Welcome to the first newsletter from the �Going Green� by mattarmstrong


									                                       ‘GOING GREEN’ NEWS
                                                  18th June 2007

Welcome to the first newsletter from the ‘Going Green’ Steering Group.

Since the very successful Special Exploratory Forum that was held on 4th May 2007, a group of volunteers have
formed a Steering Group with the objective of shaping the initiative and organising a public launch.

The members of the Steering Group are:
      Steve Amphlett          Plough Inn / Chamber of Trade / StART
      Marion Armstrong        Settle Carlisle Railway / Settle Town Council
      Colin Clifford          Off the Rails / Chamber of Trade / StART
      Deirdre Cokell          StART
      Patricia McLaughlin     Craven District Council
      Ann Harding             StART
      Margaret Knight         Spiral Gallery / Chamber of Trade
      Sue Martin              Settle Sewing Centre / Chamber of Trade
      Jonathan Mounsey        JD Mounsey Electrical Contractors
      David Tayler            Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
      Adam Slater             Booths
      Susan Gavaghan          Administrator.

The Steering Group have agreed the following Vision, Mission and Objectives for the ‘Going Green’ initiative:

Vision – ‘what are we ultimately aiming for?’

   We are ultimately aiming for:

           Settle District to be widely recognised as the ‘Greenest’ Community within North Yorkshire and then
            to sustain that position into the foreseeable future.
           our initiative to be seen as a national role model for the achievement of significant ‘green’
            performance improvement through community-led action.
           our initiative to make a significant contribution to the regeneration of the local economy
           our initiative to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of community spirit and

                                         Going Green in Settle District
                                    The Town Hall | Settle | North Yorkshire | BD24 9EJ
           General Enquiries: Susan Gavaghan 01729 878163       Fax: 08717 142 301    email:susan@settle.org.uk
Mission – ‘how will we achieve our aim?’

    We will achieve our aim by encouraging all stakeholders of the local community (i.e. Individuals,
    Householders, Businesses, Churches, Schools, Clubs & Societies, Charitable Organisations, Voluntary
    Organisations, Parish Councils, District Council & County Council) to:

           pledge support for our Vision.
           take actions to improve their ‘green’ performance.

Objectives – ‘what are the main things we need to do?’

    The main things we need to do are:

           communicate our vision to all members of our community and seek their support
           form close partnerships with organisations that can help us achieve our vision.
           provide practical advice and guidance on the steps that can be taken by community members to
            improve their ‘green’ performance
           introduce a simple method by which community members can calibrate their ‘green’ performance.
           introduce a simple method by which community members can gain recognition for their ‘green’
            performance improvement.
           introduce a simple measure by which the Settle District can monitor its overall ‘green’ performance
           publicise the efforts made by community members to improve their ‘green’ performance.
           help to obtain funding and resources for ‘green’ improvement projects that will contribute to the
            achievement of our vision.

It has been decided to call the initiative ‘Going Green’ and we have adopted the logo (designed by Colin
Clifford) that appears at the top of the newsletter. I hope it meets with your approval!

The Public Launch will be held in Settle Market Square on Saturday July 21st 2007.

We are planning that the event will be a ‘fun day’ with plenty of buzz and activity. We are inviting a number of
advisory organisations to take a stall from which they can dispense advice and guidance on such topics as energy
saving, recycling, composting etc. We are encouraging local businesses / schools / organisations etc that are
already implementing Green initiatives to take a stall and share their successes with us all. A stall will be taken
by a group representing the motor industry and they will be giving advice and demonstrations on how we can
lessen the environmental impact of our vehicles. Both Craven District Council and North Yorkshire County
Council will be exhibiting and we hope that local food producers will be selling some of their wonderful produce.

Kerry (the Waste Minimisation and Outreach Manager for NYCC) has been busy researching information on
‘Cycler – the Rapping Robot’, the ‘Can Car’ and the ‘Compost Bus’. She has also compiled an extensive list of
useful websites which we will be putting on our own website www.greensettle.org.uk.

This is just a taste of what will be happening. If you, or any organisation of which you are a part, would like to
have a presence at the launch event, please contact Susan Gavaghan whose contact details are shown at the
bottom of the page

The Steering Group is trying to engage all elements of the local community within the initiative.

       All the Parish Councils in the district have been contacted and asked for their support. To date we have
        had very positive responses from both Settle Town Council and Giggleswick Parish Council. If you are a
        resident of one of the Parishes that have not yet responded then please help us by giving them a gentle
        reminder! If you, or someone you know, would like to be a ‘Going Green Parish Champion’ and take
        responsibility for co-ordinating and promoting ‘Going Green’ within your village/parish, please let us
       Deirdre has discussed the initiative with ‘Churches Together’ which represents all the churches in the
        district. They are supportive of the initiative and may take a stall at the launch event.
       Steve has promoted the initiative to businesses that are members of the Chamber of Trade, both at a
        recent Members meeting and through the Chamber Newsletter.
       Marion is contacting the schools to encourage them to get involved.
       Margaret and Sue M. have contacted some of the local Brownie, Guides and Cub groups.

Patricia and Jonathan have been busy compiling questionnaires that will be circulated to local residents and
businesses. These will enable us to make a very simple assessment of the current level of ‘green’ awareness and
activity within the district. We plan to repeat the questionnaires at regular intervals and hence gain some insight
as to the progress the initiative is achieving.

We are also planning to introduce a ‘pledge system’ where we will encourage local businesses, residents etc to
sign a pledge to improve their ‘green’ performance. In doing so, they will become official supporters of ‘Going
Green’ and be permitted to display the logo in their premises or on their stationery / publicity material. The
number of pledges we receive will be a measure of the level of support we have from the local community.

We are also devising a simple reward system whereby each household will be able to win ‘green fingers’ for
implementing a series of simple green improvements. When the household has won 10 ‘green fingers’ they will
truly be able to claim that they are giving ‘Going Green’ a helping hand! A series of badges and certificates will
be produced to support this scheme.

There are inevitably going to be costs associated with the initiative and therefore it is imperative that we raise
some funds. In the first instance this will be to finance the launch event and then subsequently to fund the on-
going activity. Ann H and David have been investigating sources of funding and we hope that our requests for
help will be successful. If you have any thoughts as to possible sources of funding then please let us know.

Following the Special Exploratory Forum we received some good publicity in the Craven Herald. We are also
being featured in ‘Community News’ and ‘Door2Door’. Now that we have a firm date for the launch event we
will be seeking more publicity in local papers. Posters will be produced and placed on notice boards around the
district to promote the launch event.

Colin is in the process of designing a website which will be used to promote ‘Going Green’, to record the
progress that we make and to signpost other sites that provide advice on ‘Green’ issues. We have secured
www.greensettle.org.uk as our website address and content will be added over the coming weeks.

I hope you can see from this newsletter that a lot of progress has been made in the few weeks since the
Exploratory Forum. The more people who get involved, then the faster our progress will be and the greater the
impact we will make. Please let us know if you can support us in any way – your help will be gratefully received.

Thank you to all members of the Steering Group for donating that most precious of resources – their time – to
help get this very important initiative underway.

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