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BOTOX® Cosmetic vs. Dysport® - What's the Difference?
Since its introduction last June, how does the newest wrinkle remover Dysport¨compare to rival BOTOX¨
Cosmetic? Both products are derived from botulinum toxin Type A; both are used to relax muscles in patients;
both must be injected every 3 to 4 months; both have gradual onset; and both have been in use for
years—BOTOX in the United States, Dysport in Europe (as Reloxin). BOTOX and Dysport are both
FDA-approved for cosmetic uses in the glabellar frown lines and can also be used for other parts of the face
and body. So, with all those similarities, is there a real difference?

According to Plastic Surgery Practice (PSP), the two products are essentially the
same drug with the main difference in the effective unit measurement. Although
not all physicians agree on the exact unit conversion, all agree that Dysport is as
safe and effective as BOTOX. However, are they the same in terms of how long
they last?

"The length of time that the Dysport treatment lasts seems comparable," says
Terry Perkins, MD, founder of the Cosmetic Surgery Center and Evolutions
Medical Spa in Santa Barbara. "I have had some patients claim that Dysport lasts
longer and others who feel that BOTOX lasts longer. We typically tell patients that
we expect similar results with both, educate them about the differences in terms
of onset of action and price, and then let them decide which product they prefer.
I am not actually trying to push someone one way or the other. That said, most of
our patients decide to try Dysport at least once to see how it works for them."

According to Dr. Bukachevsky, the introduction of Dysport has been a favorable
addition to the market because it's the first year that BOTOX maker Allergan has
not raised the cost of it's famous wrinkle remover.

Perhaps the consumer is the ultimate judge of how well a new product performs
against the competition. According to Dr. Perkins, both BOTOX Cosmetic and
Dysport are excellent treatments.

"I have been administering BOTOX for almost 15 years, so there is definitely a
comfort level there… However, and what may be most significant is that I think I
may end up preferring Dysport. It stings less, has a quicker onset of action, and
is a better value for both the physician and patient."

At the end of the day, to the patient, these may be the most significant
differences of all.

Content Source: Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine
Latest News
Skin Cancer: The Key to Prevention and Treatment
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. According to current estimates, 40% to
50% of Americans will have skin cancer at least once by the time they are age 65, with 93% to 97% of all skin
cancer occurring on a highly visible part of the body such as the head, face, ears, neck, hands, and arms -
the parts of the body which typically receive the most sun exposure.

The greatest risk for developing all types of skin cancer comes from sunburns. That’s why it’s important to use
sunscreen with sun protective factor (SPF) 15 or higher, and both UVA and UVB protection.

A dermatology biopsy is the only way to correctly diagnose skin cancer. If your
doctor suspects skin cancer, they will remove a small amount of tissue from the
abnormal area on your skin. The biopsy results will help your doctor make a
diagnosis and plan your treatment.

Treatment of Skin Cancer
While certain types of skin cancer can be treated with cryotherapy (freezing), and
even topically applied chemotherapy, others require a surgical procedure called
an excision.
Often the best way to accomplish skin cancer excision, while preserving as much
normal tissue as possible in highly visible areas, is to undergo Mohs surgery. A
Mohs surgeon is a dermatologist who has received at least one year of additional
specialized training in the surgical removal of skin cancer lesions. Although your
Mohs surgeon can sometimes simply close the wound left after excision, it is quite
likely that the cosmetic result of a simple close will be less than satisfactory. Many
patients, especially when it concerns their face, will desire the help of a facial
plastic surgeon to restore their appearance as close to normal as possible.

How to Find the Right Surgeon for Reconstruction
Reconstructive surgery should be performed by a facial plastic surgeon who
specializes in this type of surgery. It is recommended that you seek the services
of a facial plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Academy of Facial
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

Dr. Bukachevsky is dedicated to providing surgical care for patients requiring skin cancer reconstruction. He
has performed numerous aesthetic reconstruction surgeries with very successful results. If you or someone
you know requires skin cancer reconstruction, contact Dr. Bukachevsky for a consultation.

Content source: Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the
American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS); Plastic Surgery.


                                                                   Body Slimming

Remove fat and reduce inches fast.
Sound too good to be true?
Not with ZERONA®! It’s the new, clinically-proven treatment to
remove fat, and reduce inches with ZERO pain, ZERO surgery,
and ZERO downtime.

During clinical trials, ZERONA ® has been scientifically proven to result in an
average of 3.6 to 5.5 inches lost from patients’ waist, hips and thighs. Unlike
invasive weight loss surgery, ZERONA ® is a revolutionary method that is
applied externally without the dangers associated with surgery or other
non-invasive devices which rely on heating the tissue. The new technology
has been proven to reduce inches from target areas such as the tummy, back,             Before
hips, thighs, buttocks, chin, neck and arms; contour and reshape the body;
and tighten and tone loose skin.

The Bukachevsky Center is the first and only practice in San Luis Obispo
County to offer the new technology. The introduction of ZERONA ® provides
those seeking a safe alternative to surgery with a body contouring program
that causes no bruising, scarring or discomfort. The simple procedure
consists of six 40-minute treatments over a two-week period.

Clinical studies demonstrated that the ZERONA ® low-level laser targets
adipose tissue (fat storing cells) and stimulates the fat cell to liquefy the fat
within the cell. A small pore is then naturally created in the protective
membrane of the fat cell enabling the fatty matter to seep out of the cell until
absorbed by the lymphatic system. The excess fat is then passed out of the
body during its normal course of detoxification which results in millions of fat
cells becoming smaller and inches being reduced.                                         After
                                                                                      Photo courtesy of
                                                                                    Santa Barbara Medical
For more information on the ZERONA treatments at the Bukachevsky Center,
call 805/ 434-5960. To learn more about ZERONA®, visit

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