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					            Pacific Dermaesthetics                       Suite 1790-1111 W. Georgia                    Vancouver, BC               604.682.7546

            Over the past few decades, aesthetic medicine has
            undergone what can best be described as a process of
            maturation. With their training, expertise and experience,
            Dr. Rivers and Dr. McGillivray of Pacific Dermaesthetics
            have been in the forefront of that movement. Not content
            to merely implement the latest ideas, they have been
            directly involved in developing some of the treatments
            that have led the transformation.

            Dr. William McGillivray BSc, MD                                      Aesthetic medicine today is distinguished by one key quality:
            Cosmetic Physician                                                   more predictable performance. At Pacific Dermaesthetics, patients
                                                                                 make informed decisions based on sound information. With over
            Botox injections                                                     30 years of combined experience, Dr. Rivers and Dr. McGillivray
            Volume restoration with injectable fillers                           can confidently guide patients to realistic expectations, knowing
            Ablative and Non-Ablative Fractionated Resurfacing (Fraxel)          what can and connot be delivered. “Our mission is to inform and
            Combination Treatments                                               educate,” says Dr. McGillivray. “Our patients may come into the
            Laser treatments for vessels, pigmented lesions, scars and tattoos
                                                                                 clinic with a specific treatment in mind, but if we believe an alter-
            Laser resurfacing
            Non-surgical skin tightening (Thermage)                              native to be more effective or a better suited choice, we take the
            Non-surgical body contouring/fat reduction                           time to let them know, and know why, in order to help them make
                                                                                 the best possible decision. With our research-based approach,
            AFFILIATIONS                                                         we can advise patients not only about existing treatment options,
            College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
            British Columbia Medical Association                                 but emerging technologies as well.”
            Canadian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
            The Face Institute                                                   The maturity of aesthetic medicine is reflected in the current
            American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery                      emphasis on combination therapy. “Because we provide such a
                                                                                 wide array of treatments, we have the luxury of tailoring multiple
            Dr. Jason Rivers BSc, MD, FRCPC, FAAD
            Board Certified Dermatologist                                        solutions to our patients’ specific needs,” says Dr. Rivers. “Most
                                                                                 patients have more than one issue, and combining treatments
            AREAS OF EXPERTISE                                                   concurrently or consecutively allows us to produce a greater,
            Botox injections                                                     more comprehensive effect.” Combination therapy might employ
            Volume restoration with injectable fillers
            Ablative and Non-Ablative Fractionated Resurfacing (Fraxel)          Fraxel® (a fractional resurfacing laser) to address sun damage,
            Combination Treatments                                               stretch marks, scars and wrinkles and the effects of aging along
            Laser treatments for vessels, pigmented lesions, scars and tattoos   with Botox® and dermal fillers. The Botox® treatments temporar-
            Laser resurfacing                                                    ily halt the dynamic active movement of particular facial muscles
            Non-surgical skin tightening (Thermage)
                                                                                 that result in wrinkles and lines. Dermal fillers, clear viscous liquids
            Non-surgical body contouring/fat reduction
            Skin cancer and medical dermatology                                  of different densities, replenish the structure and volume that time
                                                                                 has diminished.
            University of British Columbia: Clinical Professor                   In addition, the doctors provide Thermage™ (a thermal skin tight-
            College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
            Canadian Dermatology Association                                     ening system), non-invasive treatments such as UltraShape®
            American Academy of Dermatology                                      (ultrasound body contouring), a broad range of solutions to treat
            Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery                            facial redness and vessels, and offer supplementary services,
            American Society for Dermatologic Surgery                            including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, acne treatments, skin
            American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
                                                                                 care and chemical peels. In short, the Pacific Dermaesthetics
            The Face Institute
                                                                                 team is committed to enhancing the lives of their patients with the
                                                                                 best that aesthetic medicine has to offer.

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