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									               The District News     The Newspaper of the Center Moriches School District
  Volume 14 Number 2                                                                                     December 2007

        Battle for State Aid Begins; Letters to Albany
Dr. Donald James                          other inflationary increases. At          Governor aware of those concerns.       Letters to Gov. Spitzer should be
Superintendent of schools                 this time, we have been informed                  However, I need your help.      addressed to:
                                          to plan on a 2% increase in State         As I said earlier, the Governor         Governor Eliot Spitzer
        As you may recall, we             aid. This amounts to just under           needs to hear from you. The hard        The State Capital
worked for months last year to secure     $200,000 or an increase that is more      working people of Center Moriches       Executive Chamber
a larger increase in our State aid        than $475,000 less than last year.        should not have to suffer because       Albany, NY 12224
allocation for the 2007-2008 school               Our local political leaders,      Long Island has been painted with       (518) 474-8390
year. As Superintendent I testified       Senator LaValle and Assemblyman           the broad brush of an island full (e-
before a House Ways and Means             Thiele     both      understand     our   of polo grounds and mansions on         mail contact)
Committee, participated in panel          plight and are supportive of our          the water. Please read the sample       How We are Keeping School Tax-
discussions to forward our cause,         quest to secure a larger increase.        letter to the Governor on our web       rate Increases as Low as Possible
met with local and State political        However, the Governor sees things         site ( – click         After the large increase in 2004-
leaders, visited Albany to participate    differently, choosing to allocate         Superintendent’s eBoard) and if you     2005, we have done everything
in statewide conversations and wrote      much more of the aid package              are in agreement with its contents,     we can to keep tax-rate increases
numerous position statements on           to the upstate and urban regions.         feel free to print, sign and mail it    at a minimum. If we are going
the matter. In addition, our Board                In a memo dated September         to the Governor’s office. Or feel       to continue to offer our current
of Education and Legislative              20, 2007, Governor Spitzer states         free to write a letter of your own      educational      program      without
Committee was very active and             that Wall Street accounts for up to       describing how the ever increasing      hurting our taxpayers, we must
attended numerous county-wide             20% of State tax revenues, and the        burden of property taxes has affected   fight for our fair share of State aid.
advocacy events, press conferences        recent subprime mortgage lending          your family. The more letters,          The projected increase in 2008-
and joint committee meetings in an        crisis and cutbacks in the credit         e-mails, and telephone calls the        2009 State aid barely covers
effort to join forces with other Long     markets are already affecting the         Governor receives, the more he will     increases     in     energy     costs!
Island districts fighting to overcome     earnings of Wall Street firms. He         understand Long Island’s sentiment             Increases in Grant Money
the misperception in Albany that all      warns that tough decisions will           regarding his proposed budget.
of Long Island is wealthy. These          have to be made in the upcoming                                                     2003-2004             $257,082
efforts paid off and Center Moriches      budget. Accordingly, “We need                  Increases in Energy Costs            2004-2005             $505,068
saw a 6.7% increase in State aid, all     to show the Governor the face of                                                    2005-2006             $768,446
of which was used to offset a tax-rate    the Center Moriches community.”              2005-2006          $482,786            2006-2007             $835,000
increase thereby resulting in a 0.75%                                                                                         4 Year Total         $2,365,596
                                          Personal observations about how the          2006-2007          $621,000
tax-rate increase for 2007-2008 (see      rising cost of property taxes, energy,                                                   3 Year Average Tax Increase
chart below for more information).                                                     2007-2008          $760,000
                                          etc., carry a lot of weight in Albany,
        However, this is a new            where Long Island is categorized             2008-2009            2%                2005-2006             -2.00%
budget season and we are VERY             mainly as an ultra wealthy, high-            Projected             Or               2006-2007             1.89%
concerned about this year’s State aid     income community. We need to set              State Aid          About              2007-2008             0.75%
picture. In the District we have and      the record straight. Center Moriches          Increase          $196,000            3 Yr. Ave.             0.21%
will continue to do everything we         is a hard working community with a
can to maintain costs and increase        great deal of pride in its schools, but        Increases in Native American and Special Education Tuition
revenue (see illustrations). These        they are in no position to shoulder
efforts will not be enough if our State                                                                        Special Education             Native American
                                          any additional tax burden because                                      (12 students)               (45+/- students)
aid allocation does not keep pace         the State wants to funnel what little           2004-2005                $87,446                     $890,805
with the increasing costs of running      money they have to urban schools.               2005-2006               $279,190                     $773,899
a school district. For example,           Our local politicians understand the            2006-2007               $388,150                    $1,461,342
contractual increases, increases in       concerns and needs of our community             2007-2008              $1,000,000                   $1,021,000
health insurance premiums, sky            and they have certainly made the               4 Year Total            $1,754,786                   $4,147,045
rocketing fuel costs as well as

          War vet visits students                                      Happy Holidays                                       Where are they now?
                 page 5                                                  pages 6, 7                                              page 10

                                                                                                                                         Non-Profit Organization
Center Moriches UFSD                                                                                                                               BULK RATE
529 Main Street                                                        Postal Customer                                                          US Postage Paid
Center Moriches, New York 11934                                Center Moriches, New York 11934                                        Center Moriches, NY 11934
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2 The District News                                                                                                                      December, 2007

        What’s Inside                    Students Take Learning Outside
                                        Ellen Kingston
 Page 3 - CH News                       English Teacher

 Page 5 - MS News                               Center      Moriches      Sixth
                                        Graders have embarked on an
 Page 6,7 - Holiday Cheer               environmental stewardship project
                                        which will directly affect their
 Page 8-11 - H.S. News                  future. Thanks to the innovative
                                        efforts of science teacher MaryLynn
 Page 12 - The Back Page                Youngman, our students are involved
                                        in an ongoing forestry project.
                                                Their efforts will evaluate
                                        and monitor an ecosystem. Mrs.
                                        Youngman has sought out the
                                        collaboration of Ron Gelardi,
    The District News                   educator from the New York State
 The Newspaper of the Center Moriches   Department of Conservation (DEC)
           School District
                                        and forester Mike Giocondo, to
                                        assist in carrying out the project.
 Contact:                                       The project grew out of
 Center Moriches                        Mrs. Youngman’s training at
 Union Free School District             Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) in
 529 Main St.                           the “Gaining Research Experience
 Center Moriches, NY 11934              in the Environment” or GREEN
                                        Open Space Stewardship Program.
 Tel: (631) 878-0052                    The GREEN training, coupled with
 Fax: (631) 878-1796                    Mrs. Youngman’s achievement
                                        of a grant from the Teacher’s
 Superintendent:                        Center of the Western Hamptons,
 Dr. Donald James                       set the program in motion.
                                                In addition to class work,
 Board of Education:                    students are directly involved in data
 Mr. Joseph McHeffey - President        collection in the field. For the project
 Mrs.Wendy Turkington - Vice Pres.      site, Mrs. Youngman chose a Suffolk
 Mr. Daniel Finnegan - Trustee          County parcel which is contiguous          As part of their environmental stewardship project, students collect real
 Mr.Wayne Vitale - Trustee                                                         data as they evaluate and monitor an ecosystem.
                                        to the school playing fields, thereby
 Mr. Thomas Hogan -Trustee
                                        eliminating transportation costs,          will continue with activities for the   one that incorporates curriculum,
 Mrs. Patricia Galietta - Clerk
 Mrs. Carol Snyder - Treasurer          and keeping the project truly green.       project throughout the winter and       involvement in the environment,
                                        In late November, students began           early spring. In May, there will be a   and responsibility to the community.
 Editor-in-Chief:                       their collection of real scientific        symposium at Brookhaven National        The students’ sense of pride in this
 Dr. Donald James x117                  data. On their first visit, each group     Lab for students to showcase            project is the icing on the cake.
                                        of four students was assigned a            their work. This opportunity is
 Advisor/ Executive Editor:             one hundred meter square area of
 Mr. Michael Gerhauser x511             land to survey for tree biodiversity.
                                        Teams adopted a tree within their
 Student Reporters:
 Alex Colpus - senior
                                        plot, and measured girth, height,
                                        and crown. By incorporating math
                                        skills, Mrs. Youngman made this a
                                                                                     Thanks to East Moriches
 Corey Fitzgerald - senior
 Gina Gerdik - senior
 Chris Natalie - junior
                                        cross-curricular project. Students
                                        determined the age of their trees            Hardware for donating a
                                        by using core samples taken by
 Kenny Riker - junior
 Tom Schrage - junior                   DEC forester Mike Giocondo. The
                                        data the students collected will
                                                                                     wreath to CM
 Alex Snead - senior
 Ashley Stabile - junior
 John Stuart - junior
                                        be posted on the BNL website.
                                                This project allows students         schools for
                                        to learn scientific protocol, and

 Student Photographers:
                                        engage in real data collection and
                                        analysis. Students will not only
                                                                                     the holiday
 John Stuart                            develop an appreciation of nature
                                        and our open spaces, but they will
                                        come away with an authentic sense
                                        of ownership and civic responsibility.
                                                Mrs. Youngman’s students
 December, 2007                                             Clayton Huey Corner                                                          The District News      3

 A Treat for Kids in Need                                                              In a Nutshell      Clayton Huey News Briefs

                                                                                Second Grade Visits Old
                                                                                Bethpage Village                           Make a Wish Collection
                                                                                         The second grade classes at                In February, the Center
                                                                                Clayton Huey visited Old Bethpage          Moriches School District will
                                                                                Village at the end of October. They        participate in a Make-A-Wish
                                                                                got to discover and explore a Long         collection. There is a student
                                                                                Island Farming community that dated        attending the Center Moriches School
                                                                                back to the 1850s. While there, they       District that is having a wish granted
                                                                                were able to sit inside of a One Room      in the spring of 2008. All the money
                                                                                School House, visit a General Store,       collected will go directly to this
                                                                                a Blacksmith and a Hat Maker. The          child’s wish. Center Moriches will be
                                                                                students were able to have a look at       the major contributor. There will be
                                                                                what life on Long Island might have        more information and details in the
                                                                                been like over 150 years ago.              next newsletter. If you want to send a
                                                                                         Back at Clayton Huey, we had      contribution at this time please make a
                                                                                a weekly, month long program given         check payable to: The Make-A-Wish
                                                                                by Ms. Messano (Higher Challenge           Foundation and send it to Rosemarie
                                                                                Teacher). Ms. Messano helped the           Seitelman at the elementary school.
                                                                                second graders explore Long Island’s
                                                                                past even further with activities, books   Window Painting
                                                                                and pictures.                                        On Thursday, October 16th,
                                                                                         We look forward to Ms.            the 5th grade art club had its annual
                                                                                Messano’s visits and have learned a        trip to the shopping center to paint
                                                                                lot.                                       the windows. It was a warm day with
                                                                                                                           just enough sun. The 54 students
                                                                                Student Council Helps those                and numerous chaperones set out at
                                                                                in Need                                    9:30 from the elementary school to
                                                                                         The Elementary Student            transform the shopping center. This
                                                                                Council started its year with the annual   year was no exception to the ability
                                                                                food drive. In conjunction with the        and talents of the many artists. With
                                                                                Center Moriches Community Center,          a splatter of orange, greens, yellow
  Meaghan M. McDermott                 orange boxes on October 31st.            the representatives collected and boxed    and black the windows at the shopping
  Clayton HueyTeacher                  Our class raised over $185 dollars,      15 packages for the needy families in      center were painted.
                                       about $20 more than last year.           Center Moriches. They worked hard                    The windows became
         Students     in       Mrs.    Our top fundraiser, Michael Speed                                                   pumpkin patches, haunted houses as
                                                                                and learned the important lesson of
 McDermott’s        and        Mrs.    (pictured above), raised more                                                       well as ghostly figures and graveyards.
                                                                                giving. Special thanks are also given
 Seitelman’s fifth grade class         than $50 for the organization!           to the students and their families for     As always this is one of the most
 once again participated in                    Trick or Treat for UNICEF        sending in the food to be distributed.     exciting field trips of the year. Fun
 UNICEF’s Trick or Treat for                                                    All this would not be possible without     was had by all and a special thanks
                                       has a long tradition of kids
 UNICEF with outstanding results.                                               you. The student council is planning       to all the parents who gave their time
                                       helping kids get clean water,
         Members of the community                                               a year of community service projects       to help make this such a successful
                                       medicine and education. We were                                                     experience.
 were very generous this year as the   glad to help support the cause.          similar to the food drive. The spirit of
 fifth graders brought along their                                              giving will be our theme throughout
                                                                                the year

     Happy National Hand-washing Awareness Week
A feature by Justin Barone             of December. This year, it will be       If you still need some convincing,            vice-versa. Take 20 extra seconds
Junior                                 observed from December 2nd-8th.          consider these facts, provided by the         out of your day to pay attention
                                               Washing       your     hands     Food and Drink federation of London:          to your other hand. Don’t play
        Have you washed your           frequently can greatly reduce your       1. Millions of germs hide under               favorites; it’s just plain wrong.
hands lately? Even though we are       risk of spreading diseases such as          watches and bracelets; there            4. We have between 2 and 10 million
(hopefully) taught from the time       the common cold and Pneumonia.              could be more germs under                  bacteria between our fingertip
we are born to wash our hands          According to Reuters News Media,            your ring than there are people            and our elbow at any given time.
frequently, according to the Food      “A study of 305 Detroit school              in Europe! When you wash                   These can be transferred through
and Drink Federation of London,        children found that youngsters              your hands, do everyone a                  direct touching of another
up to half of all men and a quarter    who washed their hands four times           favor and stop being lazy long             person, or indirectly through
of all women fail to wash their        a day had 24 % fewer sick days              enough to take off your watch.             shared objects, or other things
hands after using the bathroom.        due to respiratory illness, and 51%      2. The Number of germs on                     such as counter and tabletops.
It can only be assumed that such       fewer days due to upset stomach.”           your       fingertips      doubles      With this we wish you a Happy
staggering statistics prompted the             There are many diseases             after use of the bathroom.              National Hand-washing Awareness
creation of National Hand-Washing      that can be spread through direct        3. Right-handed        people    tend      Week.     And please, just wash
Awareness week, which occurs           or indirect contact. Fortunately, this      to wash their left hand more            your hands. It’s not nearly as
every year during the first week       can be prevented with basic hygiene.        thoroughly than their right, and        bad as Pigpen led you to believe.
4 The District News                                               Clayton Huey Corner                                                      December, 2007

    Holiday Celebration and Crafts
Joanne Scocozzo-Coordinator               the Center Moriches Public Library,
Parent-Child Home Program                 Marcie Litjens, will be on hand to
                                          read a holiday story to the children.
        The holiday season is upon               There will be Holiday
us and we at the Parent- Child            Craft tables, as well as our Sing a
Home Program are preparing                long, and of course our celebration
to celebrate the season with our          would not be complete without
traditional Holiday Celebration.          that surprise visit from our own
        The festivities will take place   Program “Guest of Honor.” We
on Wednesday evening December             look forward to seeing everyone
12, 2007 in the All Purpose Room of       there as we honor our program
the Elementary School beginning at        families and extend our best wishes
5:30-7:30. The children’s librarian at    for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

            Question of the Issue
                  What’s your top gift wish this Holiday?
                                                                                  Ms. Brubaker’s Fourth Grade Art Classes made realistic, colorful paper
Senior Sophie Martin-Tsoupas -            Freshman Chris Dicristo - Moose
                                                                                  mache′ fruits and vegetables for a beautiful harvest cornucopia display
Car OR Xbox 360                           Junior Katie Connelly - Macbook
                                                                                  in the Elementary School Main Office to help celebrate the Fall Season.
Mrs. Kelly (secretary) - Black            Senior Matt “Moose” Miller- two
                                                                                  Parents and guests were quite impressed with their handiwork!
Gucci handbag, Family with me             front teeth
Mr. Soto (assistant principal) -          Sophomore Kayla Edmondston -
Dewalt nail gun                           laptop
Mrs. Marino (guidance counselor)          Sophomore Alyssa Sciommeri               Ride the Higher Challenges Highway
- Adopting a grey hound                   - Full metal alchemist (a manga
                                                                                           Clayton Huey’s school wide enrichment program, the Higher
Freshman Dylan Calero – A new             series created by Hiromu Arakawa)
                                                                                   Challenges Highway, will be taking place again this year.
guitar                                    Mrs. Plummer- white gold diamond
                                                                                           Each and every one of our elementary school students will
Mr. Roberts (teacher) - books             necklace
                                                                                   participate in an interest-based cluster led by an adult with some
Senior Melissa Alcus - A Jacuzzi          Mr. Tozzi (teacher) - Respect
                                                                                   expertise, talent, or just fascination with that area. We are looking
                                                                                   for community members to share what intrigues them with the
                                                                                   children with similar interests. Each volunteer will be assisted by a

                 Happy                                                             staff member. These interest-based activities will take place Friday
                                                                                   afternoons in May, from 2:00 – 3:00.
                                                                                           I thank each of you who have already expressed interest and I
                                                                                   hope that those of you who are available will take this opportunity to

                                                                                   do so. Please return the tear off below.

                                                                                   I would like to participate. The following are areas or
                                                                                   activities that
                                                                                   I would like to share with the children.


                      from                                                         2)_________________________________


                     PCHP                                                          4)_________________________________



                                                                                   Telephone Number_________________________________

Tel ~878-0052 Ext. 135                                                             Please return to:
                                                                                         Donna Messano, Higher Challenges Program
                                                                                         511 Main Street, Center Moriches, NY 11934
 December, 2007                                             Middle School Makings                                                          The District News      5

   Students get Special Vet’s Day Visit
Ellen Kingston
English Teacher
         Lawrence Voelger, who is
currently student teaching with Mr.
Craig Charvat in our high school, is
more than an aspiring teacher. He
is Specialist Voelger, an Iraqi War
veteran. On Monday, November 5,
he spoke to students in the 6th and
8th grades in conjunction with our
Veterans’ Day lessons. His heartfelt
talk brought the realities of war to
our students. We all came to a new
understanding of the sacrifices made
by the men and women in our military.
         Wearing his dress uniform,
Spc. Voelger explained the meaning
of his ribbons and medals. He also
brought his bullet proof combat
vest. Several students tried it on and
were amazed at the heavy weight
of it. When students asked about
the rifle he had used, Larry seemed
surprised that they knew about M-
16s. The students remarked that
they had learned about the rifle from
the video games. Larry’s rejoinder       Voelger’s company was welcomed home from Iraq with a parade in New York City. Twenty-nine men were lost
included how he used to enjoy            from his company.
video games with shooting in them.       something squirming in one corner.          friend, did not make it home. When      I delivered the letters to local
“Now,” he said, he “hates weapons.”      No one was hiding there, but to             he returned there was a parade in       VFWs. A large number of letters
He commented, “Once you see the          his horror he saw a spider web so           NYC for him and for his company.        were mailed to Northport Veterans
damage real weapons cause, you           large that a rat was caught in it.          Last year on Veterans’ Day, the only    Hospital. Several students also
feel very differently about them.”              After his talk, Specialist           person he heard from was his mother.    wrote to Specialist Voelger. We are
           He spoke openly about         Voelger presented a power point                     Following his presentation,     all so grateful that he so openly
his experiences in Iraq. Once,           program showing pictures of many            6th grade students wrote letters        shared his experiences and took
when searching a basement for            who served with him in Iraq.                to veterans, thanking them for          the time to teach all of us about
insurgents, his light shined on          Twenty-nine, including his best             their sacrifices. Mr. O’Brien and       the true meaning of Veterans’ Day.

  Students Attend Holocaust Performance                                                                                      Principal’s Message
                                                                                                                        Patricia Cunningham
Ellen Kingston                           than 14. The children’s drawings                   Sofia Corella summed up her Middle School Principal
English Teacher                          depicted beautiful images, even while       experience as “great, but sad. When              Our        first      snowfall,
                                         they suffered unspeakable atrocities.       we arrived at the theater, I sat back   Thanksgiving,             parent-teacher
        On October 29, the sixth grade             Some comments from the            comfortably, thinking it would be a
students went to the Westhampton                                                                                             conferences, Assessments and Mid-
                                         sixth grade students clearly relay the      long performance. When the people       Terms looming – the year is flying by.
Beach Performing Arts Center to see      impact the performance had on them.         from the L.I. Philharmonic String       We have accomplished so much already.
“Forbidden Music of the Holocaust.”      Ivana Slifstein wrote, “The artwork         Orchestra played, I was stunned.                 The horticultural rain forest
        The performance was one of       that was shown was sad, because             My emotions dropped to extreme          is in full swing with enormous plants.
the most powerful theater experiences    even though these kids knew that they       sadness as I listened to the music. I   The students are learning how to take
many had ever witnessed. The music,      were most likely going to die, they         felt like I was taken back in time to   care of plants, test soil and hopefully
performed by the Long Island             all still had hope. It showed in their      when these terrible things happened.    keep them alive until spring. Mrs. Lang
Philharmonic String Quartet, was         artwork. The hope and faith that these      The music that the composers wrote      and her students are doing a great job.
actually written by Jewish prisoners     children had is incredible - butterflies,   was sad, slow, funeral music. They               We had our annual Harvest
while in concentration camps. The        flowers, and families holding hands,        shared the same feelings about
                                                                                                                             Dance on November 2. The students
accompanying vocals, although                                                                                                were well-behaved and had a terrific
                                         all things of hope and faith to live.       what was happening to them and
sung in German, lost no meaning                                                                                              time. It is such a joy to see them
                                         The music was amazing. You could            their innocent country. It took great   outside of the classrooms where
on the audience. On a large screen       tell that the music was probably how        courage to express themselves
behind the performers, the audience                                                                                          their personalities really shine.
                                         they were feeling when they were            through such beautiful music.”          Watching them on the dance floor is
viewed photographs from the camps.       in the concentration camps. During                   Kiley Nolan thought it         very enjoyable and interesting! We
Artwork by the children in the Terezin   the first song (plucked on the violin)      was “extremely touching. At first,      will be having our annual Cotillion
concentration camp was also shown.       you could hear the angry and fierce         I thought it was boring, but by         for grades 7 and 8 in January.
Below each piece was the name and        German soldiers. All of the songs           the end I actually thought it was                The Smart Devils and Honor
age of the artist, many as young as      were so powerful, so passionate.”
nine, and the age at death, none older                                                         See Holocaust on page 11            See Principal’s Message on page 10
6 The District News                                                                                       December, 2007

                     Happy Holidays

                                                       Senior Citizen Dinner
                                             Over 250 senior citizens gathered in the Center Moriches Gymnasium for a dinner on
                                     December 4, hosted by the High School Student Council.
                                             Pro Sound Entertainment kept the action lively as guests enjoyed holiday music and a
                                     turkey dinner. DJ Craig kept the music going while DJ David got the crowd up and dancing.
                                             The night was a success, according to student council advisor Ms. Kellner, who has
                                     hosted the dinner about 12 times. The dinner is a tradition over 30 years old. The dinner is
                                     paid for completely by donations made through the student council.
                                             The turkey dinner was prepared by Mrs. Kathy Bruno and her culinary arts classes.
                                     Several teachers and staff helped out by cooking turkeys at home.
                                             The guests included six Center Moriches alumni, spanning the class of 1938 to 1955.
                                     To thank the staff and students, at the end of the night, the seniors stood up and sang “We Wish
                                     you a Merry Christmas.”

                                                                                                                   It was a bitter col
                                                                                                           gathered for the Center M
                                                                                                           of Lights.
                                                                                                                   Though it was ve
                                                                                                           nice hot chocolate provid
                                                                                                           Company on Main Stree
                                                                                                           classic cars, floats and fir
                                                                                                           from as far as Ridge, to h
                                                                                                           kick off its holiday seaso
                                                                                                           make it this year, be sure
                                                                                                           parade. It is a time that b
                                                                                                           community together

    Above, Senior Ashley Bar-
    raud happily serves a guest.

    Right, Assistant Principal
    Mr. Soto dons an apron and
    lends a hand, filling an order
    for Senior Corey Fitzgerald.
         December, 2007                                                    The District News 7

s from CMUFSD

                               DJ David gets some of our guests onto the dance floor to
                               show us how to break it down Old School.
                               Left, over 250 guests filled the gym for some holiday cheer

 of Lights                   Breakfast With Santa
                             December 15, 2007 from 9am -12noon
ld night as the locals       Center Moriches High School Cafeteria
Moriches Annual Parade

ery cold, we all enjoyed a
 ded by Allstate Insurance
et. The parade was full of
 re trucks, some coming
 help Center Moriches
on. If you could not
e to come to next year’s
 brings family and the

                                         Adult- $5.00
                                    Children (5-10) - $3.00
                                    Children under 5- $1.00
                                        $20 per family
                                 Sponsored by the Class of 2008
8 The District News                                          High School Happenings                                                                 December, 2007

 Please help the stu-                                              D i d Yo u K n o w ?
 dents in the classes                   Lino Bracco                                       what a Podcast is. Do you?                 been invented….in order to solve
                                        High School Principal                         •   Youtube serves 100 million videos          problems we don’t know are
 of 2008, 2011 and                           A recent short video on youtube              per day….served 2.5 billion videos         problems yet.
 2012 to make the                       entitled, “Did You Know III?”
                                        produced by Howie DiBlasi, I.T.
                                                                                          to nearly 20 million unique visitors
                                                                                          in June of 2006. Do you know
                                                                                                                                 •   Nintendo invested more than $140
                                                                                                                                     million in research and design in
 holidays merrier for                   Director for the Durango School
                                                                                          what YouTube is?
                                                                                          If you’re one in a million in          •
                                                                                                                                     2002 alone.
                                                                                                                                     The U.S. Federal Government
                                        District in Colorado, provided the
 local needy chil-                      following thought provoking answers               China….there is 1,300 people just          spent less than half as much
                                        to the question; “Did You Know?”                  like you.                                  on research and innovation in
 dren. If you would                     • American teenagers today are                •   The 25% of the population in               education.
                                                                                          China with the highest I.Q.’s… is      •   There are over 106 million
 like to donate a                            utilizing the interactive capabilities
                                             of the Internet as they create and           greater than the total population          registered uses of MySpace (as

 new, unwrapped toy                          share their own media creations…..
                                             They have created a blog, wiki or
                                                                                          of North America. In India it’s the
                                                                                          top 28%. Translation for educators
                                                                                                                                     of September 2006). If MySpace
                                                                                                                                     was a country it would be the 11th
 to a child, simply                          webpage, posted original artwork,            – they have more honors kids than
                                                                                          we have kids.
                                                                                                                                     largest in the world (between Japan
                                                                                                                                     and Mexico).
                                             photography, stories or videos
 drop it off in either                       online.                                  •   The U.S. Department of Labor
                                                                                          estimates that today’s learner will
                                                                                                                                 •   Τhe number of text messages sent
                                                                                                                                     and received everyday exceeds the
                                        • 8 out of 10 people do not now what
 the high school or                          a Blog is. Do you?                           have 14 to 16 jobs by age 38.              population of the planet.
                                                                                      •   According to the former Secretary      •   There are about 540,000 words
 middle school of-                      • There are 70 million blogs and
                                             counting. The blogosphere is over            of Education Richard Riley – the           in the English language – about
                                                                                          top 10 jobs that will be in demand         five times as many as during
 fice. Thank you and                         60 times bigger than it was 3 years
                                             ago.                                         in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.              Shakespeare’s time.
 happy holidays!                        • 9 out of 10 people do not know
                                             what a Wiki is. Do you?
                                                                                      •   We are currently preparing students
                                                                                          for jobs that don’t yet exist….using
                                                                                                                                 •   The amount of new technical
                                                                                                                                     information is doubling every two
                                        • 9 out of 10 people do not know                  technologies that haven’t yet              years.       Now You Know.

 Honor Society Welcomes New Members
Chris Natalie
        Thirty-one students joined
the ranks of the elite at the 53rd
annual National Honor Society
Induction       Ceremony,     which
took place on November 8th.
        The induction ceremony was
held at the Rock Hill Country Club
in Manorville beginning around 6:
00 p.m. The ceremony was attended
by the thirty-one students being
inducted, their selected family
members, faculty members, and
current N.H.S. officers and members.
        N.H.S. President Sophie
Martin-Tsoupas       emceed      the
dinner, which was planned and
coordinated by National Honor
Society Advisor Ms. Turano.
        The night began with
Superintendent of Schools Dr.
Donald James and Board President
Joseph McHeffey sharing with
the kids the importance of friends
and     family.    Following    this,
inductees were given stoles and         New members of the Center Moriches chapter of the National Honor Society were welcomed at an induction ceremony
pins as symbols of being inducted       and dinner held at Rock Hill Country Club on November 8. Math Teacher Linda Jaeger was the keynote speaker
into the National Honor Society.
                                        speech, Jaeger wants it to be that            Charlotte Allen, Christopher Natalie,      Paige Ryan, Michael Davis,
        After this was completed the
                                        you are responsible for the choices           Shayna Allen, Kevin O’Keeffe,              Jason Schilling, Joseph Falco III,
Key Note Speaker Mrs. Jaeger had
                                        you make and should set high goals            Jillian Barbosa, Elaina Pysarchuk,         Thomas Schrage, Jane Fedak,
a chance to address the inductees
                                        for yourself. In the end Mrs. Jaeger          Victoria Bedell, Callie Rank, Taylor       Nicole Shore, Samantha Ferrante,
and their guests. A speech that
                                        added, “It was an honor to be asked to        Borrill, Kenneth Riker, Nicolette          Nicole Sportiello, Corey Fitzgerald,
Mrs. Jaeger said took about two
                                        speak to the group; I appreciated the         Broda, Gavin Rodgers, Katrina              Ashley Stabile, David Graham, Julie
weeks to write, left the kids with
                                        attention that I saw and the focus.”          Cerverizzo, Cheryl Rosenhagen,             Stuart, Samantha Jablonski, Dana
an important lesson to learn. If the
                                        The      new       members        are:        Kathryn        Connolly-Smithwick,         Szczecina, Christopher Murphy.
students remember any part of the
 December, 2007                                        High School Happenings                                                                                                    The District News                                                                                                                               9

            Blood Drive Draws Bigger Crowd
                                                                                                                 having a cold to having traveled
                                                                                                                 out of the country too recently.
                                                                                                                         Students Olivia Goodwin,
                                                                                                                 Kayla Brantmeyer, C.J Sarno,
                                                                                                                 and Kathrine Wallace gave blood
                                                                                                                 during the drive. Kayla said that she
                                                                                                                 wanted to donate and be helpful.
                                                                                                                 However, C.J. said, “I wanted the
                                                                                                                 gift certificate for Subway, and,”
                                                                                                                 he added, “my parents made me.”
                                                                                                                 When asked if she would donate
                                                                                                                 again, Olivia said, “I don’t know,
                                                                                                                 because I almost passed out.”
                                                                                                                         The New York Blood
                                                                                                                 Center Long Island Region is short
                                                                                                                 approximately 800 donations a
                                                                                                                 day making Long Island at risk for
                                                                                                                 being in a “blood shortage.” Blood
                                                                                                                 happens to be always short during
                                                                                                                 the summer and winter time/holiday
                                                                                                                 season, because more people are
                                                                                                                 on vacation, sick, or very busy and
                                                                                                                 do not have time to donate. On
Senior Annie O’Brien lends a vein at last year’s blood drive. This year, The Blood Center collected 13 more      Long Island, 60% of people are
pints than last year’s drive                                                                                     eligible to donate, but of that, only
Ashley Stabile                         said. According to Pallas, 38 pints those that helped were Seniors Dan 2 % actually donate, according to
Junior                                 of blood were donated, compared to Himmelstein and Michael Healy. Linda Billelo, Account Manager
                                       only 25 last year. In addition to the         Others who were willing to of Long Island Blood Services.
        Center Moriches High School 38 pints collected, at least 41 people donate were unable to. Mr. Hicks was          According to Billelo type
held a blood drive on November 11, tried to donate but were unable to. too busy being tazered on a school        O blood is the universal donor
2007. It was held in the gym from              However, many eligible field trip to the Police Academy. and is therefore the most wanted
8:00a.m. -1:30p.m. According to students and staff did not donate. But he says, “I gave last spring blood type. Type O negative
the new School Nurse, Mrs. Pallas, When asked why some individuals and will be [donating blood] again is very rare however, wanted
the Blood Drive was very effective. did not donate, they said that it was not this upcoming spring.” Also others because it is preferred to babies
“At first the blood drive was moving the correct setting or they were afraid teachers that were unable to give and victims in an accident. AB
very slow because there were not of needles. Although some did not were Mr. Gerhauser, Mr. Charvat, positive is the universal recipient.
enough staff, however, it picked up donate, they volunteered their time and Mrs. Thompson. Reasons for                   Center Moriches is currently
and waiting time decreased,” she to help with the blood drive. Among being turned away ranged from planning future blood drives and will
                                                                                                                 publish the dates as they approach.

 CENTER MORICHES ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB is supported by parents, students,
 administration, community members, and local businesses. This volunteer organization is

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your membership card will be mailed to you within three weeks.
 funded by: membership dues, donations, food sales, raffles, journal ads, and fundraisers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Email: __________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Phone: _________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                 Name: _________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                 Address: _______________________________________

 “Our” CMABC contributes to:
 • Homecoming – organizing parade permits, floats, and decorations
 • Three athletic awards dinners at CMHS each year
 • 200 + athletic scholar tee shirts each year are given to Honor Roll athletes
 • Over $30,000 has been awarded in scholarships
                                                                                                                      _____ Yes, I’m interested in helping out

 • Pays for athletes to attend Section XI all-league, all-county, and all-state dinners

 Volunteering students can earn community service credit hours!

 Donations have purchased: the flagpole, middle school gym scoreboard, outdoor portable
 scoreboard, dugouts, golf bags, accomplishment plaques, mailings of schedules and events,
 decorations and many more items!
 Thank you, to our community and local businesses for their generosity and continued support.

 Our annual family membership is $20.00. We invite our community to support us with your
 participation by tearing off and filling out the membership application on the side of this page.
10 The District News                                             High School Happenings                                                                 December, 2007

   Where are they Now? Green Peace
I recently had the opportunity to interview Center Moriches High School class of 2003 graduate Helen Sekulski. Helen is now 22 years old and recently
graduated from Northeastern University this past May with a degree in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. Following are questions
Helen answered regarding her current life, participation in Greenpeace, and memories as a student at Center Moriches High School.
By Gina Gerdik                                COA:        How        did    you      get I began working for them… So              Energy campaign (for Boston we’re
                                              involved         with        Greenpeace? I’d say about a month and a half.           working on building support for a
COA: Where do you live now?                   HS: Well I actually had landed a very COA:            What         are      some     wind power project) and our Forest
HS: Still living in the Boston area… at       different job right out of school. I was of         your         responsibilities?   campaign. Again, check it out because
least until next spring. I just got engaged   working for an Imaging Solutions HS: Mainly I am responsible for going               there are things you can do in your
about two months ago and right now the        Company as a sales associate. It didn’t out on the streets and talking one on one    own life to make a difference. There
plan is to move up to Burlington, VT          take me long to                                       with people. We’re trying      are certainly online petitions that
sometime next summer. I think I’m             realize that sitting                                  to spread awareness and        need signing; letters that need to be
done with city living for a while now.        at a desk in a                                        I love being able to hear      sent to congressman, representatives
COA: What are some of your                    little     cubicle                                    what people know about         and      many       other    politicians.
fondest      memories        of     CMHS?     making phone                                          global climate change,         COA: What are some of your
HS: Honestly, I was always excited            calls was NOT                                         what they’re doing to          plans for the next couple of years?
to move on to the next chapter of my          the job for me.                                       be green, and what they        HS: Well as I mentioned before, I just
life… I was eager to get out of the           Leaving on the                                        know or don’t know             got engaged so sometime between
small town and move into a big city.          best of terms,                                        about      Greenpeace. Our     next August and Sept there will be a
However, things that come to mind: I          I parted with                                         main goal is to get people     wedding. And, if not already done, we’ll
was big into the Interact club; I really      the      company                                      interested in their futures    be moving up to Vermont somewhere
enjoyed the ceramics classes I took and       and decided to                                        and to help them get           around the same time. There’s a lot of
Art History with Mr. Potter; Mr. Tozzi        search the Non-                                       involved by becoming           room to grow within Greenpeace as
and Mr. Roberts were probably among           profit sector on                                      members of Greenpeace.         well so come next spring I certainly
my favorite teachers; ooh and of course       the web. I found                                      We are trying to build         hope to have moved up the ranks and
the debate with Mr. Melandro over who         a posting for a                                       grassroots support and get     have more responsibility. I definitely
was better, the Mets or the Yankees.          position      with                                    people to work towards         intend on staying within the non-
COA: What are some of your                    Greenpeace        on                                  altering our future for        profit sector… Although entry level
memories of writing for the District          this great site and             Helen in 2003         the better! Whether that       positions aren’t where the money is
News when you were a student                  decided that I’d call them right on the means clean, renewable energy or             at, I’d much rather has a job I love
at Center Moriches High School?               spot to find out a bit more about the job. pushing for the proper legislation,       going to every day and that I find
HS: Well Tozzi was teaching it the            I was invited in for an interview that we’re ready to make things happen!            rewarding than work a job I hate and
two years I took the Journalism class         afternoon, went in, had a wonderful and COA: Is there any information you’d          be a millionaire. I am also planning
and I was such an extreme Yankee              enlightening conversation with one of like to pass onto the readers of Center        on definitely going to grad school, but
fan at the time and they were blowing         the City Coordinators and was invited of Attention regarding Greenpeace?             right now it’s up in the air because
everyone away so I would definitely           to join the team right there on the spot. HS: I’d say that a big step in the right   I’m not sure what to go for. I would
write about them a lot. In terms of less      COA: How long have you been a member? direction would be to check out the            definitely like to pursue some training
than happy memories, I also remember          HS: Actually, although I had looked Greenpeace website. We have a number             in photography but in terms of a career
that I was sitting in that class when         into the Greenpeace website before, of campaigns going on of which my                I’m looking into Environmental studies,
we found out about the tragedy that           I didn’t become a member until favorites are the Global Warming and                  maybe even environmental education.
was taking place in NYC on 9/11.

                     Principal’s Message
from page 5                                                                                          Tobacco-Awareness Program
Rolls have been posted and we had             mars the other doors. Three prizes are
a large number of students make the           awarded: Most Festive; Most Humorous;
lists. The honor rolls consist of three       Most Creative. Dr. James judges our                 The High School Site-Based Committee is proud to
levels; Honor Roll with a 85 to 89.9          doors each year. He has commented            announce the start of a tobacco awareness program, Tobacco
average; Highs Honors with a 90               that it is hard to pick only three winners   Education Group. The program will address smoking and
to 94.9 average and Principal’s List          as all of the doors are so well done.
with a 95 to 100 average. The Smart                     Our Saturday Academy for           smokeless tobacco, the pressure to use tobacco, and its
Devils have two levels; Level 1 with at       ELA began on December 1st and will           impact on health and student finances. The goals of the
least a 70 to 79.9 in every subject and       run for 5 weeks. Starting on January         program are to motivate adolescents to adopt healthier
Level 2 with an 80 or higher in every         26, the Saturday Academy for Math
subject. Smart Devil Students watched         will begin and will also run for 5           lifestyles, move students toward the desire and action stages
two Thanksgiving movies on the last           weeks. The students work in small            of quitting, and to give our students tangible tools that they
day of school before Thanksgiving             groups to prepare for the Assessments
and received goodie bags for their            and daily class performance. The
                                                                                           can utilize to rid themselves of this habit.
accomplishments. Congratulations to all.      Academies are from 8:30-10:30 AM.                   The program will run for eight consecutive Thursdays,
         The clubs have been busy                       The Middle School Concert          beginning December 6, 2007. Each session will be roughly
planning activities and fundraisers.          was held on December 13. As always,
They have been meeting regularly and          our students performed at the highest        45 minutes and will start at 2:45 at the high school. If you
we encourage all students to join the         level.      They are truly remarkable        have a student at the high school that may have developed
fun. The Student Council is planning          and talented band and chorus                 this habit or is interested in becoming more informed, please
a toy drive and the eighth grade Senate       students. We are very proud of them.
is having a food drive for the less           We are planning a magazine drive             have him/her see Ms. Corry, the coordinator of the program,
fortunate. Of course, we’ll have our          in February to help fund the last half       or come to the main office to see Mr. Soto, Assistant
yearly Holiday Door Decorating Contest        of the year’s activities. This assists       Principal/Chairperson of the Site-Based Committee. We
during advisory. The students work            us in providing activities and prizes
well in their advisory teams and design       for the Smart Devils, Graduation             thank you for your attention to this very important endeavor.
very creative doors. They also respect        activities and grade level functions.
the work of the other teams and no one
December, 2007                                                                                                                     The District News      11

     Remember - Celebrate- Fight Back
Maddy Alter                                       The third Cancer Prevention   researchers understand the causes to learn
                                          Study (CPS-3) of the American         of, and ultimately determine ways     more about the difference you
        The Relay For Life Kick           Cancer Society will enroll            to prevent cancer.                    can personally make in the fight
Off Meeting is Wednesday., January        participants at the Center Moriches           If you are 30-65 years old    against cancer. Research today for a
30, at 7:30 PM in the Large Group         Relay For Life to be held on June     and have never been diagnosed         cancer-free Tomorrow!
Instruction Room at CMHS.                 13, between 6 and 10 PM this year     with cancer, then you will want        Save these dates:
        We have exciting Relay For        only. Individuals who choose          to participate in this study. If      Jan. 30...Relay For Life Kick Off
Life information to share. Please         to participate will complete a        you don’t meet the eligibility        Meeting, 7:30 PM, LGI Room,
join us to learn more about this          brief questionnaire, give a waist     requirements, your significant        CMHS
year’s Relay and our opportunity to       measurement and a small blood         participation comes from telling      Team Captain Meeting Dates:
be a part of the important research       sample. After enrollment, study       everyone you know about the           March 3, April 9, May 5, June 9...7:
we as a community help fund.              participants will be followed over    opportunity to help prevent cancer.   30 PM, CMHS Media Center
        We all want to know we            time to update information via                Call Gail Tuohey, our         Relay For Life...June 13-14, 6PM-
have made a difference in the life of     mailed questionnaires every few       American Cancer Society staff         6AM, CMHS Varsity Soccer Field
another. This year our community          years. Your involvement in CPS-3      partner, at 631-300-3144, email       CPS-3 enrollment....June 13, 6-10
has the unique opportunity to make        will help American Cancer Society, or visit      PM, CMHS Varsity Soccer Field
an impact on the lives of many.

                                           Members of the Class of 2008
                                                                                                                      from page5
                                        Members of the Classes of 2011 & 2012                                         heartbreaking…The slide show was
                                                                                                                      hard to watch and imagine that people
                                    Are Conducting a Fundraiser to Benefit:                                           were really treated like that. The most
                                                                                                                      touching part was the ages of some
                                            The Alec Mardjani Fund and                                                of the kids who died in the camps.
                                                                                                                      The picture of all the shoes of the
                                            The Make a Wish Foundation                                                people who died at one concentration
                                                                                                                      camp was just horrible…The whole
  Please purchase a ribbon to be placed on a “Tree of Life” to celebrate the lives of those who have overcome         experience made me realize how
  cancer or to memorialize those we have lost.                                                                        lucky I am to live in a free country.”
                                                                                                                              David Michel commented
      •   Ribbons are pink, to designate breast cancer;                                                               on the photograph of children with
      •   Gold, for children with cancer;                                                                             numbers tattooed on their arms. “It
      •   White for all others.                                                                                       looked so painful. I probably would
                                                                                                                      have cried if I wasn’t with my class.
  We can write “In celebration of” or “In memory of” on one tail of the ribbon and the name of your loved one         I will never forget about this day
  on the other, or we can write “donated by” and include your name on the ribbon as well.                             when I saw the play. I went home
                                                                                                                      and asked a lot more questions.
  Trees will be on display in the high school, middle school and elementary school until December 21st.               My mom and step dad showed
                                                                                                                      me pictures on the computer, and
  Please complete the bottom and remit with $5.00 for each ribbon purchased no later than December 19, 2007           a timeline about the Holocaust.”
  ****************************************************************************************                                    Morgan Maier also wrote
  Please return to your child’s teacher or by mail to: CMMS                                                           about the music. “They played
                                                       311 Frowein Road                                               the music so well that I could feel
                                                       Center Moriches, NY 11934                                      the music. I didn’t even have to
  # ribbons _________ color_________                                                                                  look at the pictures. I was almost
                                                                                                                      in tears. When the woman sang
  Please Choose – In celebration of;      In memory of; or    Donated by                                              in German, I closed my eyes and
                                                                                                                      imagined. It almost felt like I
  Name(s) on ribbon: ____________________________________________________                                             understood what she was saying.”
           (Please feel free to put all information on the back if you need more room)                                        This show coincided with
                                                                                                                      the sixth grade study of the book
  Please include your name and address.                                                                               Number the Stars, about the Nazi
                                                                                                                      occupation of Denmark. The
  Name:      _____________________________________________________                                                    Performing Arts Center provided
                                                                                                                      supplementary       material     which
  Address: _____________________________________________________                                                      included poetry written by victims
                                                                                                                      of the camps. Students later used
             _____________________________________________________                                                    both a poem and the book to write
                                                                                                                      about the effects of Nazi occupation.
                                 Checks should be made payable to CMMS or CMHS                                        This     was     a     program      that
                                                                                                                      stayed with each one of us
                                                                                                                      long after we left the theater.
December, 2007              The Back Page                                                                                                    The District News 12

 Lifesaving Vocabulary with a side of Rice
Senior Alex Colpus and                   wondering how they pay for the              reach it’s goal of giving 0.7 percent
Junior John Stuart                       rice that is given to the children          of it’s national income in aid to
                                         and families who so desperately             poor countries. Countries that have
                                         need it. The advertisers, whose             already reached their goal include:
         Do you happen to know what
                                         names you see on the bottom of              Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
the word cachinnation means? If so
                                         your vocabulary screen, pay for             Norway and Sweden. We also
(or even if you don’t), then why don’t
                                         the rice. For the companies, this is        would like to bring it your attention
you log onto and
                                         just another venue for advertising,         that besides the United States,
save lives with your vocabulary.
                                         but according to, “it          Australia, Canada, Japan, New
         Free Rice is a non-profit
                                         is also something more.” Through            Zealand and Switzerland have not
organization devoted to donating rice
                                         their advertising at free rice these        scheduled a date for reaching their
for famine relief around the world. By
                                         companies support both learning and         goal percentage of 0.7 in aid relief.
simply logging on and testing your
                                         reducing hunger around the world.                   How many people do you
vocabulary, you could help hungry
                                                 In March 2002, several of the       think die of hunger related causes
children and their families fight
                                         world’s wealthiest countries agreed         each day? According to UN figures,
against hunger. Cachinnation, by the
                                         to supply aid to some of the world’s        about 25,000 people die each day due
way, means loud convulsive laughter,
                                         poorest countries. According to             to hunger. When the math is worked
but don’t worry, not all the words are
                               , 22 world leaders,              out, this ends up being one person
as difficult as this. This word was
                                         including President George W.               dieing every three and a half seconds.
taken from a level 42 vocabulary,
                                         Bush, agreed to donate 0.7% of their                We may not have enough
which is more than a match for
                                         nation’s total income to struggling         time to wait for our government
most high school English teachers
                                         nations. When all the countries             to solve the hunger issue.
(we checked). The vocabulary
                                         meet their goal it will result in 195               We hope this encourages
level on free rice is based on 50
                                         billion dollars in aid relief each year.    you to log on to
different skill levels which increase
                                                 We think it is fair to address      and try and save the world from
in difficulty the more you get right.
                                         the fact that the United States has         hunger, 10 grains of rice at a time.
         Now you are probably
                                         not yet scheduled when it plans to

Jazz Chorus
                        And all that Jazzachieved. Preston states “We are on         gap. “Losing our seniors was hard,
        This year’s Jazz chorus is in    pace to have a repeat performance.”         but the freshmen are hard working
full swing with Mr. Preston as the       With the graduation of about five           and dedicated and that’s all that
conductor, yet again. For all those      seniors from last year’s jazz chorus,       matters.” When asked about this
who aren’t aware, the Jazz Chorus        the younger group of kids has done          year, Mr. Conefry said, “We’ve done
is involved with various events,         a “tangible” job making up for the          very well the past two years seeing
such as the “Pasta Pizzaz,” as well      absences, according to Preston.             that we’ve come in first place, and
as performing at the Cedar Lodge for     Jazz chorus meets once a week to            it looks like we’re going to have a
senior citizens. The main event that     rehearse.                                   repeat performance this year.”
jazz chorus leads up to is “Music in     Jazz Band
the parks,” which is a competition
amongst all jazz choruses across
long        island
                                                 Like the jazz chorus, this
                                         year’s jazz band has their returning
                                                                c o n d u c t o r,
                                                                                           Light’s Out Update
that is held in                                                 Mr. Conefry.         Gary Crowell                    and from conversations with ECS, we
Jackson, New                                                    The          jazz    Building and Grounds Supervisor increased our energy savings to 68.50%.
Jersey.                                                         band         also                                               This increase is nearly double from our
        After                                                   participates in                In our last issue we reported    last contribution in energy savings.
each Choir gives                                                “Music in the        on our school’s participation in a                    This shows the level of
                                                                                     “Lights Out” energy conservation           commitment the District, staff, student
their      unique                                               Parks” every
                                                                                     program test on Thursday, October          population, and         community have
performance                                                     year,         and    18.      Here is an update on our          for         energy          conservation.
in front of a                                                   like the jazz        district’s commitment to conserving                 There are many ways in which
panel of judges, the kids are brought    chorus has come in first place for the      energy and reducing expenses.              we are conserving energy within our
to Six Flags to enjoy the park to        past two years.                                       Our first “energy reduction”     District, some of which are energy
the fullest. While in the park, the              Last year, the jazz band            performance report was based on the        saving fluorescent lighting, ballasts,
winners are announced at an award        received a rating of “excellent,”           “lights out” performance of April 13th,    window films, HVAC upgrades and
ceremony where all the schools           which is the second best rating a           2007. The final results were a 35.55%      PM programs to mention a few.
gather to receive awards. For the        judge could award. Despite losing           increase in energy savings. From talks              The       financial      rebates
past two years the Center Moriches       about one third of the band due to          with ECS, this percentage for first        have more than doubled, and I
jazz chorus has won the highest title    seniors graduating, Mr. Conefry             time contributors was above average.       believe the District can expect
                                                                                                 The most recent “energy        even larger reduction percentages
of “first place superior,” which is in   feels that the incoming freshmen
                                                                                     reduction” performance report was for      and financial rebates in the future.
fact the highest honor that can be       are doing a good job of filling in the      our participation on October 18th, 2007,

To top