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					Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

Design            Demolition of Durnford Street buildings       The group of London Stock and red brick outbuildings along Durnford Street, were built as
                                                                stables but often locally called ‘the banana warehouse. They are in a poor state of material
                                                                and structural repair, which has resulted in their disuse. These buildings are required to be
                                                                removed for the overall regeneration scheme to be successful.

                                                                Greenwich Hospital acknowledges that of all the outbuildings associated with the rear of
                                                                the Greenwich Church Street terrace properties, those located to the rear of no. 28 are the
                                                                most noticeable. Although they are of some interest architecturally, in comparison with the
                                                                others in the area, they are in a poor state of disrepair and can only be seen to make a
                                                                neutral contribution to the market site and wider Conservation Area. Their removal from the
                                                                site will return the rear of no. 28 Greenwich Church Street to its near original form. It will
                                                                allow for this part of the Conservation Area to be positively enhanced through the de-
                                                                cluttering of the area and the introduction of new high-quality sympathetic development.

                                                                The heritage value of the Durnford Street buildings is considered in the Historic Buildings
                                                                and Conservation Area Supporting Statement submitted with the planning application.

                                                                As part of the regeneration scheme Greenwich Hospital had planned to re-use the bricks
                                                                for works and repairs to the surrounding buildings. However, discussions are being held
                                                                with Geoff Belcher, the World Heritage Site, with a view to recording the building and
                                                                taking the carefully deconstructed building material for possible reuse or reconstruction
                                                                elsewhere in Greenwich.

                  Loss of internal character of the market      Extensive public consultation indicated the majority of traders, locals and visitors would
                                                                prefer a higher, brighter market space.

                                                                The existing steel trussed market roof was installed by Greenwich Hospital in 1908 to
                                                                replace the rotting original timber roofs built by Joseph Kay, when the market was ceasing
                                                                to be public realm and becoming a wholesale market. The roof is utilitarian as it was
                                                                designed to protect vehicles loading and unloading in a wholesale market. It was not
                                                                designed to cover public space architecturally, and is not comparable with other important
                                                                roofs in London.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                In 1958-1960, after bomb damage during the war, the market roof covering was reinstalled
                                                                and the current 3-storey flank buildings were constructed to replace the old shops around
                                                                the market. The latter are a poor conversion from their original warehouse use, providing
                                                                low quality offices and unattractive rear facades.

                                                                The design and use of materials have been chosen to be sympathetic to the surrounding
                                                                buildings and the wider Greenwich Conservation Area.

                                                                Timber is considered to be an appropriate facade material, derived from the historic
                                                                precedent of coaching inns similar to The George in Borough. Generally the detailing will
                                                                be small-scale timber panels and balustrades. Sustainable timber cladding refers to
                                                                Greenwich Hospital’s naval heritage.

                                                                Stucco was rejected, as it is the architectural language of the Georgian street frontages.
                                                                London Stock-type brick is associated with the rears of domestic buildings and will be used
                                                                to face the rears of the existing Greenwich Church Street yards.

                                                                The size of the historical market footprint is maintained and the size of individual retail units
                                                                has been kept small to encourage independent shops to the market. The regenerated
                                                                market will accommodate the same number of stalls as currently trade. A historic
                                                                pedestrian route between King William Walk and the Market is to be reinstated.

                                                                The character of the existing market is discussed in the Design and Access Statement that
                                                                accompanies the planning application.

                  Market roof design & structure                The market roof design is the result of extensive public and user consultation. It will be an
                                                                independent, stand-alone structure that reinforces the identity of the market. The
                                                                translucent fabric will provide a lofty, bright roof. The initial idea of a glazed roof was
                                                                rejected due to connotations of shopping malls and train stations.

                                                                The Key Stakeholder Consultative Group gave clear direction that the proposed roof

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                should provide nearly as much rain protection as the existing roof, which precluded
                                                                reference to the three pavilions originally designed by Joseph Kay. The glazed canopies
                                                                along the sides make reference to the covered walkways around Kay’s original market.

                                                                The masts and fabric roof makes reference to Greenwich Hospital’s Naval tradition. The
                                                                proposed fabric is made from expanded Teflon fibres, which do not give off gases and are
                                                                naturally self-cleaning. Its life expectancy is 40 years plus and it can be unstitched for
                                                                possible re-use. The Hospital will retain the fabric patterns for future replacement, which is
                                                                similar to an old naval tradition relating to cloth for new sails.

                                                                There will be a reduction in the number of columns compared with the existing roof.
                                                                Locating them away from the shopfronts helps to integrate the shops with the market. As
                                                                well as supporting the roof, the columns also drain rainwater from the roof, whilst
                                                                concealing electrical service runs to light fittings which illuminate the market at night.

                  Overall design and appropriateness in WHS     Greenwich Hospital is aware that the site’s location within a WHS requires the
                                                                development proposals to appropriately consider National Government Guidance in
                                                                PPG15; Historic Environment. Paragraph 2.23 of PPG15 states that sites which are
                                                                identified in the World Heritage list should be considered for their likely effect on the site or
                                                                its setting in the longer term.

                                                                The application proposals have been designed to respect the site’s location in the WHS
                                                                and the aim to enhance its character and appearance. The regeneration proposals follow
                                                                the footprint of the existing Site and offers up subtle references to the immediate
                                                                surroundings through the use of materials, form and scale. Proposals combine
                                                                contemporary design with that of existing, historic buildings (as proposed for the
                                                                replacement no’s 29-32 King William Walk) which allows the Market to retain its historical
                                                                significance within the area whilst also establishing itself within the 21 century and
                                                                securing its continued use. The proposals will also help facilitate additional tourism in the

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                The World Heritage Site Steering Group has been involved throughout the pre-application
                                                                consultation process, and the impact of the development on the WHS is considered in the
                                                                Planning Statement.

                  Loss of amenity space                         The proposals will not involve the long-term loss of amenity space. The market will be
                                                                temporarily relocated close by during the construction period. In the regenerated market,
                                                                the historic footprint of the market will be retained whilst creating two new public pedestrian
                                                                routes. The whole area will remain open 24/7.

                  Concern about design of temporary market      The temporary market does not form part of this planning application. A separate planning
                                                                application has been submitted to Greenwich Council and will be considered separately at
                                                                the Panel Board.

                  Visual impact of the service floor            The existing floor finish in the north service yard is uneven tarmac. The existing south
                                                                service yard is a mixture including uneven concrete and cobbles.

                                                                For the proposed new service yards ‘Pallas’ from Marshalls, a ‘conservation type’ concrete
                                                                block paving, is proposed as the service yard floor finish. Together with new cobbles
                                                                around the rears of the existing listed buildings, providing a major improvement in the
                                                                Conservation Area.

                                                                The timber-board gates to the service yards will screen the direct view into the service
                                                                yards. The gates are located to form an ante-space before visitors enter the new curved,
                                                                pedestrian street. This allows market stalls to set up during busy days, signalling the
                                                                market in the square from Greenwich Church Street.

                                                                The majority of plant is located in the basement, with only items requiring air-circulation
                                                                mounted at roof level. For example, heat-recovery units will be are concealed from view by
                                                                being mounted in recesses within the pitched roofs. Larger items of equipment, such as
                                                                chillers, are concealed behind louvred panels.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                             Response

                  Secure by design?                                   Greenwich Hospital’s advisors have met with Richard Whitbread, Crime Prevention Design
                                                                      Advisor with the Metropolitan Police. He welcomed the introduction of a boutique hotel
                                                                      and stated that it is likely to help the market square and pedestrian streets to be inherently
                                                                      safer, with an all-day restaurant, bar and bedrooms overlooking the public spaces. The
                                                                      hotel will have 24-hour ‘capable’ presence to oversee the square and the crossing between
                                                                      the two hotel wings.

                                                                      Greenwich Hospital’s architect and Project Manager will liaise with the Crime Prevention
                                                                      Design Advisor during the construction of the development for advice on obtaining a
                                                                      ‘Secure by Design’ award for the proposal upon completion.

                                                                      Security was given fundamental consideration in the development of the design and there
                                                                      are a number of references made to it in the Design and Access Statement.

                  Height, scale and shape of central hotel building   Early daylight studies were carried out to enable the architects understand the impact of
                                                                      massing on existing surrounding residential properties. The studies guided the design and
                                                                      massing of the proposals to minimise impact and ensure sufficient light into the new market
                                                                      through the new translucent roof.

                                                                      The proposed massing has low buildings facing the rears of listed buildings along
                                                                      Greenwich Church Street and College Approach. Taller buildings will face the market
                                                                      square to give appropriate urban proportions and enclosure. The tallest building is in the
                                                                      centre of the site, set back from the existing listed buildings, and its highest point is lower
                                                                      than the roofline of the Nelson Road buildings.

                                                                      The Hospital’s design team made a conscious effort during the evolution of the scheme to
                                                                      ensure the buildings were not significantly visible from around the site.

                                                                      From the market and the new narrow street, it will be difficult to see the full height of the
                                                                      new buildings. From Greenwich Church Street, the new central building is sufficiently set
                                                                      back not to be obtrusive, as shown in the verified views and visuals submitted as part of

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                the planning application.

                                                                The organic shaped central block, with its slightly overhang floors and balconies, reduces
                                                                the immediate horizontal and vertical visual massing impact from within the site. At roof
                                                                level the pitch of the roof and the upper mezzanine rooms conceal essential plant. The
                                                                limited numbers of mezzanine rooms contribute to the boutique hotels character and will be
                                                                used to differentiate the Greenwich Hotel and provide a room offer not found elsewhere in
                                                                Greenwich. The 3 floor bedroom balconies will have views over the roof of the market.

                                                                The verified views from Creek Street indicate the roof outline building of Central Building is
                                                                hardly visible, and it is not seen at all in the other verified views.

                                                                The Design Officer at Greenwich Council has stated that he considers the proposal
                                                                acceptable in terms of its proposed height and mass/bulk, and states that it would not be
                                                                appropriate to reduce the quantum unnecessarily.

                  Lack of permeability through site             Permeability through the site will be increased, with the reinstatement of a historic
                                                                pedestrian route from King William Walk. Durnford Street will continue to provide
                                                                pedestrian access from Greenwich Church Street, leading to a new curved pedestrian
                                                                street with a choice of routes to the north and south of the market square. Narrow
                                                                animated pedestrian routes are a distinctive, appealing feature of Greenwich as a historic
                                                                English town centre.

                                                                Service vehicles will only be allowed access the Durnford Street service yards during hours
                                                                assigned under a market management strategy.

                                                                Pedestrian access will be unchanged from College Approach, Nelson Road and Turpin

                                                                The permeability of the market area has also been considered with sufficient space
                                                                provided between stalls and retail units, and between the two entrances to the boutique

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                           Response

                                                                    hotel. The existing maximum stall layout can be achieved.

                  Hierarchy of Durnford Street as main pedestrian   The existing service arrangements are uncontrolled, so the proposal gives an opportunity
                  access and service yard entry                     to regularise arrangements with the Council.

                                                                    A new service strategy for delivery and waste management has been developed, to
                                                                    coordinate with the market opening hours. This means that no vehicular access into
                                                                    Durnford Street, except in emergency, is permitted during market opening hours.

                  KWW elevation design and widening of KWW          The new elevation elements of the King William Walk façade have been developed from
                  pedestrian access                                 studying Joseph Kay’s original architectural language, particularly from Nelson Road and
                                                                    King William Walk, i.e. arches, windows, window ornaments and balcony balustrades. The
                                                                    replacement buildings will be stucco-faced with traditional sash windows, similar to the
                                                                    original houses. The central section of the hotel will stand forward by 200mm from the
                                                                    King William Walk street elevation and will have natural slated mansard roof, articulated
                                                                    party-wall parapets and 3 traditional dormers, with zinc cheeks.

                                                                    The approach to reinstating Joseph Kay’s architectural style was discussed with the Key
                                                                    Stakeholder Consultative Group and English Heritage, the Greenwich Society and the
                                                                    Council’s Conservation Officer, who made all made suggestions, many of which have been
                                                                    used to develop the design.

                                                                    The new pedestrian route from King William Walk is human in scale, as it is not designed
                                                                    for vehicles. It is comparable with existing covered pedestrian routes from Nelson Road
                                                                    and the arch to Turpin Lane. The width of the arch relates to existing King William Walk
                                                                    domestic party walls. The proposed hotel frameless glazing will be chamfered behind the
                                                                    arch. The proposed route and hotel share the same space with the existing party wall
                                                                    defining the edge. Night-time lighting of the route will be pools of light along the rendered
                                                                    party wall.

                                                                    The Design Officer at Greenwich Council has stated in his response to CABE’s letter that

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                             Response

                                                                      he does not believe that the access routes through the proposals need to be or should be
                                                                      widened and simplified, and that he does not believe the elevation to King William Walk
                                                                      requires amendment.

Views             Visual impact of proposals from outside the site.   It is important that the new development sits comfortably within the context of the World
                  Additional views requested from ORNC and Cutty      Heritage Site, respects the character of the conservation area, and the appearance and
                  Sark Gardens                                        setting of the Grade II listed buildings. To achieve this, the new buildings proposed for the
                                                                      site have been designed so that they sit below the height of the roofline of the existing
                                                                      properties on Nelson Road. Above this height, the development would impact on existing
                                                                      views and the setting of listed buildings and the conservation area. A full assessment of
                                                                      the views in included in the Townscape Chapter of the Environmental Statement, which
                                                                      includes verified views previous agreed with the Council and English Heritage. The
                                                                      assessment concludes that the proposals will not unduly affect the external appearance of
                                                                      the Greenwich Market site.

                                                                      At the request of the Council, additional rendered views of the new King William Walk
                                                                      façade have been produced from the ORNC Grounds and the corner of Romney Road.

                                                                      Greenwich Hospital does not consider that any additional views of the site (with the
                                                                      exception of those requested by the Council) are required from elsewhere in the Town
                                                                      Centre. The Townscape Report submitted as part of the Environmental Statement
                                                                      assesses the key locations from which the proposals maybe visible, including from a
                                                                      location within Old Royal Naval College and Cutty Sark Gardens. All verified views were
                                                                      previously agreed with Greenwich Council Officers and English Heritage.

Materials         Loss of cobblestones                                There is little written history of the cobbles, so the information available is from word-of-
                                                                      mouth and is un-collaborated. It is thought that the few, rectangular, smooth cobbles are
                                                                      truly historic, whilst the majority rougher, square cobbles are a later addition. During a
                                                                      refurbishment during the 1990’s many of the cobbles in the Market Square were removed
                                                                      ‘for health and safety reasons’.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                                Response

                                                                         The planning application proposed to re-lay the existing cobbles around the rears of the
                                                                         Greenwich Church Street and College Approach listed buildings, with new granite paving
                                                                         provided in the market. As a result of the public interest in retaining the cobbles, the hard
                                                                         landscaping in the Market Square has been reviewed.

                                                                         Greenwich Hospital now proposes that all the existing cobbles will be re-laid within the
                                                                         Market Square itself. However, as there are insufficient cobbles to cover the whole area,
                                                                         they will be re-laid in large panels in dispersed with new granite setts, although the overall
                                                                         appearance of the Market Square will be of cobbles. To provide level routes for buggy and
                                                                         wheelchair users, the central routes and walkways around the edges, approximately where
                                                                         Joseph Kay’s colonnades were located, will have new, level, granite setts. Revised plans
                                                                         and images of the Market Square will be submitted to the Council.

                                                                         New, smaller setts are now proposed around the rears of the Greenwich Church Street
                                                                         buildings, to define the old, more private domains.

                  Material types – question use of wood, would           See response to character of the market above for justification of the use of timber.
                  prefer London Brick and if timber will be allowed to
                  weather                                                The timber proposed in the planning application is Western Red Cedar. This has natural
                                                                         anti-fungal properties so does not need chemical applied treatments, making the proposal
                                                                         more sustainable. It weathers to silver, which Greenwich Hospital considers appropriate
                                                                         for this historic setting. On the vertical frames between the panels facing the market, a fire
                                                                         retardant will be applied, which will slightly darken these members.

                                                                         A treatment to retain the newly cut appearance of the wood is not proposed, as it would
                                                                         require excessive maintenance, which is not environmentally sustainable. A silver,
                                                                         weathered elevation is considered more appropriate for this historic site. However,
                                                                         Greenwich Hospital is now considering Redwood with an impregnated treatment and a
                                                                         sacrificial stain, which has the advantage that it would even out colour during weathering

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                                Response

                                                                         Greenwich Hospital would wish a condition to be placed on the planning permission for the
                                                                         approval of the exact materials post consent.

Daylight/sunlight   Concern over the rear of the KWW properties          As part of the regeneration proposals, new internal glazed conservatories are to be created
                    being faced with an additional storey and loss of    at ground floor at the rear of the existing properties on King William Walk in order to
                    daylight                                             mitigate the effects of the new development and ensure adequate daylight to the habitable
                                                                         rooms at this level.

                                                                         A full assessment of daylighting / sunlighting is contained within the Environmental
                                                                         Statement and the separate Daylight Report that accompanied the planning application.

Hotel               Need for hotel/boutique hotel and overprovision of   The inclusion of a boutique hotel as part of the application proposals will support
                    rooms                                                Greenwich as a tourist destination, enabling it to capitalise on its cultural strengths. The
                                                                         inclusion of a new hotel within the town centre is fully in accordance with adopted planning
                                                                         policies and the findings of the WHS Visitor Management Plan, which states that there is
                                                                         an insufficient number of hotels to develop Greenwich as a key destination for tourism.
                                                                         There are existing budget hotels within Greenwich Town Centre, however, the introduction
                                                                         of a boutique hotel could appeal to a different market of visitors and encourage a different
                                                                         type of tourist to stay overnight in Greenwich, prolonging their visit to the area.
                                                                         An independent report commissioned by Greenwich Hospital prior to the submission of the
                                                                         planning application, concluded that demand was sufficient to justify the proposed number
                                                                         of rooms.

                    Link between hotel elements                          Please find below an explanation of:

                                                                             1. the rationale behind the current proposals;

                                                                             2. how the boutique hotel will operate in practice; and

                                                                             3. examples of such a split hotel being successful elsewhere.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                1. Current Design

                                                                The proposals feature a hotel that operates in two parts, on either side of the market
                                                                square. In the evolution of the design Greenwich Hospital has explored the possibility of
                                                                linking the two parts of the hotel via a basement or first floor link, however, due to concerns
                                                                about below ground archaeology, viability, and a recommendation from the hotel operator,
                                                                a link has been dismissed as unnecessary.

                                                                The main hotel reception, restaurant and bar will be located within the East Block and
                                                                accessed primarily from King William Walk. The entrance to the market bedroom block
                                                                (located in the Central Block) will be lined up in the eye line of the customer from the East
                                                                Block and be well lit, welcoming and safe.

                                                                The bedrooms in the Central Block will of a higher standard to those located in the East
                                                                Block to ensure that the guest feels promoted and not relegated to an annex. Bespoke is
                                                                very practiced in this skill.

                                                                There will be a delineated walkway across the market square that will be kept clear and
                                                                swept clean regularly and fastidiously by hotel staff. A development of the market canopy
                                                                roof is also under consideration, which will better articulate the ground level link between
                                                                the hotel wings.

                                                                In the evening, high and low level lighting within the market square will be provided to
                                                                enhance the walkway. Subdued lighting at ground floor level will also come from the
                                                                restaurant’s internal lights and the candles on the external al fresco tables. At first floor
                                                                level, lighting from the upstairs bar will illuminate the square and its roof.

                                                                The hotel in a positive sense will spill out into the Market square in the evening and provide
                                                                a form of informal policing of the area. The hotel will not be stuffy but it will attract a

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                discerning audience with a high staff to guest ratio ensuring the staff will be a physical
                                                                presence patrolling the al fresco diners space and the ground floor hotel link. It is in the
                                                                hotel operator’s interest to police this area and provide a safe and pleasant experience for
                                                                its guests.

                                                                The Crime Prevention Design Advisor with the Metropolitan Police welcomed the
                                                                introduction of a boutique hotel and stated that it is likely to help the market square and
                                                                pedestrian streets to be inherently safer, with an all-day restaurant, bar and bedrooms
                                                                overlooking the public spaces. The Advisor stated that the hotel will have 24-hour ‘capable’
                                                                presence to oversee the square and the crossing between the two hotel wings.

                                                                2.   How the boutique hotel will operate in practice

                                                                A guest will register at the reception in the East Block and their luggage will be carried
                                                                separately by the hotel porters across the market to the market bedrooms in the Central
                                                                Block. The receptionist will escort the guest to their bedroom door, open the door for them
                                                                with the security key card which will open the main door to the Central Building as well as
                                                                their bedroom, take them inside and explain the facilities of the room. Full room service
                                                                will be offered to take anything the guest requires to them.

                                                                The ground floor lobby to the bedrooms in the Central Block will be warmly lit and
                                                                populated by hotel staff from 8am until 8pm to offer a physical presence and service to the
                                                                hotel guests in that block.

                                                                3.   Examples of such a split hotel being successful elsewhere

                                                                The hotel operator, Bespoke, operates several split site hotels both in and out of London
                                                                (some examples are set out below). Rather than hinder the successful operation, guests
                                                                have found this configuration to offer an advantage and Bespoke is confident that this will

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                            Response

                                                                     provide the new hotel in Greenwich with a unique selling point.

                                                                          •   At Bermondsey Square Bespoke offers use of the cinema as an in house facility
                                                                              even though it is twenty yards from the hotel and across an open square. Guests
                                                                              are escorted by our staff.
                                                                          •   At the Combe Grove Manor hotel in Bath the reception is in the Manor House
                                                                              for a third of the guests and the balance are housed in a new separate wing 100
                                                                              yards away across a road. Guests are escorted by our staff.
                                                                          •   At the Billesley Manor hotel in Stratford Bespoke inherited an hotel with 40
                                                                              rooms in the main house of a 1600’s period style with antique four poster bed
                                                                              hotel, and then built two bedroom blocks in Elizabethan barns with a contrasting
                                                                              ultra modern style, 80 yards from reception. Guests are escorted by our staff.
                                                                          •   In Worcester Bespoke has a main house reception at the Diglis House hotel,
                                                                              with new bedrooms and a banqueting suite in a separate building which is 60
                                                                              yards away. Guests are escorted to their rooms.

                                                                     Other examples of Bespoke hotels where rooms are accessed across a courtyard include:

                                                                          •   Home House in Portman Square, London - 12 bedrooms are in the two main
                                                                              houses (no’s 19 and 20) but 6 are in mews houses across an open courtyard.
                                                                              Egress can be achieved by separate exit but access is via the front door of the
                                                                              main house. Bespoke escorts guests to their rooms.

                                                                     Photos of the example hotels described above will be submitted to the Council in the near
                  Potential clash of uses between hotel and market   The servicing of the new hotel will be managed to avoid conflict with the operation of the
                                                                     market. As owners of the market, Greenwich Hospital is committed to ensuring its
                                                                     continued and successful operation.

                                                                     The ground floor walkway between the two hotel elements will allow pedestrians and hotel

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                guests to walk east-west across the market square whilst still allowing for the same
                                                                number of market stalls as currently provided. The hotel will also provide an increased
                                                                footfall within the market square which could benefit the stallholders and retailers.

                                                                Bespoke successfully operates a hotel at Bermondsey Square that is located adjacent to a

Planning          Flawed justification for proposals            The Hospital’s underlying criteria for the regeneration are that any improvement to the town
process                                                         centre needs to:

                                                                n       Keep the market and promote its diversity of shops and stalls.

                                                                n       Be architecturally, physically and financially viable.

                                                                n       Be capable of standing the “test of time”.

                                                                n       Be mindful of Greenwich’s status as a World Heritage Site and as a Maritime
                                                                        Heritage Site.

                                                                n       Complement Greenwich’s unique position as a tourist and retail destination.

                                                                Through its consultant team, Greenwich Hospital has been undertaking pre-application
                                                                discussions with Greenwich Council and other key stakeholders since 2007 throughout the
                                                                evolution of the design proposals.

                                                                The planning submission was fully discussed with officers at the Council in advance and is
                                                                in accordance with national and local policy guidance. The justification of the proposals is
                                                                based on sound planning arguments that relate to current and emerging planning policies,
                                                                and on independent, professional expertise from the Hospital’s consultant team.

Consultation      Lack of public consultation                   Since 2006 the community and stakeholder engagement has been undertaken at two
                                                                process levels: specific consultation and engagement and general communications.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                       Response

                                                                Specific consultation and engagement has been undertaken through eight Key
                                                                Stakeholder Consultative Group meetings chaired by Rt Hon Nick Raynsford,
                                                                MP; three Community Liaison Group meetings and meetings with market traders organised
                                                                via Greenwich Space Management.

                                                                General communications with the wider Greenwich community and stakeholders have
                                                                been achieved through the distribution of seven community newsletters, hosting two public
                                                                exhibitions, a project website, direct community and stakeholder contact and extensive
                                                                local media editorial.

                                                                After submission of the planning applications Greenwich Hospital will continue to inform the
                                                                local community and stakeholders through a comprehensive communications and
                                                                consultation programme.

Commercial        Concern about higher rents                    The rent sought will be consistent with that already prevalent in Greenwich town centre.
Impact                                                          We are not looking to change the character of Greenwich but do wish to increase the
                                                                range of retail offer.

                  Mix of market and hotel use in town centre    The provision of a hotel will add to the commercial viability and vitality of the town centre
                                                                location, and its attraction as a tourist destination. The hotel will enable visitors to stay in
                                                                Greenwich for longer and therefore contribute towards the local economy. There are
                                                                existing hotels within Greenwich Town Centre, however, the introduction of a boutique
                                                                hotel could appeal to a different market of visitors and encourage a different type of tourist
                                                                to stay overnight in Greenwich, prolonging their visit to the area.

                                                                Greenwich Hospital and Bespoke, the hotel operator, consider that the mix of the market
                                                                and hotel on the same site will provide a unique draw to the hotel, whilst providing passive
                                                                surveillance and use for the market space when the market is not in operation. The
                                                                presence of additional hotel guests in close proximity to the market could also increase the
                                                                footfall through the market.

                                                                The Crime Prevention Design Officer from the Metropolitan Police welcomed the

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                              Response

                                                                       introduction of a boutique hotel next to the Market Square as it is likely to help the Square
                                                                       and pedestrian streets to be inherently safer, with an all-day restaurant, bar and bedrooms
                                                                       overlooking the public spaces. The Officer stated that the hotel will act as a capable
                                                                       guardian present on site at all times and it would be in the hotel operators interest to
                                                                       prevent crime and disruption in the market square in the evenings.

                                                                       Mixed use town centre developments are promoted through policy contained within PPS6
                                                                       and both the adopted Greenwich Unitary Development Plan and the London Plan.

                  Impact on other shops within Greenwich Hospital’s    The proposed regeneration of Greenwich Market forms one part of a range of initiatives to
                  ownership                                            improve Greenwich Hospital’s Estate in the Town Centre that are either underway or being
                                                                       considered. It will not impact on the other shops in Greenwich Hospital’s ownership as
                                                                       these are also covered by the wider Estate Strategy. A signage and communications
                                                                       strategy is being developed by Greenwich Hospital for during the construction period to
                                                                       reduce any perceived impacts on other shops in the Hospital’s ownership.

                  Concern about retail mix                             Tenant mix is intended to be better than at present. The intention is to provide a diversified
                                                                       and interesting retail offer, predominantly from non multiple retailers.

                  Retail units in central block will be difficult to   The shape and number of the retail units has been influenced by the desire to create an
                  occupy                                               interesting streetscape with hotel accommodation above. In view of the units not being
                                                                       designed specifically for multiple retailers, we anticipate the varying shaped small units will
                                                                       appeal to a variety of independent retailers.

Programme         Timing of development in relation to other town      Greenwich Hospital is aware that a number of sites around Greenwich Town Centre have
                  centre schemes                                       been (or are now being) brought forward for redevelopment at the same time as the
                                                                       regeneration of Greenwich Market. The cumulative impact of these schemes in transport,
                                                                       servicing and construction terms, alongside the Application Proposals in the town centre
                                                                       has been assessed in the Environmental Statement.

                                                                       In addition, the Transport Assessment submitted with the planning application, assesses
                                                                       the traffic issues associated with the construction of all the other town centre scheme. It

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                            Response

                                                                     states that it is expected that all developments taking place in the town centre (including
                                                                     the regeneration of Greenwich Market) will be subject to a Construction Management
                                                                     Strategy to be agreed with the Council. This will be aimed to minimising construction traffic
                                                                     movements during the peak periods and encouraging construction staff not to drive to

                                                                     In addition, the Transport Assessment states in paragraph 10.5 that an initial estimate of
                                                                     construction traffic for the market regeneration is very low – an average of about 2 vehicles
                                                                     per hour over the working day. This low volume of traffic movements will be imperceptible
                                                                     in the context of town centre traffic flows, regardless of other development activity.

                                                                     A new management regime will also help to improve the current situation.

Transport         Question whether any disabled car parking should   It is not proposed to provide any disabled car parking because this is not feasible given the
                  be provided on site                                constrained nature of the site. Blue Badge holders can park for free in:
                                                                     •     Pay and Display spaces;
                                                                     •     disabled parking bays;
                                                                     •     meter parking spaces;
                                                                     •     council car parks; and
                                                                     •     limited stay bays.
                                                                     They are also able to park on a yellow line for up to three hours, provided that they do not
                                                                     cause an obstruction and there is not a loading ban. There are a total of five disabled
                                                                     spaces in Burney Street and Park Street car parks.

                  Use of TRAVL database                              TfL comment on the choice of sites from the TRAVL database in relation to their PTAL
                                                                     values. It should be noted that the sites were chosen on the basis of the nature of the hotel
                                                                     and used only to derive the number person trips. It is agreed that the PTAL value
                                                                     influences the mode share and for this reason, the anticipated mode share was not based
                                                                     on the TRAVL data. (See section 6 of the Transport Assessment).

                                                                     Notwithstanding their comment, TfL is satisfied that the increase in trips will be negligible.

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                              Response

                  Resurfacing of pedestrian accesses to the market,    TfL is seeking resurfacing of the accesses into the market including tactile paving in
                  especially Durnford Street                           Durnford Street. All accesses to the market will be resurfaced excluding Turnpin Lane
                                                                       which is outside the area to be redeveloped. The proposal omits the existing parking
                                                                       spaces and as a result Durnford Street is expected to have fewer vehicle movements with
                                                                       the only vehicular access being for deliveries and for waste pick up. This will organised into
                                                                       time slots at times when the market and Durnford Street are less busy. Therefore we
                                                                       would argue that Durnford Street will no longer be a shared surface but a pedestrian
                                                                       priority zone with occasional planned vehicle access. Vehicles would only enter when the
                                                                       service yard operative opens the gates and vehicle movements would be supervised.
                                                                       During busy market days stalls will be located down the sides of Durnford Street, so
                                                                       delivery vehicles only enter in time slots early or late in the day when the stalls have been

                                                                       Given this, it is difficult to envisage the benefits of tactile paving and the coding may be
                                                                       ambiguous. Notwithstanding this, consideration will be given to the use of tactile paving in
                                                                       Durnford Street and elsewhere as appropriate to assist partially-sighted visitors.

                  Cycle spaces positioned in secure and covered        TfL is looking for the 12 cycle parking spaces to be in a secure and covered location.
                  location and additional spaces for visitors to the
                  market                                               The cycle parking spaces will be in a secure location in a private area behind lockable
                                                                       gates where they will be overlooked by the existing offices in College Approach. They are
                                                                       not covered because of their sensitive location in a historic
                                                                       Yard, behind listed buildings.

                                                                       The market is not expected to lead to an increase in visitors and the retail units will have an
                                                                       imperceptible effect (see paragraph 6.3 of the Transport Assessment). Accordingly, the
                                                                       provision of extra cycle parking for visitors is not necessary.

                  Showering and changing facilities open to retail     The provision of showering and changing facilities for the retail and studio floorspace will
                  and studio staff?                                    be a matter for the individual tenants.
                  Concerns about swept paths including in the          The attached drawing 30148/039AC shows the swept path of a lorry entering and leaving

Regeneration of Greenwich Market – Greenwich Hospital Responses to Consultation

Key Issue                                                              Response

                  Transport Assessment and encroachment of large       the access and includes the bollard referred to in the TfL response. It can be seen that the
                  vehicles onto other lanes when entering the site.    swept path is clear of the bollard and does not encroach
                                                                       into adjacent lanes.

                                                                       The provision of tables and chairs outside the Beachcomber Café is an informal
                                                                       arrangement and they can be removed.
                  Provision of a Servicing and Delivery Plan and       Greenwich Hospital agrees that the Delivery and Servicing Management plan will be
                  Construction Logistics Plan                          important (see paragraph 4.12 of the Transport Assessment).

                                                                       Given the nature of the development we do not believe that water transport is a realistic
                                                                       option for deliveries.

                  Requirement for full workplace travel plan           A Travel Plan is not included with the application. However, the TA includes a Framework
                                                                       setting out the basis for the Plan which can be agreed before occupation of the
                                                                       development. This can be subject to a planning condition.

Sustainability    Wood-chip fuel is not the cleanest type of biomass   Biomass is the preferred technology for the proposals which can reduce the carbon
                  boiler fuel. If renewable energy target of 10% can   footprint by at least 12.7% through the provision of this onsite renewable energy (above
                  only be reached by biomass then pellet should be     the Greenwich UDP target of 10%), although other technologies are still being
                  used.                                                investigated.

                                                                       If biomass is the preferred technology then pellets will be used as recommended.

                                                                       Please refer to the Energy Strategy Report submitted in support of the planning application
                                                                       for further details.


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