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					RESERVATION                                             Itinerary:

                                                        May 25 Depart Washington for London.             June 1 Tour of Chester: the Roman Amphi-
The seminar is open to all interested people, whether
                                                                                                             theatre, city walls, Grosvenor Museum,
they have a prior connection to the Mediterranean
                                                        May 26 Arrival in London. Travel by coach            and Chester Cathedral. Dinner at the
Society or not. They only requirement is that
                                                           to Colchester. After checking in at the           hotel in Chester. (BD)
participants be, or become, members of the Society.
                                                           hotel and time for lunch and a brief rest,
                                                           visit the Roman gate and walls, the Nor-      June 2. Travel to Wroxeter, a recently ex-
_____ I am a member of the Society.
                                                           man Castle, and Museum. Dinner at the             cavated Roman town; the legionary
                                                           hotel in Colchester. (D)                          fortress at Caerleon in southern Wales;
_____ I am not a member of the Society and enclose a
                                                                                                             and the Roman town of Caerwent. Then
separate check, payable to The Mediterranean
                                                        May 27 After a visit to the Roman remains in         to Bath for dinner. Bath. (BD)
Society, for $_______ to join. Contributing
membership is $40 or more, family or couple                Lincoln, travel to the charming town of
                                                           Beverley with dinner at the hotel in Bev-     June 3 Excursion to Cirencester and the
membership is $35, single membership is $25, and
                                                           erley. (BD)                                       Corinium Museum, and to the nearby
student membership is $5.
                                                                                                             Roman villa at Chedworth. Dinner in
                                                        May 28 Full day excursion to the historic city       Bath. (BD)
Please reserve _____ place(s) in the Seminar in
Roman Britain. Enclosed is a check, payable to The         of York for York Cathedral with Roman
                                                           remains in the Undercroft, the Roman          June 4 Tour the famed bathing establishment
Mediterranean Society, for $_____ for the deposit of
                                                           multangular tower, and city walls. Dinner         in Bath. Afternoon free. Dinner at the
$600 per person.
                                                           at the hotel in Beverley. (BD)                    hotel in Bath. (BD)
I shall room with ________________________
                                                        May 29 Travel to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to          June 5 Travel to Stonehange and the Roman
                                                           Visit the Museum of Antiquities. Con-             Palace at Fishbourne. Dinner in
_____ I wish to have a single room. (The single
                                                           tinue to Wallsend for the remains of the          Chichester. (BD)
supplement is $750, due with the final payment.)
                                                           Roman fort and the new museum. Then
                                                           travel to Chollerford for dinner at the       June 6 Visit Bignor Roman villa. Thence to
                                                           hotel. Chollerford. (BD)                          Pevensey to visit the fort of the Saxon
NAME ________________________________
                                                                                                             Shore, first base of William the Con-
                                                        May 30 Excursion to the forts of Hadrian’s           queror. Dinner in Chichester. (BD)
ADDRESS ____________________________
                                                           Wall: Chesters, Housesteads, and Vin-
                                                           dolanda. Dinner in Chollerford. (BD)          June 7 Visit Lullingstone Roman villa before
                                                                                                             traveling to London. (B)
PHONE: HOME (            ) _________________            May 31 Travel south through the Lake Dis-
                                                           trict with a stop at Ambleside. Continue      June 8 Morning visit to St. Albans for the
                                                           to Chester for dinner. Chester. (BD)              Verulamium Museum, theatre, and build-
          OFFICE (       ) _________________
                                                                                                             ings of the Roman town. Guided tour of
                                                                                                             Roman London in the afternoon.
Please mail this form with your check, payable to the
                                                                                                             London. (B)
Mediterranean Society by February 2, 2004 to:
                                                                                                         June 9 Free day in London. (B)
               Mediterranean Society of America
               c/o C. W. Tucker
                                                                                                         June 10 Return flight to Washington.
               H-S Box 68
               Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943-0068

Phone: (434) 223-6244;      e-mail:

 The LECTURER for the Seminar is former MSA                          TOUR PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT
President and Chancellor Professor Emeritus of
Classics at the College of William and Mary Julian         CANCELLATION: Full refund (less $175 per person                   AIR TRANSPORTATION: Transatlantic air transportation
                                                           handling fee) will be made if the cancellation is made in         by British Airways or other IATA carrier is based on the 7/60
Ward Jones, Jr., who has led a number of MSA
                                                           writing and received 75 days prior to the departure date. If      APEX or ITX fares. IATA carriers and other transportation
seminars, including four previous ones of Roman            written notice is received within 75 days but prior to 30         companies are not responsible for any act, omission or event
Britain.                                                   days from the departure, the cancellation fee is 50% of the       during the time the passengers are not on board their equip-
                                                           land costs. Notice received within 30 days of departure is        ment. The passenger contract in use by these companies
Arrangements for the Seminar have been made by F.          subject to forfeiture of the entire land costs. All cancella-     when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the
Powell Johann, Jr., of Powell Johann Tours, Inc., of       tions are also subject to any fees or penalties imposed by        companies and the purchaser. The operator, agent or carrier
Richmond, Virginia.                                        suppliers.                                                        can absorb no layover expenses.
                                                                 Airline tickets are normally non-refundable and will
                                                           be subject to all penalties the airlines impose, above and        Please Note: Once the tour commences, no refunds for any
THE COST of the Seminar, based on a minimum
                                                           beyond the foregoing penalties.                                   unused portions of this tour will be made.
participation, is:                                               Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.
                                                                                                                             Payment of the deposit for the seminar signifies full
$3500 per person, sharing a twin room. The single          TOUR PRICE: All prices quoted are based on rates of               understanding and acceptance of the Tour Partici-
supplement is $750. The price includes fifteen nights      foreign exchange expected to be in effect at the time of
                                                                                                                             pant Agreement.
in excellent, characterful (four-star or better) hotels;   departure and are subject to change depending on interna-
transportation in a private motor coach; full English      tional currency fluctuations and changes in tax levels. If
                                                           any increase is 20% of the tour costs, the participants may       All participants must be members of the Mediterra-
breakfast daily and twelve dinners; and admission fees
                                                           cancel with 10 days notice without additional penalty.            nean Society of America, Inc., a non-profit organiza-
for the sites listed.
                                                                                                                             tion chartered under the laws of the state of Virginia
                                                           NOT INCLUDED: The tour price does not include pass-               which seeks to provide enriching cultural and educa-
NOT INCLUDED: meals not specified; drinks, other           port(s), laundry, meals not specified in the itinerary, bever-    tional experiences in pleasant company.
than tea and coffee, at the specified meals; personal      ages at meals, excess-baggage charges, or any items of a
items; excess-baggage charges; passport fees; and          personal nature.
gratuities to the coach driver and local guides.
                                                           BAGGAGE: Powell Johann Tours, Inc. (PJT), and the
Deadlines:                                                 Mediterranean Society of America (MSA) are not respon-
                                                           sible for loss, theft, or damage to your baggage. Baggage
                                                           allowances are printed on your airline tickets. The maxi-
* February 2, 2004: The deposit of $600 per                mum weight per bag is 44 lbs. Carrier liability is also
                person is due with the reservation.        clearly stated on your passenger contract included with
                                                           your ticket.
* April 1, 2004: The balance, including the
                  single supplement, is due.               RESPONSIBILITY: All bookings are accepted by Powell
                                                           Johann Tours, Inc. (PJT), Richmond, Virginia, as agent for
                                                           independent overseas ground operators. The transportation,
                                                           accommodations, and all other ground operations provided
                                                           by the ground operators are offered subject to the terms and
                                                           conditions contained in the tickets, exchange orders, and/or
                                                           vouchers given by them and their suppliers. Because PJT
                                                           and MSA do not have the right to control the operations of
                                                           independent suppliers, they CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR
                                                           ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY.

                                                           DAMAGE: Damages which may arise out of these ser-
                                                           vices: PJT and MSA reserve the right to cancel any itiner-
                                                           ary or part of it; to make such alterations in the itinerary as
                                                           they deem necessary or desirable; to refuse to accept or
             Vindolanda, Hadrian’s Wall                    retain any member of the tour at any time whose condition                              The Roman baths in Bath
                                                           or general deportment impedes the operations of the tour or
                                                           affects the rights, welfare, and enjoyment of the other tour
                                                           participants; and to pass on to tour members any expendi-
                                                           ture occasioned by delays, or events beyond their control. If
                                                           any tour must be withdrawn prior to the beginning date,
                                                           PJT and MSA’s liability is limited to the refund of the
                                                           funds received by PJT and MSA.
The Mediterranean Society of
      America, Inc.

        announces a

        Seminar on

Roman Britain

            Bath at Wroxeter

   May 25-June 10, 2004