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                                                                                                                                  Fall 2004

                           Family and Children’s Services
                           Hamburger Home, Inc.                                                              Founded 1915

    Pomp and                                    Dreams Do Come True!
 Circumstance at
                                                      ver the years,
Aviva High School                                     the Triumph
                                                      of the Spirit

            allory Becker, Aviva High        gala has been Aviva’s
            School’s principal, is           cornerstone fund rais-
            proud to announce the            ing and friend raising
recent graduation of seven seniors. At       event.    This year’s
the ceremony, attended by well over          event was extraordi-
150 family members and friends of the        narily special because
students, each graduate gave heartfelt       it raised a record
thanks for the opportunity to succeed        amount – more than
in a world that has not always been so       $700,000 to benefit
kind. The girls cited numerous staff         Aviva’s programs and
members from both the school and the         services. It was a
agency at large who truly made a dif-        dream come true for Triumph of the Spirit Honorees, (l-r) Victoria Jackson, Mya & Robin Broidy
ference in their young lives.                Andrew       Diamond,                        Once again the setting was the ele-
  Bolstered by a summer curriculum           Aviva’s President and CEO, who gant Beverly Hills Hotel, which was
that included such diverse offerings         remarked at the dinner, “I am over- enhanced by the exquisite décor coor-
                                             whelmed by the love and support for dinated by Gala Committee members
                      continued on page 10
                                             Aviva that is demonstrated by the Lisa Mindlin, Maggie Maier, and
                                             huge success of this event. It is truly a Jenifer Sackler.
    2004 Aviva High School
                                             triumph of the spirit, and I thank the
   Graduates College Bound!                                                               While the event raised awareness
                                             honorees and all our friends for this
                                                                                        about the important work Aviva does
                                             most inspirational evening.”
                         received a 4-year                                              with abused, abandoned and neglect-
                         scholarship from      Honorees this year featured three ed adolescents, children and their fam-
                         United Friends of
                         Children College    outstanding women: Robin Broidy,                                          Gala continued on page 8
                         Sponsorship         Aviva Board Chair and co-founder of
                         Program and
                         will attend Cal     The Platinum Associates; Victoria                         Inside This Issue
                         Lutheran.                                                        Page
                                             Jackson, cosmetic artist and entrepre-
                         She plans to                                                     2 Message from Aviva’s
                         study Psychology    neur; and Mya, Grammy Award win-                  Board Chair and President
                         and go on to Pre-   ning singer/songwriter. The honorees
                         med.                                                             3 Welcome New Board and
                                             were introduced by three people of                 Council of G u a r d i a n M e m b e r
                                             accomplishment in their own right: com-      4 Volunteering
 More AHS graduate news on pg 10             munity leader Lili Bosse, philanthropist     5 Donors & In-Kind
                                             extraordinaire Wallis Annenberg and A
                                                                                          6 Platinum Associates
                                             & M Records President Ron Fair.
  Message from Aviva’s Board Chair and President/CEO                                                 Board Chair
                                                                                                   Robin Broidy
                                                                                                                      Council of Guardians
                                                                                                                               Elliott Broidy
                                                                                                                          Patricia A. Brown
                                                                                               Board of Directors
                                                                                                                           Hon. Gray Davis
                                                                                                   Steven Acosta
                                                                                                                         Mayor James Hahn
                                                                                                  Mim Andelson
                                                                                                                                Teri Hatcher
                                                                                             Sherman Andelson
                                                                                                                                Anita Hirsh
                                                                                                 Cathi Bendheim
                                                                                                                          Hon. Paul Koretz
                                                                                                  Toby Bernstein
             Robin Broidy,                      Andrew Diamond, LCSW                               Susan Casden          Hon. Tom LaBonge
             Chair                                                                                                            Arthur Levine
                                                President and CEO                                   Evon Gotlieb
                                                                                                                              Marlee Matlin
                                                                                         Christopher Hammond

            ith the summer of 2004         speak no English is provided with                         Pam Kamer           Sanford C. Sigoloff
                                                                                                                               Sharon Stone
            behind us, Aviva Family        after school day care and tutoring at a                 Karen Kerner
                                                                                                                       Hon. Henry Waxman
                                           community school.                                  Lauren Leichtman
            and Children’s Services is                                                                                      Richard J. Welch
                                                                                                      Lola Levoy
preparing for a year of unprecedented                                                                                     Hon. Steve Westly
                                             Government funding pays only a                     Thérèse Lotman
                                                                                                                          Bruce G. Willison
challenges and accomplishments. The                                                                Gregg Martin
                                           portion of the actual costs of our pro-                                     Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky
                                                                                                      Linda May
board, staff, volunteers and friends       grams, and so we turn to you for help                                             Executive Staff
                                                                                        Linda Giunta Michaelson
join together to insure quality pro-       in maintaining the high level of service                 Lisa Mindlin     Chief Financial Officer
grams for the children and families we                                                      Luanne Schoenburg              Avedis Tarakjian
                                           that is required to overcome the chal-
                                                                                                Nancy Schwartz
serve through our various programs.                                                                                          Vice President,
                                           lenges of our community’s troubled                   Beth Sestanovich      Community Services
  Following is a typical “Day in the       youth.                                              Michael Sherman          Ira Kruskol, LCSW
                                                                                               Richard Sherman               Vice President,
Life” of Aviva as we dramatically            There are several ways you can                  Candace Foy Smith      Administrative Services
change and turn around young lives in                                                               Barbara Zolla   Amy Watner-Freeman, MA
                                           become involved with Aviva. Our
every one of our programs..                Sterling Associates support group par-             President and CEO
                                                                                                                             Vice President,
                                                                                                                        Residential Services
  A teenage girl, following several        ticipates in “hands on” activities with      Andrew Diamond, LCSW        Jennifer Wolcott, LCSW
unsuccessful placements in the foster      the girls in our residential programs.
care system, finds stability and accept-   The Platinum Associates has grown
                                                                                           Aviva Family and Children’s Services
ance and can begin a long journey          into a major fundraising group, con-           7120 Franklin Avenue• Los Angeles, CA 90046
                                           sisting of prominent women in the              Tel (323) 876-0550 • Fax (323) 436-7042
toward self-realization and independ-
                                                                                          Web • Email
ent living.                                community, who take on major proj-
                                                                                          AFCS is a not for profit, non-sectarian agency pro-
                                           ects to improve the lives of the chil-         viding intensive residential treatment and diag-
  A student at Aviva High School
                                           dren in residential treatment.                 nostic services, special education, therapeutic fos-
flourishes in a school environment that                                                   ter homes and community mental health services
accepts her limitations and builds on        We also have dozens of individual            for abused, neglected and emotionally troubled
                                                                                          adolescents, children and families. Programs are
her strengths, enabling her finally to     volunteers who work alongside our              designed to build on family strengths and to help
                                           staff providing a wide variety of recre-       our clients prepare for independent lives in the
read on grade level. High school grad-
uation is now in the realm of the prob-    ational activities and tutoring in our
                                                                                          Aviva is a member of:
able.                                      residential programs and foster
                                                                                          American Association of Children’s Residential
                                           homes, or at our SAFE after-school             Centers • Association of Community Human
  Two young siblings, six and 10 years
                                           community based program. We are                Services Agencies • California Association of
of age, with no place to live, find pro-                                                  Services for Children • California Association of
                                           grateful for the interest shown by our         Private and Specialized Education and Services
tection and love in one of our several
                                           volunteers and supporters, and they            • JFC • United Way
foster homes. Our efforts will intensify
                                           constantly tell us of the benefits they
to make this a permanent adoptive
                                           feel they gain from their involvement.
                                             If you are interested in any member-
  A very “high risk” teenage boy and
                                           ship or volunteer opportunity, or are able
his parents receive in-home counseling
                                           to put us in touch with a foundation that
and supportive “wraparound” servic-
                                           might be interested in supporting Aviva,
es, thereby avoiding the need for out-
                                           please call either Bob Christiansen,
        of-home placement.
                                           Director of Development or either of us.
        A fourth grade         student                                                   Newsletter Design and Layout • Arlene Joye
       whose immigrant         parents                                                   Editors • Evon Gotlieb • Arlene Joye
  2                                                                                      Printing • Citi Printing
Welcome New Members
                            Lisa Mindlin            Council of Guardians’ Welcomes
                          came to Aviva
                          with a cosmo-                       We are pleased to wel-           It is said that the younger
                          politan   flair.                  come the Mayor of Los            Hahn often accompanied his
                          When Lisa first                   Angeles, James Hahn, to our      father on weekend car rides
                          joined Aviva,                     Council of Guardians.            in search of potholes. James
                          she was so                        Mayor Hahn has a true            Hahn went on to receive a
                          struck by the                     desire to help at-risk young     bachelor’s degree in English
L i s a M i n d l i n work of the            James Hahn     people and has been a good       and a Law degree from
joins Board of            Center that she    Los Angeles    friend to Aviva Family and       Pepperdine University. Hahn
Directors                                    Mayor
                          immersed her-                     Children’s Services.             served as Los Angeles City
self in the 2004 gala and is committed to                     Mr. Hahn was born in Los       Controller from 1981-1985,
making sure that Aviva receives the time                    Angeles on July 3, 1950. He      and City Attorney from 1985-
and resources it so desperately needs.                      is the son of the late leg-      2001. On June 5, 2001, he was
                                                            endary Kenneth Hahn, who         elected 40th Mayor of the City
  She began her career in fashion in
                                                            served as a Los Angeles          of Los Angeles.
Miami Beach, took it to New York and
has landed in Los Angeles as a stylist                      County Supervisor for 40
to the “who’s who” of this city. Over                       years.
the course of her career she has man-
aged art galleries, run fashion shows                         We are pleased to welcome      government in Washington,
and compiled extensive retail experi-                       Steve Westly. In addition to     D.C., where he worked first
ence. Bilingual and beautiful, Lisa has                     his responsibilities as State    on Capitol Hill and later for
spent many years modeling.                                  Controller, Mr. Westly serves    the U.S. Department of
  Lisa and her husband, Brad, are                           as an ex officio member of the   Energy. Prior to his career in
very philanthropic, generously sup-                         Board of Equalization. Prior     the high-tech industry, Westly
porting causes that enrich the mind,                        to his election, Controller      served on the faculty at
heal the body or develop the spirit.         Steve Westly   Westly has held positions in     Stanford’s Graduate School of
Lisa is currently involved in the            State          local, state and federal gov-    Business for five years, where
Guardians, which supports the Jewish         Controller     ernment, and served as an        he taught Public Management.
Home for the Aging. She is the moth-                        officer of the profitable $18    He also earned both a B.A. and
er of two young children and is very                        billion high-tech company,       an M.B.A. from Stanford.
active in their school devoting her                         eBay. He began his career in
extra time to school activities.
  Lisa earned her B.A. degree in
English with a Business Law minor
                                                                                             Frieda Leider Stein, a former
from the University of Miami.                                                                Hamburger Home alumna sent
                                                                                             this old postcard picturing the
                                                                                             Hamburger Department Store,
     Donate your used                                                                        which was the largest west of
    vehicle to Aviva and                                                                     The Hamburger family was
  receive a tax donation.                                                                    prominent in Los Angeles. Their
                                                                                             descendants donated
  Call 323.876.0550 x105                                                                     the funds to create the
   for more information.                                                                     Hamburger Home, later
                                                                                             to become Aviva.            3
Volunteer Shares Her Unique Experience at Aviva

                                   Aviva’s Young Women “Go Hollywood”
                   by Rachel Goldberg, Film Director and Teacher
                                                sponsor our project. After a great deal          deal of confidence and an abundance

        ast October, I was approached
        by Deborah Lintz, the founder           of combined effort, we were able to              of passion.
        of the Film Outreach Program,           secure film, a camera package, light-                   When I conducted my directing
about a project she was doing with              ing equipment, film processing, and                  class, I feared I had overwhelmed the
girls in a group home. She wanted to            more. And with additional time, we                   girls with too much information, try-
teach these young women everything              created an A-list of mentors to coach                ing to cover in less than an hour
from writing to directing, casting to           the girls on the set.                                everything from basic definitions to
design, script supervising to cine-              Meanwhile, Deb was organizing coverage, from storyboarding to shot
matography, and she wondered if I             weekly classes in every aspect of film- lists, to working with the actors. But
would teach the directing portion of          making, interviewing teacher after the next day, when I met with the
the workshop, as                                                                                                   young woman interested
well as mentor                                                                                                     in directing, she amazed
the girls for the                                                                                                  me. She had not only
actual shoot.                                                                                                      absorbed my entire lec-
  I had spent the                                                                                                  ture, but had created an
past two years                                                                                                     authentic shot list and
teaching “at risk”                                                                                                 story board that con-
youth at North                                                                                                     veyed the theme of the
Hills Preparatory                                                                                                  piece eloquently and
High School and                                                                                                    maturely, and she was
had earned my                                                                                                      using my own filmmak-
MFA in Directing                                                                                                   ing jargon back at me: “I
for Theater and                                                                                                    think we need to dolly in
Film. This was an                                                                                                  on this shot from the
opportunity for                                                                                                    master to the close-up,
me to give back                                                                                                    because that’s the critical
to the communi- Volunteer film crew sets up the next shot for Aviva’s student film,“Man, Where’s My Shoe?”         moment, and then we
ty, be involved with                                                                                             can pan to the reaction shot
a population that means a great deal          teacher in order to create the most of the students.”
to me and provide a group of young dedicated, hardworking and talented                                  My amazement didn’t stop there. I
women with the skills they would team possible. The community as a let this same young woman lead our
need, not only in the world of film- whole came together to provide these first rehearsal with the actors. She
making, but in the real world as well. young women with an incredibly handled these adult actors expertly
Clearly, I was thrilled to be involved.       authentic filmmaking experience.                       without a hint of hesitation, clear and
  Deborah’s incredible vision was for             The hours and effort put into creat-           concise in her direction and easily in
these young women to experience a               ing the program for the girls was well           command of the room. At the end of
four-year filmmaking program in a               worth it. I watched a group of shy, ret-         the night she took me aside and said,
matter of months. To pull that off, she         icent young women, who didn’t                    “Rachel, the actors are doing a great
would need a lot of help. I begged              believe any of us could care about               job. But they really don’t know their
and pleaded with incredible organiza-           them or listen to what they had to say,          motivation or what their objectives
      tions such as Panavision,                 grow into a team of filmmaking pro-              are. They simply haven’t done their
      Kodak, and Complete Post to               fessionals with a clear vision, a great          homework.”
 4                                                                                                                        Continued on back page
   Donors                              The Classic Cosmetics
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cohen
                                       The David Geffen Foundation
                                                                         Ms. Rachael Platt
                                                                         Provident Title Company
                                                                         Mr. Rudolph R. Reinfrank
                                                                                                              Mr. Arthur Hiller
                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hochman
                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Adam Holiber
                                                                                                                                                  Sally Lifshin
Benefactors - $10,000 &                Mr. and Mrs. John Davis           Mr. and Mrs. Jack Risko              Ms. Susan Hsueh                      Carol Samoss
over                                   Ms. Nancy Davis and               Mr. Steven Romick                    Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Hughes          Augusta Meyer
The Ahmanson Foundation                  Mr. Ken Rickel                  Mr. and Mrs. David Rosen             Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jaffe             Dr. and Mrs. Robert Einstein
Alschuler Grossman Stein and Kahan     Disney World Wide Outreach        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rosenberg         Ms. Sharon Janks
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Mr. and Mrs. Jon Bosse                 Mr. Edward Feigeles               Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rosenzweig     The Katz Childrens Trust            Ralph & Louise Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Broidy            Fishbein, Epstein and             Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenzweig       Mr. Michael Koss                     Bonnie Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Casden                 Greenbaum Families              Ms. Patty Rovetti                    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Krupka           Elliot Sheftman
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  Mr. Arthur Levine                    George Konheim Family             Mr. Richard Sherman                  Ms. Maggie Maier
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Ms. Pamela Bennett                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lotman          Cal Asia Property Development        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Acosta           Diamond, son of Aviva
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bergman              Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Magnin         Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Caplow       Mrs. Carrie Adelson                  CEO, and the students at
Mr. Toby Bernstein                     Manatt, Phelps and Phillips       Mrs. Linda Cappello                  Mr. and Mrs. Russell Arnold
Mr. Ronald Bloom and                                                                                                                               the Laurence School for
                                       Mr. Garry Marshall                Chapman, Bird and Grey, Inc.         Mr. Rick August
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Ms. Bonnie Bogin and                   Mr. Michael McCormick             Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cohen              Ms. Andrea Balter                    benefit Aviva. The stu-
 Mr. Joel Hirsch                       Mr. and Mrs. David Michaelson     Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Cookler        Dr. and Dr. Sharyar Baradaran
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bradley                                                                                                                          dents raised over $200!
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                                       Mr. Andrew Minstein               The Elman Family Foundation          Ms. Lisa Bittan
Mr. and Mrs. William Bron                                                                                                                         22, 2004 through September 30,
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Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bronson            Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morgan          Mr. and Mrs. Simon Furie             Dr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Bochner
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Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brooks            Ms. Jennifer Morgen               Mr. and Mrs. Joel Geiderman          Mr. Gary Briskman                   ted your name or misspelled it,
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Campbell              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nathan          Mr. George Gero                      Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brokaw          please advise Bob Christiansen
Ms. Lisa Michelle Chase                Needham and Company, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Golenberg         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brucker        at 323-876-0550 x107
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City National Bank                     Pali Capital, Inc.                Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc.   Mr. John R. Cadarette
City of West Hollywood
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   The Platinum Associates – More Precious than Gold!

        very new social service group               and movement therapeutic alterna-                  able place for girls and staff to congre-
        strives to make its mark within             tives for girls who have difficulty                gate. Thanks, Jennifer and Jackie, for
        the first few years of existence.           expressing their feelings verbally, was            the wonderful and much needed
It often takes a group three-to-five                described in Aviva’s Spring 2004                   remodeling gift.
years to make an impact on the chari-               newsletter. The endowment provided                   Aviva’s girls were excited to receive
ty of its choosing. But within the brief            by The Platinum Associates will                    48 Target gift certificates, one for each
                                                                    ensure that the pro-               girl, thanks to Platinum member
                                                                    gram continues unin-               Deborah Fried and her husband.
                                                                                                         While in London, Cherisse Morgan
                                                                              One of the fundraising   and her husband, Gary, remembered
                                                                            activities undertaken by   the 14 Aviva girls who were graduat-
                                                                            The Platinum Associates    ing from Aviva High School and from
                                                                            this year was an exclu-    the 8th grade. Imagine the girls’ sur-
                                                                            sive shopping day at       prise to receive gifts from world-
                                                                            Valentino         Rodeo    famous Harrods and a beautiful card
                                                                            Boutique in Beverly        acknowledging each student’s accom-
                                                                            Hills. Platinum member     plishments. These were the first Aviva
                                                                            Lisa Mindlin arranged      residents to receive gifts from abroad!
                                                                            the event, not only to
                                                                                                         As a birthday gift to herself, Jeanne
                                                                            benefit Aviva’s pro-
The Platinum Associates enjoyed an exclusive shopping day at Valentino                                 Pritzker held a Spa Treatment party
                                                                            grams, but to let mem-
Rodeo Boutique in Beverly Hills, (l-r) Debbi Landsberger, Lisa Mindlin, Nia                            for friends. But what was so special is
Rosenweig and Robin Broidy.                                                 bers find the perfect
                                                                                                       that she held it at Aviva and invited 16
                                                                            outfit to wear to
two years since its formation, The Aviva’s annual gala event. Not only                                 of Aviva’s girls to enjoy mini-facials,
Platinum Associates has made its pres- did Platinum Associate members get a                            massages and make-up treatments.
ence strongly felt at Aviva.                                                                           The girls were beside themselves with
                                                           generous discount, but Valentino gra-
                                                                                                       excitement to enjoy these treats that
  The goal of The Platinum Associates ciously donated back to the agency 10
                                                                                                       they had only read about.
is to provide support for Aviva’s resi- percent of the proceeds from sales.
dential treatment program for                                                                          Next year promises to be just as
                                                      Some Platinum members draw on
teenaged girls. Support can take many                                                                exciting. Another fabulous luncheon
                                                    their special talents to benefit the girls.
forms, including annual membership                                                                   and fashion show is being planned for
                                                    After a tour of the Annenberg Center,
contributions of $1,000 and participa-                                                               late fall. Associates are dreaming up
                                                    which is home to 36 girls, Jennifer
tion in a variety of fundraising events             Morgen, along with her mother,
held throughout the year. Members                   Jackie, offered to remodel the
have also found unique ways to                      three residential lounges. They
demonstrate a personal sense of caring              created a beautiful color
for Aviva’s girls.                                  scheme, installed durable gran-
  This year, The Platinum Associates,               ite counters as a workspace for
through membership dues alone,                      the girls’ homework and added
raised enough funds to endow the                    shelving for books and board
Expressive Arts Therapy program, a                  games. Contract Carpets of
vital component to the healing process              Anaheim generously donated
        for Aviva’s teenage residents.              quality carpeting for the
                                                                                         Aviva girls enjoy their first mini spa treatments courtesy of
        This program, which offers art              lounges and three staff offices. Jeanne Pritzker, a member of The Platinum Associates member.
  6                                                 Now the lounges are an enjoy- The girls continue to talk about this memorable event to this day!
wonderful new ways to help and
inspire the girls. Tours of Aviva are                 Mya Visits Girls at Aviva’s
being planned to introduce the agency
and the importance of its work to                         Annenberg Center
prospective new members of The

                                                              ust        a     week
Platinum Associates. A year full of                           before          being
friends, fun and important work is
                                                              honored             at
clearly on the horizon.
                                                        Aviva’s Triumph of
                                                        the      Spirit        gala,
       Welcome New
    Platinum Members                                    actress and record-
          Megan Chernin                                 ing star Mya paid a
           Shelly Hanan
                                                        special surprise visit
           Rachael Platt
         Rebecca Rothstein                              to the girls in resi-
            Cathy Siegel                                dence       at       Aviva’s
           Nira Soomekh
           Barbara Zolla                                Wallis      Annenberg
                                                        Center. All day the            Mya greeted each girl individually, posed for a photo, autographed a picture
                                                                                       and gave each a copy of her most recent CD. Many of the girls were nearly
           SAVE THE DATE
                                                        girls and staff had            overcome with excitement and appreciated the ease with which Mya spoke
                                                                                       to them. She made each girl feel very special.
    Luncheon and Saks Fifth                             been guessing who
     Avenue Fashion Show                                                                                        many questions posed by the girls.
                                                        the special guest speaker might be for
         November 3, 2004                                                                                       She shared with the girls the dedica-
         Location to be announced                       their Tuesday evening dinner.
                                                                                                                tion required and the disappoint-
                                                          When President/CEO Andrew                             ments she had experienced in pursu-
       Platinum Tours at Aviva                          Diamond announced her name and                          ing her dreams.
             October 21, 2004                           the doors were opened, the girls real-
             January 18, 2005                                                                                     After dinner, she graciously auto-
                                                        ized Mya was joining them for dinner.
              March 22, 2005                                                                                    graphed her publicity photo, gave out
               July 19, 2005
                                                        Most of our neighbors probably heard
                                                                                                                gifts of her latest CD and posed for an
                                                        the cheers and squeals of delight.
To receive an invitation or for more infor-                                                                     individual photograph with each of
mation about The Platinum Associates,                     Mya patiently responded to the                        the girls.
please contact, Bob Christiansen, Director
of Development, at (323) 876-0550 x107.

      Panorama view of one of the remodeled lounges at Aviva’s Annenberg
      Center. Jennifer Morgen, along with her mother Jackie Morgen, gener-
      ously donated the design and actual remodel. Contract Carpets of
      Anaheim donated the new carpeting. Features of the remodel included 2
      new built-in counters and cabinets for computers, books and board
      games.. Counter tops are granite and cabinetwork is thick birch, all
      designed to last for years!                                                                                                                               7
continued from page 1                            you, the Aviva Girls Choir performed       Our sincere appreciation to all our donors
                                                 a song for each honoree, impressing        who made this year’s benefit memorable!
ilies, the gala also gave the more than
500 guests a wonderful night of fine             the audience with their talent and         Angella Nazarian
                                                 stage presence. A former Aviva resi-       Anthony Holt Silversmith, London
dining, excellent entertainment and                                                         Aquarium of the Pacific
lively auctions. Back by popular                 dent spoke to the guests to share first-   Arthur Murray Studio
                                                 hand her life experience and the dra-      Autry Museum of Western Heritage
demand was the talented and humor-                                                          Autry National Center
ous Garry Marshall, who served as                matic changes that were brought            Avanti Fine Jewelry
                                                 about through her participation in         Beverly Hills Hotel
master of ceremonies and as auction-                                                        Big Sur Lodge
eer for the live auction, injecting his          Aviva’s residential program and high       BJ's Brewhouse
sometimes irreverent humor into the              school.                                    Boomers
                                                                                            Brad Mindlin
bidding process.                                       The evening would not have been      Budget Rental Car
                                                                                            Busch Entertainment Corporation
   There was a lot of spirited bidding at such a success without the generosity             Cactus Game Design
the auctions. Items included Los and commitment of numerous spon-                           Callaway Coastal
                                                                                            CasaMagna Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta
Angeles Lakers center court floor sors: Delta Airlines, Wallis Annenberg,                   Center Theater Group
seats; a trip to Paris; Lasik eye surgery Robin and Elliott Broidy, Susan and               Chez Mimi Restaurant

by renowned surgeon Dr. Andrew Alan Casden, Victoria Jackson, Elaine
                                                                                            Crate and Barrel
                                                                                            Creation Station
                                                                   and Ken Langone,         Crest Office Furniture Co.
                                                                   Lauren     Leichtman     Curtis Dahl Photography
                                                                                            Cutco Cutlery Corporation
                                                                   and Arthur Levine,
                                                                                            del Mano Gallery
                                                                   John     and    Cathi    Delta Air Lines
                                                                   Bendheim, Lili and       Dermalogica Foundation
                                                                   Jon Bosse, Bradford      Dichter, Bruce
                                                                   Freeman, Lola Levoy,     Donna Karan
                                                                                            Double Pump Inc.
                                                                   Thérèse and Jeff         Duke's Malibu
                                                                   Lotman, Max Factor,      DuWop
                                                                                            Elio's Fitness for Success
                                                                   Jeanne and Tony          Elope Inc.
                                                                   Pritzker, Carla and      Emile Henry USA
                                                                                            Energy Unlimited Fitness
                                                                   Fred Sands, and Vantis   Engine Company No. 28
                                                                   Capital Management,      Espace
(l-r) Aviva Board Members Linda May and Lola Levoy flank Andrew                             Face Place
Diamond, President & CEO, Robin Broidy, Chair.                                              Festival of Arts
                                                                 Co-Chairs of the           Fleming Entertainment Center
                                                                                            Ford Amphitheatre
Caster; tickets to the finals and cast           Gala were Aviva Board Members              Four Seasons Hotel Paris
party of American Idol; and a unique             Karen Kerner and Nancy Schwartz.           Fox Studios
                                                                                            Franklin Mint
opportunity for two to fly to New                  Serving as Honorary Committee            Friends of Robinson Gardens
York via Delta, stay in an executive                                                        fritto misto
                                                 Members were Ed Begley Jr., Pam
                                                                                            Front Porch Classics
suite at the St. Regis Hotel and sit in          Dawber, Oscar De La Hoya, Jami Gertz,      Fun and Fit Gymnastics Center
the front row for the Donna Karan                Ed Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nichole   Ganz
                                                                                            Geffen Playhouse
Fashion Show. To top off this incredi-           Kidman, Spike Lee, Sugar Ray Leonard,      Gotcha Covered
ble package the winner received a VIP            Lisa Leslie, Madonna, Bill Maher, Garry    H & M Landing
                                                                                            Harrah's Las Vegas
shopping pass for one year, good for             Marshall, Alyssa Milano, Mike Myers,       Hay-Adams Hotel
25 percent off merchandise at any                Holly Robinson Peete, Susan Sarandon,      Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument
Donna Karan shop, nationwide.                                                               Hermes
                                                 and Sharon Stone.                          Hollywood Palladium
Guests also were able to purchase                                                           Hugo's Restaurants
                                                   On behalf of the abused and neglected
original works of fine art from the                                                         Iceoplex
                                                 children and their families, who will      Image/Wardrobe Consultant
Andrew Weiss Gallery or shop for                                                            Imperial Palace
                                                 benefit from the generosity of all who
       Marie Barofsky jewelry.                                                              Island Packers
                                                 participated and supported the event,      Jami Lyn
           As a special tribute and thank        Aviva expresses its deep gratitude.        Jason Natural Products
Former California First Lady, Sharon Davis, also a           Wallis Annenberg, last year’s Spirit of
former Aviva Board Member, chats with Aviva                  Compassion recipient, is shown with Garry
President and CEO, Andrew Diamond.                           Marshall, who repeated his performance as
                                                             MC for the evening.                                      Mya accepts her Spirit of Compassion award
                                                                                                                      from Ron Fair, A & M Records President

     Over 500 guests enjoyed an evening of fine food, entertainment and auctions                  (l-r) Maggie Maier, Jenifer Sackler, Robin Broidy and Lisa Mindlin

Benefit donors cont’d
Jacqueline & Dr. Andrew Caster           Miracle Springs Resort and Spa            Rockreation                              The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Jeanne and Anthony Pritzker              MISC.                                     Ronelli Jewelry Designs                  The Lodge at Rancho Mirage
Joey's Gym for Children                  Mr. Beer                                  Ros' Healing Hands                       The Mark New York
Judy Diamant                             Museum of Tolerance                       Rosie's BBQ Grillery                     The Peninsula Beverly Hills
Keys Studios                             Nancy and Randy Schwartz                  Saddle Peak Lodge                        The St. Regis New York
La Cabana Restaurant                     Nathanson's Photography                   Santa Anita Park                         The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Laemmle Theatres                         National Hockey League                    Seal Beach Inn and Gardens               The Westin Resort Puerto Vallarta
Language Littles                         Neiman Marcus                             SET Enterprises Inc.                     Timeless Toys, Inc.
Lawry's                                  Nimoy Concert Series at Temple Israel     Skirball Cultural Center                 Timmy Woods
Leatherman Tool Group                     of Hollywood                             Someone's in the Kitchen                 Tommy's Original World Famous
Lola Levoy                               Nomi Wagner Commissioned Portrait         Sonny Alexander Flowers                  Hamburgers
Lola Cosmetics                           Paintings                                 Sportsmen's Lodge                        Trader Joe's
Los Angeles Clippers                     Oakley                                    St. John                                 Umberto
Los Angeles Dodgers                      Oliver Peoples                            St. Regis Hotel and Spa                  Valentino Rodeo Boutique, Beverly Hills
Los Angeles Philharmonic                 Pacific Capitol Group                     Steven Bochco Productions                Valerie Morehouse
Main Street and Main Inc.                Pamela Drake Inc.                         Studio Vertu                             Varese Sarabande Records
Mary Lee Amarian, M.D.                   Panache Designs                           Susan and Alan Casden                    Wally's
Mary M. Photography                      Pets and People Photography               Susan and Eric Smidt                     Wendy Wolf and Mitch Menzer
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen               Phoenix Custom Promotions                 Suzanne Wilson Designs                   Wild Rivers Waterpark
Massage Therapy Center                   Princess Paradise                         TDC Inc.                                 Wildlife Education Ltd.
Megan & Peter Chernin                    Prive Salon                               Terré and Jack Bergman                   Zoological Society of San Diego
Mehrnoosh Design                         Quality Food and Beverage                 The Companion Group
Metropolitan Theatres Corporation        Richard Weisman                           The Fox Group
Mexicali Cocina and Cantina              Riviera Hotel and Casino                  The Georgian Hotel
Mimi's Café                              Robin and Elliott Broidy                  The Groundlings                                                                9
as Career Education, Drama and
Health, the school continued to prove
                                                              Aviva High School Is Accredited by WASC
itself worthy of its coveted WASC
                                                          To be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
accreditation. Students also spent a
                                                        (WASC) is a significant achievement for this - or any - agency. It is rare
significant amount of time and energy
                                                        for a non-public school to attain the standards required because of the dif-
volunteering in the community, a
                                                        ficulties inherent in educating children who have been severely neglected
trademark of the school for some time
                                                        or abused.
                                                          Aviva has always placed enormous value on the role education plays in
  The school’s population continues to
                                                        the healing process for the adolescent girls in our care. Following are just
grow. While meeting the educational
                                                        a few of the benefits of accreditation listed on the WASC website at
needs of Aviva’s 48 residents at its
Annenberg Center, Graduate House
and Diagnostic Center in Panorama                             Certification to the public that the school is a trustworthy institution
City, Aviva High School also serves 22                  of learning
day students who live in the commu-                             Validates the integrity of a school’s program and student transcripts
nity. We hope to reach our capacity of                        Fosters improvement of the school’s programs and operations to
36 community students for a total of                    support student learning
84 students by the end of the year.
                                                              Assures a school community that the school’s purposes are appro-
  All of this means that it’s an exciting               priate and being accomplished through a viable educational program
time to be a part of Aviva High School.
The fall semester is upon us, and pro-             Help Aviva High School collect credits for free school supplies when shopping at Office
viding a high-quality education to                 Depot. Aviva is participating in their 5% Back To School program. At check out, give
                                                   our school ID #: 70010340 You can participate when shopping online too.
special students with special needs
continues to be a challenge. But as
seven recent graduates will attest,                                                      Taralynn was awarded a $500 schol-
Aviva High School is ready to meet                                                          arship from KLOS radio station’s
                                                                                               Success is Our Future program.
that challenge by maintaining not only
                                                                                                 Taralynn is studying Forensic
high standards but also high expecta-                                                            Psychology at Pierce College.
                                     Aviva High Graduates
                                    Continue with Secondary

                           An excerpt from Shelby’s graduation speech
                            "...Aviva is helping me to be a better person for my family, my
Shelby was awarded an       community and for myself. I have experienced other programs and some of
Aviva scholarship and is    Aviva’s residents don’t realize how lucky they are to be in this program.."
attending Pasadena City
College for Dentistry.

                                                                 Mitchelle received a $500 scholar-
                                                                   ship from KLOS radio station’s
                                                                    Success is Our Future program.
                                                                   Mitchelle is attending LA Valley
                                                                        College, studying Biology.
Continued from page 5
Ms. Marlene Canter
Mr. James Carona
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Oliva
                                              Mrs. Dawn Ostroff
                                                                                       Hyatt Painting and Wall Coverings
                                                                                       Ms. Jeanne Jackson
                                                                                                                             Around Aviva
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Casden                      Pacific Development                      Ms. Karime Johnson                    Congratulations to Board
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chanon                    Mr. Bob Poletti                          Ms. Arlene Joye
Mr. Bob Christiansen                          Ms Lisa A. Pompan                        Mr. David Kalmick
                                                                                                                           Member Lauren Leichtman on
Dr. Jeffrey M. Cohen                          Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Post               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kasle          receiving the Woman of Action
Mr. and Mrs. Les Cohen                        Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rackoff                Mr. and Mrs. Jules Kates
Dr. Ruth Feld Cousineau                       Mr. and Mrs. Mel Rapport                 Mr. Michal Katz
                                                                                                                           award by Israel Cancer Research
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cutler                    Mr. Ron Recht                            Ms. Jennifer Kell                   Fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Davis                   Richard Katz Family Foundation           Mr. and Mrs. William Kitchin
Mr. Ben Van De Bunt                           Mr. L. Robert                            Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kort             Condolences to Esther Nemor’s
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Deutsch                   Ms. Joan Roberts                         Mr. John Kummings
Ms. Marilyn Dishell                           Mr. David Rose
                                                                                                                           family. Esther had been a resi-
                                                                                       Ms. Anne LaBordd
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dodd                     Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rosenbach              Mr. and Mrs. David Lewine           dent at Hamburger Home from
Mr. Christopher Dowd                          Dr. Helene Rosenzweig                    Ms. Deborah Lintz                   1937-1940. She remained a loyal
Ecology Control                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Rosenzweig         Mr. Darin Long
Edison International Employee Contributions   Mr. and Mrs. David Ross                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mandell        supporter of the agency and our
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Edwards                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ross                   Ms. Linda Michaelson                work. She often would send
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ehrlich                     Rousso Family Trust                      Ms. Erica Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Einstein                  Mr. and Mrs. Stan Rubin                  Ms. Konie Phan                      along a photo and share a piece of
Rabbi and Mrs Dennis Eisner                   Mr. Jordan Sall                          Ms. Laura Putney                    history. She became a member of
Ms. Michelle Elias                            San Vicente Pediatric Group              Mr. Carol Samoss
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Elkin                     Ms. Jill Sattinger                       Ms. Mary Sawa                       our family in the administration
Mrs. Nancy Epstein                            Mr. and Mrs Howard Schilit               Ms. Luanne Schoenburg               office and we looked forward to
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Essakow                      Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schlanger             Ms. Bonnie Schwab
Ms. Donna B. Feinstein                        Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schwimmer            Mr. and Mrs. Bob Seizer             her notes. We were deeply sad-
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Feldscher                  Ms. Diane Shakin                         Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sestanovich      dened to hear of her passing,
Ms. Diane Ferguson                            Ms. Kirsten Seebohm Shirken              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sestanovich
Mr. Ed Fitz                                   Ms. Amy M. Shomer                        Mr. Max Shapiro                     though we know she led a full
Mr. Jonathan Flicker                          Ms. Cheryl Simon                         Dr. Tom Sokol                       and loving life.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Freeman                   Mr. Joe Sinay                            Mrs. Adeline Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Friedman                     Mr. Steven Smith                         Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Strahl
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Furman                   Ms. Babette Sobel                        Ms. Ann Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gadinsky                   Mr. and Mrs. Jennifer Sorrells           Mr. Al Valentine                      Agency Highlights
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Gage                     Ms. Zora Speert                          Verizon Foundation
Mr. Gil Garfield                              Ms. Christina Stanley                    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wallock
Ms. Bobbie Geller-Fields                      Dr. Mark F. Stein                        Washington Mutual Employee Giving   Welcome:
Mr. Tony Gentile                              Mr. Michael Steinberg                    Mr. Andrew Weiss
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gitnick                     Ms. Pat Sullivan                         The Wellpoint Foundation
                                                                                                                             Sharon Gerber, new SAFE Director
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gluck                      Mr. Keith D. Swart                       Mr. and Mrs. Albert Worch
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goldman                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tauber                 Ms. Lilly Yu
Ms. Billie C. Greer                           Temple Beth Am                                                               Congratulations:
Ms. Daphne Gronich and Mr. Paul Nagle         Tessuto, Inc
Mr. Ron Grosswald                             Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tivoli
                                                                                                  In-Kind                    Josh Epstein on the adoption of
Cantor and Mrs. Donald Gurney                 Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Turner
Ms. Carolyn Hackman                           Union Bank of California, N.A.            AEG Sales                          his baby girl, Leah Rose.
Ms. Uri Harkham                               Ms. Diane Wal                             Alpha Gamma Gamma
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Hens                        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Weisman               Autry National Center                Dannella Bishop on the birth of
Mr. Robert J. Hildebrand                      Ms. Samantha Taylor Williams              Avery Dennison
Ivy Greene for Kids                           Wilshire Palisades Law Group                                                 her baby girl, Bethany Sherin
                                                                                        Mr.and Mrs. Elliott Broidy
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Katz                      Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wolf                  Clay Club                          Alyssa.
Ms. Barbara Kaye                              Ms. Natalie Wong                          Create Now!
Keefe Family Foundation                       Mr. Pokil Wong
                                                                                        Judi Diamant
Mr. Ian Kessner                               Ms. Rosalie Zalis
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Klein                       Ms. Judy Zeidler
                                                                                        Disney World Wide Outreach
                                                                                        Nancy Torres Duggan
                                                                                                                                Calling All
Ms. Linda Suzanne Koffman
Mr. David Koz                                 Friends - under $100
                                                                                        Laurie Eady
                                                                                        Simona Elkin
                                                                                                                            Hamburger Alumnae
Mr. Ira Kruskol                               Abbott Laboratories Employees Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Kugler                      Ms. Rita Ahdout
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gianopulos        We want to hear from former
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kurtzman                 Ms. Pamella Sue Allen
Ms. Monique Lafid                             Ms. Sharon Angel
                                                                                        Arnold Gooze                       Hamburger Home residents.
                                                                                        Haddad Fine Arts
Rabbi and Mrs. Steve Leder                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bernstein
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Katz             Many former alumna are in
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Leeds                        Ms. Julia Bolden
Ms. Helen Lepoe                               Ms. Lynn Brody
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Katz          touch with us, but we would
                                                                                        LA Shares
Ms. Andrea C. Lurie                           Mr. Howard Busgang
                                                                                                                           like to hear from more alum-
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lurie                  Ms. Sofie Calderon
Mr. Bradley A. Luster                         Ms. Carryl Carter                         Jennifer Lesko                     nae. If you or someone you
Mahoney, Coppenrath and Jaffe                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christansen           Leslio                             know lived at Hamburger
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morgan
Mr. Richard M Manion                          Ms. Angela Crawford
                                                                                        Valerie Nelson
                                                                                                                           Home, we want them to con-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mautner                     Mr. Mitch Dorf and Ms. Lynda Eisenstat
Mr. and Mrs. Calman Menzer                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dreisiger            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pritzker      tact us. We are looking to cre-
Merrill Lynch                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Edelman                Rauvers                            ate a roster and are always
Mr. Halston Mikail                            Mrs. Ruth Ennis                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rosenberg
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Allan Rudnick
                                                                                                                           seeking historical information,
Dr. and Mrs. Craig R. Mitchell                Mr. and Mrs. Steve Frankel
Mr. Ernie Mitchell                            Ms. Amy Watner Freeman                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sciallo         stories and photographs.
Mr. Eugene Mulvaney                           Ms. Yelena P. Fridman                     Storyopolis
Ms. Irene E. Nakahira                         Ms. Madeline Goodwin                      Temple Israel of Hollywood         Contact Arlene Joye at 323-
Mr. Sam Nazarian                              Mr. Jackson Gunther                       The Leonis Adobe Association       876-0550 x104 or email
Ms. Sheri Neidig                              Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Harris                 The Museum of Contemporary Art     her at ajoye@avivacen-
Ms. Joanna Nelson                             Ms. Hillary Hartman                       Xpedx
Ms. Laurie Nussbaum                           Ms. Martina Hernandez                     Judy Zweig               
   Continued from page 4
                                                                                                                                           Man, Where’s My Shoe? is a
  My jaw dropped. I said, “Tell them,                              and nothing less than perfect would be
                                                                                                                                           comical mystery about 16 year-old
don’t tell me,” and I watched in aston-                            acceptable.
                                                                                                                                           Switzerland Harris, who is just like
ishment as she called the actors over to                             The first day of the shoot, some of                                   any other teenager except for one
tell them, “You need to mine the text,                             the girls sat shyly on the sidelines. But                               thing: she has a famous WNBA mom
find your motivation and understand                                by the end, even the shyest were work-                                  who is so busy ripping up the court
your characters.” It was only their first                          ing the camera, giving direction, block-                                she is unable to be at home with her
rehearsal, but the actors now knew                                 ing the scenes, and refusing to take a                                  daughter. Switzerland is sent to live
                                                                                   break, because they                                     with her grandmother while her
                                                                                   didn’t want to miss a                                   mom’s on tour. Switzerland is anx-
                                                                                   beat of the action.                                     ious and skeptical about her first day
                                                                                                                                           at yet another new high school until
                                                                             These girls were phe-
                                                                                                                                           she opens a special gift . . . a pair of
                                                                           nomenal, and it was a
                                                                                                                                           Air Jordans. At school, the kids are
                                                                           gift, not only for them,
                                                                                                                                           weird. The teachers are weirder.
                                                                           but for all of us, to
                                                                                                                                           And the principal is an ex-male
                                                                           watch how a little time
                                                                                                                                           cheerleader who turns every situation
                                                                           and caring can make a
                                                                                                                                           into an opportunity for a new cheer.
                                                                           huge difference in a
                                                                                                                                           Just when things couldn’t get any
                                                                           young girl’s life. These
                                                                                                                                           worse, Switzerland falls asleep in Mr.
                                                                           girls have a voice, they                                        Bean’s class and wakes up to find that
                                                                           have a vision, and if                                           one of her treasured sneakers has dis-
 Volunteer actresses take on the role of the antagonist in the Aviva stu-  given the proper tools                                          appeared from her foot! Switzerland
 dent short film, Man, Where’s My Shoe?                                   and guidance, they can                                           embarks on a journey to search for
                                                                          accomplish       amazing                                         her shoe only to discover something
they were dealing with a hardworking,
                                                         things. We hope that they will contin-                                            more valuable along the way.
intelligent, talented young woman,
                                                         ue to do so every day!
This past spring, residents of Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg Center        Filmmaker and UCLA Law student, Deborah Lintz, started            Women in Film, Nosotros and alumni from the graduate film
participated in a film workshop led by Deborah Lintz, founder of   Film Outreach LA with a vision to introduce filmmaking to at-        programs at UCLA, USC, and CalArts. All instructors were
Film Outreach LA. The project was made possible by a grant         risk youth, highlighting literacy, organizational and technical      very impressed by the girls’ talent, creativity, intelligence, and
from the UCLA Center for Community Partnerships, a partner-        skills. Deborah feels strongly that: “The filmmaking experience,     hard work.    Each girl made significant contributions to all
ship with the non-profit organization The Unusual Suspects         from pre-production to post, will instill participants with a won-   aspects of Man, Where’s My Shoe?, including writing the
Theatre Company, and the generous donations of many sponsors.      derful sense of accomplishment, provide access to positive role      screenplay, casting the actors, designing the sets and costumes,
Aviva girls participated in eight weeks of filmmaking classes,     models, and ease transition to any workplace. And it would be        directing, using the cameras, designing the poster, and writing
including screenwriting, set-design, costume design, casting,      a lot of fun!” This year’s program went above and beyond her         original lyrics for the musical soundtrack. Each girl received a
directing, editing, marketing, and music for film. During their    expectations, thanks to volunteer coordinator Maggie                 copy of the film on DVD and VHS, a poster, a certificate of com-
classes, the girls created their own short film, Man, Where’s My   Moulatsiotis and the rest of the dedicated Aviva staff.              pletion, and a letter of recommendation. Deborah hopes to
Shoe?, which was filmed in late April at Aviva High School.                                                                             repeat the program at Aviva next spring.
                                                                      The volunteer mentors included members of IFP/LA,

Aviva Family and Children’s Services                                                                                                                                             Non-Profit
Hamburger Home, Inc .                                                                                                                                                           Organization
7120 Franklin Avenue                                                                                                                                                             US Postage
Los Angeles, CA 90046                                                                                                                                                              PAID
                                                                                                                                                                              Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                                                                               Permit # 36805

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