For Restoration of Volume and Contouring of Body Surfaces and the Body contouring by benbenzhou


For Restoration of Volume and Contouring of Body Surfaces and the Body contouring

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									                                            For Restoration of
                                            Volume and Contouring
                                            of Body Surfaces
                                            and the Face.


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                                                ■ Restoring volume and
                                                 body contouring with HYAcorp                        4
                                                ■ Tissue development with HYAcorp
                                                 - the alternative to surgery                        4

                                                ■ How is HYAcorp applied                             6

                                                ■ Benefits of treatment with HYAcorp                  9

                                                ■ Questions & answers
                                                 on the use of HYAcorp                           10/11


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                Restoring volume
                and body contouring
                with HYAcorp

                Surveys have shown that a large number of
                people would like to make small changes
                to their body. However this should happen
                naturally, without implants, autologous fat
                injections or surgical procedures.
                Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of
                human skin.
                It binds moisture perfectly and at the same
                time stimulates the regeneration of collagen
                and elastin.
                This provides skin with new elasticity and
                creates a fresher look.
                Thus hyaluronic acid fillers like HYAcorp
                present superb opportunities for restoring
                tissue volume.

                Tissue development with
                HYAcorp – the alternative
                to surgery
                The treatment is not a surgical procedure.
                It is carried out as an out-patient under local anaesthetic.
                The result is immediately visible.
                After treatment the patient can generally start work again
                straight away or devote themselves to leisure activities.


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                How is HYAcorp applied?

                HYAcorp is injected with a very fine needle in tiny
                amounts almost without any pain and it gently fills up the
                tissue - success which you can see straight away!
                As the material is only injected with a needle there are
                only the tiniest pinpricks on the skin which are no longer
                visible in a very short time.
                Normally you can take up your usual daily routine again
                immediately after treatment.
                The effect lasts for several months but is dependent
                on skin type and external factors like smoking, sun and
                In most cases follow-up treatment once a year is
                sufficient after the first treatment.


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                                                Benefits of treatment with

                                                ■ Only local anaesthetic is necessary which
                                                 avoids the risks of a full anaesthetic.
                                                ■ The minimally invasive procedure guarantees
                                                 scar free treatment, a non-surgical proce-
                                                 dure and thus short treatment and recovery
                                                 time. No overnight clinic stay is necessary.
                                                ■ It consists of hyaluronic acid, a natural com-
                                                 ponent of the skin which plays an important
                                                 part in health.
                                                ■ It is not derived from animals, no risk of usual
                                                 allergic reactions or transfer of illnesses.
                                                ■ Undisputed effectiveness in cosmetic and
                                                 medical application. Thus treatment can be
                                                 started without a prior allergy test.
                                                ■ Treatment is not permanent and as opposed
                                                 to permanent (non-reversible procedures)
                                                 offers the possibility of adapting the effect/
                                                 success change to the natural changes of
                                                 your skin and body.


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                Questions & answers
                on the use of HYAcorp

                How long does the treatment with HYAcorp last?               Are you left with scars where the pinpricks are?
                ■ The treatment with HYAcorp is long lasting but not         ■ As HYAcorp is only injected with needles there are only the tiniest
                  permanent. Over time the hyaluronic acid is naturally       pinpricks in the skin which are almost no longer visible even after
                  broken down. After several months you can decide            a short time.
                  again whether you would like to continue treatment.        What are the risks of treatment with HYAcorp?
                  Most patients refresh the treatment after 6 to 12
                  months to achieve long-term success.                       ■ In rare cases temporary side effects may occur: inflammatory
                                                                              reactions like skin redness or swelling, hardness and a palpable
                Do I have to reckon with periods of absence?                  infiltrate at the injection site. In rare cases reversible discolouration
                ■ No. HYAcorp is directly injected into the mid and           may occur.
                  deep layers of the dermis with a very fine needle in        Is an anaesthetic necessary?
                  tiny amounts and fills up the tissue from inside.
                  The pinpricks are no longer visible already after a very   ■ It is not necessary but possible without any problems. The
                  short time. You do not need to plan any time off your       treatment is uncomplicated and to a large extent virtually
                  job or private time out after treatment.                    pain-free. If you wish an anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic
                                                                              can be applied. Afterwards HYAcorp is injected with a very fine
                How well-tolerated is HYAcorp?                                needle.
                ■ HYAcorp consists of multiple crosslinked hyaluronic
                                                                             Can you go to the tanning salon after HYAcorp treatment?
                  acids, which also appear in their original unlinked form
                  in the human body.                                         ■ Yes, no problem. For three days the tissue is easily irritated and
                  Treatment can be carried out safely, reliably and           also slightly swollen. You should avoid going for this short period.
                  simply. HYAcorp is very well-tolerated and is broken
                  down by the body.
                Is an allergy test necessary?
                ■ No, hyaluronic acid is synthetically manufactured so
                  that is does not contain any animal proteins which
                  could trigger an allergic reaction.
                Is the injection very painful?
                ■ Treatment with HYAcorp is generally felt to be low
                  stress. However especially with pain thresholds there
                  are great differences individually. For example the lip
                  area which is somewhat more sensitive to pain can
                  be prepared with a local anaesthetic. This switches off
                  the feeling of pain to a large extent with the insertion
                  of the needle.


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