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									Wedding Invitations
So my fiance and are getting married in June. His friends are very lazy and after 5
years of knowing them, i have no tolerance to deal with their negligence. I have sent
out invitations to all of them.
  The invitation includes a response card, and a stamped envelope for them to return
them to me. All they would have to do is mark which entree they wanted ,stick it in the
envelope and then put it in their mail box outside their home. It is a common courtesy
for the people i invited to send me back the reply card in the envelope when they are
not going to come, so it would only be expected that someone who wanted to come
fill out the card.

 However, my fiance feels that if his friends "forget" or are to lazy to send it in before
the reply date ( i sent them early so they would have over 2 months to reply), then
they should be able to just tell me what they want, after i spent time and money
printing out the invitations, envelopes, reply cards and paying for stamps to not only
send them, but stamps so people could easily send them back
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Wedding Invitations

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