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									       THE PARISH NEWSLETTER                      MARCH 2008
      The Nativity of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church
     A parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad 518 869-3932
     Mitred Protopriest Wsevolod Drobot The Rev. Fr. Michael Fritz
      Deacon Michael Soloviev      

         Saturday Vigils: 6:00 p.m. Vigils of Feasts: 6:30 p.m.
    Sundays and Feasts: 9:30 a.m. Hours 9:50 a.m. Divine Liturgy
March 2 Meatfare Sunday                   8:30 a.m. Church School**
 March 3 beginning of Cheesefare Week
March 9 Forgiveness Sunday (Daylight Savings Time begins)
March 16 Sunday of Orthodoxy
            The Parish Council will meet following lunch.
March 23                                  8:30 a.m. Church School**
            The Sisterhood will meet following lunch.**
March 30 Veneration of the Holy Cross     8:30 a.m. Church School**
        **Dates so marked are tentative until confirmed.

        MARCH NAMES’ DAYS May God grant them all many years!
13   Kira Milas (February 28 o.s.)      14 Antonina Shevtchuk
17   Viatcheslav Boitchenko             18 Conon (Connor) McClure
26   Nikiforov Popov
30   Alexei Nikiforov Alexei Vepritskiy Alexei Mikhailov Patrick Soloviev

A few days before paper copies are distributed in church, the newsletter
appears on our web-page If you’d rather read it
on-line and don’t need a paper copy, let me know. I’ll remove your
name from the “paper” distribution list. You’ll be notified by e-mail as
soon as the current issue is posted on our website. The $aving$ are not
that $ignificant—it’s just a matter of how you prefer to read it. Me?—I like
the paper version, maybe because I’m 66?!

                        ADULT RELIGIOUS STUDIES
Fr. Michael Fritz teaches and answers questions about our faith monthly on
first Wednesdays at the hall from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Contact Julianne
Bouton (356-3263) with your e-mail address and phone
number. If class is cancelled, she will notify you between 4:30 and 5:00 on
that day.

         Our annual parish meeting will be held Sunday, May 18.
                       MONTHLY LITURGICAL ADVICE
Here are times in our services when it is forbidden to walk about in church
and to extinguish or light candles:
                              During Liturgy
   During the Little Entrance with the Gospel;
   During the reading of the Apostle and Gospel;
   During the singing of the Cherubim Hymn;
   During the Eucharistic Canon (from “The doors! The doors!” Ldthb- Ldthb)
During the Symbol of Faith (Cbv,jk Dths). Throughout the entire canon,
“A mercy of peace) (Vbkjcn] vbhf) until the hymn to the Theotokos, “It is
truly meet”, (Ljcnjqyj tcn])or if a feast, then the hymn sung in its place
(Pfljcnjqybr]). During this time there should be no walking, lighting, or
extinguishing of candles’
   During the singing of “Our Father” (Jnxt yfi);
   During the prayer before Communion: “I believe, O Lord” (Dthe.-
                              During All-Night Vigil
   At Vespers, during the Entrance;
   At the beginning of Matins, during the Six Psalms;
   Throughout the whole Polyeleos and during the Gospel;
   At the Ninth Ode, during the Hymn of the Theotokos:
   During the Great Doxology “Glory to God” (Ckfdf d] dsiyb[] <jue).
In general, icons are venerated and candles lighted only when the Royal
Gates (golden altar doors) are closed.
(I am indebted to my grandson Daniel Paul [non-Orthodox], of whom I am
very proud. He loaded the two Cyrillic fonts for me. The absence of legal
or biological ties not withstanding, he is in reality our grandson. I ask your
prayers for him. Also, he just got his driver’s license a few weeks ago!)

Last month we reported that for reasons of reverence candles and
prosphora will not be sold during the Cherubim Hymn until after the Our
Father, and that a cloth will be placed over the area at that time. The
same will apply during the Epistle and Gospel to reduce commotion
during those parts of the service.

                     ATTENTION, PARISHIONERS
This to inform all parishioners that a letter dated January 20 has been sent
to His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus by the Church Council requesting
that Father Michael Fritz be officially assigned as “Second Priest” of our
parish under the supervision of our Rector, Mitred Protopriest Wsevolod
Drobot. This notice is included at the request of the Church Council.
                                                       March 2008, page 2
       At its most recent meeting the Sisterhood elected the following for
the next two years: Co-Presidents, Tania Taylor and RaeLynn Gonyea;
Vice-President, Tanya Scott; Secretary, Eugenia (Zhenia) Podymow;
Treasurer, Nadja Jernakoff.
       At the last meeting dues were decreased to $5.00 per annum.
Anyone interested in joining should contact Nadja Jernakoff.
       This year’s Lenten lecture sponsored by the Sisterhood is set for
Sunday, March 30 following Liturgy and coffee hour. The speaker will be
Prof. Nadieszda Kizenko, Associate Professor of Russian History at SUNY
Albany. Her topic: “Confession in the Modern Russian Experience”. Be
sure to mark your calendars!
       The time is fast approaching for our Easter sale on Thursday, March
20. Here’s the latest. There will be one more pirogi-making session on
Thursday, February 26. RaeLynn is making up a schedule of volunteers.
       We’ll be making chocolate eggs at the hall on the following days:
Friday, February 29 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Saturday, March 1 from 9 a.m. to
4:30 p.m.; Monday, March 3 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and possibly
Wednesday, March 5 and Thursday, March 6 also from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Volunteers are needed! Contact RaeLynn at 695-6865 if you can help.
       Babkas will be baked March 17, 18, and 19. Margo needs three
more persons to help on each day—some in the morning, some later in
the day. Contact her at 371-7758 to help her.
       Maria Hauf asks those baking items for sale on March 20 to bring
them to the hall after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 19, or on Thursday
from 9 to 11 a.m. All items should be wrapped and ready for sale.
Cookies and brownies should be bulk-wrapped by the half or full dozen.
       Tania Taylor reminds everyone that pre-paid order forms must be
returned or postmarked by February 25, including those orders that will be
picked up in April for Orthodox Paskha.
       Everyone is reminded to update their postal and e-mail addresses
with Tania Taylor or Zhenia Podymow.
       Next meeting (tentatively): Sunday, April 6.

It would be appreciated if parents would pick up after their kids who play
with toys in the church hall. No one else in the parish has the responsibility
for doing this, and toys left on the floor are a hazard for those of us who
are older.

Please submit items by e-mail or in writing. Thank you.
                         Charlie/Vas Murn
          Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh         Healing of Bartimaeus, 18 November 1979
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
         We are coming now to the weeks of preparation for Lent. Habitually on this
particular week we read the Gospel of the Blind man. This story is that where Mark and
Luke tell us about the blind man, a man who have tried everything to be healed, his own
and other people's wisdom and ability, in vain, and who in the end found that Christ was
passing by. Christ had not come to him, He was just passing along the road where the
blind man was seated, begging, because there was nothing left to him. He did not expect
anymore healing or anything—only to survive. And then hope flared up in him: someone
was passing, and this crowd had a peculiar sound, it was not a caravan, it was not people
who were just walking along the road; it had a centre, a focus, there was something
peculiar about this crowd. And he asked who it was, and when he heard Who it was, he
began to cry for help. And Christ gave him help: He restored his sight, He cured his
         Looking at this story don't we learn something very important? Our soul is sick,
our life is waning—I am speaking of eternal life, perhaps not the life of our body;
something is dying in us, and we should learn from David the King to cry out of the deep,
the deep of our despair, the deep of our disillusionment, the deep of our misery, the deep
of our sin, the deep of all the things that destroy us, cry a cry, and say, “I trust you, Lord!
I trust your silence, as I would trust your word”... And then, if we only abandon ourselves
to that confidence, we will hear the Lord saying, See again! Go home, worry no more—
“home” meaning the very depth of your being, the place where you are alive, because
your soul is alive, life has come back!
         Let us enter into these weeks of preparation with this glorious encouragement
from God Himself, with this hope He gives us, this certainty, indeed He gives us. Let us
start on this journey, and be ready when Lent comes to have gone from blindness to sight.
         And next week, when we remember Zaccheus, let us remember him again with
eyes that can see, and then go on, from strength to strength, from brokenheartedness to
brokenheartedness, and from sickness to healing, until we come to the Resurrection.
Amen.            (Your editor thanks Alexey Vepritskiy for forwarding this article.)

The Nativity of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church
617 Sand Creek Road
Albany NY 12205
                                                    March 2008, page 3

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