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Welcome to Vaasa Vocational Institute
The many changes in the Finnish educational system during the past few years have provided Vaasa
Vocational Institute with numerous opportunities for specialization. Utilization of these opportunities
has allowed the Institute to successfully raise its levels of education. As a result, we are the leading
international institute in the region and are constantly striving to improve our educational levels even
further. For example, we offer a two-year programme with English as the language of instruction - this
is unique in all of Finland.

Our Institute is one of the largest bilingual institutions in Finland. Our programmes are taught in both
Finnish and Swedish and we also have immersion programmes in which both of the official languages
of the country are used as the language of instruction. Thus the mixture of languages utilized and the
foreign students in attendance help to create an international atmosphere.

Our business idea is to educate professionally skilled personnel for the changing needs of a work
career. We also help the student to develop a balanced professional identity as well as prevent
displacement. We emphasize the promotion of entrepreneurship and the incorporation of technology
and industry into the curriculum on an ever-increasing scale.

We are positive that Vaasa Vocational Institute will provide a progressive learning environment for our
students. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our Institute where our students receive a
superior education in an international, multilingual and highly motivating atmosphere.

Jussi Hietikko
Principal (CEO)

1.   Introduction

         1.1.       Fields of the Institute
                    1.1.1. Technology and Communications
                    1.1.2. Business and Administration
                    1.1.3. Tourism and Catering Services
                    1.1.4. Health and Social Services
                    1.1.5. Culture Sector

         1.2. Special Courses
                 1.2.1. Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services (in
                 1.2.2. Rehabilitative Training
                 1.2.3. Preparatory Course for Immigrants

         1.3. Combined Studies

         1.4.       Hotel Silveria

         1.5.       Studio Parcos

         1.6.       Services to Enterprises
                    1.6.1.    Adult Education
                    1.6.2.    Career and Recruiting Services

2. International Institute

3. Vaasa – a Comfortable Learning Environment

4. Living in Vaasa – the Sunniest City in Finland

5. Finland

6. Information about Studies in Finland

7. Contact Information

1. Introduction
Vaasa Vocational Institute is run by the Town of Vaasa and is financed by the State. Business and
Administration was established in 1903, Tourism and Catering Services in 1976, Technology and
Communications in 1945, Health and Social Services in 1993 and Culture Sector in 2002. Hotel
Silveria was established in 1993 and in February 2002 our new Beauty Salon, Studio Parcos saw

Our students are required to have completed the secondary school education to be eligible to study at
Vaasa Vocational Institute. The studies last for 2 years (undergraduate level) or 3 years (comprehensive
school level) and include a six-month work placement. Instruction is given in Finnish, Swedish or
English. After graduating, our students can continue their studies at polytechnics or universities if they
wish to do so.

For immigrants we offer preparatory courses to make it possible for them to enter working life in due
course and we also have rehabilitative training.

Our staff of 250 qualified personnel and excellent teaching facilities provide education to as many as
2,200 students, the majority of whom are full-time.

1.1. Fields of the Institute
Vaasa Vocational Institute consists of five educational fields with 39 various programmes, as follows:
          - Technology and Communications
          - Business and Administration
          - Tourism and Catering Services
          - Health and Social Services
          - Culture Sector

1.1.1.   Technology and Communications
In Technology and Communications we offer the following Vocational Qualifications:
        - Metalwork and Machinery
        - Building Maintenance Technology
        - Vehicle Technology
        - Electrical Engineering
        - Construction
        - Laboratory Technology

These qualifications yield the following titles:
        Automation Assembler, Machinist, Plater Welder, Property Maintenance Operative, Heating,
        Plumbing and Ventilation Fitter, Vehicle Mechanic, Electronics Assembler, Electrician,
        Earthmover Operator, Builder, Laboratory Technician

1.1.2.   Business and Administration
In Business and Administration we offer the following Vocational Qualifications:
        - Business and Administration
        - Business Information Technology

These qualifications yield the following titles:
        Merkonomi, Datanomi

 1.1.3. Tourism and Catering Services
In Tourism and Catering Services we offer the following Vocational Qualifications:
         - Tourism Industry
         - Catering
         - Hotel and Restaurant Services

These qualifications yield the following titles:
        Tourism Activities Organiser, Travel Counsellor, Service Organiser, Cook (Institutional
        Catering), Hotel Receptionist, Restaurant Cook, Waiter/Waitress

1.1.4.    Health and Social Services

In Health and Social Services we offer the following Vocational Qualifications:
         - Social and Health Care
         - Hairdressing
         - Beauty Care

These qualifications yield the following titles:
        Practical Nurse, Hairdresser, Beauty Therapist

1.1.5.    Culture Sector
In Culture Sector we offer the following Vocational Qualifications:
         - Crafts and Design
         - Audiovisual Communication
         - Music Performance

These qualifications yield the following titles:
        Artisan, Media Assistant, Singer, Accompanist

1.2. Special Courses

1.2.1. Vocational Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services (in English)
This is a two-year course with English as the language of instruction. The aim is to make it possible for
our international students to be able to study in English and
provide them with the necessary skills required for a variety of careers in the hospitality industry. The
minimum age for the course is 20 and the student must have a good command of written and spoken

1.2.2. Rehabilitative Training (40 cu)
The rehabilitative training is meant for mildly handicapped students. The purpose is to help them find
their place in society thus avoiding displacement.

1.2.3. Preparatory Course for Immigrants (40 cu)
The aim of the Preparatory Course for Immigrants is to make the immigrant familiar with the skills
required in working life. The students should have the basic knowledge of the Finnish language. After
the Preparatory Course, the students can start their studies in any of the five units of the Institute.

1.3. Combined Studies
We have been developing what we refer to as combined studies since 1990. It means that students can
take courses in Upper Secondary Schools in Vaasa and during their studies with us, take the
matriculation examination. Every year there has been a growing number of students studying in this

1.4. Hotel Silveria
Our Best Western Hotel Silveria is a place for our students to practise. It is a modern and popular hotel
with 50 spacious and stylish double rooms, each with a minibar, colour TV, hair dryer and a trouser
press. Restaurant Silveria is a popular lunch venue and is also booked regularly for private functions.
We have facilities for holding seminars and for entertaining as many as 800 people at one time. Our
customers can relax in one of the three Finnish saunas or our Turkish bath. They can swim in our 16
metre pool or exercise in the gym.

Hotel Silveria has always been on top of the Best Western Quality Control. In 2001, for example, we
received 1,000 quality points out of 1,000 in a jackpot!

1.5. Studio Parcos
Studio Parcos was born in 2002, a Salon with two hair salons and two beauty salons. Studio Parcos is
open for the general public as well and has proved to be very popular amongst the Vaasa population.

1.6. Services to Enterprises
Services to Enterprises acts as a self-supporting unit without any financial aid from the Government or
the Town of Vaasa. It provides consultancy expertise with external companies and organizations.

Services to Enterprises has quite a number of various projects to look after, financed by local and
national bodies as well as the European Union.

1.6.1. Adult Education
We view the provision of a quality learning environment for adults as very important and therefore
have devised a number of programmes to suit the varying requirements of our mature-age students.

A wide variety of courses are offered for retraining and here our aim is to teach new skills. These skills
are taught in our highly effective apprenticeship courses. We also offer continuation courses for
students who already have a degree. There are programmes in Display and Decorations, Information
Technology and Sales as well as programmes for entrepreneurs, bartenders and school assistants.

1.6.2 Career and Recruiting Services
With the help of an ESR Project concerning careers and recruiting, we aim at making it easier for
students to move over to working life and/or continue their studies. There is a net address available for
the students in which the students can feed in their CVs and the employers their vacant jobs thus
making it possible for the two to meet.

2. International Institute
Vaasa Vocational Institute is one of the most international vocational institutes in Finland. We run a
programme in which the language of instruction is English, the only one in Finland (Vocational
Qualification in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services). The Preparatory Course for Immigrants also
adds up to the international atmosphere of the Institute.

We are a bilingual institute, this means quite a number of our courses are being carried out in Swedish,
the other of the two official languages of Finland. We do immersion courses, which means that
students can do some of their courses in Finnish and some in Swedish. A portion of teaching staff and
students come from quite a number of foreign countries.

We are sending an increasing number of our students abroad each year to study or do their work
placements for extended periods of time. We also receive exchange students on an ever-increasing
scale. We have partner schools in the Nordic countries, with which our cooperation has been very
active, and we also have good connections with quite a number of institutes round the world, for
example with institutes in China, Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland and
Spain. We also exchange teaching staff on a regular basis.

We hope that exchanges abroad will make our students open-minded and tolerant thus helping them to
cope in the increasingly international working life.

3. Vaasa – a Comfortable Learning Environment

Vaasa Vocational Institute is situated on the outskirts of the city, but remains within easy walking or
cycling distance from student accommodation. Our present buildings with excellent facilities were
constructed as follows: Business and Administration in 1968, Tourism and Catering Services in 1992,
Hotel Silveria in 1993 and Studio Parcos in 2002. The buildings of Technology and Communications
were renovated in 2002.

There are numerous computer laboratories which provide the opportunity to learn a wide range of
programmes from establishing databases to word processing. There are also Internet workstations
available to students to learn on, outside of class time. The buildings also house language libraries and
have rooms designed for specialized studies. We have our own libraries, stationary shops and
cafeterias. There is also a Students´ Union.

Our students take part in quite a number of professional competitions successfully and we also arrange
these ourselves on national as well as international levels.

Some of the student welfare services which are offered include confidential student counselling and
remedial instruction. A nurse is available daily and a doctor on a regular basis.

Student accommodation is arranged by Vaasa Student Housing Foundation, which has modern
apartment blocks exclusively for students. Rooms are available on the private market as well. All our
students have a possibility of one free meal during a school day.

Being a student at Vaasa Vocational Institute is not just about education. We aim to create a supportive
environment where students can feel relaxed and make friends. Students arrange quite a number of
social activities. Many sporting activities are available both at our own sports halls as well as the city
sports stadium and swimming pool.

4. Living in Vaasa – the Sunniest City in Finland

Vaasa is situated by the sea on the west coast of Finland, 450 km from the capital Helsinki. It is very
accessible, having excellent air, rail and sea links.

The population of Vaasa is 57,000 and many of that number are students. This means that Vaasa is an
ideal study place for young people and there is ample student accommodation of a very high standard.

Two of the common characteristics of Finland can be found in this area; the tranquility of the
surrounding countryside combined with an exciting and vibrant social scene.

Vaasa has an abundance of activity all the year round. There are many cultural pursuits; a Finnish and
a Swedish theatre, museums, art exhibitions, a city orchestra and music recitals. There are also plenty
of restaurants and pubs to visit.

Other attractions include a modern shopping centre, Wasalandia theme park and Tropiclandia indoor
water and leisure park.

There are excellent sports facilities in the city and sport is very popular amongst the Finns. Those
feeling less energetic can watch the city´s ice hockey team playing during the autumn/winter season.

Finally, Vaasa is reputedly the second most international city in Finland, which adds to its attraction as
a wonderful place to live and study in.

5. Finland
Finland is sparsely populated with its five million inhabitants. It is a highly developed and progressive
country that considers nature, the environment and new technology to be very important. Perhaps the
most famous Finnish company, Nokia, serves to demonstrate that Finland is at the forefront of
technological development for the future. There is no better way forward that to invest in education and
research. From an educational viewpoint Finland provides a high standard of education, incorporating
the latest technology and vocational training into its study programmes.

Studying in Finland begins in mid-August, when the colours of “ruska” – autumn – begin to show. The
new year begins with crisp white snow on the ground. Spring arrives in mid-April, then summer begins
on the First of May when Finns look forward to a relaxing summer spent at their cottages by the coast,
on an island or by a lake in the countryside.

Finland has many traditions, its most famous being the sauna. In the warmer months saunas are taken
followed by immediately jumping into a lake. In the snowy months the more daring people run outside
and roll in the snow or jump into a lake through a hole in the ice. The country is most famous for its
long hours of daylight during the summer, due to the glorious midnight sun. And finally, we must not
forget that Lapland, in the North of Finland, is the home of Santa Claus!

6. Information about Studies in Finland
Education is funded by the State through the Ministry of Education. This means that students enrolled
in regular programmes pay no tuition fees. Students do have to pay for their books and other materials,
as well as their accommodation and living expenses. The total monthly living expenses of a single
student average around EUR 590. Finnish students are supported by the state by a monthly grant during
their studies which they do not have to pay back.

International students are eligible for state support if their residence in Finland can be considered

7. Contact Information

Technology and Communications
Address Sepänkyläntie 16, 65100 Vaasa
Tel.            +358 6 326 7911
Fax             +358 6 326 7912

Business and Administration
Address Ruutikellarintie 2, 65100 Vaasa
Tel.             +358 6 326 7411
Fax              +358 6 326 7412

Tourism and Catering Services
Hotel Silveria
Address Ruutikellarintie 4, 65100 Vaasa
Tel.             +358 6 326 7511
Fax              +358 6 326 7512

Health and Social Services
Studio Parcos
Address Ruutikellarintie 2, 65100 Vaasa
Tel.             +358 6 326 7011
Fax              +358 6 326 7012

Culture Sector
Address Ruutikellarintie 2, Vaasa
Tel.             +358 6 326 7411
Fax              +358 6 326 7412
Address Sepänkyläntie 16, Vaasa
Tel              +358 6 326 7911
Fax              +358 6 326 7912


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