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									He's At It Again!
I have been married to my husband Brian for 27 years. He's always been busy and
helpful in the neighbourhood, however, recently Brian has been behaving in a very
stange fashion. My neighbour Maxine was sitting at the table when I got home last
Wednesday, the front door was slightly ajar so I let myself in quietly as there was no
latch sound. Maxine was sitting with her back towards the hall, she was moaning
slightly, at first I thought she was stroking the cat, but on further inspection I noticed
Brian's head bobbling just in front of her at waist level. At this point I tripped over the
cat (the one I thought Maxine was stroking) and both Brian and Maxine jumped to
their feet. Maxine ran for the door and Brian has refused to talk to me about it, simply
saying 'it's all in your head, don't you trust me?'. Since then Brian has been sleeping
on the sofa and each time I broach the subject he refuses to talk about it. The trouble
is my mind has been full of past incidents that at the time I brushed aside any doubt
about his intentions, but the more I think about it I am starting to think he has been
playing away. For instance, when he put aside one evening a week for three monhts
in order to errect a shelf in Pauline's kitchen, and the other time where he gave Mrs
Higgins a lift to the WI every Tuesday evening between March 2002 and Apri 2004.
After 27 years of marriage I want to trust him but my instinct tells me that I shouldn't
and I should kick him him out. Please advise me what I should do, I feel in total
despair. Thank you
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