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					Judging Your Future
Issue 4 – October 2006

Welcome to the fourth edition of Judging Your Future, the monthly e-newsletter from
the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC).

We have received a number of useful suggestions for news and information to
include in this newsletter. Your views are important to us, so do please continue to
send your feedback to: judgingyourfuture@jac.gsi.gov.uk.

In this issue:

·   Current selection exercises
·   Forthcoming High Court selection exercise
·   JAC outreach and events
·   Myth of the month
·   In next month’s issue
·   Any questions?
·   And finally…

Current selection exercises
Applications for the following selection exercises are currently being accepted:

Special Immigration Appeals Commission – Chair
Closing date – 18 October 2006
Location – Tribunals Service - London
Vacancies – 1

Deputy District Judges
Closing date – 19 October 2006
Locations – across England and Wales except North West Circuit
Number of vacancies – 60

Appeal Tribunals (Social Security and Child Support) – salaried District Chair
Closing date – 24 October 2006
Locations – England Central, North East and South East
Number of vacancies – 6

Please check the eligibility criteria for each role on our website:
Judging Your Future, issue 4

Forthcoming High Court selection exercise
The High Court selection exercise commences on 31 October. This exercise will be
the first to use the revised JAC processes. Details are as follows -

Opening date for applications – 31 October 2006
Location – Across England and Wales
Number of vacancies – 10 (the JAC will also seek to select an additional pool of
candidates who may subsequently be considered for future vacancies)

The vacancies will be advertised in the national press and detailed information will be
available on our website on 31 October.

JAC outreach and events
The JAC will be organising and attending a range of events over the coming months:

JAC roadshows

We aim to hold three series of roadshows each year. These are directed at everyone
thinking about stepping up to, or wishing to further their judicial career. Attendees can
hear more about what judicial office involves, meet JAC staff and ask questions
about the judicial appointment process.

The next series of roadshows will take place in December 2006. Dates and venues
will be published in the next issue of Judging Your Future and will appear on our

Speaking engagements

JAC Chairman, Baroness Usha Prashar made a speech on 20 September at the
Judicial Studies Board Continuation Seminar. The text can be found in the news and
speeches section of our website.

Baroness Prashar will also be speaking at a number of events in October and
November. Copies of her speeches will be posted on the website.

Thursday 12 October            The Society of Asian Lawyers event, ‘The
                               Judiciary: the future agenda’, London
Saturday 14 October            The Black Solicitors Network Anniversary and
                               Awards Dinner 2006, London

Wednesday 18 October           The Association of Women Barristers Annual
                               Dinner, London

Monday 6 November              The Middle Temple Guest Lecture, ‘The Work of
                               the Judicial Appointments Commission’, London

Friday 10 November             Leadership Event for Presiding Judges, London

Wednesday 22 November Joint Society of Construction Law and King’s
                      College London event ‘The Business of Judging
                      and Judicial Appointments’, London

Judging Your Future, issue 4

Bar Council Annual Conference

The JAC will have both an interactive lunchtime session and an exhibition stand at
this year’s Bar Council Annual Conference on 4 November. We look forward to
meeting delegates and answering their questions on this important occasion. The
JAC will be represented by Commissioner Heather Hallett, who will lead the session,
with fellow Commissioners Robin Auld and Sara Nathan.

Law Society’s Annual Conference

We were disappointed that, due to space restrictions, we were not able to secure an
exhibition stand at this year’s Law Society Annual Conference on 13 October,
although information about JAC will feature in delegates’ packs at the event.

Please keep an eye on our website for further information about forthcoming events
at www.judicialappointments.gov.uk/info_events/info_events.htm

Myth of the month
The JAC is committed to dispelling myths about the world of judicial appointments.
This month’s example is:

Myth - You need to know or be seen by judges to stand a chance of being appointed.
Fact - Your referees do not necessarily need to be judges. Referees can be drawn
from any walk of life.

The most important factor to take into account when choosing your referees is that
they must be people who can comment accurately on how you meet the selection
qualities and abilities, regardless of their perceived standing.

Whether they be judges, members of your profession, solicitors, technical experts or
fellow committee members for example, they must have recent and frequent or
substantial knowledge of your work and experience.

In next month’s issue
At the end of October the JAC will be publishing the new, streamlined application
process for judicial appointments. Full details will appear in next month’s issue of
Judging Your Future.

Any questions?
Whatever your question, query or comment, we are always keen to hear from you.
The JAC is a rapidly evolving organisation, so whether you want to know more about
what we do, what our new appointment processes are or have a suggestion for how
we can improve the way we communicate with you via this newsletter, let us hear
your views. Please send them in to - judgingyourfuture@jac.gsi.gov.uk.

Judging Your Future, issue 4

And finally…
Do pass on details of Judging Your Future to your colleagues. They can access it via
our website at www.judicialappointments.gov.uk/289.htm, but to receive it via
email they will need to register with us at judgingyourfuture@jac.gsi.gov.uk


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