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					               Infirmary Waterside
                    Supplementary Planning Document

October 2005
     Sustainability Appraisal and
     Screening Statement

     1:   Sustainability Report

     2: Screening Statement

     3a: Consultation

     3b: Summary of Representations made through the

     4: Adoption Statement

                         Infirmary Waterside
                         Supplementary Planning Document


                                                                       Appendix Contents
1.   Introduction                                          39
     The Site                                               39
2.   Context                                               40
     Housing Market Renewal                                 40
     Blackburn Inner South East ADF                         40
     Infirmary Waterside Masterplan                          40
     Blackburn with Darwen Borough Local Plan               41
     Statement of Community Involvement                     41
3.   Purpose                                                41
     What is Sustainable Development?                       41
     Why a Sustainability Appraisal?                        42
4.   Baseline                                              43
     Relevant Plans, Policies and Programmes                43
     Relevance to Existing Masterplans                      43
     Baseline Data                                          44
5.   Methodology                                           45
     Scoping Report                                         45
     The Team                                               45
     Plan Objectives                                        46
     The Options                                            47
     Scoring                                                48
6.   Results                                               48
     Option 1: Do Nothing                                   48
     Option 2: Major Clearance & Redevelopment              49
     Option 3: Repair                                       50
     Option 4: Mixed                                        51
7.   Conclusions                                           52
     Monitoring & Implementation                            52
     Public Consultation Statement
     SEA Screening Statement

                                                                                                                   Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                                              1: Sustainability Appraisal Report
Section 1 | Sustainability Appraisal Report


                                                           The following report has been compiled by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council with
                                                           guidance from EDAW. The report sets out the purpose, methodologies and results from carrying
                                                           out a full Sustainability Appraisal of the Infirmary Waterside Masterplan.

                                                           Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, Strategic Environmental Assessment
                                                           (SEA) is required for all local development plan documents whose formal preparation began after
                                                           the 21st July 2004. Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is also mandatory for all Development Plan
                                                           Documents (DPDs) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD’s) as outlined in Planning
                                                           Policy Statement 12.

                                                           The requirement to carry out a SA and a SEA are distinct. However, it is possible to satisfy both
                                                           through a single appraisal process. The consultation paper on SA of Regional Spatial Strategy
                                                           and Local Development Frameworks identifies the key areas of emphasis in order that the SA
                                                           meets the requirement of the SEA Directive. Carrying out a SA widens the Directive’s approach
                                                           to include social and economic as well as environmental issues:

                                                              Collecting and presenting baseline information
                                                              Predicting the significant effects of the plan and addressing them during its preparation
                                                              Identifying reasonable plan options and their effects
                                                              Involving the public and authorities with social, environmental and economic
                                                              responsibilities as part of the assessment process
                                                              Monitoring the actual effects of the plan during its implementation
                                                           Page 9: SA of RSS and LDFs – consultation paper

                                                   The Site

                                                           The site which is subject to this SA is located to the south of Blackburn town centre and is
                                                           bound to the north and west by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the A666; to the east by the
                                                           busy A6177; and to the south by further housing developments. The site has an approximate
                                                           site area of 24 hectares.

                                                           The area is exceptionally urban in character, the defining aspect being the dense grid-iron of
                                                           streets lined with 2 storey stone and brick terraced housing. Small pockets of semi detached
                                                           and larger villas are also located in the area or on the periphery. The masterplan area also
                                                           includes the Infirmary Hospital site which is due to close and relocate in 2007. It is essential
                                                           that the future of the Infirmary site is looked at in close relationship with the development of the

                                                           The Leeds and Liverpool canal forms a strong physical boundary to the northern edge of the area
                                                           and the Railway Line serving Manchester to Clitheroe skirts past the western boundary of the

                                                           Beyond the site to the south lies the residential areas of Longshaw and Higher Croft, which are
                                                           principally in the ownership of Twin Valley Homes.

                                                           The masterplan provides a framework for development that will be delivered over time. The
                                                           funding mechanisms for the HMR programme mean that the deliverability of development will
                                                           occur incrementally. It is envisaged that the SPD and SA will be reviewed on an annual basis to
                                                           take into account the new sites which will become available.

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

               2: Context

                                                                                                                        Section 2 | Context
   Housing Market Renewal

              The area falls within the Housing Market Restructuring Intervention boundary as defined in the
              1st deposit stage Local Plan and it is under the Housing Market Renewal (HMR) Programme that
              this area is being considered for regeneration proposals.

              The Government’s Housing Market Renewal Initiative provides a once in a life time opportunity
              for the Council to address housing problems and improve the quality of life for residents in areas
              of low demand housing. It also represents a challenge for the Council and other organisations to
              tackle some of the wider social, economic and environmental issues that many residents have
              to face in their day to day lives. The Initiative is being delivered over the next 10-15 years and
              brings in substantial funding from central Government, regional agencies and potentially the
              private sector.

   Blackburn Inner South East Area Development Framework (ADF)

              As part of the Housing Market Renewal Initiative, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
              prepared an ADF for the inner south east area which included the Infirmary, Queens Park and
              Whitebirk neighbourhoods which all share the general description of having pockets of pre- 1919
              terraced housing. The ADF is a comprehensive document which has helped to inform the work of
              the Infirmary Waterside Masterplan led by Inpartership and EDAW. The ADF involved a review of
              existing strategies, analysis of demographic conditions, public consultation, a vision and options
              for the areas. The ADF report was completed in December 2003 and formed part of a bidding
              document to go to the ODPM for funding.

              The ADF recognises that HMR on its own will not solve the deeper causes of housing market
              collapse. It offers a regeneration vision for the ADF:

  all sections of the community are given the opportunity to live in good
 quality, appropriate, affordable and fit housing in strong, sustainable
 neighbourhoods that people choose to live in and are proud to associate
 with. Page 19 Inner South East ADF

   Infirmary Waterside Masterplan

              EDAW were commissioned by Inpartnership (IP) and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council to
              draw up a masterplan for the Infirmary Waterside area. Work began in June 2004.

              Proposals for the area have been developed under an iterative design and consultation process,
              working closely with officers from BwD BC and the IP consortium.

              The masterplan report forms part of a suite of documents prepared by IP consortium in their
              capacity as ‘Preferred Partner’, following success in a developer led competition held in late
              2003. The three key documents which should be looked at in context with the SPD and SA are;
              Masterplan Report, Baseline Report and Baseline and Masterplaning Drawings.

                                                                                             Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                        Blackburn with Darwen Borough Local Plan
Section 3 | Purpose

                                    The existing Local Plan covers the period 1991-2006 and was adopted in April 2002. Although
                                    it was adopted towards the end of the Plan period, the Plan was updated right up to its adoption
                                    and early monitoring work concludes that the Plan has been successful in meeting its objectives
                                    for the Borough.

                                    All the policies in the Local Plan will therefore be saved until it is replaced by a new Core Strat-
                                    egy in 2007 and by Proposals Maps, Allocation Policies and Development Control Policies in

                                    The Council’s first Local Development Scheme (LDS) is currently under preparation, describing
                                    what the Borough Council is going to do to prepare new and revised planning policy over the next
                                    three years. The preparation of the LDS is a requirement under the Planning and Compulsory
                                    Purchase Act, which came into force in September 2004. The Act replaces the old system of
                                    Structure Plans, Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Guidance with a new system of docu-
                                    ments that will be known as the Local Development Framework.

                        Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

                                    The SCI has been through two rounds of consultation and was formally submitted to the Secre-
                                    tary of State November 2005. Consultation for the masterplan was carried prior to the SCI being
                                    prepared and therefore there was no specific requirement to conform to the SCI. However the
                                    general approach to the consultation process is compatible with the Engagement Methods as
                                    stated on page 15 of the Submission Draft SCI November 2005.

                                     3: Purpose

                                    The aim of SA is to help Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council as a local planning authority to
                                    fulfil its objective in achieving sustainable development of the Borough through the preparation
                                    of the local plan and the proposed Local Development Scheme (LDS).

                        the purpose of SA is to promote sustainable development through better
                       integration of sustainability considerations into the plan preparation and
                       adoption of plans. SA is an integral part of good plan making and should
                       not be seen as a separate activity. Page 16 SA of RSS and LDFs - consultation paper

                        What is Sustainable Development?

                                    The most commonly used definition is:

                        Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising
                       the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
                       World Commission on the Environment and Development 1987

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

              Planning Policy Statement 1 supports this;

  Sustainable development is the core principle underpinning planning.

                                                                                                                          Section 3 | Purpose
 At the heart of sustainable development is the simple idea of ensuring a
 better quality of life for everyone.

              The North West’s regional sustainability framework ‘Action for Sustainability’ describes sustain-
              able development as:

 a means of uniting the social, economic and environmental forces, which
 would gave once pulled away from each other.

   Why a Sustainability Appraisal?

              SA is a method of policy appraisal, which aims to ensure the consideration of sustainable devel-
              opment objectives is ingrained in all stages of the policy process. It is a significant progress from
              the environmental appraisal process in that it extends to include social and economic criteria as
              being equal concerns to environmental criteria.

  a systematic and iterative process undertaken during the preparation of
 a plan or strategy, which identifies and reports on the extent to which
 the implementation of the plan or strategy would achieve environmental,
 economic and social objectives. By which sustainable development can
 be identified, in order that the performance of the strategy and policies is
 improved. ‘Good Practice Guide on Sustainability Appraisal of Regional Planning Guidance (2000)’

              SA aims to make the plan process more transparent, better documented and more clearly
              focused on sustainability. The emergent sustainability appraisal process requires that policies are
              appraised against a range of criteria representing the four objectives of sustainable development
              in national policy. These are:

              1.   Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment
              2.   Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone
              3.   Effective protection of the environment
              4.   Prudent use of natural resources

              The Government has set four aims for sustainable development in its strategy: ‘A Better Quality
              of Life, a Strategy for Sustainable Development in the UK (1999). These are:

                   Effective protection of the environment
                   Prudent use of natural resources
                   Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone
                   The maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment

                                                                                       Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                    4: Baseline
Section 4 | Baseline

                            Relevant Plans, Policies and Programmes

                                    National                  Regional                        Local
                                    Sustainable Communities   Joint Lancashire Structure Plan BwD BC Local Plan April 2002
                                    Plan ODPM 2003            2001- 2016 (Deposit Draft)
                                    Northern Way              Housing Strategy 2003           BwD BC Community Strategy
                                                              Economic Strategy 2003          BwD BC Community Safety
                                                              Regional Planning Guidance      Elevate Strategic Plan for East
                                                                                              Lancashire 2003
                                                                                              East Lancashire Partnerships
                                                                                              – East Lancashire’s Future
                                                                                              Changing the Housing Market in
                                                                                              East Lancashire DTZ Pieda 2000
                                                                                              Blackburn Town Centre Strategy
                                                                                              Blackburn Inner North West Area
                                                                                              Development Framework

                            Relevance to Existing Masterplans

                                    Masterplan       Consultant    Location from      Current Progress          Contact
                                                                   Infirmary                                     Officer
                                    Bank Top         Watson        North East         This is the most          David
                                                     Batty                            advanced in terms of      Greenfield
                                                                                      implementation with
                                                                                      clearance and group
                                                                                      repair programmes
                                    Freckleton Street EDAW         East                                         Adrian Swift
                                    Town Centre      In            North East         SA and SPD process is     Adrian Swift
                                                     Partnership                      being considered
                                    Griffin           BDP           North West         SA and SPD process is     Paula
                                                                                      being considered          Geoghegan

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

   Baseline Data

                                                                                                                       Section 4 | Baseline
              As part of the commission for work for the Infirmary Waterside masterplan, EDAW have produced
              a detailed Baseline Report which has also been used to support certain sections of the SPD. The
              following table offers a brief summary of the type of baseline data which is available:

               Baseline Subject              Data Available
               Background & Context          Review of relevant plans, programmes and strategies (SRB5,
                                             HMR, Community Regeneration Zones
               Physical Issues &             Topography, utilities, contamination
               Landuse and Ownership         Land ownership, local facilities
               People                        Social and Economic Demographics
               Movement                      Connectivity, accessibility, public transport
               Urban Design                  Review of the different types of built form in the area
               Key Stakeholders
               Planning Framework and        Review of recent policy and strategies

              The baseline data for Infirmary area has been collected over several years and presents a
              strong source of information. When compared to the objectives of the SA, the baseline provides
              information to enable appraisal and monitoring across the board, apart from one objective.
              Information pertaining to the environmental performance of the existing housing stock is lacking.
              Before housing improvements begin, we would suggest that baseline data is collected. This
              could be collated in two ways:

                 Average information on domestic energy and water efficiency gathered from DTI, Defra
                 and the Energy Savings Trust.
                 Site specific information on domestic energy and water efficiency gathered from a survey
                 of a sub-set of dwellings within the area.

   Public Consultation Statement

              Engagement with the community within the Infirmary Waterside area has been ongoing since
              1999; starting with work around the SRB5 bid, the development of the Community Strategy
              and Community Regeneration Zones. Consultation then began on Housing Market Renewal in
              2002, followed by more specific work on the Inner South East Area Development Framework and
              Infirmary Masterplan in 2004.

              A table explaining the community consultation undertaken in more detail has been appendixes at
              the end of this document.

                                                                                         Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                  5: Methodology
Section 5 | Methodology

                                  The SA has been carried out in line with the draft government guidance on the SA of Local
                                  Development Documents published for consultation in September 2004. In light of recent
                                  requirements to carry out SA and the increase in work regarding masterplans, Blackburn with
                                  Darwen BC has prepared guidance notes on building SA into the process of preparing SPD
                                  (November 2004)

                           Scoping Report

                                  As set out in the consultation paper SA of RSS and LDFs, consultation should be held on the
                                  scope the SA, and that a Scoping Report produced if felt necessary.

                                  The paper recommends that consultation should include the four Consultation Bodies required
                                  by the SEA Directive (Countryside Agency, English Heritage, English Nature, Environment
                                  Agency), and other appropriate social and economic consultees as outlined in PPS12.

                                  As there has been ongoing consultation within the masterplan area for the past 3-4 years it was
                                  not felt that a Scoping Report was necessary as part of this SA. The four statutory consultees
                                  have already been consulted as part of the screening statement requirements and other key
                                  stakeholders have been informed throughout the process. The next stage of public engagement
                                  will begin with the 6 week statutory consultation period for the SPD which will be carried out by
                                  BwD BC.

                           The Team

                                  Sustainability Appraisal can be a subjective and judgemental exercise, at this level of plan
                                  making. Its success is dependent on the expertise and knowledge of the team of appraisers,
                                  who can make recommendations as to how the Infirmary Waterside Masterplan be improved to
                                  perform better against the sustainability objectives.

                                  The consultation paper of SA of RSS and LDFs suggests that for the SA to be most effective it be
                                  undertaken by people who:

                                      Consider and respond to local circumstances
                                      Take a balanced and objective view
                                      Understand the issues
                                      Draw on good practice elsewhere
                                      Evaluate the full range of sustainability issues

                                  With the short time scales given to complete the Infirmary Waterside SA, it was decided that to
                                  be most effective, council officers who had been involved in the preparation of the ADF and the
                                  masterplan itself would be used as much as possible. The team had representatives from social,
                                  economic and environmental backgrounds to give as balanced view as possible. The group met
                                  on 9th February 2005 and covered the appraisal in one morning session.

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

              Paula Geoghegan – Senior Planning Officer BwD BC

              David Greenfield – Neighbourhood Renewal Manager BwD BC

                                                                                                                      Section 5 | Methodology
              Helen Sargant – Sustainability Consultant EDAW

              Chris Coldwell – Principal Project Development Officer – BwD BC

              Tanya Gallagher – Neighbourhood Co-ordinator

              Nick Riley – Programme Manager & Landscape Architect Groundwork

              Andy Nash – Programme Manager & Landscape Architect Groundwork

              When the group met to carry out the appraisal, three key issues had to be defined before the
              appraisal could begin:

                 Reviewing the draft objectives
                 Agreeing the masterplan boundary
                 Refining and clarifying the description of the options

   Plan Objectives

              The Council Guidance notes lists 32 SEA/SA objectives (refer to document as appended), which
              is structured around the four elements of the definition of sustainable development set out in “A
              Better Quality of Life”: the Government’s sustainable development strategy published in 1999.
              It draws together objectives from the following four sources:

                 Action for Sustainability – the sustainable development strategy for the North West,
                 produced by the North West Regional Assembly and Sustainability North West.
                 The draft Sustainable Development Framework produced by ELEVATE to inform Housing
                 Market Renewal in East Lancashire.
                 The Blackburn with Darwen Borough Local Plan (2002)
                 Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s draft Single Economic Framework: the
                 Borough’s economic strategy.

              To inform the appraisal of SPD, it is necessary to develop “plan objectives”, selecting from the
              32 SEA/SA objectives and refining them to suit the local context. The most important sub-set
              of issues for the Infirmary Waterside SPD is judged to be Elevate Sustainability Checklist for
              Housing Market Renewal (as appended).

              It is also important to cross-reference these with the requirements for Sustainable Communities,
              as outlined in the ODPM’s Communities Plan 2003:

                 A flourishing local economy to provide jobs and wealth;
                 Strong leadership to respond positively to change;
                 Effective engagement and participation by local people, groups and businesses,
                 especially in the planning, design and long term stewardship of their community, and an
                 active voluntary and community sector;
                 A safe and healthy local environment with well-designed public and green space;
                 Sufficient size, scale and density, and the right layout to support basic amenities in the
                 neighbourhood and minimise use of resources (including land);
                 Good public transport and other transport infrastructure both within the community and
                 linking it to urban, rural and regional centres;
                 Buildings - both individually and collectively - that can meet different needs over time,
                 and that minimise the use of resources;
                 A well-integrated mix of decent homes of different types and tenures to support a range
                 of household sizes, ages and incomes;
                 Good quality local public services, including education and training opportunities, health
                 care and community facilities, especially for leisure;

                                                                                              Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                           A diverse, vibrant and creative local culture, encouraging pride in the community and
                                           cohesion within it;
                                           A “sense of place”;
Section 5 | Methodology

                                           The right links with the wider regional, national and international community.

                                      A refined set of objectives, considering the relative importance of the above lists for the Infirmary
                                      and Waterside SPD are:

                                       1        Secure economic inclusion and contribute towards the labour market through training
                                                and job creation for locals as part of the redevelopment process.
                                       2        Increase use of locally produced goods and services
                                       3        Revive the housing market in terms of types, tenures and quality
                                       4        Utilise community participation in the design process
                                       5        Create a neighbourhood that is accessible and safe, with provision of and/or links to:
                                                • Local public services and shopping facilities
                                                • The town centre and edge of town strategic employment locations
                                                • Parks, culture and leisure facilities and the surrounding countryside
                                                • The regional and national rail road networks
                                       6        Improve the environmental standard of existing housing
                                       7        Achieve the highest design and environmental standard of existing housing and public
                                       8        Integrate local distinctiveness, character and heritage in the redevelopment
                                       9        Secure the use of sustainable construction techniques

                                      It was felt by some members of the appraisal group that an additional option under the
                                      economic section should be created ‘to revive the housing market’, bringing the total number of
                                      objectives to 9. It was also felt that the second environmental option ‘achieve the highest design
                                      and environmental standard of existing housing’ should also include ‘public realm’.

                               The Options

                                      In order to carry out a full SA of the Infirmary Masterplan a range of options were tested.

                            Options taken forward should be reasonable, realistic and relevant.
                           They should also be sufficiently distinct in order to highlight the different
                           sustainability implications of each, so that meaningful comparisons can be
                           made. Page 143 SA of RSS and LDFs - consultation paper

                                      The suggested options for the Infirmary Masterplan were taken from the Inner South East Area
                                      Development Framework (ADF) and also combine EDAW’s work on the Infirmary Waterside
                                      The options as listed in the preparatory document for the appraisal meeting were quite broadly
                                      written and it was felt by the appraisal group that these needed further clarification. The agreed
                                      options were:

                                      Option 1 : Do Nothing
                                      Presume that there would be no market renewal interventions in the area.
                                      This would still presume that ongoing work around SRB5 would continue and any other work
                                      which was being carried out but was not directly related to money coming from housing market

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

              Option 2: Major Clearance and Redevelopment
              Clearance of all unfit pre 1919 terraces to create open space, release larger sites for new
              development, site briefs for existing and potential development

                                                                                                                        Section 6 | Results
              Option 3: Repair
              Group repair of specified terraces, facelifts, partial demolition to create new open space and
              parking, remodelling (including 2-1 to create larger family units), introduce private landlord
              accreditation scheme.
              This option would presume that there would be no new community hub only the continued use
              of the existing Ivy Street centre.

              Option 4: Mixed
              Potential development areas; waterside incorporating Warwick & Bailey, Infirmary site to create a
              new neighbourhood, clearance along Mosley Street and Infirmary St for new housing.
              This option would also presume that the works under option 3 would also be carrying out; some
              group repair, facelifts, and private landlord accreditation. A new community hub would also be
              the focus of this option.


              Each of the 4 options was tested against the 9 plan objectives and a simple scoring matrix was
              developed to chart the results of the SA. A separate matrix was used for each of the 4 options.

               Symbol       Explanation
               + + or +     The option meets the criteria and has a positive impact. The degree of positive
                            impact relates to the number of signs
               - - or -     The option fails to meet the criteria and has a negative impact
               ?            The impact of the option is questionable, and needs further attention
               G            There is a gap in the option
               N/A          The criteria is not relevant against the policy

               6: Results

              To help show clearly the results of the SA, the appraisal of each of the four options is described
              separately. There are four main sections within the results:

              1. The description of the option
              2. Results matrix
              3. Discussion points for each criteria
              4. Description of any indirect, secondary and cumulative impacts

   Option 1

              Do Nothing:
              Presume that there would be no market renewal interventions in the area.
              This would still presume that ongoing work around SRB5 would continue and any other work
              which was being carried out but was not directly related to money coming from housing market

                                                                                            Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                      Economic                         Social               Environmental
                                      1           2          3         4          5         6          7         8          9
Section 6 | Results

                                      ?           -          -         N/A        -         -          -         N/A        N/A

                                  Discussion points raised in the appraisal:

                                          Objective 1 - there is an apprentice programme under SRB5 which covers the whole of
                                          the SRB5 area. The programme is soon to come to an end and could only be described
                                          as having a minimal impact in the masterplan area
                                          Objective 2 – under this option there would be no development to be done and the
                                          potential for the area to produce local goods and services would not be optimised
                                          Objective 3 – There would be no revival in the housing market if no interventions were
                                          Objective 4 – There would be no design process if there were no market interventions
                                          Objective 5 – There is an existing community beat manager in the area but this could not
                                          be expanded upon if the area was to receive any monies from HMR. Links to and within
                                          the area would not alter or the potential be allowed to be realised.
                                          Objective 6 – there would be no improvement in the environmental standard of housing if
                                          there were no interventions
                                          Objective 7 – there would be no impact on achieving high design standards of the
                                          existing housing if there were no market interventions
                                          Objective 8 – Not applicable as no new development would be taking place
                                          Objective 9 – no construction would be used if there were no market interventions

                                  The following indirect, secondary and cumulative effects were identified:
                                  As the Infirmary Waterside area would not enjoy a renaissance this would depress housing and
                                  commercial markets in the surrounding areas. This could particularly depress plans for the town
                                  centre, as the Infirmary area is an important gateway to the town.

                                  Overall – this option would loose the opportunities presented by HMR. We do not know when the
                                  next opportunity for change and investment at this scale would arise.

                           Option 2

                                  Major Clearance and Redevelopment:
                                  Clearance of all unfit houses to create open space, release larger sites for new development,
                                  site briefs for existing and potential development.

                                      Economic                         Social               Environmental
                                      1           2          3         4          5         6          7         8          9
                                      -           ?          +         ?          +         N/A        N/A       -          +

                                  Discussion points raised in the appraisal:

                                          Objective 1 – It was felt that this option would have a negative impact upon local people
                                          who would be less likely to move back into the area
                                          Objective 2 – If the area was to be largely redeveloped then there would be opportunity
                                          for local labour to be increased, but it was felt that this would have a higher impact at an
                                          East Lancashire level
                                          Objective 3 - A revival of the housing market would be made possible through
                                          redevelopment. Affordable housing provision was debated and the likelihood of existing
                                          residents in the area who would be displaced but then move back to the area. Affordable
                                          housing can be better provided on larger sites where there would be more control in
                                          creating an appropriate provision.
                                          Objective 4 – there has been on going public consultation through the ADF and
                                          masterplan process, however the message from the public has never been for wholesale
                                          clearance, it is felt that to have a positive effect that a mixture of development would be

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

                   Objective 5 – complete redevelopment would hope to achieve a new neighbourhood
                   which would include all the sub objectives listed.
                   Objective 6 – This is not relevant at it relates to existing housing, and there would be no

                                                                                                                       Section 6 | Results
                   existing housing if the area was to be cleared
                   Objective 7 - This is not relevant at it relates to existing housing, and there would be no
                   existing housing if the area was to be cleared
                   Objective 8 – with wholesale clearance there would be a major threat to local character
                   and distinctiveness
                   Objective 9 – Redevelopment would hope to achieve a wide array of sustainable
                   construction techniques

              The following indirect, secondary and cumulative effects were identified:

                   The large scale redevelopment would reinvigorate surrounding housing and commercial
                   markets, though the demolition and construction phases could temporarily depress
                   interest in the area.
                   Decanting and rehousing occupants would have an impact on housing resources
                   throughout Blackburn.
                   The population of the area would probably almost completely change.

              Overall – this option would mean irreversible change to the area and its surroundings.

   Option 3

              Group repair of specified terraces, facelifts, partial demolition to create new open space and
              parking, remodelling (including 2-1 to create larger family units), introduce private landlord

               Economic                         Social                Environmental
               1           2          3         4          5          6         7          8           9
               +           +          ?         +          -          +         +          N/A         +

              Discussion points raised in the appraisal:

                   Objective 1 – repair of existing housing has the potential to bring about job training and
                   local job creation
                   Objective 2 – local goods and services could be utilised through a programme of group
                   Objective 3 – repair does not completely revive the housing market, as there is not the
                   potential for complete redevelopment of some of the sites, which would provide the
                   requisite mix of types and tenures
                   Objective 4 – repair does explore consultation and participation but there is a limited
                   level of change to consult upon.
                   Objective 5 – The neighbourhood will have a certain element of change but repair will not
                   provide the opportunity to improve links and
                   Objective 6 – repair will greatly improve the standard of existing housing
                   Objective 7 – repair will achieve better design and environmental standards within the
                   existing housing
                   Objective 8 – although there may be some visual improvements to the area through
                   group repair schemes, there will be no integration of new development in the area as the
                   emphasis is on repair and not redevelopment.
                   Objective 9 – The use of sustainable construction can be integrated into any repair

              This option does not exhibit as significant indirect, secondary and cumulative effects as the
              other options, as repair would simply be keeping the area in a constant state. Therefore negative
              indirect effects would be avoided through not depressing surrounding markets. However, positive
              indirect effects through supporting surrounding property markets would also not arise.

                                                                                          Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                  Overall – this option does not maximise the benefits accruing from HMR. It does leave the option
                                  that the area could be further redeveloped in the future, possibly when market forces have
                                  strengthened. However, future redevelopment is less likely considering the investment in the built
Section 6 | Results


                           Option 4

                                  Potential development areas: Waterside site incorporating Warwick & Bailey, Infirmary site to
                                  create a new neighbourhood, clearance along Mosley Street and Infirmary Street, incorporating a
                                  community hub.

                                      Economic                        Social               Environmental
                                      1           2         3         4          5         6         7         8          9
                                      +           ++        ++        +          +G        +         +         +G         +

                                  Discussion points raised in the appraisal:

                                          Objective 1 - with the creation of a community hub, it was felt that there would be more
                                          diverse job opportunities, which help in the long term creation of a labour market, as
                                          well as the opportunities from the construction and repair phase
                                          Objective 2 – the scale of new development and specific housing development
                                          opportunities could have wider impacts which would filter through to borough and
                                          ultimately regional levels.
                                          Objective 3 – with a mixture of housing interventions and specific development
                                          opportunities the area will be more desirable with the widest possible choice of housing
                                          Objective 4 – Recreating a neighbourhood that will be new in parts will require a great
                                          deal of community buy in and engagement. On this scale of redevelopment there would
                                          be a great amount of opportunity for community participation, and it is also the option
                                          that has received greatest community support.
                                          Objective 5 – The creation of a community hub will help to create a focus for the
                                          neighbourhood. The group was not completely convinced with the clarity in the
                                          masterplan drawings for the traffic and circulation movements and so felt there was a
                                          gap in this objective.
                                          Objective 6 – as this option also looks at the repair, then the environmental improvement
                                          of the existing housing will have a positive impact
                                          Objective 7 – as this option also looks at the repair, then the highest design of
                                          environmental standard can be worked into this.
                                          Objective 8 – with a mix of new development and repair the area should hopefully be
                                          able to safeguard some of its character whilst at the same time being able to integrate
                                          new design and create a new identity for itself. However as there is no certainly in this
                                          then the group also felt that this objective also had a gap in it.
                                          Objective 9 – any new development or repair will seek to include all sustainable
                                          construction techniques

                                  Similarly to option 2, the indirect, secondary and cumulative impacts relate to the uplift of
                                  surrounding areas, but temporary issues regarding decanting and rehousing. Option 4 could
                                  secure greater uplift than option 2, as the character of the area would be retained. Impacts on
                                  Blackburn’s rehousing resources would be less acute than for option 2 due to the reduced scale
                                  of redevelopment.

                                  Overall – this option maximises the opportunities that HMR brings, with respect to community
                                  aspirations, the existing character, investment streams and deliverability.

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

               7: Conclusions

                                                                                                                      Section 7 | Conclusions
              According to the SA reported above, option 4, using a mix of repair and redevelopment is the
              preferred option. Therefore this has been explored and expanded further to provide the basis of
              the SPD. The following section describes the monitoring requirements during the implementation
              phase of the SPD.

   Monitoring & Implementation

              To monitor the design and construction phase and life-time performance of development,
              indicators and targets must be defined. The following table identifies the objectives from the
              appraisal, the indicators that can be used, the sources of information, and whether targets have
              been set and suggested targets.

               Objective               Indicators                Sources               Targets
               1 - economic            Statistics on             ONS, DTI and local    None within SPD
               inclusion               education, skills,        sources               currently. Can we
                                       training, job creation/                         suggest numbers?
                                       diversification and                              10% of full-time
                                       business start - ups/                           equivalent jobs
                                       survival, both
               2 – locally produced    Statistics on             ONS, DTI and local    None within SPD
               good and services       job creation/             sources               currently. Can we
                                       diversification and                              suggest numbers?
                                       business start-ups/                             10% increase in the
                                       survival, both during                           number of businesses
                                       construction phase                              operating from the
                                       and long-term                                   Infirmary area
               3 – revived housing     Numbers and               Local sources         None within SPD
               market                  proportional                                    currently. Can we
                                       information regarding                           suggest numbers?
                                       dwellings improved                              All homes, both
                                       and built, housing                              private and social,
                                       types and tenures                               to decent homes
                                                                                       standards. Housing
                                                                                       types and tenures
                                                                                       reflect local housing
               4 – community           Description of range Local sources              None within SPD
               participation           of participatory                                currently. Can we
                                       activities, and                                 suggest numbers?
                                       numbers and range of                            Maybe best dealt
                                       locals involved                                 with through vision
                                                                                       statement in SPD

                                                                                      Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                               Objective                Indicators               Sources                 Targets
                               5 – accessibility,       Statistics and           DfT and local sources   None within SPD
Section 7 | Conclusions

                               safety, provision and    surveys on modes                                 currently. Can we
                               links                    of travel and modal      Local police            suggest reduction
                                                        split. Statistics on                             targets, and amounts
                                                        crime and fear of        Local sources           of space?
                                                        crime. Qualitative                               Increase public
                                                        information about                                transport modal split
                                                        type and quality of                              by 10%.
                                                        links to surrounding     Local sources           Decrease crime levels
                                                        areas. Statistics                                by 10%
                                                        on community,                                    Improve or create
                                                        commercial and                                   1ha of community,
                                                        public space                                     commercial and
                                                        improved and created                             public space, both
                                                                                                         outside and within
                               6 – environmental        Statistics on            Local sources           None within SPD
                               performance of           improvements in                                  currently. Can we
                               existing housing         energy and water                                 suggest improvement
                                                        efficiency                                        ranges?
                                                                                                         All refurbished
                                                                                                         housing to meet
                                                                                                         EcoHomes Good
                               7 – design of existing   Qualitative              Local sources           Vision within SPD
                               housing and public       information on
                               realm                    improvements in
                                                        quality of existing
                                                        housing and public
                               8 – integrating          Qualitative              Local sources           Vision within SPD
                               character                information on
                                                        integration through
                                                        design and
                                                        retaining buildings
                                                        and elements of
                               9 – sustainable          Statistics on            From contractors        None within SPD
                               construction             environmental                                    currently. Can we
                                                        performance of                                   suggest BREEAM
                                                        new build and                                    ratings?
                                                        construction phase                               All new build housing
                                                        efficiencies in waste,                            to achieve EcoHomes
                                                        water and energy                                 Very Good standard.
                                                                                                         All other building
                                                                                                         types to achieve
                                                                                                         relevant BREEAM Very
                                                                                                         Good standard

Appendix 2

Screening Statement on the determination of
the need for Strategic Environmental

Assessment (SEA)For the Infirmary

Waterside Supplementary Planning Guidance

                                                                                      Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                1: Introduction: Strategic Environmental
                                Assessment Screening & the 2004
Section 1 | Introduction

                                Under the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004, Council’s
                                must carry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of land use and spatial plans.

                                The first stage in the SEA process is for the Council to determine whether or not a plan is likely
                                to have a significant effect on the environment. The Regulations advise that this is determined
                                by a screening process, which should use a specified set of criteria (set out in Schedule 1 of the
                                Regulations). The results of this process must be summarised in an SEA Screening Statement,
                                which must be publicly available.

                                It is likely that Development Plan Documents will require SEA as they contain planning policies
                                which allocate land for development and which are used to determine planning applications.
                                However, for Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which relate to the use of a small area
                                at a local level the screening process is likely to be necessary.

                                If the screening process concludes that SEA is not required, or if there is doubt as to the
                                need for SEA, the Council has a duty to consult four specified environmental organisations
                                (Countryside Agency, English Heritage, English Nature and Environment Agency). The Council
                                has a duty to prepare a statement of its reasons for the determination that SEA is not required,
                                called the SEA Screening Statement. The SEA Screening Statement should provide sufficient
                                information to demonstrate whether the SPG is likely to have significant environmental effects.
                                This document is the SEA Screening Statement for the Infirmary Waterside SPD.

                                2: Infirmary Waterside SPD

                                The SPD falls within the East Lancashire Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder area (Elevate). It
                                aims to guide the future development of the area for new housing to help towards the achieve-
                                ment of sustainable communities in the area. It will seek to develop a high quality neighbour-
                                hood making full use of opportunities to upgrade the canalside environment and realise the
                                potential of the hospital site as a major gateway not just to the SPD area but to the Borough of
                                Blackburn as a whole. Developers will be expected to show how their proposals deal with issues
                                covered in the SPD when submitting planning applications for development of the identified

                                The SPD within the plan hierarchy
                                The SPD will be at the bottom of the plan hierarchy, based below the Blackburn with Darwen
                                Borough Local Plan and above that the Lancashire Structure Plan. It will set the framework for
                                detailed layout and design issues related to new house building rather than provide a policy

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

               3: The Screening Process

                                                                                                                       Section 3 | The Screening Process
              The preliminary assessment of whether or not SEA is required led to the conclusion that screen-
              ing is necessary for the following reasons:

                 The policy is subject to preparation and adoption by a local authority
                 (All SPD’s will be prepared and adopted by local authorities)
                 The policy is required by legislative, regulatory or administrative provisions (In the
                 absence of Government guidance to the contrary it is prudent to treat SPD as such)
                 The policy is prepared for town planning
                 (The SPD may be used too support CPOs which will be prepared for town and country
                 planning or land uses)
                 The SPD is setting the framework for future development consents that could require
                 Environmental Impact Assessment
                 (SPDs made in support of CPO action will set such a framework and it needs to be
                 assessed as to whether the development is likely to have significant environmental
                 The SPD determines the use of a small area and deals with issues at a local level
                 (An SPD prepared in support of a CPO will relate to a small area at a local level. It is
                 necessary to determine if it will have significant environmental effects by undertaking a
                 screening exercise)

              The screening process set out in Regulation 9 and Schedule 1 of the Regulations includes 2 sets
              of criteria for determining the likely significance of effects on the environment. These relate to
              firstly the characteristics of the SPD and secondly the characteristics of the effects and of the
              area likely to be affected. There are criteria and questions relating to each of these which are
              set out below with answers to each.

   Table 1: Characteristics of the SPD

               1. Criteria               Is there an Significant      Justification
                                         effect?     environ
               a.   The degree to        Yes           No            The SPD is at the lowest end of a
                    which the SPD sets                               hierarchy of plans with the Blackburn
                    a framework for                                  with Darwen Borough Local Plan above
                    projects and other                               it and the Lancashire Structure Plan
                    activities, either                               above that
                    with regard to the
                    location, nature,
                    size and operating
                    conditions or by
                    allocating resources
               b.   The degree to which Yes            No            There are several masterplans which
                    the SPD influences                                are being carried out as part of the
                    other plans and                                  Housing Market Renewal Programme
                    programmes,                                      and others such as Freckleton Street
                    including those in                               and the Town Centre Masterplan which
                    the hierarchy                                    will all be looked at in context with this
                                                                     The SPD is the lowest tier of the
                                                                     hierarchy set out above. As such it is
                                                                     influenced by them but does not have
                                                                     any significant influence on them.

                                                                                                        Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                                  1. Criteria                 Is there an Significant      Justification
                                                                              effect?     environ
Section 3 | The Screening Process

                                                  c.   The relevance          Yes          No             The SPD promotes sustainable
                                                       of the SPD for                                     development of housing design, both
                                                       the integration                                    for new and refurbished properties and
                                                       of environmental                                   also aims to fulfil the objectives as set
                                                       considerations, in                                 out in the Elevate Guide to Sustainable
                                                       particular with a                                  Development.
                                                       view to promoting                                    It also seeks to protect the canalside
                                                       sustainable                                        environment. It does not provide
                                                       development                                        environmental policy or considerations
                                                                                                          in it’s own right
                                                  d.   Environmental          Yes          No             Most of the problems in the area
                                                       problems are                                       relevant to the SPD are economic
                                                       relevant to the SPD                                and social rather than environmental.
                                                                                                          Where the SPD relates to environmental
                                                                                                          problems this is in the context of the
                                                                                                          hierarchy set out above. In its own right
                                                                                                          it does not have a significant effect on
                                                                                                          environmental considerations
                                                  e.   The relevance of       No           No             The SPD is not directly relevant to
                                                       the development                                    implementation of Community (EC)
                                                       brief for the                                      legislation on the environment
                                                       implementation of
                                                       EC legislation on
                                                       the environment
                                                       (e.g. plans and
                                                       linked to waste
                                                       management or
                                                       water protection)

                                         Table 2:
                                         Characteristics of the effects and of the area likely to be affected

                                                  2. Criteria                 Significant   Justification
                                                  a.   The probability,       No           Although there will be short-term effects in the area
                                                       duration, frequency                 covered these will just relate to development activity
                                                       and reversibility of                so there will be no significant long-term effects
                                                       the effects of the
                                                  b.   The cumulative         No           The SPD is part of a wider Housing Market Renewal
                                                       nature of the                       regeneration programme. It is expected that the
                                                       effects of the SPD                  sustainability appraisal will show there to have limited
                                                                                           environmental effects
                                                  c.   The trans-boundary     No           There are no trans-boundary issues across Member
                                                       nature of the                       States
                                                       effects of the
                                                       development brief
                                                  d.   The risks to human     No           There may be potential short term health problems
                                                       health or the                       related to the disruption and stress of physically
                                                       environment (e.g.                   moving home. However the council aims to have a
                                                       due to accidents)                   well managed programme to deal with displacement.
                                                                                           Any short term health problems will be overcome by
                                                                                           the long term aim to create more sustainable and
                                                                                           healthy housing

Infirmary Waterside | Supplementary Planning Document

               2. Criteria                 Significant   Justification

                                                                                                                        Section 3 | The Screening Process
               e.   The magnitude          No           The SPD covers an area of approximately 24 hectares
                    and spatial extent                  and represents only a small pocket of the borough.
                    of the effects                      Any effects will be minimal within this area or close to
                    (geographical                       its boundary. It is envisaged that in the long term this
                    area and size of                    SPD create positive impacts socially, economically
                    population likely to                and environmentally not just within the defined
                    be affected) of the                 masterplan area but on the rest of the borough
               f.   The value and          No           The SPD area does not include any Conservation
                    vulnerability of the                Areas and the only listed structure is a bridge over the
                    area likely to be                   canal. As designated in the Blackburn with Darwen
                    affected due to:                    Borough Local Plan, the canal is allocated as an
                    -special natural                    environmental improvement corridor (ENV6) and
                    characteristics or                  green space corridor (LNC4)
                    cultural heritage
                    quality standards or
                    limit values;
                    -or intensive land-
               g.   The effect on areas No              There are no designations within the SPD which have
                    or landscapes                       any National, EC or International protection status
                    which have a
                    recognised national,
                    EC or international
                    protection status

                                                                                                           Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

                                                      4: Statement of Determination
Section 4 | Statement of Determination

                                              Determination of the Need for SEA

                                                     It is considered that Strategic Environmental Assessment is not required for Infirmary Waterside
                                                     SPD Consultation Draft for the reasons set out in Section 3 above.

                                              Consultation with Statutory Bodies

                                                     The following organisations will be consulted and their comments incorporated into this

                                                      Oraganisation                                   Comment
                                                      Countryside Agency                              because of the urban nature of the SPD, it is
                                                                                                      unlikely to
                                                                                                      have a significant effect on the landscape or
                                                                                                      the enjoyment of it through
                                                      English Heritage                                Awaiting comments
                                                      English Nature                                  The plan/programme is not likely to have a
                                                                                                      significant effect on biodiversity, flora and
                                                                                                      fauna and confirm that a SEA is not required
                                                      Environment Agency                              Agree that a SEA is not required


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