Facial Plastic Surgery Midface lifts

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                10th Annual Winter Symposium
                   on the Latest Advances in
                  Facial Plastic Surgery
          February 16-20, 2003 .:. Snowmass, Colorado

                           ON-SITE PROGRAM

                                        SURGERY .
                                        ~-   .....   --~-.

      Sponsored by the Educational and Research Foundation for the AAFPR
                                in conjunction with the
                  American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and the
           American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

                   Co-directors: Kriston J. Kent, MO, Thomas Romo, III, MD
                        Roberta E. Gausas, MD, and Neil Sadick, MD
                                              l~TH ~MK~Hl WIKTEB ~YW~OSIUM OK THt lRHSl ~D~RMLtS 1M
                                                              fRCIRl ~lBSTlC ~URb(RY

Learning Objectives                                                                      Faculty
     end of the cou~pants should be.abIe to:
p.J. tne                                                                                 Co-chairs:
__ EYalualB and ~t diffiaJlt nasal tip problems In pMIary and revision rhlnQplasty       Kriston J. Kent MD, Naples, FL, AAFPRS
_ Have a ~pllnary approach to-cosmetic andteeor\Structive blephID'oplasty
                                                                                         Thomas Romo, III, MD, FAGS, New York, NY, AAFPRS
    ~ary peri-<Jrbital procedures                              ,. .
_-learn altemative face lifting techniques, SMAS, deep plane and endoscopic              Roberta Gausas, MD, Ptlj~~£A ASOPRS
    surg f;f)'                                                                           Neil Sad ick, MO, New Ycxk. NY, ASDS .
... Have an overview ofresurfacing techniques and pitfalls
... Be familiar with minimaUy invasive aesthetic rejuvenation techniques using           Peter A. Adamson, MD, Toronto, ON, AAFPRS
    isl)8dables. fiUers, and life enhancing pharmaceuticals                              Edward Becrossran. MD, Philadelphia, PA, ASOPRS
... TholOughly discuss .AJloplastic implants for aesthetic fadal rejuvenation
                                                                                         William J, Binder, MD, Los Angeles, CA, ,4,PFPRS
                                                                                         Stephen Bosniak, MD, New York, NY, ASOPRS
                                                                                         Kimberly J. Butterwick, MD, LaJolla, CA, ASDS
The ,AAFPRS Foundation is accredited bythe Accreditation Council for Continuing
Medical Educatioo (ACCME) tosponsor continuing medical education for physi-              Marl< Cepela, MD, Edgewood, KY, ASOPRS
cans.                                                                                    Manan Cantisano-Zilkha, MD, New York, NY, ASOPRS
                                                                                         .AJbert S Cylryn, MD, Washington, DC, ~SOPRS
Credit Designation                                                                       Sorin Eremia, MD, Riverside, CA, ASOS
The ,AAFPRS Foundation designates this continuing medical education activity for         Richard M. Galitz, MD, Miami, FL, MJ=PRS
up to 23 nours In Category 1 of the Physician's Recognition Award of the American
                                                                                         Russell W.H. Kridel, MD, Houston, TX,AAFPRS
MedICal Associatioo
                                                                                         Naomi Lawrence, MD, Marlton, NJ,ASDS
Needs Statement                                                                          Eyal K. Levit, MD, New York, NY, ASDS
New advances and technologies are entering the arena offacial plastic surgery ata        Corey S. Maas, MD, San Frandsco, CA, AAFPRS
staggeMg rate. Th~ course isdesigned tokeep experienced facial plastic                   'Nilliam P. Mack, MD, Tampa, FL, ASOPRS
surgeons abreast ofthe latest development intechnique and technology, to ensure           Stephen H. Mandy, MD,Aspen, CO, ASOS
tnat they can bring the most knowledgeable care totheir patients.
                                                                                         David Narins, MD, White Plains, NY, ASDS

Exhibits                                                                                 Rhoda S. Narins, MD, White Plains, NY, ASDS
NI COIltJl1entaJ breakfasts, apres ski breaks, and the Welcome Reception will occur in   Jeffrey Nerad, MD, Iowa City, lA,ASOPRS
tne emiblt area. The exhibitors are an integral part of this program and they benefit    Samieh Rizk, MD, New York, NY, MFPRS
tremendOUsly from interacting with attendees Help ustocontinue this valued               John W. Shore, MD, Austin, TX, A,AFPRS
pannersoip by supp:lrting and encouraging the exhibition.
                                                                                         Geoffrey W. Tobias, MD, Englewood, NJ, AAFPRS
                                                                                         YViliiam H. TrusweJl, MD, Northampton, MA. AAFPRS
No Smoking Policy
                                                                                         Thomas Tzikas, MD, Del Ray, FL, AAFPRS
n.e AAFPRS has ano-smoking policy prohibiting smoking during sessions and
sooa events.
Welcome Reception                                                                           Reqistranis for this course understand that medical
NJ regLstrants are invited toattend the Welcome Reception on Sunday, February 16,           and scientific knowledge are constantly evolving
eJJ3 al615pm Guests and spouses may purchase tickets toattend the reception.               and that the views and techniques of the lnstruciors
                                                                                           are theirown and mayreftect innovations and
                                                                                           opinions notuniversally shared. The views and
  The AN'PRS Foundation wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the fojlowing           techniques of the instructors are notnecessarily
  cx::mpanies for their generous support of the 10th Annual YVinter Symposium:             those of tt1e Academy or itsFoundation but are
                                                                                           presented in tt1is forum to advance scientific and
  -- AJlergan. Inc                                                                         medical educatoo. Registrants waive any darn
            ... Alnum Medical Corporation                                                  against the Academy or itsFoundation arising out of
                      ... UfeCeJl Corporaton                                               information presented in this course Registrants
                                 __ Lumenis
                                                                                           also understand that operating rooms and health-
                                          __ Procyte Corporation                           care facilities present inherent dangers. Registrants
                                                                                           waive any claim against the Academy or Founda-
                                                                                           tion for injury or other damage rssulbnq ~ any way
                                                                                           from course participation,
                                               WTH ~aftUBl ~lanB ~YWPDSIUW na TH[ lBnn ~DYRaC[S IK
                                                               fRCIRl ~lBSm ~URb[BY
    $OOF and Mid-Face Uft                           Wednesday, February 19                         5:15pm   Panel: My Preferred Implant
    33Cp'n Eyebrow and Eytash Restoration with                                                              Modefatex: Thomas Rome, IIIMD
                                                    6:3Ocln       Cootinenlal BreakfastJExhibits
           Single FoUide,. ~ and                    7:00am        Wfii::J:xrra Rema1<s '" .                 Panelists: PeterA Adamson, MD,
              ~                                                   Thomas RomQ....J1I, MD                    RJdlard M. Galitz. MD, Russell WH
              ~,MOand                                                            .....                      Kr1del, MO, and 'MlIiam H.TrusWBll,
             .~Ganlisano-Zilkha, MD                                                                         MD
I   3:~      .Subperiosteal Approach to the
              MXj-F ece un
                                                    Faca LlftJng       "0'   •

                                                    7:05an1""" Deep Plane Facelifts                         ~
                                                                                                                \     . ".",
                                                              -Peter A.,Mamson, MD
             Albert S. Cytryrl, MD                  7:20am Adjuncts toImprove Face Ufling          Thursday, February 20
    4cqm   Mi6-fece LiftCombined with                          Krisk)o J Kent, MD                  6:30am   Continootal BreakfastfExt1ibits
           Forehead Lift                            7:35am. Incoospicuous Incisions inFacelif!
           Kriston J Kent, MD                                  Surgery                             Rhinoplasty

I   415p'n Use of SOOF Lift in Reconstructive
           Lower Lid Surgery
                                                               Russell WH. Kridel, MD
                                                    7:50am Superior SMAS Plication forMalar
                                                                                                   7:05am  Male Rhinoplasty - Psyd1ological ano
                                                                                                           Surgical Considerations
           MarX Cepela, MD                                     and Zygomatic Enhancement                   Russell WH, Kridel, MD
    43Op'n Midfadal Implants: Importance of
I          Volume Replacemen t in Fadal
                                                               Richard M. Galitz. MD
                                                    8:05am Advanced Face Ufting Under Local
                                                                                                   7:20am' Current Tip Techniques
                                                                                                           Peter A Adamsoo, MO
                                                                                                   7:35am Revision Rhinoplasty
           William J.Binder, MD                             Sorin Eremia, MD                               Geoffrey W Tobias, MD
           Short SCar Facel'Jfts and TISSue Glues   8:20am  Autologous Platlel Gel in Facelitt     7:55am Platyrrhine Nose Augmentation With
           Samieh Rizk., MD                                 Surgery                                        Porous Polyettylene
           Fat Pad Resuspension for Ptotic                  Thomas Romo, III, MD                           Thomas Romo, III, MD
           Cheeks                                   8:35am TraditionaJ SMAS Facelift Still has a   8:10am The Long Nose
           EyaJ K. Levit, MD, E.Bisacda, MD,                Place inFaciaJ Rejuvenation               v / ~ieh RizI<, MO
           and D. Scarborough, MD                           Russell WH. Kridel, MD                 8:25am Panel: Challenging Rhinoplasty
    515pn Panel: Mid-Face Lift Advantages           8:55am Panel: Facelift-My Preferred                     Cases
I          and ComplicatJons
           Moderator: VViUiam J. Binder, MD
                                                            Moderator: Russell WH. Kridel, MD
                                                                                                            Moderator. Geoffrey W Tobias MO
                                                                                                            Panelists: Peter A. .Adamson, MD.
           Panelists: Mark Cepela, MD, Albert S.            Panelists: $orin Eremia, MD, Richard            Russell WH. Kridel, MO, Thomas
           Cytryn, MD, Kriston J. Kent, MD, and             M. Galitz, MO; Kriston J. Kent, MD,             Romo, III, MD, Samieh Rizk, MD, and
           EyaJ K. Levit MD                                 Samieh Rizk MO, Thomas Romo III,                William t1. TrusWelT, MD          -
    600pn Adjoumment                                              fm                               9:20am   Morning Session Adjo~med
                                                    9:20am        Morning Session Adjourned
                                                                                                   3:00pm   Apres Ski BreakJExhibits
                                                    3:00pn Apres Ski BreakJExhibits
                                                                                                   3:30pm   Open Forum with Faculty
                                                    3:30pn FadaJ and UpAugmentation with           5:00pm   Meeting Adjoumed
                                                              VYiUiam H. Truswell, MD
                                                    3:45pm    Botox: A25- Year Experience
                                                              Stephen Bosniak, MD and
                                                              Marian Cantisano-Zilkha, MD
                                                    4:00pn    Update on Otoplasty
                                                              Peter A. Adamson, MD
                                                    4:15pm    DermaJ Fat Grafts fex Up
                                                              Richard M. GaJitz, MD
                                                    4:30pn    Prejo'W1 Sulcus Effacement Using a
                                                              Contoured Gortex Wafer
                                                              Thomas Romo Ill, MD
                                                    4:45pm    Submalar, MaJar, and Chin Implants
                                                              RusseJl WH. Kridel, MD
                                                    5:00pn    Restylane: A SixYear Experience
                                                              Stephen Bosniak, MD and
                                                              Marian Cantisano-Zikha, MD

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