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					    S                                                cenario

                                                    Sorrento Centre • Autumn 2006
Volume 16 • Number 3 • September 2006
                                                     Dear Friends,                                    A letter from the Executive Director

A Small Request                                       All of us at Sorento Centre are pleased to have had
                                                      another highly successful summer season, and we
                                                      continue to be busy well into the fall and early winter
We are asking all of our Associates to please         months. Please see inside this issue of the Scenario
contact our office via email or phone to update       for information on the upcoming Associates
our data compilation. What we need are the            Thanksgiving Work/Study Weekend, and the back
email addresses and the first and last names of       page for our winter courses.
all members in the family unit.
                                                      This summer we presented a series of well received
We appreciate your time on this matter as it          courses in theological, arts and crafts, music, out-
will help our front office run in greater ease.       doors, and children’s programming. We were pleased
Contact Lyn or Kathy at           to have been able to host so many guests this
or phone 250-675-2421.                                summer and to provide such a dynamic range of
                                                      course leaders.

                                                      We were also happy to have been able to host the House of Bishops and the Provincial Synod of
                                                      the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon.

                                                      On page 4 you can read about some of our staff changes, and I would particularly like to wel-
                                                      come Liz White of Seattle, who is joining us for a yearlong internship. She has already proven
                                                      herself to be a valuable member of the work and community life at the Centre. I would also like
                                                      to thank Craig Luccock for all of his efforts for us over the past three seasons, most recently as
                                                      our curate. We wish Craig and his family well as they move to New Zealand to take up a parish.

                                                      I would also like to thank all of the Women’s groups who who raised money for the room
                                                      renovations in Caritas and Nova Vita.

                                                      You will find more details inside on the Master Plan fundraising project and I encourage you to
                                                      look at it carefully. We are very grateful for those of you who have helped us raise $15,000 of
                                                      the $50,000 and ask others to support this neccesary endeavour. Our Capital Budget fund for
                                                      2006 is $45,000 and we are now half way toward raising the funds.

                                                      Please remember that Associate memberships have to be renewed by the end of the year.

                                                      I look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to the Associates Thanksgiving Weekend
                                                      October 6 to 10!


Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
Associates Thanksgiving
Work/Study Weekend
October 6-10, 2006

T      he Associates’ Work/Study Week in the spring and the Associates’ Thanksgiving
       Weekend in the fall are two of the real highlights of the Sorrento Centre calendar.
       It is a wonderful time for the staff to have fun and work alongside the people
       who are the real backbone of the Centre – you, the Associates. It is a time when
Associates gather to work, pray and celebrate life together as we ready the Centre for

Apples are picked and peeled, benches and picnic tables go into their winter hibernation,
and of course there is a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and our now traditional pig roast.

There are many opportunities for worship and fellowship during the weekend, and the study component guides us all spiritually. This year the
study portion will be lead by David Gravells and Derek Ellis. It will take the form of short morning sessions and evening discussion groups. This
year’s program asks the question “What can we learn from the similarities between fisheries and fishers in Jesus’ time and currently?” David will
provide the biblical references, Derek the current issues. There will be at least one field trip to the nearby Adams River to see the million or so
sockeye salmon packed in there, or still migrating in, during the time of the workshop. Please bring your bible(s).

So, please join us for this unforgettable weekend of work, study, and friendship. There is no set fee for the weekend: just donate whatever you
can afford. If you would like to arrive early or stay later, please contact the office regarding accommodation availability.

We also have a special request this year. We have oodles and oodles of photos, articles, tapes and other materials in our archives. We need
your help in determining who the people in the pictures are, when they were taken, who the articles are about and whose programs the tapes
are made from. This project may be of interest to people with long memories and connections to life and programming at Sorrento Centre. This
project may be of interest to people who would love to come and spend time at Sorrento during Associates weekend and have gifts of identifica-
tion rather than labour outside. Please join us in this endeavour.

             LEAP Program a Huge Success
F      ifteen youth aged 15 and 16 from BC and Alberta came to Sorrento Centre to participate in the first Leadership, Experience and Adventure
       Program (LEAP). LEAP is a program that is designed to equip young people for future leadership roles at Sorrento Centre and in their
       home churches, communities, and schools. Over the course of two weeks the participants worked, played, worshiped, laughed, learned and
       grew together.

        Topics included communication, conflict resolution, personality preferences and aptitudes and spiritual formation. There was also a two-day
 camping trip off-site where the participants learned about the local ecology and about zero-impact camping.
 The highlights of their program included discussions on Christian Leadership with the likes of Bishop Michael Ingham (Bishop of New Westmin-
 ster) and Bishop Bill Swing (retired Bishop of California). Meg Cozens and Mike Konkin were the LEAP facilitators and the program success
 was due to their phenomenal skills and dedication. A special thank you must go to all those who contribute to the Sorrento Centre Founders
 Fund which allowed this program to take flight. The Anglican Church of Canada has much to look forward to with these amazing young people
 participating and growing in a setting like LEAP at Sorrento Centre.

                                           LEAP participants with Bishop John Privett
Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
Sorrento Centre Master Planning

                                                                             ver the past years, the Board of Directors, in consultation with Centre
                                                                             Associates and Staff, has been meeting to discuss and identify needs
                                                                             and to create a vision for Sorrento Centre’s ministry. One thing we
                                                                             have learned is that the land and buildings are a legacy given to us by
                                                   $40,000                   the Founders and have been lovingly supported over the years by many
                                                                 Associates. With this in mind a fresh look at how we use the space is needed to
                                                                 determine the best cost effective use of the Centre in the future.

                                                   $30,000 The development of a master plan of the site is needed. The master plan developed
                                                                 by a team of experts will determine the most cost effective and logical placement of
                                                                 any new construction and will determine the location of an upgraded electrical and
                                                                 sewage system. The plan will be essential in helping us prepare for better traffic flow
                                                   $20,000       on the site as a whole and the development of any new RV sites.
                                                                 A planning team will be assembled to work with the staff to create the master plan.
                                                                 The survey of the site that was completed in 2004, the work of the electrical engi-
                                                                 neer consultant and detailed utilities and building reports will be used in the creation
                                                   $10,000       of the master plan. All structures on site will be assessed.

                                                       Every effort will be made to have volunteers with expertise complete the work necessary to de-
velop the master plan. It will be critical to hire the skills of other experts to complete the work in a professional manner. The estimated cost of the
master plan is $50,000. Fundraising donations and pledges to date are $15,000.

To do this we need both your prayers and your financial support. If you like what you hear, we invite you to be a supporter of the Master Plan by
making a contribution appropriate to your circumstances. You can do this by contacting the Centre directly.

If you have any questions, you can contact Ivan Baharally, Ken Genge or, Mark Perrin.

Ivan Baharally:    403 803-1249,                    toll free: 1-877-974-6873
Ken Genge:         780 438-9092,
Mark Perrin:       403 698-6987,

Musings from “The Garden of Weedin’”
by Fred Gailus

I      can’t believe another season has almost passed! It’s been a good year
       so far. We had our usual challenges with drought but as I look out the
       window the grass has almost recovered from it’s dormancy. Our new
       irrigation system for the hanging baskets worked well and resulted in a
showy display of colour without investing a disproportionate amount of labour.
The labyrinth took on a new look with the planting of really colourful petunias.

We will continue to fill in areas around the labyrinth with annuals as the new
low lying junipers mature. Our rose inventory keeps expanding with donations
from folks like you and we encourage you to keep it up. Mr. Lincoln has been
joined by a variety of bushes which will give the front of Spes Bona a new fresh
look. Our ambitious sunflower project did not materialize and will be the focus
for 2007. We sincerely thank all of those who helped with weeding and
watering. Hope to see you soon.

Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
                                        New Roof For Kekuli!

K     ekuli, our domed amphitheatre, plays a large part in the life of the Centre. Meetings and worship services take place there, and concerts and
      plays are also staged in Kekuli - not to mention our weekly orientation sessions. But, Kekuli was starting to show its age, and was in
      desperate need of a new roof. So, this summer Kekuli got a bit of a face lift as the old shingles were stripped off and new shingling was
I am sure that everyone will agree that it has made a tremendous difference to this beloved fixture.

                       Sorrento Centre Staffing Update

          ris deVeer will be leaving Sorrento Centre at the end of October as our Accountant after serving here for nine years. She was married on
          June 3, 2006 and now will begin a new phase in her life. We wish Kris many blessings and thank her for all her efforts here.

           Elizabeth (Liz) White, an intern with the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) in the Episcopal Church, joined us on site on September 17th.
           She comes from the Diocese of Olympia and will be offering volunteer services to us here at Sorrento Centre and to our Ecclesiastical Prov-
ince. Liz is here to experience the Anglican Church in different cultures and her desire is to have opportunities to engage with First Nations people and
our Canadian context. From April to August 2007 Liz will join our Children and Youth Summer Team in program coordination. We are all looking
forward to getting to know Liz and we hope that we can coordinate a rewarding and enriching spiritual and cultural experience for her.

Alex Culver, a summer Children and Youth Staff, has chosen to stay on this fall, offering work in the kitchen and in housekeeping. Alex graduated
from high school in June 2006 and she plans to go on a mission trip to Ghana early next year. We are pleased that she has stayed with us and we
hope that she will be back for another Children and Youth Summer Program in 2007.

Chris Light is staying on this year until November. Chris provides excellent work in the kitchen for all our guests and staff members.

Shannon Cosman came in from Newfoundland partway through the summer and he will be staying on until November. Shannon offers excellent skills
as a chef a long distance from home.

Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
Children and Youth Program News-
What’s Up Dock!
by Christine Muise

 T        he summer has now come to a close and Fall is now approaching quickly, as we prepare to come into Advent and into a time of expectant prepa-
          ration for 2007 Programming. This summer was my first experience of Sorrento Centre. I arrived here in June, after the successful completion
          of my Master’s of Divinity Degree from the Vancouver School of Theology. I came to Sorrento Centre as the Children and Youth Program Coor-
          dinator working in conjunction with Rev. Craig Luccock who was Curate and Summer Staff Supervisor. It was helpful to have Craig’s input as I
          worked to develop programming appropriate to Sorrento Centre and fulfilling for participants. We had a fruitful summer, it was filled with great
 interactions with children and youth and all participants at the summer programs. There were of course challenges and God journeyed with us through
 them. The Children and Youth Staff Team were dynamic,
 energetic and dedicated. We were blessed by their insightfulness, flexibility and faith.

 My job started with the planning of programs, the organizing of schedules and the attainment of supplies. What was spiritually feeding for me was
 that, as a Christian community, we gather together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper throughout the week. Of course, Sorrento also has other challenges
 and needs. Challenges that I courageously decided to take on, one such task was the two docks at the waterfront.

 The docks were in dreadful shape, it looked as though we would have to bring them in and
 the only use for the wood was as firewood. With the help of our summer day camp coordi-
 nator, Philip Benmore, our grounds keeper Fred Gailus and I set out to the task of bringing
 the docks into the shore for destruction. One evening I headed down to the waterfront with
 a crowbar and a hammer in hand. I took the top layer of the tippy dock off—much to my
 surprise, it looked as though the under-lying wood was still in good shape. Fred realized that
 this dock simply needed a new wooden top, one new log for underneath and a new carpet
 covering. We could still have a dock for our summer swimmers. The big dock was covered
 with carpeting that was in rough condition and wooden planks underneath that were rotting
 and breaking. Again, after the removal of the top layers we realized that fixing it would be
 simple. So after two facelifts we had fully operational docks for the swimmers to enjoy for
 the summer. This was my little side adventure for my first summer at Sorrento.

 The Children and Youth Programs journeyed through the Christian year each week. They
 began in Creation and moved through Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. They played games,
 did crafts, read stories and did related activities, and enjoyed the waterfront. We had a
 successful summer in youth programming. It was the first summer that LEAP (Leadership, Experience and Adventure Program) was offered. Hands
 down, this program was a shining success. The leaders, Mike and Meg engaged the 15 young people aged 15 and 16 in
 learning skills, developing relationships, camping, program planning and many other interesting activities. The youth who participated were fully
 involved, worked hard and found that the relationships formed, the skills learned and developed, and the overall experience was extremely valuable. I am
 sure this is a program that we will want to continue offering each summer.
 Another successful youth program this summer was ‘Generation Next’ offered by Craig
 Luccock. The young people in this program spent their mornings helping out on-site with various tasks including organizing the recycling and working
 on the meditation garden. Their evenings were spent in-class with Craig discussing various theological issues as they pertain to their lives. We expect
 this programming can be offered to the youth in the years to come.

 Overall, I look forward to working with the future Children and Youth Programming Staff to provide the utmost care in the spiritual, physical and mental
 growth of the children and youth placed in our programs.

 So then, Swing and Blue Grass arrived for the last few weeks of the summer. I was kept busy with the duties of Kitchen Supervisor. Then, beginning on
 September 2nd, I began my job as the Administrative Assistant to Barbara. I am excited to have this position and I am excited to have found a home at
 Sorrento Centre. This Christian Community has much to offer and I can only hope that I too have much to offer in return.

 Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
                  Winter Courses at Sorrento Centre
November 10-13, 2006

The Welcoming Embrace
- with Christopher and Heather Page
This will be a partially silent retreat focusing particularly on the
foundational Christian spiritual practices of acceptance and
welcome. As we share in silent meditation, bible study, liturgy,
teaching, and discussion we will discover the richness of being in the
present moment and knowing that “all we need is here.”
Course fee: $315.00 (includes meals and accommodations)

Christopher Page is the Rector of St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Victoria, B.C. Heather Page is
the Administrator of the Contemplative Society Christopher & Heather regularly lead retreats
together and share in teaching Centring Prayer. Introductory workshops.

November 17-19 2006
A Time to Prepare - with the Sorrento Centre Staff
This advent retreat is for busy people wanting to take some time to prepare for Christmas
through worship, sharing, creating, and cooking. Join the Sorrento Centre staff for a
variety of activities, crafts, fun, friendship and worship.
Course fee: $49.00

November 17-26, 2006

                               “Alone With the Alone” - In Good Company
                               - with Ted Celiz
                              Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, an eight-day silent retreat
                              takes you on a journey through scripture, worship, prayer and meditation
                              into deeper levels of faith, self-understanding and the
                              discernment of God’s will in personal life, work and community.
                              Give God this time and receive God’s enrichment.
                              Course fee: $779.00 (includes program, meals and accommodations)

Ted Celiz is the incumbent priest who serves Salmon Arm and Sicamous in the Diocese of
Kootenay. Ted has gained wide experience serving as an ordained priest abroad and in

Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:

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