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					                         Pendle Productive Landscapes Project
                               Steering Group Meeting
                                  10 December 2004
                            Waterbridge Resource Centre

Councillor Ian Robinson,
Daveen Wallis (Wildlife Trust),
Derek Gascoigne (Pendle Borough Council).
Emma Cosgrif (Wildlife Trust),
Ruth Mackie (Groundwork East Lancashire).
Vaughan Jones (Pendle Borough Council),

Fred Stuart (Pendle Borough Council),
John Lamb (Lancashire Wildlife Trust)

1. Terms of Reference

   1.1. Draft Terms of reference for the group were agreed. These are to be circulated
        10/01/200510/01/2005for comment. Action EC

   1.2. It was also agreed that the following groups be invited to attend meeting:

        Tum Hill Residents
        Chapel Fold Residents
        Waterside Community Garden
        Accent North West (formerly Bradford and Northern Housing Ass.)

2. Current Site/Project proposals

   2.1. Basil Street Allotments - Mr Kershaw (who is currently the lease holder of the
        upper of the two allotments) has provided Cllr Robinson with a written statement
        that he no longer wishes to be the lease holder. Cllr Robinson will pass this onto
        the Estates & Property Management department of Pendle Borough Council on
        13/12/04 Action IR. The group discussed the issue of who would manage the
        allotment and it was decided that it was best to take advice from the legal
        department at Pendle Borough Council. Action VG. The issue of engaging the
        community on this site was raised and it was decided that a door knocking
        exercise combined with enlisting the help of Jackie Holmes from Accent North
        West would be the best way forward. Action EC
2.2. St John’s Church Yard, Nelson – It was agreed that EC should offer advice, but
     explain that the funding for the Productive Landscape Project is restricted to the
     Waterside Ward. Action EC

2.3. Land at Bottom of Hall Street – It was agreed that this site should be improved
     incrementally, rather than as a one off project. Plans for this site had been draw
     up by Groundwork some time ago after consultation with West Street School that
     would have involved removing a large number of trees. There has been resistance
     to this from members of the community living adjacent to the site. The first issue
     that needs to be address is the boundary fence. Action EC – pass plans back to
     Derek who will then put costings together for a new wall. Cllr Robinson stated
     that Waterside Community network would be happy to submit funding bids for
     this project on the understanding that it would be managed by another agency.

2.4. Millennium Green – a meeting is being held in January to discuss the future of
     the site. It was agreed that EC should get involved in a developmental role and
     try to get as many wildlife gains from what happens on site as possible. There
     needs to be more events on the site to engage the community. Action EC –
     contact David Rose

2.5. Waterbridge Resource Centre Grounds – permission needs to be gained in
     writing from John Beck (chairman of the Board of Trustees) before work to
     develop a new garden and make improvements to the car parking area can begin.
     Volunteer hours could be a valuable source of match funding for this project.
     Action VG – check guidelines for rates for volunteer hours and methods of
     recording. Possible sources of funding for this project include the Urban Church
     Fund, local business, PCN etc. I was agreed that once formal permission had
     been granted a working group would be formed to take this project forward. It
     was suggested that the project could be managed jointly by the Wildlife Trust
     and Groundwork, and should link with Sacred Heart School.

2.6. Wildflower Meadow Creation - at the recent project launch event this idea really
     seemed to capture people’s imagination. It has the potential to have a big impact
     on the area by improving the visual (and wildlife) impact of the large areas of
     mown “amenity” grassland. The main barrier to this initiative will be
     determining land ownership which, in Waterside, is rather erratic and doesn’t
     always bear any relation to current features on the ground. The Hagg was
     mentioned as a possible site for this project. Action IR and EC to go through
     maps of the area and try to determine land ownership.

2.7. Food Growing Courses – it had been proposed to hold theory courses over the
     winter months. It was decided however, that it would better to wait until the
     spring and hold practical, hands on session.
3. AOB
   3.1. Constituting the group - it was decided that the group should be constituted, with
        agreed Terms of Reference and structure as follows:
             Chair – Cllr Ian Robinson
             Vice Chair - Derek Gascoigne
             Lead Officers – Vaughan Jones and Daveen Wallis
             Secretary – Emma Cosgrif
   Action – EC to circulate Terms of Reference, Roles and Responsibilities and
   milestone plan

4. Date of next meeting – Monday 17th January 2005, 2.30pm, Waterbridge Resource