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									Tiger Woods Argument Leads Me To The Couch
My wife won't 'allow' me to watch or buy anything Tiger Woods now that he's been
accused of cheating. I don't give a sh*t what he does in his personal life. My interest
in Tiger is strictly golf and in that part of his life he is terrific.

 She thinks that supporting him in any way now is ridiculous and in poor taste. I
disagreed and think the media should stay out of his life. I think these trashy women
he slept with shouldn't be allowed to profit off him.

 He made a bunch of mistakes. So what. I feel bad for his wife. I really do. But he
nor his wife and what they do should impact my family. The problem with my wife is
that she takes this stuff on like it's her duty to get involved. It's none of your business,
hun. Butt out.

So, she said stay on the couch if I'm gonna watch him on the golf channel. Fair?
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Tiger Woods Argument Leads Me To The Couch

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