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To add to Master Contract for IT Services award by lauraarden


									             Master Contract for IT Services – SPB06-1263B
                            (also called MIS Master Contract)

Tier 2 process – Contractor Instructions

1.   The agency will prepare a Contractor Engagement Proposal (CEP), which

       a.   Project Narrative and Proposal Instructions
            This is a brief summary of project introductory information and
            requirements, such as due dates and delivery medium and location
            for the CEP.

       b.   Contractor Statement of Work

       c.   Contractor Engagement Proposal
            This will detail the information the agency requires from the
            proposing Contractors using the CEP. This information will be used
            to evaluate the proposals received.

       d.   Evaluation Criteria and Scoring
            The agency develops evaluation criteria and scoring based on their
            needs as expressed in the SOW and on the information to be
            provided via the Contractor Engagement Proposal.

2.   The CEP will be posted to the ITSD website, according to
     the Service Category.

       a.   Contractors must check this website on a regular basis for project
            opportunities. The State is not guaranteeing that any contractors will
            be notified. Only contractors that are pre-qualified in the
            specified Service Category will be allowed to submit a proposal.
            Proposals from Contractors that are not pre-qualified in the specified
            Service Category will not be accepted.

3. Contractor shall submit proposal according to Proposal Instructions.
   At a minimum, this will be one original, in hardcopy format, one copy in
   hardcopy format, and one copy in electronic format (on CD, thumbdrive, etc.)

4. Ordering agency will evaluate proposals, make selection.

5. Agency notifies all offerors of contract award.

6. Agency finalizes project plans, i.e. timelines, deliverables, etc. with successful
   contractor and completes and executes Contractor SOW. Requires final
   approval of ITSD.

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