Letters for Peter Nixon by lauraarden


									Culture Cumbria AGM

28th November 2007 10.00am

CREA, Redhills, Penrith


1    Present
     Sue      Allan Eden Arts (& freelance)
     Karen Bassett University of Cumbria
     Laura Baxter University of Cumbria
     Carl     Bendelow         Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency
     James Berresford          Northwest Regional Development Agency
     Doe      Brannon          Barrow Borough Council
     Kate     Brundrett        The Cumbria Network
     Dave Camlin SoundWave
     Euan Cartwright           Cumbria Culture
     Nigel Catterson           utropia Ltd
     Eamonn Coffey Publisher
     Mary Cooke Keswick Music Society
     Geoff Cox        potfest
     Karl     Creaser English Heritage
     Barrie Day       OPUS 48
     Jeanette Edgar Lakeland arts trust
     Ian      Farren University of Cumbria
     Sue      Fell    Eden District Council
     guy      forrester        linden studio
     Richard Foster Old Laundry Theatre/ World of Beatrix Potter
     Patric Gilchrist Theatre by the Lake
     Mike     Glover Westmorland Gazette Newspapers
     Anne Hallowell            North of England Civic Trust
     Clare Hamilton            Farfield Mill Arts & Heritage Centre
     George Harris lanternhouse international
     Mark Hodgson              Cumbria Vision
     Alistair Hudson grizedale arts
     Alan     Jackson Dance Resource Ltd
     Nick     Jones Cumbria Cultural Forum
     Debbie Keir      Allerdale Borough Council
     Sandy Kitching Holker Estates
     Fay      Lamb Culture Northwest
     Carol Leathley            cumbria county council
     Joanne Ledwidge           MLA North West
     Sam      Mason Brewery Arts Centre
     Michael McGregor          Wordsworth Trust
     Marna McMillin Southwaite Green
     Keith Morgan Eden District Council
     Andrew Mortimer           Creative Partnerships
     Carole Nelson Sedbergh Book Town Ltd
     Cathy Newbery
    Peter Normington        st2 Limited
    Mick    North Carlisle City Council
    Taylor Nuttall Folly
    Carolyn Nuttall University of Cumbria- student
    Gillian Peel    Prism Arts
    David Penn Mill Yard studios
    Hannah Stewart Freerange Artists
    Alan    Sykes
    Karen Thompson          Rosehill Arts Trust Ltd
    Peter Tyas      Copeland Borough Council
    Penny Vowles Northern Rock Foundation
    Maxine Willett Mountain Heritage Trust
    Imelda Winters Lewis South Lakeland District Council
    Sandra Wood Audience Alliance
    Bruce Bennison Cumbria CC
    David Vaughan
    Bob Clark CREA
    Margaret Riches CAE
    Bob Pritchard Arts out West
    Nick Graham
    Heather Tipler Cumbria CC

2   Apologies
    Peter Hensman, Caroline McKeon, Mark Beveridge, Hilary Wade, Matt Burke,
    Charles Woodhouse, James Berresford, Peter Mearns

3   Chairs Report
    The Chair outlined the success and growth of Culture Cumbria and of the
    cultural sector in the county. He also looked forward to reporting next year not
    just on the success of the Culturalk Tourism marketing programme but also on
    the grant application to Cumbria Vision now under way.

4   Accounts Report
    Nick Jones presented a report on the income and expenditure of the
    organisation for 2007/8 and this was accepted by the AGM.

5   Board Elections
    The results of the election were reported and following the toss of a coin to
    resolve an equality of voting for the 20th place the following were elected to
    the Board for 2007/8:

    Sam Mason Brewery Arts
    Bruce Bennison Cumbria County Council
    Michael McGregor Wordsworth Trust
    Libby Raper Culture Northwest
    Sheona Southern Cumbria Tourism
    Elaine Wise Freelance Arts Consultant
    Hilary Wade Tullie House Museum
    Gillian Peel   PRISM Arts
    Richard Foster Old Laundry Theatre and World of Beatrix Potter
    Andrew Lucas Lake District Summer Music
    Margaret Riches        Cumbria Arts in Education
    Julie Tait Kendal Arts International
    David Vaughan Ex Principal, Cumbria Institute of the Arts
    Mark Hodgson Cumbria Vision
    Adam Sutherland Grisedale Arts
    Mark Beveridge Carlisle City Council
    Peter Tyas Copeland Borough Council
    Taylor Nuttall Folly Gallery
    Clare Hamilton Farfield Mill
    Sandra Wood Audience Alliance

6   Amendments to Constitution
    Amendments to the constitution as detailed in the report to the AGM were all
    approved as follows:

    •   Name of the organisation to be Culture Cumbria

    •   The Management Committee to be referred to throughout as “The Board”

    •   Elected Board members to be allowed deputies but with observer status

    •   Period of Office of elected members to be three years with election
        annually in Thirds (Note: at the end of the 2007/8 year of office 1/3 of
        Board members will be asked to volunteer to stand down and seek re-
        election (if they so choose). If insufficient volunteer lots will be drawn.)

    •   Increase in seat available for co-options to eight

    (The revised constitution is available on the web site)

7   Presentations
    Presentations were received from:

    •   Julie Seyler Co-Director of Cornwall's Creative Unit, a Council service that
        supports artists and creative businesses. It is led and supported by a
        sector based partnership. It intends to grow an effective, dynamic
        development infrastructure for the Creative and Cultural sector. It
        advocates the importance of creativity and culture to policy making at
        local, regional and national levels, and plans to make Cornwall Europe's
        first "Region of Culture".

    •   Jane Blackburn Sector Executive(Culture & Tourism) for the
        Northumberland Strategic Partnership. She works with the Culture Sector
        Board and its partners, including Creative Partnerships, Northumberland
        Sport and Northumberland Tourism, to deliver the Northumberland Cultural
        Strategy. Initiatives include the Northumberland Strategic Arts Forum,
        Culture 10 Programme, and Heritage and Public Art Panels. Culture is
        recognised as a key cross cutting theme delivering many aspects of the
        County's Community Strategy.

    After extensive questions the Chair thanked the presenters for their
    inspirational contribution to our thinking.

8   Strategy for Culture Cumbria
    The meeting discussed a preliminary draft of a strategy aimed at:

    •   bringing together Desire Lines, the Creative Industries report, the County
        Cultural Strategy etc
    •   providing common objectives for cultural development across the county
    •   encompassing social, environmental and economic aspects of culture.

    The ensuing discussion was set in the context of the presentations from Julie
    Seyler and Jane Blackburn plus an introduction by Mark Hodgson to the bid
    currently being considered by Cumbria Vision for £4.5m over three years
    match funding support for the economic potential of the sector. It was
    stressed that this funding was by no means secure.

    Various issues were raised:
    • need to manage expectations
    • need to understand that cultural activities often operate at an economic
       and at a community level at the same time and a purely economic
       objective for investment may be unrealistic
    • availability of research by John Myerscough as a possible baseline for
       activity in the county
    • need to find matching funding for any CV funding and the difficulty of
       finding that in Cumbria
    • need to comply with the emerging strategy and the need for transparency
       in the process of determining what to support
    • value of sharing ideas amongst stakeholders to avoid duplication and
       develop partnerships
    • need to engage with big organisations not presently part of Culture
    •   need for a strong voice to advocate for the sector

    It was reported that we need to start collecting information about potential
    projects and a preliminary form would be circulated to all stakeholders

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