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 SON Country Office

 Application is made by: (Please type or print clearly)
 The Applicant is            Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Authorized Dealer                  Trader


 Contact Person
 Telephone                                                Fax
 VAT No.                                                  SONCAP Ref. No (if any)

 Importer Information (if any)

 Contact Person
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                                                        Document Description                           Yes/ No
 Documents Attached with RFPC            Valid Test Reports
                                         Quality Management System (QMS)
                                         Verification of Manufacturer’s Testing (VMT)

I confirm that I accept Intertek’s Terms and Conditions. (A copy is available from our website or upon request from your nearest SON
Country Office). I also provide my consent that any of the data, results and documentation gathered and generated
during the performance of this service may be shared with the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

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Signature of Authorised Person                                      (TYPE OR PRINT)

                                                                                         Government Services
 21 December 2009, Revision 10                        Page 1 of 3                                         Appendix D
Please note the following:

1. This Application for Product Certification and supporting documents (which includes test
   reports, QMS/ VMT Certificates and photographs of the products) constitutes your request
   to Intertek, to open a SONCAP Product Certification Project and review your products
   against standards approved by the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

2. The purpose of the SONCAP Product Certification is to provide a means for an Applicant to
   identify that a Regulated Product complies with SONCAP requirements by means of a
   signed declaration to Nigerian approved standards, and submission of technical evidence of

3. After reviewing and approving the content of the signed declaration on this application,
   along with the provided substantiating technical evidence for the product(s) the applicant
   wishes to have Certified, in conjunction with the standards that the product(s) complies with,
   the Standards Organization of Nigeria Country Office (SONCO) will issue a "Product
   Certificate" for the product(s) specified on this document. If the substantiating technical
   evidence is found to be incomplete, the SONCO reserves the right to request additional test
   data for evaluation during the Certification period. Such activities are at the Applicant’s

4. Product Certification fees are related to the validity period of the product included in the
   Product Certificate which can be valid for up to 3-years at the request of the Exporter.
   Please note that the requested validity date of the certificate cannot be changed once this
   application has been received by the SON Country Office.

  The fee for inclusion of a product in the Product Certificate is based on a pro-rata charge of
  US$ 18 per month. Therefore a Product Certificate which is valid for 12 months and
  contains one product will be charged at (US$ 18*12) = US$ 216

  Where there is more than one model to be included in a line-item on a Product Certificate
  and these models are covered in the same Test Report then there is an additional monthly
  fee of US$ 2 per model.

  For all other scenarios, a quotation will be provided by the local SON Country Office upon
  receipt of a completed Request for Product Certification (RFPC). It should be noted that the
  Product Certificate fee is always subject to a minimum of US$ 216.

5. This notice assumes that you have read our Terms and Conditions. If not, a copy is
   available     from       our      website
   conformity/exports/nigeria/ or upon request from your nearest SON Country Office.

6. In the event of improper or unauthorised use of the product certificate or if Intertek detects a
   variance or defect in the product in relation to Nigerian Standards requirements, Intertek at
   its sole discretion, reserves the right, to withdraw the relevant product from the product

                                                                         Government Services
21 December 2009, Revision 10              Page 2 of 3                                 Appendix D
                                                            Request for Product Certificate (RFPC)

 For Product Certification of:
                                                                                                         Manufacturer’s Name        QMS**      VMT**   Standard    Country of
          Product Description                  No./Type      HS Code*   Group   Category      Brand
                                                                                                             & Address               Y/N        Y/N    Reference     Origin

 (Please attach a continuation sheet if necessary)

 *HS Code: Harmonized System Code
 ** QMS – Quality Management System, VMT – Verification of Manufacturer’s Testing (If Applicable, copies of these should be attached with the RFPC)

                                                                                                                                                         Government Services
21 December 2009, Revision 10                                                          Page 3 of 3                                                                   Appendix D

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