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 Strategic Resumes &
Haas School of Business
       Fall 2007
      facilitated by Peter Jacobs

                                        Chetkovich Career Center
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Slides available by Friday, 2 Nov, at
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 Making the Resume Effective
 Format; Look & Feel
 Internal (vs. External Resumes)
 –   Latest Developments, Resources, Next Steps
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     Purpose of a Resume

Serve as a value-based marketing
Introduce your qualifications to prospective
employers and networking contacts
Showcase whom you want to be seen as
today and going forward
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Why do you want to keep your
resume up-to-date?

 Keep track of noteworthy accomplishments that will
 attract new opportunities
 Update your value statement to reflect new skills,
 unique experiences and challenges
 Not be caught short by sudden change in your
 workplace (reorgs, mergers, layoffs)
 Able to respond if approached by a recruiter (timing
 is everything, be spot on how you want to be seen
 by the marketplace)
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Question for the Audience

 Survey: What percentage of hiring decisions
 have you made purely based on a resume
  –   0-25%, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100?
 Discussion: As hiring managers, what do
 you look for in resumes?
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Hiring Managers & Recruiters
Look For:

 Good leadership skills: objectivity when serving the
 internal and external customer; listening to
 stakeholders to understand background, situation,
 business pain, drivers and more
 Being able to tell a good story about your
 background relative to the new opportunity
 Transferability of what you have done and the fit in a
 different function or industry
 Comfort in presenting to senior management
 Ability to close business deals
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Hiring Managers & Recruiters
Look For:

 Good Negotiation Skills
 Strategic Thinking
 Patience & Persistence
 Leadership Temperament:
  –   empowering & motivating people; setting vision;
      inspiring others; managing expectations
 Management Skills:
  –   Coordinating action to achieve a desired result
  –   Supporting your team
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Hiring Managers & Recruiters
Look For:

 Ability to make & execute tough decisions
 Understanding of organizational cultures and political
 Driving change and dealing with ambiguity
 Understanding of operations and the impact of your
 work on them
 Managing stakeholder expectations; gaining buy-in
 Experience bouncing back from mistakes
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What makes an executive resume

Focused on the future (establishing
credibility for the next job or career move)
A hook: something that says why reader
should pay attention & differentiates you
Effective branding (your key ingredients)
Targeting successes to future industry/job
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What makes an executive resume

Answers the questions:
 –   Would you hire you? Why or why not?
 –   Why should reader take an hour of his/her day to talk to you?
Conveys a sense of chemistry and personality to the
 –   Question: What in a resume gives you a sense of a
     candidates personality and potential fit?
 –   Be clear on how you did it – that you can roll up your sleeves
     and get the job done
Accomplishments & How You Achieved Them
 –   The how should be relevant to future work
 –   Quantify: Bring to life with numbers = S.M.A.R.T.
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Clearly state your value

Bullets should answer how you:
      – Made   money
      – Saved   money
      – Saved   time
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 No accomplishment: Negotiated service fees with
 major ad agency.
 With accomplishment:
 –   Negotiated service fees with a major advertising
     agency, reducing costs by 20% and saving $1
     million per year.
 –   Resulted in a 60% ROI during 2001.
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      When you can’t quantify

Why not?
–   To avoid violating confidentiality
–   Because accomplishment not quantifiable
–   Example: Developed an inventory-control system
    that reduced slippage.
–   Example: Completed a due diligence analysis
    used by company CEO in presentation of
    investment opportunity to Board.
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Accomplishment Recall

 List past and current duties, areas of
 responsibility, projects
 –   For each item, add the words “which resulted in”
 –   Be as specific as possible about results
 –   Consult old job evaluations, letters of
     recommendation, endorsements
 On an ongoing basis, position yourself to be
 able to quantify/measure results whenever
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PAR Table
Skill or Trait   Problem / Situation / Task             Action/Analysis             Result
Leadership       Needed to execute and              • Structured transaction    New acquisition
                 successful integrate acquisition   • Led negotiations          successfully
                 of French subsidiary               • Guided due diligence
                                                                                integrated and
                                                                                provided $31
                                                    • Established new corp.
                                                                                million revenue
                                                    vision, mission, &          and $15 million
                                                    strategies                  bottom line
                                                    • Analyzed, identified,     influx
                                                    and eliminated $4.2
                                                    million in redundant
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Format: Chronological vs. Hybrid

 –   Jobs listed in reverse chronological order with a set of
     bullets under each job
 –   Chronological resume with bullets organized by relevant
     competency under one or more of the jobs
 –   Often used by career changers to highlight transferable
 –   Recruiters and hiring managers want to see where
     experience is situated in time – 5-year guideline.
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 Your thoughts & preferences:
 –   Chronological vs. Hybrid
 –   # of Pages
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Look & Feel

 Use short sentences & key words. Avoid narrative
 Use strong action verbs and industry terminology;
 avoid “weak verbs”
 –   participated in; responsible for
 Organize material so that it can be quickly browsed
 Write with your reader in mind
 Make the document easy on the eyes (lots of white
 space, sans-serif font, at least 10 pt.)
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Explain How You Accomplished It
(experience you bring with you):

 Use Action Verbs
  –   Led            –   Structured
  –   Strengthened   –   Divested
  –   Spearheaded    –   Generated
  –   Championed     –   Developed
  –   Negotiated     –   Installed
  –   Communicated   –   Outsourced
  –   Established    –   In-sourced
  –   Implemented    –   Crafted
  –   Slashed        –   Formulated
  –   Opened         –   Closed
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Look & Feel

 Be honest and creative
 Explain large (more than 1 year) gaps in time
 Edit & Proof & Proof & Proof (no errors!)
 Attention getters: Dividing lines, underlining, bolding,
 italics used for emphasis
 –   Overuse makes them useless
 –   Don’t want your resume to look like a ransom note

 KEY WORDS: From job posting incorporate into
 summary and text of resume
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  –   If applying for a specific job, objective should be
      the job itself
  –   Otherwise, if you are going to include one, phrase
      it in terms of results you want to create
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Summary Section

 Good idea to have one: to excite reader about
 moving on to detail
 Include a branding statement
 –   Focus on qualifications & fit
 –   (example: Apply state-of-the-art on-line negotiation
     techniques to build profitable multi-million dollar
 Make it results-driven at the macro level
 –   Over-arching or major results relevant to reader
 –   Don’t just tell me, sell me!
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 Do you read the objective and summary on a
 candidate’s resume?
 Why or why not?
 What do you look for if you do read them?
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              Experience Section

Prioritize information according to your objective
The content does not have to be chronological within a
job or company
–   Can group bullets by transferable skill (hybrid)
    (Don’t use abbreviations or company lingo, and use language that is
    relevant to the industry function you are entering. Don’t expect them to
    translate non profit or engineering lingo into a finance position.)

Adapt resume to position sought
If employer is not well known, provide short description
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          Experience Con’t

Include scope of authority, responsibilities and
financial accountability (budgets etc.)
Call out promotions; show progression
Claim individual success but credit team where
If accomplishment belongs to team, specify your
contribution and its particular impact
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      “Other/Additional” Section

Could also be called: “Related Experience”
Advantages & Disadvantages
What To Disclose and Avoid (no pictures, personal or
family information)
Emphasize information by key word:
–   Board Experience and/or Leadership
–   Volunteer Work
–   Interests & Hobbies
–   Cultural & Language Proficiency – ability to navigate various
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Turnoffs – things to avoid

 Sloppy formatting & typos
  –   Non-alignment, multiple fonts, etc.
 Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical
 Abbreviations & company specific jargon
 Vague, flowery language
 White lies & embellishments
 Holes in your job history
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Internal (vs. External) Resumes

 Embellishment is even more dangerous
 Can be more liberal with jargon & internal
 Confidentiality generally less of an issue
 Can point people to information about work
 on company intranet
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Latest Developments

 On-line Resumes & Profiles
 – ($100K+ job board & resume posting)
 –   Execunet
 –   Linked-In
 For online profiles
 –   Be brief & concise
 –   Include key words (nouns & noun phrases) that would be
     logical search terms (use job ads as a reference)
 –   List value proposition, followed by current career
     information, short career history, and positive feedback or
     endorsements from supervisors, peers, etc.
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Next Steps

 Go to job board; Look at relevant ads
 Look for transferable skills
 Re-brand yourself or update your brand
 What are your ingredients – what’s the
 teaser? What are you going to lead off with –
 relative to what market’s seeking?
 Every item needs to be an attractive
 positioning statement.
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 –   Reduced rate of $75 for initial advising session
 –   Contract with advisor for subsequent sessions
 Sample Executive Resumes:
 For copy of presentation, visit bottom of page at between Nov
 2 and Nov 9, 2007
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