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Microsoft Word - ELN - Fahrer Airbag Sicherung englisch



                  OCTOPUS® Driver air bag safety system
The active service nearby vehicles in an case of accidents bring everytime risks when for example the
air bag didn’ t blowed out. Works with cutting and spreading into the caroche can realice a short circuit
that can support a releasing. A cut into the gas generator of an unit of air bags is dangerous too.

In trainings for technical help we are speaking of a golden rule for the different air bags for a safety
distance of 90 – 60 – 30 cm. When an air bag isn’ t protected it is very important to have a look for this
The space 60 cm we do need for the air bag on the driver side. A full – size - sir bag has a volume
about 65 liters. The releasing time of this air bag is round about 45 ms.
To protect rescuer and victims in a case of a lately explosion of the air bag therefore is developed the
OCTOPUS driver safety system.

size 40 – 45 cm                                   air bag explosion (DEKRA)

The system will be placed of the steering wheel and tighten the tension belt and the tension loop as firm
as possible. The system will centered by himself on the steering wheel.

                                                          2er Set   35 – 39 cm cars (red)
                                                                    40 – 45 cm limousines – and vans (blue)

                                                          3er Set   2er Set plus 43 – 50 cm trucks (green)

                                                                                                      Stand 11/2006

Technicle kit:

•   belt plate made - polyester
•   tension belt - polyester
•   1 self-looking clamp
•   label
•   operating instrucitons

Technicle details:

Dimension:        (l x b x h)
                   ca. 380 x 100 x 290 mm

weight:                  2er set                         ca. 1,7 kg
                         3er set                         ca. 2,1 kg
                         system for trucks in a carry bag ca. 0,7 kg

time for installation:      max. 5 seconds

Safety hint: a belt wbbing actually having caught an air bag must no longer be used for safty reason!
The exploding air bag might have caused the material to be streched beyond the permissible tolerance.

                                                                                         Stand 11/2006

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