Newsletter of the BIG COUNTRY EARLY FORD V-8 CLUB by mattarmstrong


									                Newsletter of the BIG COUNTRY EARLY FORD V-8 CLUB

                                         December 2004

                     THE RUNNING GEAR

POINTS TO PONDER                                  V8 Times yet – should be in the January
     By the Presidents                            edition. We need 100% participation from
                                                  our club to make this a success.
We extend our sympathy to Bettie and J. B.
in the death of Bettie’s mom, Audria              Don’t forget that our Christmas party is
Josephine Hampton. Her services were              Friday, December 10 th, 6:30 p.m. at
Saturday, November 20 th in Potosi.               Briarstone Manor, 101 Eplens Court,
                                                  Abilene. If you need directions, give us a
Due to the work being done for the Central        call. WE NEED YOUR RSVP NO LATER
National Tour, we voted to keep the same          THAN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7 TH.
officers for 2005, with the exception of the
newsletter. Jack and Judy felt they have too      We are trying a menu – with beef and
much going on to continue on with it. So          chicken and if it passes our approval, we
please, would someone volunteer to do the         will use the same menu for the Central
newsletter. Just give us a call – 325-692-        National Tour. Cost should run around $15
7967 and we’ll get you started. To refresh        each – could run a little more –depending on
your memories, the officers are:                  how many show up.

       Co-Presidents – Bill and                   Please, someone call and volunteer for the
              Caryln Smith                        newsletter.
       Co-Vice Presidents – Tommy
              Broyles, J. B. Cutright,            Don’t wrestle with pigs: You’ll get all
              And B. A. Honey                     muddy and the pigs will love it.
       Treasurer – Bob Gill
       Tour Directors – Charles and               See you down the road.
              Ann Howard
       Newsletter – we NEED you for                      Bill and Caryln
              this job – anybody!
                                                  GOT THE POORLIES?
We’ve been getting calls from all over the
country for information on the Central            It appears that most of our folks are doing
National Tour, so hope that is an indication      somewhat mostly good reviews
we will have a really good turnout and            at the meeting in November...
our ad has not even come out in the
THE RUNNING GEAR                                Page 2

                                                7. Satan’s Highway: Devil’s Backbone
Still have not heard from the Laws.                    (out of Wimberly)
                                                8. Quaint town with cold Water Beds:
                                                       Wimberly (Wendell should have
GUESS WHO/WHERE                                        definitely remembered this one!)
                                                9. Ghost town with a “black” history:
This month’s column is a “Guess Where” as              Thurber
well...again if you get 10 out of      10. Super private car museum (closed to the
win!                                                   public) located in: Kerrville


1. Mexican Restaurant in Kerrville              FROM THE DESK OF BOB GILL
2. German Restaurant in Granbury
3. Bar-B-Que & cherry cobbler in
        Brownwood                               It’s Dues Time Again:
4. Bar-B-Que in Dripping Springs
5. Lunch in historic building in Llano          Local club dues: $25.00
6. Beer Garden in Fredericksburg                       (slight increase approved in
7. Steak House in Coleman                              September)
8. Italian Restaurant in Mineral Wells          National dues: $10.00 (some pay direct
9. Brunch in Glen Rose                                 To National)
10. German Restaurant with oompah               Magazine: $20.00 (optional)
        pah band in Walburg
11. First morning pit stop in Cross Plains               Total $55.00 for the package

                                                National Meet, June 1-5, 2005
Did you get the “Guess Where” from last
month? No one called to claim their prize!      Requests are already coming in from early
Here are answers!                               birds wanting to register. Before I can put
                                                together Registration Forms to mail out, I
1. Beautiful State Park: Lost Maples            must have the following information:
2. Garden of Eden in West Texas: Clark
        Gardens                                 1. Meet Logo Items “For Advance Sale”
3. Community of antique Shops, German                 Note: 2004 Eastern National Meet
        ancestry, museums, bier gardens, etc:         offered three items, each with the
        Fredericksburg                                Meet Logo - $4.00 to $10 range
4. Previously a T.B. sanatorium and located
        On the Paluxy River:                    All other information has been turned in.
        Inn on the River                        We will be ready to complete the
5. A little bit of Colorado in Texas:           Registration Form when I receive the above.
        Willow City Loop                        Thanks to all
6. Home of the prickly pear theater:
        Lubbock                                          Bob Gill
THE RUNNING GEAR                                  Page 3

PARTY, PARTY, PARTY                               Leonard Doyle – December 22
                                                  Bill Paul – December 26

Party of the first party...
                                                  THINGS TO DO IN WALMART
As noted above by Caryln, the Christmas                WHILE   SHOPPING WITH
Party is upon sure and let them know           YOUR SPOUSE
ASAP if you can well, let them
know ASAP if you have to cancel so you            Set all the alarm clocks in housewares to go
won’t have to pay if you can’t attend if you      off at 5 minute intervals
let them know in time.
                                                  Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in
Second party......                                an   official   tone,   “Code     3”    in
                                                  Housewares...and see what happens
Ann and Charles Howard presented the
possibility of the group attending the Dinner     Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag
Theatre at McMurry for a comedy for the           of M&M’s on layaway
Valentine Party....Ann will check with them
and tentatively reserve 25 tickets....this will   When a clerk asks if they can help you,
be discussed again at the December and            begin to cry and ask,”Why can’t you people
January meetings                                  just leave me alone?”

Same sure and let them know if         While handling guns in the hunting
you can attend....if you say “yes” and then       department, ask the clerk if he knows where
can’t go, check with Ann and Charles to           the anti-depressants are.
cancel as early as possible so they don’t get
stuck with unused tickets and you have to         Finally....hide in a clothing rack and when
pay for them.                                     people browse through, say “PICK ME,
                                                  PICK ME”

DOWN THE ROAD                                     PROFILE OF MR. AND MRS. BIG
                                                       COUNTRY V-8
December 10th – Christmas Party at the
       Briarstone at 6:30 p.m.
February 12th, 2005 – Valentine Party             This month’s Big Country V-8 couple is Mr.
       At McMurry (Dinner Theatre)                and Mrs. (Dena & Nathan) Tinkle, who are
                                                  one of our newer, but very active club
     ANYWAY?                                      Dena calls “Tendleton” home ???(I doubt
                                                  that I even spelled it correctly!)...and Nathan
Caryln Smith – December 9                         is a metroplex product.
THE RUNNING GEAR                                 Page 4

                                                 In a bowl, combine flour, coconut and salt.
They met on a blind date while Nathan was        Add milk and vanilla; mix well (batter will
stationed at Dyess AFB and Dena was a            be stiff) Drop by tablespoonfuls 1 in. apart
student at ACC. Nathan “bowled” his way          onto a greased baking sheet – bake at 350
through HSU (and graduated!!) and Dena           for 15-20 min or until golden
graduated with honors from ACC. Both             Yield – 1-1/2 dozen
became teachers (Dena till retirement) and
Nathan till opportunity in the book selling
business came knocking.
                                                 Homemade Caramels (Microwaved)
They are now enjoying retirement, 3
children, a covey of grandchildren, and a        1 C butter (NOT margarine)
super good looking ’48 Ford club coupe.          2-1/4 C light brown sugar (1 lb)
                                                 1 C light corn syrup
P.S. Dena and I both think Theresa needs to      1 14oz can sweetened milk(Eagle Brand)
comb her hair.                                   1/2 teas salt
                                                 1/2 to 1 C nuts
                                                 1 teas vanilla
                                                 Place all in a 2 to 2-1/2 qt microwave safe
Well, guys, it’s been fun, but Jack and I are    bowl, cover loosely with waxed paper and
hanging up the “editor” hat as of this issue     microwave for 5 min on high.               Stir
of the newsletter.                               completely & microwave for 5 addtl min.
                                                 beat well. Microwave for 5 to 8* min longer
We can only hope that you have enjoyed our       & beat well. Pour into 9x13 pan which is
presentations and maybe learned a little         lined with buttered foil. Cool. Lift foil liner
about “gears” and “carbs” from the pictures      out, spread foil flat and cut caramels with a
included.                                        large knife (pizza cutter works great, too)
                                                 into 1 in. square pieces Wrap each square
We have enjoyed it, but it is time for “new      individually in waxed paper.
blood”...thanks again for letting us have this
opportunity!                                        * depends on microwave (try at 6
                                                    minutes – take spoon out and let cool to
                                                    see if it is cooked, thickened and chewy.
THINK SKINNY....EAT GOOD!                           Don’t overcook or it will turn brittle.

Coconut Macaroons
                                                     ** when just warm, can put into fridge
1/3 Cup all-purpose flour                              and it will cool in about 1 hour.
2-1/2 Cups flaked coconut
1/8 teaspoon salt
2/3 Cup sweetened milk (NOT evaporated)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                       HAPPY EATING !!!!!!

SHOE used by permission of Chris Cassatt

“Dennis the Menace” (R) used by
permission of Hank Ketcham Enterprises
and (c) North America Syndicate

The Running Gear
Bill & Caryln Smith
317 CR 297
Abilene, TX 79603

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