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Training Programs Overview - Soterra Stone


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									                                          Soterratm Training Programs

Soterratm System Training - $2,950
This comprehensive 2 ½ day program benefits anyone who wants to become involved in the newest portion of the natural stone
industry or wants to increase their existing presence by offering a unique and innovative product. Students learn the basic
nature of granite, marble, and other natural stone materials as well as basic applications. They are taught the differences
between conventional stone fabrication and the Soterratm System, as well as the entire system of components and products that
comprise the Soterratm System. The dedicated Soterratm Training Facility in Racine Wisconsin is centrally located within the
United States and allows instructors to spend quality hands on time with students in a structured environment. Participants
learn how to use the Soterratm System for shower kit installations, custom residential kitchen and bath applications, and
potential light commercial specifications. They receive detailed instruction in care and maintenance of natural stone, repairs,
exclusive seeming and installation techniques, safety procedures, material handling and storage, tooling applications, and much

The Soterratm System Training is an intensive hands on program that incorporates classroom instruction, Powerpoint and video
presentations, and extensive hands on practice in the training bay of the Soterratm System Training Facility. Students build
displays working with tools and equipment designed for the Soterratm System. They have opportunity to work with custom and
stock vanity countertops, build actual shower displays, and create kitchen counter displays. This session provides extra
instruction as well as a full 2 ½ days of hands-on experience that will better prepare your company for the introduction of
Soterratm . The cost of this program is $2,950 for up to 3 employees per company.

Participants in the Soterratm System Training receive (1) Soterratm System manual and photo folder, (1) Shower Kit
DVD, (1) Soterratm System promotional DVD, (50) shower brochures, (50) Soterratm System brochures, (50) tri-fold
brochures, (2) sample boards, (2) sample boxes, (1) 30” x 30” shower kiosk display, (1) 48” x 36” countertop display,
complimentary lunches, complimentary reception and dinner, and special discounts on hotel and rental car rates.

Soterratm Custom Bath Training - $895
This program is a one day training held at a Master Distributor’s location with a Certified Training Technician. It is designed
for companies with previous natural stone or extensive surfacing experience. Participants learn step by step instruction for
installing a Soterratm bathroom including shower kit, custom shower, vanity top and a variety of shower base options.

Participants receive the Soterratm Shower Kit DVD, training manual & photo book, (50) shower brochures, (50)
Soterratm System brochures, (50) tri-fold brochures, (2) sample boards and (2) sample boxes. This class offers limited
hands on practice with Soterratm materials.

Soterratm Shower Kits & Bases - $495
This 90 minute DVD program includes a comprehensive resource manual with step by step procedures for the Soterratm
Shower Kits and Natural Stone Shower Bases. This program is designed for shower installers with experience using kit form
shower bases and enclosures. Installers must have extensive experience in the area of vertical wet walls to qualify for this
introductory level of participation.

Installers will receive a DVD and manual, (20) Shower Brochures, (10) Showroom Flyers, (5) Soterratm System
Brochures, (2) Sample Boards and (2) Soterratm Sample Boxes.

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