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					                        CAPE FEAR REGIONAL THEATRE

The Production Manager is responsible for the planning and physical realization of each
production, reporting to the Producer (creative team/design/ scheduling) and Managing
Director (finances/contracts/health & safety), and working closely with the Technical
Director (health & safety/theatre maintenance/construction). Sets are usually built on site.
Responsibilities are:

      to organize the costing, purchase and delivery of all production materials and their
      to manage and strictly control the production budget as set by the Managing
       Director, abiding by the company’s financial systems
      to liaise with and support the director and designers engaged by the theatre
      to plan and produce detailed production schedules in consultation with the
       Producer and Technical Director and taking into account the availability and
       needs of the production’s creative team
      to ensure strict adherence to schedules and deadlines
      to be jointly responsible, with the Technical Director, for ensuring that the design
       complies with licensing and health and safety regulations, that the theatre is
       always a safe working environment and that all persons follow the theatre’s health
       and safety policy and procedures; to complete appropriate risk assessments for
       each production in liaison with the Technical Director
      to organize and lead regular production meetings
      to book all set builders, painters/scenic artists and crew in liaison with the
       Producer and Technical Director
      to organize transportation for the production in liaison with the Technical Director
      to oversee the load-in and strike of the set, and to take a hands-on role throughout
       production week
      to be available throughout the run of the production to deal with any matters
      to act always in the best interests of the theatre
      demonstrate superb management and communication skills
      excel in problem-solving skills and attention to detail
      demonstrate experience with small, tight budgets and bringing projects in within
      demonstrate knowledge of current theatre software and ability to realize set
      have knowledge of first aid at work certificate and/or formal Health & Safety
      demonstrate up to date knowledge of health & safety law and excellent working
       practice, including experience of producing detailed risk assessments
      must have flexible approach to working hours

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