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MED SCULPT Body contouring


MED SCULPT Body contouring

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									MED SCULPT


                                                                      w w w . a l d e r m n a . c o m
                                                                                     ULTR ASOUND TECHNOLOGY
                                                                          BODY SCULPTING
B      y combining massage with ultrasound energy, the MedSculpt
       represents the latest advancement in computerized, non-
invasive, Body Contouring technology. The various levels of intensity

offered by the MedSculpt offers the operator the flexibility to provide
a wide range of non-invasive procedures, such as cellulite, tissue         TISSUE TONING
toning, localized fat and tissue relaxation, and pre & post liposuction
treatment. In addition, the revolutionary elastomeric membrane
                                                                           FAT & TISSUE
piece allows treatments to be administered effectively without
sacrificing patient comfort.

The MedSculpt offers patients a toned, smoother and healthier tissue,      PRE & POST
as well as general remodeling of the entire treated area.                  LIPOSUCTION tx.
               HOW CELLULITE’
               IS FORMED
                    All the muscles of
                                                       The result,
the body are wrapped in a padding
of fatty connective tissue. The fatty
                                                        and long BEFORE	                         							AFTER
cells of padding, bathed in a liquid
medium, are held in place by a network
                                                      Giuseppe Pacilli, MD
of fibers, nourished and cleansed by                                ITALY

body fluids - these fluids cleansed by

body fluids - these fluids cleanse the fatty
                                                                               BEFORE	          							AFTER
tissue. Cellulitis, or “liposdistrophia cutanea

is formed when the cleansing process is

slowed down thus flooding the tissue with waste

materials that thicken into gelatin-like substance                             TECHNOLOGY
and hardens to form immovable pockets.
                                                               The MedSCULPT works by directly target-

                                                                  ing the compacted layer of cells.

                                                                     The elastomeric membrane,

                                                                       made of special resin (synthetic rubber) subjects
                                                                         the tissues to an intense mechanical message,

 MedSculpt                                                                 stimulating the venous and lymphatic circulation

                                                                             and allowing the reabsorption    of the stasis

                                                                             liquid. Shifting of the subtaneous fat occurs
 represents the latest
                                                                             as the elastomeric membrane lifts up, folds,
 advancement in                                                              presses and stretches the skin according to a

 computerized, noninvasive,                                                  computerized sequence.

 Body Contouring Technology                                                  Ultrasound can also be added in conjunction

 by combining Massage                                                      with the benefits of the intense mechanical

                                                                         massage to ensure deeper action on the treated
 with Ultrasound
                                                                        tissue. The oscillation of tissue particles, induced
 technology.                                                           by Ultrasound, determines the breaking up of the

                                                                     fibres and improves the metabolism of tissues.

                                                          1.                                    2.

                                                           ThE	spEciAl	shApE	OF	ThE	             ThE	 sucTiOn	 mOTiOn	 And	
                                                           ElAsTOmERic	mEmBRAnE	And	             ThE	shApE	OF	ThE	inTERFAcE	
                                                           ThE	 dEpREssiOn	 gEnERATEd	           mEmBRAnE	pulling	ThE	skin	
                                                           By	 ThE	 pnEumATic	 ciRcuiT	          vERTicAlly,	 BEnding	 And	
                                                           ARE	 ThE	 mAin	 FEATuREs	 TO	         pREssing	 iT,	 pROducEs	 ThE	
                                                           OBTAin	 A	 dEEp	 mEchAnicAl	          BlunT	 dissEcTiOn	 OF	 ThE	
                                                           mAssAgE.                              BEllOw	TissuEs.
                                                                                                                 patiEnt protocol

                                                      The patient protocol for the MedSCULPT consists of eight sessions with the vacuum operated

                                                    massage, scheduled twice a week, before beginning hydrolipclasias/ultrasound treatment. The number of the latter

                                                    sessions range from four to six, at three week intervals. This is followed by an additional ten sessions of massage

                                                      alone, twice a week, starting four days after the final

...membrane lifts, folds,                              hydrolipoclasias / ultrasound session.

   presses and streches
              the skin...
handpieces with
interchangeable membranes
MedSCULPT comes equipped with two body
handpieces connected to the unit to address
a number of various treatments. Both the
handpieces are provided with a display that
shows both number and duration of treatment
in use. Interchangeable elastomeric membranes
are available with different sizes and hardness, to
obtain a differentiated messaging action.

ElastomEric handpiEcE
The special shape of the elastomeric membrane and
the depression generated by the pneumatic circuit are the
main features to obtain a deep mechanical message. The
suction motion and the shape of the interface membrane
pulling the skin vertically, bending and pressing produces
the blunt dissection of the bellow tissues.

Ultrasonic handpiEcE
Generated from mechanic energy waves that interact with the
biological tissues, the acoustic vibration frequency beyond
human audio (>20kHz) is known as Ultrasound.

By releasing ultrasound waves of proper frequency, the
acoustic vibration is transmitted to the targeted tissue in
conjunction with the mechanical effect delivered by the
Ultrasonic Handpiece. This effect stimulates the arterial,
venous and lymphatic circulating thus improving the
reabsorption of stasis liquid and redistributing the
subcutaneous fat.

10.4” touch-screen display or
wireless keyboard
A wide 10.4” high resolution touch screen display
or the wireless keyboard serves as the main
control panel allowing the operator to easily
adjust parameters according to the patient’s
skin characteristics. For less experienced
operators, the display offers an “auto-
setting” mode in which the system
advises the most suitable profile in
accordance to the patient’s skin

   - Efficacious
   - Always Outpatient Procedure
   - No patient downtime
   - Extremely fast
   - Reduced number of treatments
   - Minimal side effects
   - Advanced managing software

                                   Power Supply:     220/240 V AC (or 100/130 V) ; 50/60 Hz monophase
                                      Line Fuses:    4 at 230 V (46.3 AT for 100/130 V version)
                             Power Absorption:       500 VA
                                   Max. Vacuum:      850 mbar
                                  Number of Exits:   3, which can be selected from the display
                    Preselected Programs:            120 programs : Elastomeric handpiece (72 programs) ; Ultrasound
                                                     handpiece (48 programs)
                    Ultrasound Frequency:            3 MHz (10% allowance)
               Max. Ultrasound Density.:             3 W/cm2
                                     Dimensions:     19.69 “ x 31.5 “ x 73.23 “ (h)
                                          Weight:    115.7 lbs.

                                     Applications:   Cellulite ; Tissue Toning ; Reflexology ; Pre and Post Liposuction tx.
                                     Safety Class:   FDA ; CE

                                                     ALDERM, NA LLC                        International   General Project (GP)
                                                     17951 Sky Park Circle, Ste. G         Distributor:    Florence, ITALY

                                                     Irvine, California 92614                    
                                                     Tel:     800.254.8505                       
w w w . a l d e r m n a . c o m                      Fax:     949.250.8821

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