
                are having another meeting in Feb, and are hopefully sending paperwork in before
           ii.  Davenport sent in charter stuff, happy to have Lawrence Tech stuff in
          iii. Working with Cooley Law School
          iv.   Liz will be done with CKI March 31st, because she is running for Kiwanis
6.      Key Club Remarks (10:22 A.M.)
7.      International Update (10:23 A.M.)
            i.  The name of CKI and structure is going to stay the same.
           ii.  ICON Updates
                        a.     Working on Icon speaker (from Survivor: Africa)
                        b.     Everything is done through International this year.
                         c.    Cost is $345; includes food, lodging, and registration.
8.      District Officer Updates (10:26 A.M.)
                         i.    Composed the Kiwanis Family Luncheon and President's Banquet
                               scripts for District Convention
                        ii.    Continued producing editions of "One Can Make a Difference"
                               email publication
                       iii.    Connected with and assisted clubs in producing bulletins
                       iv.     Received articles for and created the winter edition of The Helping
                               Hand, to be released after this weekend
                        v.     Re-formatted the district bylaws and reviewed them for
                               consistency with the district policy codes updated this year
                       vi.     Revised officer service agreements
                    vii.    Created district committee and chair applications for the 2010-
                            2011 year
                    viii.   Prepared a handout for the incoming editors for my workshop at
                            the district convention
                    ix.     Attended all executive board chats and The University of Michigan
                            CKI's Serve-A-Thon
                    x.      Completed an article for the Michigan District of Kiwanis's
                            Michigan Builder.
             b. Becky
                     i.     Completed scripts for DCON.
                     ii.    Worked on DCON logistics.
                     iii.   Continued chats with presidents
             c. Stefanie
                     i. Completed Tasks
                            a.       Composed the Governor’s Farewell Brunch for DCON, and
                                     worked on the opening sessions script.
                            b.       Completed the first addendum, and began work on a second
                            c.       Attended all executive board chats.
                            d.       Began preparing a handout for incoming secretaries and
                    ii. Important Information
                            a.       Reminded clubs about dues, contact information, and
                                     passed on tax information.

 9.   District Chair Updates (10:34 A.M.)
              a. Alyssa:
                     i.     Published second edition of membership development and
                            education newsletter.
                     ii.    Working on general PR materials to help clubs who aren’t sure
                             how to market themselves against other service organizations
                     iii.   Wrote an article for The Helping Hand.
                     iv.    Went through chartering booklet with recently chartered clubs to
                            see if anything needs to be added.
              b. Andrew
                     i.     Talks to Habitat regularly.
                     ii.    Most of focus has been on DCON.

              c. Natalie
                      i.   Had serve a thon last weekend for first time ever
                      ii.  Trying to help clubs achieve interclub goal
              d. Shaun
                      i.   Website will be up by DCON.
10.   District Awards Discussion (10:37 A.M.)

11.   ICON 2010 Update (10:39 A.M.)
12.   DCON 2010 Update (10:47 A.M.)
              a.    Will be distributing a half sheet info page to those present at LovePit.
              b.    Schedule is basically finalized, minus part of Saturday
              c.    Have officer training during the first session of workshops.
              d.    Currently finalizing workshops.
13. DCON 2010 Workshop Applications (10:53 A.M.)
              a.Workshop application approved (10:57 A.M.)
14. District Committee Chair 2010-2011 Applications (10:58 A.M.)
15. Board of Representative Discussion (11:02 A.M.)
      a. Voting
              a.    Option 1: 9 out of 13 voted yes
              b.    Option 2: 11 voted no, 1 abstained
              c.    Option 3: 1 voted yes, 11 voted no
              d.    Option 4: 11 voted yes.
      Options 1 and 4 will be brought up at the House of Delegates.
   b. Vice Governor Discussion
              i.    Dawn moved to limit discussion on vice governor position to 7 minutes.
              ii.   Seconded: Karen
              iii.  Motion passes at 11:32 A.M.

      9 people opposed, 1 abstain, 1 voted. The idea of a vice governor will not be brought up
      at the HOD.

16.   Bylaws ( 11:39 A.M.)
            a.We will set a date/time for a phone vote.
17.   Club Updates
            a. Dawn makes the motion to move club update and roundtable discussion to
            b. Motion seconded by Anthony.
            c. Motion passes at 11:46 A.M.

18.   Adjournment
            a.Becky entertains a motion to adjourn the meeting.
            b. So moved: Charlie
            c. Seconded: Dawn
            d. Meeting adjourned at 11:46 A.M.

                                                                         Respectfully submitted,

                                                                         Stefanie A. Hosford
                                                        2009-2010 District Secretary-Treasurer

                                                   Michigan District of Circle K International

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