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You might be a scouter if…
You go to someone's house for dinner, don't like the food, and ask if they have peanut butter and jelly

On August 8th, the following scouts will be flying out to Miami, where there will be a catamaran waiting for them to take them to the BAHAMAS!! Vince Miceli, Drew Cooney, Bill Hoffman, Jr., Brian Green, John Wieser, Chris Hand, and Jeff Schneider. The following adults will be also going, Mr. Steve Wieser ad Mr. David Hand. They are looking forward to snorkeling and fishing.

Mrs. Clos, The attachment was our final roster for scouts who attended the submarine overnight. An asterisk has been marked by each father's name who attended as well. Our overnight was from 6/25-6/26 - It took place aboard the World War II Gato Class Submarine, USS COBIA which was moored adjacent to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI. In the newsletter, please thank the dad's who attended - We really had a hard time finding volunteers and had just enough seats for all 24 scouts. We had an awesome time and slept in the sub's bunks. We all really enjoyed the experience of being on a submarine, although it's hard to imagine our Navy men actually living on it for an extended time. The highlight of our trip was each scout had a chance to man a huge anti-aircraft gun! If you need more information, please email me back. Thanks. Kenny Christensen Here's the final roster for the sub overnight. Kyle Albro, Jake Barbarone, Ryan Barr, Erik Broten, Kenny Christensen, *Ken Christensen/parent, Andrew Clos, George Clos, Jamie Clos, Jonathan Glazer, Sean Huerta-Ramos, Matt Jasica, Jacob Klein, Mike Kowalenko, *Alex Kowalenko/Parent, Kevin Lee, Chris Mackey, William Miceli, John Morrison, Josh Ostman, Dan Quinn, Jake Rohn, Ian Stehmeier, Max Stehmeier, *Reid Stehmeier/parent, Brian Winkelmann, *Ray Winkelmann/parent, Jeremy Driggers. Names with * are parents who will be driving up, staying overnight and driving home. Thank you. Ken Christensen

The Jamboree is still going on and many of the scouts have kept in contact with their parents. Check out the Jambo website for news, events, and photos. The scouts from Troop 335 are doing well. They have been very busy with many activities. They are keeping their fingers crossed that President Bush will be there for the Sunday closing ceremony to speak to them.

Volunteer Position Available
Sunday, August 28, 2005 is the Court of Honor. There is no meeting Monday, the 29th, but starting September 12th, the scouts should start wearing their Class A uniforms again. They should wear their Class A for the Court of Honor and any Scoutmaster Conferences. The troop is in need of a Campout Emergency Coordinator. The position entails getting information about where the hospitals/medical treatment centers and phone numbers in case of emergency for each campout. Usually by just calling the campground, they can help you with that. If you might be interested, please contact Bill Hoffman, Sr., at (847)776-2373 or

Warren Dunes Campout
The Warren Dunes campout was hosted by Jake Rohn and was held July 8-10, 2005. We got to the dunes early Friday evening, set up camp and had 2 great cobblers, chocolate cherry and apple spice. The new scouts did very well. We lugged all our stuff on sleds. Believe it or not, everyone was sleeping by 10:30 pm! We got up early the next morning and had breakfast and then headed to the dunes. The scouts climbed up the hill, once, that was enough, and then went

to the lake and cooled off. After lunch, we went to the “Clay Wall”, and got clayed up and then went back to the lake, washed off and cooled off again. For dinner, each patrol made something from a different ethnic group. We had Mexican burritos, Italian pizza, garlic bread, and chocolate cake (?), Chinese Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Pork with rice, and French Brochettes de Boeuf and Chocolate Mousse. The dunes had an astronomer with 3 telescopes set up on Venus, Jupiter and the moon. When we couldn’t see Venus anymore, one was focused on Chicago. It was very cool and a perfect sky. Sunday we got up, had donuts, and went home. Jake did a great job. The attendees were Jake Rohn, Ken Christiensen, Kevin Lee, Carlos Diaz, Jamie Clos, Ryan Kelly, Jeff Beaudette, Erik Broten, Ian Stehmeier, Mike Hoffman, George Clos, Jr., Ryan Cannon, Andrew Clos, Max Stehmeier, Mike Kowalenko, John Glazer, Matt Driggers, Kyle Albro, Ken Bourgon, Jeremy Driggers and adults, Kris Beaudette, Jim Rohn, Alex Kowalenko, George Clos, Sr., and Della Clos.

Family Life Merit Badge
A great merit badge to work on over the summer that is Eagle required is the Family Life Merit Badge. Below are the requirements. Mrs. Kris Beaudette, from our troop, is a Family Life merit badge counselor. You can contact her at (847)358-7232 or if you are interested.

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Prepare an outline on what a family is and discuss this with your merit badge counselor. Tell why families are important to individuals and to society. Discuss how the actions of one member can affect other members. List several reasons why you are important to your family and discuss this with your parents or guardians and with your merit badge counselor. Prepare a list of your regular home duties or chores (at least five) and do them for 90 days. Keep a record of how often you do each of them. With the approval of your parents or guardians and your merit badge counselor, decide on and carry out a project that you would do around the home that would benefit your family. Submit a report to your merit badge counselor outlining how the project benefited your family. Plan and carry out a project that involves the participation of your family. After completing the project, discuss the following with your merit badge. counselor: a. The objective or goal of the project b. How individual members of your family participated c. The results of the project Do the following: a. Discuss with your merit badge counselor how to plan and carry out a family meeting. b. After this discussion, plan and carry out a family meeting to include the following subjects: 1. Avoiding substance abuse 2. Understanding the growing-up process and how the body changes, and making responsible decisions dealing with sex 3. Personal and family finances 4. A crisis situation within your family 5. The effect of technology on your family Discussion of each of these subjects will very likely carry over to more than one family meeting. Discuss the following with your counselor: a. Your understanding of what makes an effective father and why, and your thoughts on the father's role in the family b. Your understanding of the responsibilities of a parent.

BSA Advancement ID#: 129 Source: Boy Scout Requirements, #33215a, revised 2005

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