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					  Caroline Gregson
  face & body therapist

     48 Royal Avenue
     London SW3 4QF
      020 7881 0701
      07880 556466                                                                           Caroline Gregson
                                                                                           face & body therapist

                                                                                         LaserLipo Body
                                                                                        Contouring System
                           brochure and identity design:

                                                                                           Improve your shape
                                                                                               instantly with
                                                                                            laser fat reduction
Non-invasive,                                             The system is:

fat reduction and                                         • Medically and scientifically proven
                                                            and endorsed (FDA Approved)
body reshaping                                            • Is non invasive and pain free for longer
                                                            lasting results
When it comes to getting your ideal shape, there
                                                          How it works:
are some areas of stubborn fat that even the most
intensive diet and exercise regime can’t seem to          The LaserLipo BCS emits low level laser energy
shift and this is where LaserLipo BCS can help.           which causes the targeted fat cells to release
                                                          their contents and shrink. This does not affect the
“Not only is the procedure quick, safe and pain-free,
                                                          neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels,
it is also healthy.” Medical News Today - February 2008
                                                          and peripheral nerves.
“I’m a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven’t
                                                          This intracellular fat is slowly transported through
put the inches back on despite doing no exercise”.
                                                          the body’s natural metabolic functions, with no
Red magazine - June 2008
                                                          adverse physiological effects and is used by the
“I was surprised at the results. I had four treatments    body for energy.
and my arms really tightened up – enough for me not
to feel self-conscious about them any longer. Best        What to expect:
of all – no knives or needles!” Woman & Home - May 2009
                                                          Two laser paddles the size of your hand are attached
                                                          to the treatment areas while smaller ones are placed
LaserLipo BSC offers:
                                                          over the lymphatic glands. When the low-level lasers
• Inch loss after just one treatment                      are switched on you’ll feel warmth, nothing more.
• Slimming and trimming of troublesome areas
                                                          After the LaserLipo BCS session, Caroline then
• Removal of muffin tops, saddlebags
                                                          completes the treatment with some intensive
  and bingo wings
                                                          lymphatic drainage to maximise the amount of
• Leg refining and reshaping – thighs, knees
                                                          fat mobilised in the system.
  and ankles
• Tighter, firmer, rejuvenated skin
                                                          For a consultation please call Caroline on:
• Cellulite reduction
                                                          07880 556466
• Special treatments for men
  (reduction of ‘moobs’ and love handles)

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